30 Striking Eye of Horus Tattoos To Make You Stand Out

A multitude of symbols and designs exist in the world of tattoo artistry. However, one tattoo design that stands out as a powerful and mysterious symbol is the Eye of Horus tattoo. Rooted in ancient Egyptian mythology, this emblem has enthralled the imagination of ink enthusiasts for many years.

Also known as the Udjat or Wedjat eye, the Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol that is over 4,000 years old. It took its name from Horus, one of the most consequential deities in Egyptian mythology.

A multifaceted symbolism is attached to the Eye of Horus which has evolved throughout millennia. In this article, we have gathered about 30 unique Eye of Horus tattoo designs and ideas for you to pick from. We will also delve into the meaning and contemporary interpretations of the design.


Eye of Horus Tattoo Designs and Meanings

These tattoo works are visually striking. Solely for this reason, this makes them a popular choice among body art enthusiasts. To be more precise, they are popular for their profound symbolism and aesthetic appeal. These tattoos are often customized to reflect the tattoo wearer’s personal beliefs, values or even their journey.

You can get this tattoo in many different styles. Some people opt for including the Eye of Horus as part of a sleeve, while others choose a discreet or minimalist version. The choice of color and placement on the body also brings about plenty of possibilities for personal expression. So without further ado, let’s get into it!


Eye Of Horus Tattoo

Before you get an Eye of Horus tattoo, it is crucial to research the symbol’s meaning to make sure it aligns with your personal beliefs and core values. Here are some unique artworks for you to look at:

1. No Limits

Eye Of Horus Tattoo 1
Source: cultartvinnie

Showcasing its bold strokes and enthralling allure, this Eye of Horus tattoo stands for endless power and protection. The inclusion of the Ankh cross in the tattoo adds more depth to the design.

2. Inevitability of Death

Eye Of Horus Tattoo 2
Source: sebastian_tattoo

Etched with precision and care, this intricate tattoo design serves as a reminder to not let go of any precious moment or golden opportunity. The design personifies the essence of mortality.

3. Mystic

Eye Of Horus Tattoo 3
Source: 99estudi0

This artwork embodies a strong connection to spiritual insight and ancient wisdom. The design is a reminder that you are a bearer of timeless mysticism.

4. Divine Observer

Eye Of Horus Tattoo 4
Source: gptatts

The caption acts as a powerful testament to the enchanting allure of the Eye of Horus. This is more than an artwork; this is a commitment to becoming the navigator of your own destiny.

5. Enigmatic

Eye Of Horus Tattoo 5
Source: fionavdeanstattoo

As your eyes begin to trace each line and curve, the radiant iris decorated with intricate patterns will put you in a trance. Or at least that’s how realistic the tattoo looks.

Ankh Eye Of Horus Tattoo

The combination of the Ankh and the Eye of Horus in a tattoo creates a unique piece of body art. When combined, these symbols convey a message of protection and wisdom. The tattoo also has multiple layers of meaning.

6. Eye Of Wisdom

Ankh Eye Of Horus Tattoo 1
Source: tnt_inkk

The tattoo is embellished with intricate lines and the shading is executed to utmost perfection. The detailed contours applied on this design invoke a sense of ancient reverence, hence the name ” Eye of Wisdom”.

7. Resplendent

Ankh Eye Of Horus Tattoo 2
Source: yunn.tattoogallery

This Eye of Horus tattoo design is a stupendous tapestry of ink. The detailing here definitely brings justice to ancient symbolism. The artwork gives off an aura of magnificence and mystery, letting you wear the tattoo proudly.

8. Mystical Gaze

Ankh Eye Of Horus Tattoo 3
Source: georgino_tattooshop_hurghada

The design, etched in the deepest black, gives off an aura of power. This Eye of Horus tattoo, inked in obsidian elegance, will also look fabulous on your arms.

9. Divine Vision

Ankh Eye Of Horus Tattoo 4
Source: tattooerain

Ever seen a tattoo that is considered as the ‘masterpiece of tattoo artistry’? This artwork is a testament to that statement. The design, rendered quite meticulously, resembles the eye of a God.

10. Eternal Vigilance

Ankh Eye Of Horus Tattoo 5
Source: thegrey__tattoostudio

It almost seems like the deep richness of the black ink enshrouds a world of ancient secrets, while the complex design reverberates with enigmatic charm. You can definitely wear the tattoo proudly and let it be a reminder of the eternal mysteries of your life.

Eye Of Horus Tattoo Design

It is important to note that these designs greatly vary in size, style and complexity. This lets you pick a design that best suits your personal symbolism. Below are several Eye of Horus tattoo ideas to consider:

11. All-Seeing Beauty

Eye Of Horus Tattoo Design 1
Source: dannylazaro.dl

This work of art captures the spiritual essence of Horus’s gaze. From the breathtaking contours to the meticulous shading, this design has everything. The realistic-looking pupil shown in the tattoo produces an ethereal allure.

12. Timeless Art

Eye Of Horus Tattoo Design 2
Source: inkgarage_brooklyn

With an air of mysterious elegance, this tattoo design invokes a sense of enduring mystique. The rich pigment amplifies the enigmatic allure of the tattoo. You can wear it proudly as an emblem of long-lasting beauty.

13. Hieroglyphic Elegance

Eye Of Horus Tattoo Design 3
Source: chrisinktattoo_bloodwork

Here is another striking Eye of Horus tattoo design, where ink becomes a language of eternal beauty. The intricate designs invoke the mystique of the sacred symbols of ancient Egypt.

14. Ink Of Ancient Wisdom

Eye Of Horus Tattoo Design 4
Source: pr0xypunktatts

Every single stroke of ink breathes life into this fine artwork. Feel free to embellish your skin with this symbol of enlightenment. The tattoo would also look wonderful on your thighs.

15. Cosmic Vision

Eye Of Horus Tattoo Design 5
Source: katiemaytattoo

It almost seems like the Eye of Horus has become a celestial portal, producing an otherworldly allure. Feel free to use other shades of colors as per your choice.

Eye Of Horus Hand Tattoo

Getting these tattoos on the hand can be a bold decision. Not to mention, Eye of Horus tattoos on the hand are visually striking too. They are highly visible and can be used to make strong statements. Check them out below!

16. Eyes of Eternity

Eye Of Horus Hand Tattoo 1
Source: kairostattoostudio

This Eye of Horus tattoo is truly a mesmerizing masterpiece. It is a symphony of mystical symbolism and intricate linework. The tattoo captures the essence of cosmic insight and timeless wisdom.

17. Mythical Glimpse

Eye Of Horus Hand Tattoo 2
Source: christinesink11

This tattoo design is where ancient mystery meets modern artistry. It is almost like the eye-ball unveils an enigmatic portal to the realms of Egyptian mythology.

18. Amulet Of Power

Eye Of Horus Hand Tattoo 3
Source: aggie.q.tattoo

This particular artwork radiates pure strength and protection. Etched with punctilious detail, this striking Eye of Horus tattoo will definitely look stunning on your hands.

19. “Eye”conic Art

Eye Of Horus Hand Tattoo 4
Source: tattoozbyraghav

With its mystic allure and regal precision, this Eye of Horus tattoo is truly a work of art. Even the eyebrows are etched with delicacy. Feel free to include some more elements into the design, such as an infinity loop (as shown in the design).

20. Gaze Of Timelessness

Eye Of Horus Hand Tattoo 5
Source: el_chelso7

This design is an eternal emblem that weaves together mysticism and ancient history. The bold strokes and the convoluted linework add more depth and richness to the tattoo.

Women’s Eye Of Horus Tattoo

These tattoos can be an aesthetically pleasing choice for women, just as it is for men. The placement as well as the design of the tattoo can be customized to suit personal preferences and beliefs.

21. Enigma In A Blink

Women's Eye Of Horus Tattoo 1
Source: jessica.besaly

This variation of the Eye of Horus tattoo is somewhat a blend of gracefulness and enigma. The tattoo, delicately etched on the woman’s neck, exudes inexplicable charm and timeless allure.

22. Talisman Of Transcendence

Women's Eye Of Horus Tattoo 2
Source: paulmurphy_tattoos

This tattoo design, without a doubt, is a testament to transcendental craftsmanship. The tattoo, with its vivid hues and precise contours, serves as a powerful symbol of spiritual ascension.

23. Sorcery On Skin

Women's Eye Of Horus Tattoo 3
Source: brionyvictoriatattoo

The tattoo merges the grace of femininity with the secrets of enchantment. It adorns her skin with an enchanting allure. This is probably one of the most beautiful Eye of Horus tattoos you’ll ever see in this collection.

24. Charm Of Ages

Women's Eye Of Horus Tattoo 4
Source: sonistattoo_by_nitesh

The design, an exquisite fusion of elegance and spiritualism, graces the woman’s skill with timeless glamour. Feel free to change the eye color as per your choice.

25. Soul’s Sentry

Women's Eye Of Horus Tattoo 5
Source: goldenanchortattoos

This Eye of Horus tattoo, with its bold lines, stands as the vigilant guardian of spiritual protection. It almost looks like it always keeps a watchful eye on the depth of one’s soul.

Eye Of Horus Neck Tattoo



Eye Of Horus Neck Tattoo 1
Source: mr_stabbs



Eye Of Horus Neck Tattoo 2
Source: canberraink



Eye Of Horus Neck Tattoo 3
Source: crown.tattoo



Eye Of Horus Neck Tattoo 4
Source: fridaystattoohk



Eye Of Horus Neck Tattoo 5
Source: tattoostudiomorocco


Eye of Horus tattoos are an alluring blend of modern artistry and history. The timeless appeal of these designs continues to draw body ink enthusiasts seeking wisdom, healing, protection or a powerful connection to ancient Egyptian mythology. Whether chosen for their profound symbolism or aesthetic appeal, these tattoos serve as strong expressions of personal beliefs. This makes them a popular choice for tattoo enthusiasts all over the world.

In case you were struggling with what kind of Eye of Horus tattoo to get, we sincerely hope that this article has made your decision-making much easier. If you wish to get the most out of your tattoo, select a professional tattoo artist and make sure they are the right person for the job. If your tattoo comes out distorted, it is extremely difficult to go back and start things over. Therefore, it is super important to think things through before getting a tattoo. Good luck!



What does the Eye of Horus mean?

In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus is a symbol that represents health, protection and wisdom. According to an Egyptian myth, Horus, the falcon-headed god lost his left eye in a battle with Set. Afterwards, Hathor magically restored the eye and this restoration now symbolizes the process of healing.

Which is more powerful: Eye of Horus or Ra?

The Eye of Horus often represents protection and health. On the other hand, the Eye of Ra symbolizes destruction and power. Nevertheless, both the symbols are regarded powerful emblems in ancient Egypt.

Is Horus the evil eye?

No. In fact, the Eye of Horus is seen as a protection from the evil eye.

Is it bad to get an Eye of Horus tattoo?

As long as the individual is respectful toward the cultural significance of the tattoo, an Eye of Horus tattoo is not necessarily bad.

How much does it cost to get an Eye of Horus tattoo?

It costs about $12 to get such tattoos.

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