49 Symbolic Daughter Birth Clock Tattoos For Eternal Bond

A daughter birth clock tattoo is a genre of inkwork that represents the bond one has with their beloved daughter. The imagery of the clock can precede the child’s arrival time along with their personality. This tattoo is drawn to celebrate their birth or the best time you celebrate with them.

The birth of the daughter is a precious and memorable time for the parents. To honor that special moment one can opt for the birth clock tattoo. This is a permanent memory of the little angel. 

New parents and anyone wanting to celebrate their daughter’s arrival with a tattoo, come along! In this blog, we will talk about the tattoo of the birth clock and its symbolism.

25 Daughter Birth Clock Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The birth clock tattoo for the daughters has many cherished meanings. The main symbolism is the arrival of the daughter. It can feature a specific time of her birth. Hands may be set to that time or left dynamic to show her ongoing journey from newborn to young lady.

These tattoos can be a permanent declaration of the mother-daughter bond. Typically these tattoos can be customized with design elements like flowers, names, and birthdates to bring out the child’s personality. The color palette can be dark and bold as these are cheerful tattoos.

The beauty of a daughter birth clock tattoo lies in the way you customize it. Now take a look into these 25 birth clock tattoo designs to celebrate the life of your girl and know the meanings of these.

Daughter Birth Clock Tattoo

Tattoos of birth clocks for daughters are more everlasting than photographs. It is like the frozen memory of your daughter’s arrival. The designs are the testaments of each little step, each first word, and many fond memories of the child. These tattoos are very popular and convey heartfelt stories.

1. Amaryllis

Source : oneucedesigns_

The tattoo has a pocketwatch and it is customized with name and birthflower. The poignant shading and Roman numerals make the tattoo opulent. This can be great for the arm of a man.

2. First Step

Source : vkarma_tattooz

The footmark represents the daughter’s arrival and the time indicates her birthdate. The geometric design along with the vintage pocket watch gives the tattoo a unique dimension.

3. My Rose

Source : streetcitytattoos

Roses are associated with love. This design has both a birth clock and a rose to show the adoration parents have for their daughter. The dark shading is on point and charming.

4. Time Called You

Source : freshink_tat2

Another tattoo with inky shading and a birth flower. The tattoo is inked with bold Roman numerals and the hands are pointy too. This tattoo is perfect for the woman’s inner arm.

5. Seraphina

Source : ryansmithtattooist

This tattoo features a table clock and the shading gives an autumn vibe. The red rose is the focus point here to show the ardent love a mother has for her daughter.

6. Hugo

Source : blackhouse_ink_side

The tattoo has all the gears and springs of the clock and the mechanism of it. The realistic effect and the intricate of it make the tattoo breathtaking.

7. Evermore

Source : seriousinkstudio

The heart watch or pocket watch shows the heart-to-heart bond with the daughter and the flowers represent their birth. One can customize the tattoo with names and this is great for the deltoid of a man.

8. Always, Mine.

Source : gouthamgogoink

The man’s chest is the best place to ink a birth clock tattoo. This tattoo has a customized image to show the bond and the daughter’s footmark with shading and crosswork.

9. Blooming Heart

Source : tattoozby_jayb

If you are going for a large tattoo then this one is for you. The shading and dotwork make the tattoo unique and stunning. This is best for the upper arm of a woman.

10. Mother Nature

Source : jrayshell_jonica81

A pop of green can make every tattoo aesthetic. The clock with leaves around it gives a naturalistic look and the color blending makes it artistic.

11. Protector

Source : darko_tattoo

The tattoo features the birth clock with Mother Mary to bless the daughter with utmost adoration and protection. The textures created by the stippling work are hypnotic and alluring.

12. Miss Minute Hand

Source : thetailoredshave

A half clock can make the tattoo more unique with added birth flowers according to the birth month. The hands of the clock give a vintage yet modern outlook and the shading looks amazing.

13. Eternity

Source : annedartistry

If you want something small then this classical clock is the one for you. The scenery and intricate design add another dimension and this tattoo is perfect for the thigh of a woman.

14. Wonderland

Source : tat2sheryl

The Cheshire cat and the pocket watch give a nod to Alice’s wonderland and create a magical tattoo. The shading with the variations of blue makes the tattoo more enchanting.

15. Constellation

Source : sky_jedi

A minimalistic and geometric approach to the birth clock tattoo is always admirable. The thin-line work and slight shading around the edges make the tattoo clean and modest.


Source : makz_tattoo

The tattoo gives a pencil sketch effect with the right amount of shading. The flowers and the worn-out pocket watch make the tattoo aesthetically pleasing.

17. Everbloom

Source : bugtatt

The modern clock looks realistic and the roses set the whole look on another level. One can customize the tattoo by adding quotes or the date of birth of their beloved child.

18. Symphony

Source : trish_inkedshine

If you want a little modern touch then this birth clock is the one. The middle of the clock has some potent shading to give it a faux depth and textures that look amazing.

19. The Princess

Source : rock_n_needles

Want some vintage royal look? This tattoo has all the elements like a heart-shaped clock, intricate design, pearls, and flowers to make it regal.

20. Little Moonbeam

Source : leedsinkandbeauty

Footprints of the daughter go very well with the birth clock tattoo. The half-clock and inky shadings are on point too. Perfect for a man’s belly to place this tattoo.

21. Time-Turner

Source : craftmanstattoo

The chest of a man is a vast canvas to place a colossal tattoo. The thin linework is impeccable and it shows the journey of the daughter’s life.

22. Wish Clock

Source : marty_tattz

The tattoo has great detailing and life-like features. This tattoo conveys the meaning of different personalities and the bull shows the fertility, a reminder of the daughter’s birth.

23. Twilight

Source : mattbellamytattoos

Simple tattoos are loved by all. This tattoo features a minimalistic round watch and the child’s name with her birth date. Elegant and super classy.

24. Rara Avis

Source : mollsfreeman

The heart-shaped clocks look very good in tattoos. The peachy flowers give it a nudge with their soft tint, making it beautiful and neat.

25. The Rose

Source : whitneycaskeytattoos

The charcoal-themed inky black clock and the rose make the tattoo eerie in a good way. The cursive initials and Roman numerals make the tattoo even more sophisticated.


Source : diamondculturesydney


Source : aarontat2grubb


Source : tim_langer_tattoo


Source : svartlilith


Source : jey_inkofficial


Source : newdawntattoos


Source : inthebloodtattoo


Source : diamondculturesydney


Source : raff_vivas


Source : diabolicalcreations


Source : ayaygee_ink


Source : elitecustomtattoo


Source : dcmtattoo


Source : vincedibiasotattoos


Source : dionas23_tattooartist


Source : omnificent_tattoo_studio


Source : jamesjohnsontattoos


Source : blackhouse_ink_side


Source : louisecarolynbotterill


Source : jey_inkofficial


Source : yankeetattooink


Source : darkmarkink


Source : mollsfreeman


Source : andymorrelltattoo


The daughter is a blessing to the parents and family. With tattoos like the daughter birth clock tattoo, one can celebrate the joy of getting a loving daughter. This is not just to show the world. More like a way of keeping a piece of the child’s essential time etched to the skin and kept to the heart.

Finding the perfect design can be a crucial step but these designs can inspire you to pick your one. Choose the one that tells your story and the love you have for your girl. Take care of it and your daughter. Hope you have a blessed parenthood ahead!


What is a heart clock tattoo?

The heart clock tattoo is very loved among the daughter’s parents. This shows how much you adore the children and the precious time you spend with each other.

What does a rose clock tattoo mean?

The rose symbolizes love and affection while the clock is the representation of the child’s birth. These designs can have roses in many colors such as red, peach, or jet-black. This type of tattoo is very popular and well-loved.

Why should you get a clock tattoo?

If you have children and you want to give a toast to their birth by getting a tattoo then a clock tattoo is the one to choose. These designs celebrate the birth of your kids and the time you spend with them. Many can get clock tattoos to commemorate certain times like anniversaries or special moments. Some people get a clock tattoo to stamp their loved ones passing away too.

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