30 Alluring Throat Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Throat tattoos hold much power when making a bold statement to onlookers. Indeed, your throat is the second most visible part to observers after your face. Getting throat tattoos is an excellent medium of self-expression and communicating your freedom through body art. 

Though, it might seem absurd to get your neck inked trust us when we say that this is a very popular spot and sought after by all tattoo enthusiasts. Neck tattoos require a lot of commitment mainly because you cannot hide them. Being one of the boldest spots available on your body. 

If you are someone who is ready for the challenge and wants to delve into the realm of throat tattoos then you have just ended up at the right place.

30 Throat Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Neck tattoos can certainly be considered to be a great method of showing off your boldness. Other than that, ink on this spot can also have different meanings and symbolism. The significance can either represent your beliefs or even your memories. Come with us as we explore 30 alluring throat tattoo designs and also derive the hidden meanings they might have.

Sketch Throat Tattoo Designs

Sketch art has a different aura to it compared to the other forms of tattoo art available in the market. The rugged and rough vibe that it gives off has its own significance. Check out some really cool sketch throat tattoo designs that we have selected for you below.

  1. Demon Skull
Sketch Throat Tattoo Designs 1
Source: kras_tattoo

Being bold always comes by breaking the norms of society. Getting inked with a tattoo of a devilish skull is indeed a great start.

2. Portrait Sketch

Sketch Throat Tattoo Designs 2
Source: stillballin6_

The neck being a very visible spot is also a great way to portray tattoo art that speaks. This sketch portrait tattoo on this man’s neck is of someone they care about.

3. Moon And Diamond

Sketch Throat Tattoo Designs 3
Source: davinatattoo

This tattoo of a Crescent moon and a diamond has a very dark vibe to it. The intricate patterns at the bottom help to add more depth to this neck tattoo.

Throat Tattoo Ideas

Getting a throat tattoo is once in a lifetime opportunity. It is going to be visible to everyone who you interact with and it is very important that you choose something meaningful. Below we have got some more throat tattoo ideas for you.

4. Flying Demon

Throat Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: evils

Another neck tattoo to express your difference from the herd. The tattoo is a bit larger than what we have seen so far and might reach all the way up to the top of your chest.

5. Neck Mandala Tattoo

Throat Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: snertattoos

A half mandala neck tattoo to beautify your neck. Mandala tattoos look spectacular everywhere including this man’s throat.

6. Guardian Cross

Throat Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: cali_ink99

An eye-catching throat tattoo design of a cross doubled up with angel wings on the background. This tattoo is a great way to portray your religious beliefs.

Unique Throat Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a great way to show off your personality, character, and also your uniqueness. If you have planned on looking for something that is different then we have got you covered there as well. Take a look at all the unique throat tattoo designs below.

7. Skull Attack 

Unique Throat Tattoo Designs 1
Source: ping13tattoo

Life is not infinite and death is inevitable. Skull tattoos are a constant reminder to us of out mortality and a neck tattoo is a great mode to convey this philosophy.

8. Geometric Pattern 

Unique Throat Tattoo Designs 2
Source: susannmarleen

Geometric tattoos are always beautiful. The sight of mathematical perfection can get the best of us intrigued.

9. Chinese Lion Tattoo

Unique Throat Tattoo Designs 3
Source: tattoosnob

We really love the vibrant colors on this Chinese lion throat tattoo. Red colors are known to grab attention. We believe you would get a lot of heads turning if you decide to get etched with this one.

Cut Throat Tattoo

We all love freaking out our friends. Having a tattoo of your throat cut is certainly a great way of pranking them or even strangers. If you are looking for some realistic looking cut throat tattoos then we might have some for you down below.

10. Realism Cut Throat Tattoo

Cut Throat Tattoo 1
Source: julian.ink_tattooartist

Straight out of a murder scene. We ourselves are confused if this picture is from the morgue or if is it a cutthroat tattoo. The details on this neck tattoo are top-notch. A must-get for you!

11. Back Of The Neck Cut Throat

Cut Throat Tattoo 2
Source: hughestattooer

This back-of-the-neck cut-throat tattoo is going to make observers think half your head was chopped off and then sewn together again. The great thing is you can hide it with a collared shirt!

12. Cut-throat Razors

Cut Throat Tattoo 3
Source: bobpaulin

Cut-throat razors are certainly very scary but they hold a lot of significance to barbers. This tattoo is a must-get for any hairdresser or barber. A great way to show love for your profession.

Simple Throat Tattoos

Most throat tattoo designs might seem over the top for you. If you are someone who is simplistic by nature and are looking for minimalistic throat tattoo designs then we got you covered. Dive in through all the simple throat tattoo designs that we have picked for you below.

13. Fern Tattoo

Simple Throat Tattoos 1
Source: bodyartmuseum

Fern tattoos can be a great method of conveying your resilience in life. This simple throat tattoo of a fern is indeed a great way to do that.

14. Guardian Beetle 

Simple Throat Tattoos 2
Source: opalbonesss

Beetle tattoos can ward off negative energies and protect you from bad spirits. The one in this picture is simple but very well detailed including the geometric patterning on the inner part of the body.

15. Immortal

Simple Throat Tattoos 3
Source: divine_ink127

Nesmrtelný is a Czech word that translates to Immortality in English. A very bold word that you can consider getting inked with on your neck.

Butterfly Throat Tattoo

Butterflies can signify a new life or an attempt to transform oneself. They also symbolize freedom and doing what the heart tells you to do. Butterfly tattoos might seem feminine but they look just as good on men. Check out some of the butterfly throat tattoos that we have collected for you.

16. Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Butterfly Throat Tattoo 1
Source: evamink_

This tattoo of a butterfly on the man’s neck has had a lot of attention to detail. The color shading is engineered to add more value to the tattoo art.

17. Throat Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Throat Tattoo 2
Source: thetattoovalley

Another butterfly tattoo for your jugulars. This one is slightly smaller than the last one and have a very unique shape and patterns.

18. Butterfly Skull Tattoo

Butterfly Throat Tattoo 3
Source: georgetattooing

Two different symbols combined with one another. The butterfly signifies life and the skull portrays death. It is a unique neck tattoo with a deep message.

Owl Throat Tattoo

Owl tattoos portray wisdom and knowledge. They are also considered to be guiding spirits or guardians that protect you. No matter what your reason, getting a owl throat tattoo can be a very wise choice for you. We have got some awesome owl throat tattoos below.

19. Full Owl Tattoo

Owl Throat Tattoo 1
Source: crystaldawntattoos

Owls are majestic creatures. Their enigmatic look gets all of us curious. This enigma is clearly visible on this beautiful neck tattoo as well.

20. Geometric Owl Face Tattoo

Owl Throat Tattoo 2
Source: fine_line_ink_

An owl tattoo that has been teamed up with geometric art. The partnership between these two art forms can create alluring tattoos like the one in the photo.

21. Ancient Owl Tattoo

Owl Throat Tattoo 3
Source: buzzard.ink

This owl tattoo on the man’s neck seems to be made out of some kind of ancient language. We definitely do not know how to translate this but the tattoo design looks aesthetic!

Throat Chakra Tattoo

Chakras are conceptualized by the Hindu religion. They are said to be centers of energy in the human body. If you are someone spiritual and looking for a tattoo to inspire your spiritual journey then these throat chakra tattoos are the one for you.

22. Black And White Chakra Tattoo

Throat Chakra Tattoo 1
Source: cristal.tattoos

A simple black and white chakra tattoo that is to the point and does the job. The addition of shading on the outline adds more detail to this throat tattoo.

23. Full Neck Chakra Tattoo

Throat Chakra Tattoo 2
Source: cizeone

Full Neck Chakra tattoos do look captivating. This full neck chakra on the man’s throat has the symbol in the middle made with negative space art. A great combination of multiple tattoo art forms.

24. Colorful Chakra

Throat Chakra Tattoo 3
Source: shellytatmagic

Colors make life interesting. They certainly help to spice up your chakra tattoos as well. These beautiful blue chakra tattoo is certainly going to motivate you more on your spiritual journey.

Female Mandala Throat Tattoo

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle. They do not necessarily have any meaning to them but women like Mandala tattoos for their beautiful patterns that grab everyone’s attention. We have a full collection of Mandala throat tattoos for your beautiful neck below.

25. Simple Mandala Throat Tattoo

Female Mandala Throat Tattoo 1
Source: luigi_granatatattooer

A simple mandala throat tattoo for your beautiful skin. This tattoo on a woman’s neck has a more old feeling to it compared to contemporary mandala art available today.


Female Mandala Throat Tattoo 2
Source: tattoos.by.ashley



Female Mandala Throat Tattoo 3
Source: fivepoundtattoo


Female Throat Tattoos



Female Throat Tattoos 1
Source: electrik_blu



Female Throat Tattoos 2
Source: xandria.tattoos



Female Throat Tattoos 3
Source: catmcburney_tattoo


Getting a throat tattoo is a monumental life decision for you. You would need to know that you can’t simply hide it like the ones on the other parts of your body. It is certainly a bold decision to express your individuality and uniqueness. However, it comes with you sacrificing your comfort permanently. Do remember that throat tattoos are your decision to make a statement to the world. Therefore it is best to choose a design that correctly states your personality to the outerworld. With that this great journey of throat tattoos comes to an end, we hope you found your desired design through us – Time to make a confident statement to the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Throat Tattoos Hurt?

Yes, the neck is a very sensitive part of your body and contains a series of veins and arteries. Tattooing this part of your body can be very painful compared to other spots.

What Does A Throat Tattoo Symbolize?

A throat tattoo can have many symbols. Throat tattoos can be inspired by personal experiences, memories, or your own personality.

Are Neck Tattoos Bad For Job?

Neck tattoos are allowed legally and you can apply for a job while having them. However, having tattoos that are visible are frowned upon by a lot of companies and might reduce your chances of getting the job.

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