18 Best November Flower Tattoo That You Need To Know About

Many believe the birth month can tell you something about your future. Each month has its special flower and sign. People born that month are said to have some of the qualities of their birth flower.

Flowers have attracted people for many centuries with their beauty and pleasant smell. According to your birthday, flower tattoos are a new hot trend you must take on.
And if you are a tattoo enthusiast, then it’s even better!

Were you born in November? Are you looking for a beautiful floral tattoo to bejewel your skin? So, take your love for flowers to another level with the striking November flower tattoo. This list of carefully picked tattoo designs is perfect for both men and women.

18 November Flower Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Our tattoo experts have collected 18 best November flower tattoos for both men and women. There are different types of November flowers, so we have organized them nicely for you.

You can take ideas from here and ink them, but you can also customize them in your own way.


Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower Tattoo

If you’re a November baby, you’ll be happy to know that your birth flower is the lovely Chrysanthemum. This flower is known to symbolize joy, optimism, fidelity, and longevity.

However, the different colors of the Chrysanthemum symbolize different meanings. Such as, red ones symbolize deep passion and love, and yellow ones symbolize neglected love and sorrow.


1. Simple Tattoo with Chrysanthemum Petals

Source : inktastic_tattoo

It is a reminder of the power of wishes. The delicate seeds floating away on the breeze represent our hopes and dreams.

And the strong stem symbolizes our resilience in the face of adversity.


2. A Whole Floral Branch Tattoo

Source : blackbear.ink

It’s a whimsical watercolor tattoo of a chrysanthemum. As if its seeds and petals are floating away in the breeze, each one carrying a tiny wish.


3. Black And White Bloom Tattoo Design

Source : simon.cooper_

A detailed tattoo of a blooming flower which is for the November-born people. It looks as if the whole life is unfolding this way. Such beauty!

Small November Flower Tattoo

Smaller tattoos are minimal and symbolic and take up less space on your skin. Therefore, these are certainly very popular.

Have a look at our personal small November flower tattoo design picks. The tattoos in this section, are suitable for the arms of both men and women.


4. Small Floral Branch On Shoulder Deltoids

Source : playground_tat2

It’s a very attractive place in both men’s and women’s bodies. If you tend to go sleeveless or at the beach – you will most definitely catch interested eyes!


5. Tiny Flower Tattoo On Arms

Source : niko.tattoos__

The insides of the biceps are another attraction point. Whenever you’re rocking a polo shirt or something half-sleeved, the tattoo will make you stand out.


6. Miniature November Flower Tattoo Design

Source : tattooer_jina

This one is a puny tattoo but has a strong and likable presence. If you want something more minimal and have it stand out, this tattoo is for you.


November Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

Here are some more birth month floral tattoos. Scroll down to see more of our November birth flower tattoo design list.

This sector of tattoos is different than the rest because all of them are very simple and minimalistic.


7. Single Flower With Leaves And Gradient

Source : ladnie.ink

This one has much class to it. It is preferable for somebody with larger limbs because the design gradients are best preferred at a larger scale. And this will look good on both men and women.


8. Minuscule Flower Tattoo With 3d Design

Source : robmcdowelltattoos

Who can resist inking themselves with this cute tiny tattoo? But don’t get confused by its size. The shades make it stand out because of how close to real life it looks.


9. Twin Flowers And Their Branches

Source : vibetattoo.ut

First of all, twins! Two flowers – one for you and another for your soulmate. Well, the tattoo looks very sophisticated, perfect for the arms of women and men.


October And November Birth Flower Tattoo

October has two birth flowers: the Marigold and the Cosmos, symbolizing power, strength, and harmony.

The November birth flowers are the Chrysanthemum and the Peony. Check out some of the most popular October and November flower tattoo designs with their meanings.


10. Marigold and Cosmos Tattoo for October

Source : mclametattoos

If you are born a little earlier, before November, these two flowers are just for you! The meanings can also motivate you for life with strength and harmony.


11. Flower Bouquet Tattoo Design For October And November Born Souls

Source : lvdmorethncrrts

This tattoo looks just like that bouquet you received on your first prom date. A wonderful addition to an everlasting memory!

If you are someone who loves to preserve memories related to flowers, you can ink this tattoo.


12. Breathtaking Single-Flower Tattoo

Source : elif.inkk

This cute design looks penciled right out of an artist’s beautiful mind. It’s a great choice if you want a low-key and minimal tattoo.


August And November Birth Flower Tattoo

The Gladiolus and Poppy are the birth flowers of August, symbolizing strength, integrity, perseverance, remembrance, imagination, and consolation.

When you mix flowers of both months, it can create a beautiful tattoo. Our experts have collected the best ones for you after extensive research.


13. Tattoo Designs That Are Easy To Place Anywhere

Source : yeowool_tattooer

There are three flowers in this tattoo. If you want to emboss the symbol of friendship and love among 3 of your dears, this amazing tattoo is for you.


14. Creative And Unique Floral Tattoo Design For Hand

Source : pionobedrist

This is placed right on the upper part of the wrist and stretches down to the thumb. Excellent placing if you want to rock that full-sleeved shirt/blouse.


15. Complex Floral Tattoo For October And November-Born People

Source : yeowool_tattooer

People would be in awe upon stumbling into your existence. This long shrub-like tattoo of flowers and connectors stretches from the neck to down the arm. Such a marvelous view!


February And November Birth Flower Tattoo

February birthdays are represented by Violets or Irises, flowers that suggest loyalty and faithfulness. November flower tattoos are in a league of their own as well.

Let’s see how these two can mix up so well. You can customize the designs on your own, and this won’t affect the meanings.


16. The Mixture of February And November Birth Flower Tattoos

Source : modoink_jimmydana_

If you and your partner/friend are born in February or November – you can ink these flowers in your tattoo. It is going to look minimal and super classy on both men and women.


17. Simple Yet Gorgeous February – November Flower Tattoo 

Source : yeowool_tattooer

It’s a little more detailed and bigger. The tattoo certainly has more life and clarity to it. It will result in far more attention to your choice.


18. Wonderful November Flower Tattoo Design: Flower In A Broken Vase

Source : mary_black_

This is, by far, the most creative tattoo design. Flowers are generally kept alive in a vase. This tattoo explains just that with a little more ooze to it. Flowers look best on the trees, out in nature.



A birth flower tattoo is cool because you can make it extra special. You can do it by adding things that mean a lot to you, like a butterfly or a star.

The idea of birth month flower tattoos has become very popular around the world. November flower tattoo includes Chrysanthemum. Marigold and Cosmos for your October Flower Tattoos. And Violet and Iris for February flower tattoos.

Making a floral tattoo even more awesome is a fantastic idea. A birth flower tattoo is a cool choice to show off your style. There are tons of flowers to choose from in our collection. So you can pick one you like and make a design that means something special to you.



1. What is the significance of choosing a birth month flower for a tattoo?

Birth month flowers hold symbolic meaning and are believed to reflect the personality traits associated with the month of one’s birth. Choosing a birth month flower for a tattoo is a way to express individuality and connect with nature.

2. Can I combine my birth month flower with other elements in a tattoo design?

Absolutely! Many people choose to incorporate their birth month flower into a larger design that may include other elements like animals, symbols, or quotes to create a more personalized and unique tattoo.

3. Are there specific colors associated with each birth month flower that should be included in the tattoo?

While traditional colors are linked to each birth month flower, there are no strict rules. You have the creative freedom to choose colors that resonate with you or complement your overall tattoo design.

4. Do birth month flower tattoos have any cultural or historical significance?

Yes, flowers have been associated with symbolism and meanings in various cultures. Birth month flowers, in particular, often have historical significance. These were used to convey messages in the language of flowers, known as floriography.

5. Can I get a birth month flower tattoo even if I don’t like the flower associated with my birth month?

Of course! Your tattoo is a personal expression. You can choose any flower that resonates with you, regardless of your birth month. The important thing is to have a design that holds meaning for you.

6. Are there any superstitions or beliefs associated with getting a birth month flower tattoo?

Some cultures believe that wearing the flower associated with your birth month brings good luck and positive energy. However, getting a birth month flower tattoo is ultimately a personal choice. Not based on superstitions.

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