69 Best Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Designs for 2023

Hammerhead sharks have successfully categorized themselves as part of the biggest sharks in the world. Even though the sharks are scary to look at, the hammerhead shark tattoos are a delight to the eyes. These designs are one of the most popular choices in the world of tattoo these days for their beauty and artistic approach.

The hammerhead sharks are explained differently by different cultures and people. While the meaning is not definite, the generic idea of bravery, protection and freedom makes the style popular and attractive. To help you find the best tattoo in this genre, we have shortlisted some of the most popular hammerhead shark tattoos. So, without further ado, join us in a journey towards discovery and eye-catching designs.


69 Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Ideas

Hammerhead shark tattoos are a top choice among marine professionals and enthusiasts. The innovative and attractive designs turn heads wherever you go and shows your love for the species as well. Let us help you find the perfect tattoo design to go with your style and persona.


Tribal Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have been a major section of the tattoo culture since the beginning of time. With a unique design and deep meaning, the tribal style fused with the hammerhead sharks produce an amazing result. So, let us take a look at some of the top tribal hammerhead shark tattoos.


1. The Tribal Shark Tribute


Tribal Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: v_inkz

Boost your body features and show respect towards the tribal culture with the unique hammerhead shark tattoo. The design represents cultural appreciation along with courage and protection.


2. Shark Culture


Tribal Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: endlessheightstattoo

Pay respect and admiration to the tribal belief and faith. It looks great on both men and women and catches the eye on the arm or shoulder.


3. The Shark In Tribal Culture


Tribal Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: elgatofeatherhand

Turn the canvas of your body into a beautiful piece of art by getting a hammerhead shark tattoo combined with tribal patterns. The artistic combination looks perfect on the back.


Traditional Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Traditional tattoo designs are both attractive and meaningful. The styles are not only appealing to the eye but also tell a deep story about life and faith. Discover a few examples of traditional hammerhead shark tattoos with us.


4. The Colorful Pattern Shark


Traditional Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: anchorheadtattoo

Express your thoughts and creative thinking with the colorful hammerhead shark design. It is a perfect tattoo for both men and women and suits the arm or shoulder the best.


5. The Bubbly Hammerhead


Traditional Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: alyschendliktattoos

Let the world take a look at your fun and expressive persona through the bubbly version of the hammerhead shark. The design expresses a fun-loving personality along with a value for art.


6. The Baby Hammerhead Shark


Traditional Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: tattoos_revolution

Get the classic and traditional shark tattoo design as a showcase of courage and bravery. It is a sign of the battles fought in the war of life.


Polynesian Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Cultural representations through tattoos are nothing new. Designs and art pieces combined with intricate patterns symbolize deep meaning with eye-pleasing designs. Find out a few great designs of Polynesian hammerhead shark tattoos.


7. The Hammerhead Belief


Polynesian Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: koesr_one

Everyone loves a unique design and style in their tattoos along with a good meaning. This tattoo presents the Polynesian patterns and art in the form of a hammerhead shark. It is a great choice for a shoulder or arm piece.


8. The Diving Shark


Polynesian Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: mino_tattoo

Dive into the world of thoughts and beliefs with the stunning hammerhead shark tattoo. It is a symbolization of the struggles and battles of life.


9. The Patterned Hammerhead


Polynesian Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: midpacifictattoo

Big tattoos are very eye-catching and look magnificent on the body as well. This giant shark tattoo fused with Polynesian art pays respect to the art, culture, and history.


Hammerhead Shark Silhouette Tattoo

In recent years, silhouette tattoos are trending as it allows people to get a mysterious vibe with their tattoos. Even though the details are not intricate, the designs are pleasing to the eye. So, let’s see the hammerhead shark silhouette tattoos.


10. Hammerhead World


Hammerhead Shark Silhouette Tattoo 1
Source: sophieduboistattoo

Get the world of hammerhead sharks inked on your arm as a sign of love for underwater species. The tattoo also depicts art and gives an amazing look to both men and women.


11. Swimming Shark


Hammerhead Shark Silhouette Tattoo 2
Source: wickedwaystattoos

Let the shark swim freely along with your thoughts and mind. This tattoo is a symbolization of our inner feelings, artistic skill, and creative imagination.


12. The Slithering Water Shark


Hammerhead Shark Silhouette Tattoo 3
Source: mantarotattoo.studio

Beautify your summer look with the beautiful and artistic tattoo of a hammerhead shark. The design looks great on a woman’s stomach. It is also an amazing style for ink on the back.


Hawaiian Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Hawaiian hammerhead shark comes with unique patterns and creative skills or art. So, let us show you a few great designs under the hammerhead shark tattoos of Hawaiian.


13. The Hawaiian Shark


Hawaiian Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: mahalopug

In Hawaiian culture, the hammerhead shark is believed to be a protector of the family. The beauty of the patterns and design makes the tattoo a popular choice among creative people.


14. Seaworld


Hawaiian Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: pebblesakajunior

Express love and care for the stunning and surviving marine animals deep down in the ocean. It is a creative choice and looks exemplary on the chest or back.


15. Bendy Shark


Hawaiian Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: tonycosdontattoos

Give your bicep a distinct and creative look with the artistic Hawaiian hammerhead shark design. The tattoo depicts the incredible skills of the artist and is a top choice for both men and women.


Realistic Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Realistic tattoos are always great and look perfect from each and every angle. The attractive styles and designs bring out the outstanding creativity of the artists. Take a look at the best realistic hammerhead shark tattoo.


16. Water Shark


Realistic Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: peewee_tattoos

Gain a boost of confidence with the beauty of the tattoo. The octopus, hammerhead sharks, and fishes give the design an amazing and pretty look.


17. World Of Underwater


Realistic Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: deanocook

Turn heads every time you take off your shirt by getting the underwater world tattooed on the front or back of your body. The designs include an array of marine animals and species, expressing the choice of the person and the creativity of the artist.


18. Surfacing Hammerhead


Realistic Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: quantumtattooink.russia

Let the shark rise out of the water with ease and peace. This design is seen as a sign of courage, freedom, bravery, protection, and the beauty of life.


Geometric Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are trending for the past few years. The creativity and artistic side look perfect for people of all ages and give a unique look overall. Let us go ahead and find a few popular geometric hammerhead shark tattoos.


19. The Calculated Dive


Geometric Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: jackalopetattoo

Dive deep into the world of calculations and sharks with this eye-catching tattoo design. The markings and lines show the intricacy of the design and the outstanding artist’s creativity.


20. Geometry Meets Hammerhead


Geometric Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: tattoonagai

A stunning combination between the hammerhead shark and geometric patterns creates wonders. The details and patterns of the tattoo make it a top choice among all shark fans.


21. The Shark In Triangle


Geometric Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: mitten_made_tattoos

Get yourself a colorful geometric tattoo with a hammerhead shark peeking out of the triangle. The top-notch design and style are suitable for both males and females, looking for an amazing tattoo.


Hammerhead Shark Outline Tattoo

Simple tattoos create a unique sort of attraction with their style and the outline tattoos are proof of that. Hammerhead shark outline tattoos are great for people looking for a simple yet impactful design. So, let us see a few great examples.


22. The Shark In Simplicity


Hammerhead Shark Outline Tattoo 1
Source: claysaunderstattoos

Praise the love and beauty of simplicity in life by getting an outline of a hammerhead shark inked on your arm, shoulder, or thigh. This tattoo not only beautifies your features but also depicts art at its finest.


23. Happy Line Sharks


Hammerhead Shark Outline Tattoo 2
Source: mossunderwood

Secure the enhancement of your features with a pair of happy hammerhead sharks. It is a pretty representation of art, happiness, freedom, and courage.


24. Hammer On The Head


Hammerhead Shark Outline Tattoo 3
Source: chervay_goldsworthy

A little wordplay in tattoos is interesting and funny. Get this small shark tattoo with a hammer to represent a hammerhead shark. It is a cute design for people looking for a fun and simple style.


Hammerhead Shark Skeleton Tattoo

The hammerhead shark is a precious and rare species living in the depth of the ocean. The skeleton of these marine animals are protected and preserved for years with aim of research and understanding. And these hammerhead shark skeleton designs look good as tattoos as well. So, let us take a look.


25. The Swirling Shark


Hammerhead Shark Skeleton Tattoo 1
Source: stellalunaink

Earn attraction and compliments with a beautiful pair of hammerhead sharks. A skeleton and a living hammerhead shark are combined together in a pretty tattoo. It showcases the cycle of life and the talent of the artist.




Hammerhead Shark Skeleton Tattoo 2
Source: madtatterky




Hammerhead Shark Skeleton Tattoo 3
Source: 13catstattoostudio


Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Designs




Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Designs 1
Source: tropistyletattoos




Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Designs 2
Source: joshcorlin_tattoo_art




Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Designs 3
Source: pinnedyou


Hammerhead Shark Back Tattoo




Hammerhead Shark Back Tattoo 1
Source: tatouageartyou




Hammerhead Shark Back Tattoo 2
Source: skagentattoo




Hammerhead Shark Back Tattoo 3
Source: noregretsmemphis


Cartoon Hammerhead Shark Tattoos




Cartoon Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: dillman.tattooer




Cartoon Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: amaranthinetattoos




Cartoon Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: suckmydeckart


Downward Hammerhead Shark Tattoo




Downward Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: blackbirdtattookemptville




Downward Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: rascassetattoo




Downward Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: baileaftattoo


Hammerhead Shark Anchor Tattoo




Hammerhead Shark Anchor Tattoo 1
Source: baymantattoo




Hammerhead Shark Anchor Tattoo 2
Source: stangalini_tattooer




Hammerhead Shark Anchor Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbyantman7


Hammerhead Shark Funny Tattoos




Hammerhead Shark Funny Tattoo 1
Source: rdb3art




Hammerhead Shark Funny Tattoo 2
Source: bendaviestattoo




Hammerhead Shark Funny Tattoo 3
Source: tattooboulevard


Hammerhead Shark Hand Tattoo




Hammerhead Shark Hand Tattoo 1
Source: james_severson




Hammerhead Shark Hand Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbybambs




Hammerhead Shark Hand Tattoo 3
Source: saintos8tattoo


Hammerhead Shark Harpoon Tattoo




Hammerhead Shark Harpoon Tattoo 1
Source: matttruiano




Hammerhead Shark Harpoon Tattoo 2
Source: vaste_prik_tattoo_studio




Hammerhead Shark Harpoon Tattoo 3
Source: yanotattoos


Hammerhead Shark Leg Tattoo




Hammerhead Shark Leg Tattoo 1
Source: crossroads.tattoo




Hammerhead Shark Leg Tattoo 2
Source: unholy.hand




Hammerhead Shark Leg Tattoo 3
Source: elisekatherineink


Hammerhead Shark Sleeve Tattoo




Hammerhead Shark Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: jayjohnsontattoos




Hammerhead Shark Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: missemilietattoos




Hammerhead Shark Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: divetattoo


Hammerhead Shark Tooth Tattoo




Hammerhead Shark Tooth Tattoo 1
Source: racheldollart




Hammerhead Shark Tooth Tattoo 2
Source: 44tats




Hammerhead Shark Tooth Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbyjessejames


Japanese Hammerhead Shark Tattoo




Japanese Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: wovenbonestattoo




Japanese Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: jtaine




Japanese Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: wala.tattoo


Negative Space Hammerhead Shark Tattoo




Negative Space Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: liam.mean.tattoo




Negative Space Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: tats_by_hats




Negative Space Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: comatopiatattoos


Smooth Hammerhead Shark Tattoo




Smooth Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 1
Source: grieddles




Smooth Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 2
Source: sharkattacked




Smooth Hammerhead Shark Tattoo 3
Source: knight.tattoo



Hammerhead sharks are one of the most beautiful marine species in the world. Associated with danger and protection, these hammerhead shark tattoos are an absolutely stunning creation. After presenting all these amazing tattoo designs, we hope that you have found the one you were looking for.

Check out the credibility of the artist and their skills before you get your tattoo done. And make sure to choose a design that corresponds with your preference and personality. Now, go on and get the design you chose inked on your body to showcase the art and your style.



What does a hammerhead shark tattoo mean?

A hammerhead shark tattoo has different meanings based on cultures, belief, etc. Typically, the tattoo represents freedom, protection, bravery, and courage.

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