90 Magnificent Elden Ring Tattoo Designs For The Fandom

Have you seen the variety of designs of the Elden Ring tattoos? They are quite popular among the game players who have played this super graphic game and got attached to the concept and the theme.

If you have seen the different designs of Elden Ring tattoos, you will notice three circles overlapping one another. This intersection of those circles shows the bonds and unbreakable connections between the characters and the game settings. People who have played and enjoyed the game are surely familiar with the theme and love the symbols.

In this article, you will see a bunch of tattoo designs of the Elden Ring along with the iconic characters of the game. I can guarantee that it is a real treat for the fans as they will get to see super detailed scenes from the game as tattoos.


90 Elden Ring Tattoo Designs And Meanings

The most common reason to get an Elden Ring tattoo is to be part of the Elden Ring gamer community. People absolutely love relating to the characters and the game scenarios so they end up getting a tattoo inspired from the theme.

You can get a lot of different designs from this theme including the characters, weapons, logo, summoned spirits, witches, etc. Each tattoo can mean something different depending on the design you are choosing.

Most of the tattoo designs show war and violence which could tell a lot of the preference of content of the person wearing it.


Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas

The tattoo ideas of the Elden Ring include a lot of elements. It could be a great scene from a battle, a beautiful portrait of the characters, super dramatic pictures of different weapons, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones and you can easily decide which one suits you the best.


1. The Warrior 

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: videogametatts

The warrior in this tattoo is emerging from the flesh and has gorgeous detailing on the costume. The golden sword cover is beyond elegant while there are little butterflies painted in blood on top.


2. Piercing Dagger

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: strchn

The dagger looks like it is going at so much speed that it is almost about to be set on fire. The golden holder of the weapon has amazing details and shading making it look super real.


3. Slice Them Up

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: videogametatts

It’s honestly amazing how detailed the character is in the tattoo. She is about to do a spinning stunt while her cape is swirling behind her. Her firm fist shows power and determination.


4. The Royal Sword

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: _bloodspire_

You can see a wild wolf with a gigantic sword in front of him. The armor on the wolf is royal and so is the detailed design of the sword. The warm colors give this tattoo a serious vibe.


5. Power Of The Goddess

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 5
Source: toz.tattoo

The whole arm is covered in a scene from the game. The character is ready to fight and you can see the Elden ring logo floating vaguely behind her. The colorfulness of the tattoo makes it super attractive.


6. The Battle

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 6
Source: videogametatts

This one is another scene of a warrior posed in a battle action. She is holding a long sword and is about to attack someone. Her luscious hair is flying behind her super dramatic helmet with horns.


7. Monstrosity 

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 7
Source: necronomitron

If you love the gothic style, this Monstrosity tattoo is definitely suitable for you. A scary mouth is wide open and ready to be its predator self. The inside of the head has the universe while the purple background makes it eerie.


8. Ranni The Witch

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 8
Source: pattooist

The witch in this tattoo is resting over a deadly wolf. The dark details of this design make it gothic and the expression of the witch is definitely inviting trouble.


9. Blazing Weapon 

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 9
Source: fineline_tatuajes

This one is a classic design of a sword with the Elden Rings behind it. The strokes around the main elements almost look like deadly scratches from a wolf.


10. Wolf And The Dagger

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 10
Source: _bloodspire_

This one is super graphic with a bright orange wolf holding a flaming sword in its mouth. Three other frozen sword is about to pierce through the wolf from the top.


11. The Queen 

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 11
Source: ivanruotolo.ink

The best part of this design is the realistic detailing. It almost looks like a real picture of a warrior with flying hair under the helmet. The butterflies flying in the background symbolize a soft spot of the character.


12. Bloody Sword

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 12
Source: futuro.final

This one is a cartoonish design of the warrior holding a sword dripping blood. The design is mainly colored yellow, orange, and red, which makes it vibrant and eye-catching.


13. The Fight 

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 13
Source: _bloodspire_

This is a fun design of the Elden Ring theme. The player is drawn in a fun and colorful design with warm colors like red and orange. The character is ready for a fight with her vibrant red locks.


14. Butterflies 

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 14
Source: scarpo

This could be one of the prettiest Elden Ring tattoos for the colors. The face of the character is hidden in golden armor. The background is painted in a vibrant red color with white butterflies.


15. Conspiracy 

Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas 15
Source: dess.ink

The character of this design has a creepy vibe with the four hands positioned differently. One of its eyes is closed with bruises all over the place. The dark details and shading take this design to the next level.


Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo

The most popular symbol tattoo of the Elden Ring game is the ring logo itself. A lot of different artwork can be created with this pattern including abstract artwork, bold outline, combination of elements, etc. You can add colors to the design to make it more vibrant and noticeable.


16. Interconnection 

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 1
Source: mm.hahn

The rings in the logo show an overlapping or an interconnection. The strokes are haphazard showing an effortlessly incredible artwork. It decorates the forearm gracefully!


17. Brittles 

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 2
Source: ghbastos_ink

The Elden Rings in this tattoo almost look like a vague emergence. The scattered strokes and dots all over it make it look discovered and precious. It is kept simple with a black outline and no colors.


18. Scratches Of Rings

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 3
Source: clarencestreettattoo

The classic Elden Ring logo with the anchor shape is seen in this design. It covers the sleeve beautifully almost making it look like it was drawn with a sharp knife engraving the skin.


19. The Elegant Symbol 

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 4
Source: hinkart_tattoo

A great way to decorate your biceps will be to get the giant Elden Ring symbol all over them. The design is unique for the messy strokes all over it making it look like an ancient pattern.


20. Rings And Flames

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 5
Source: born_tired_

The full sleeve is covered with this design of a combination of elements. It has the Elden Ring logo on top with a red and black pattern of spider legs in the middle. It ends with a melting black ring at the bottom.


21. Behind The Boxes

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 6
Source: mosestattoos

This one is a clean and simple design of the Elden Ring logo behind a box pattern. The outline is bold but simple and shows that you belong to the fandom of this game.


22. The Opening 

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 7
Source: marcus_hartilly

This pattern gives you an illusion of a melting hole in the arm which shows the red logo of the Elden Rings. The black strokes with the red elements make a perfect blend in the design.


23. Stamped Rings

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 8
Source: black_shit_tattoo

This pattern looks like an abstract artwork of the Elden Rings. It is a classic logo design with rough strokes and a dark color. The tattoo is serious and portrays you as a powerful person.


24. Watercolor Splashes 

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 9
Source: smdraw.ink

The logo of the Elden Ring in this tattoo has a splash of black color in the background. The pattern is abstract and looks super cool on the forearm. The imperfections of this design make it perfect!


25. Overlapping Rings 

Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 10
Source: japa_abe

If you are looking for something soft yet meaningful, you can definitely go for this one. It shows the logo of the game in very soft strokes that almost look like a weak print.



Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 11
Source: michlisto



Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 12
Source: lsstattoo



Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 13
Source: toprakart



Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 14
Source: prmetalhead



Elden Ring Symbol Tattoo 15
Source: clubtattoolasvegas


Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 1
Source: blue_jade_tattoo



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 2
Source: redheadtattooist



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 3
Source: carinaalok



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 4
Source: sebastiann.94



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 5
Source: bentotatuagemecafe



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 6
Source: versala___



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 7
Source: marvininspaces



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 8
Source: bentotatuagemecafe



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 9
Source: nik_pastore



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 10
Source: luh.tsuki




Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 11
Source: dio.tattooer



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 12
Source: nothedrifter



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 13
Source: nothedrifter



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 14
Source: kelvinvang.tattoos



Malenia Elden Ring Tattoo 15
Source: sivalobanjatattoo


Elden Ring Tattoo Designs



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 1
Source: marat.blackart



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 2
Source: hellbell_ttt



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 3
Source: chaosinfinitus



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 4
Source: barontattoo.666



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 5
Source: cuttybage



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 6
Source: maruseru



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 7
Source: seymour_tattoo



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 8
Source: derpwaara



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 9
Source: venomouscake



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 10
Source: gabchalut.tattoos



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 11
Source: _bloodspire_



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 12
Source: mate_tat



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 13
Source: amor_tattoos



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 14
Source: amor_tattoos



Elden Ring Tattoo Designs 15
Source: marat.blackart


Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: kurisxgrim



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: gustavoferrer2gc



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: hakupsychose



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 4
Source: mate_tat



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 5
Source: alex.tattoorat



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 6
Source: barontattoo.666



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 7
Source: gwyntattoo



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 8
Source: sann.ink



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 9
Source: inkira.tattoo



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 10
Source: gwyntattoo



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 11
Source: kikekrebs



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 12
Source: darumeando_tattoo



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 13
Source: brvnogonzalez



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 14
Source: videogametatts



Elden Ring Tattoo Sleeve 15
Source: chris_inksane


Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 1
Source: nobru.ttt



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 2
Source: enfant_timide



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 3
Source: tobi.tattoo.robi



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 4
Source: cerealism_tattoo



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 5
Source: mattypattytattoos



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 6
Source: soft_tatz



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 7
Source: yazzink



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 8
Source: rachel_meister_art



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 9
Source: freedom_of_art_tattoo



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 10
Source: cuttybage



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 11
Source: bgw_tattoos



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 12
Source: chapter_2_tattoo



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 13
Source: wade.whitman



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 14
Source: shakara.tattoo



Ranni Elden Ring Tattoo 15
Source: lolatadatodo



I hope this blog helped you pick the best Elden Ring tattoo design for decorating your body. Most of the given designs are so versatile that you can place them anywhere you want.

You can also customize the design by combining different elements from different ideas. No one can go wrong with a little creativity in tattoos!

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