25 Artistic Tummy Tuck Tattoos: Embrace the New You

After getting a tummy tuck it can feel a little out of place to look at the scars. That is where the tummy tack tattoo comes in. Doing these tattoos after you heal from the surgery can help you gain your confidence back! You can wear your favorite bikini, low-waisted jeans, or crop tops efficiently with a more chic style and make the bystanders do a double take.

There are plenty of designs you can choose from. And It can get a little overwhelming to decide. But fear not my friend! In this blog, we will talk about the tattoos you can adorn your tummy tuck scars and look absolutely flawless.

25 Tummy Tuck Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The tattoos are more than just a camouflage to hide the scars from your tummy tuck operation. Each line of the tattoo shows your courage in making a brave decision and changing your life for good. You own your life and doing a belly tattoo makes that exact voiceless statement.

It is safe to do the tattoo after 6 months of the surgery to stay risk-free. If you are healed but now want to heal from your soul then you can definitely look for the designs that will go with your taste. Let’s take a look at these 25 tummy tuck tattoo designs while learning about them. Who knows maybe you will find your desired one today!

Simple Tummy Tuck Tattoo

To flaunt the smooth belly, simple tattoo designs on the tummy are a great choice. It does not only cover up your scars but also helps you grasp your femininity and ethereal features. With butterflies, vines, and flowers you can create an enchanting tapestry of art that will enhance your natural beauty.

1. Na-bi

Simple Tummy Tuck Tattoo 1
Source: jacksonsundowntattoo

Like the butterfly effect, one simple tattoo can make a lot of difference. This blackish butterfly inkwork looks gorgeous on the tummy of a woman and complements the beautiful skin.

2. Sugar & Vine

Simple Tummy Tuck Tattoo 2
Source: rose_tattoo

The intricate vine with and flowerlike design looks good with the dot work and thick line work. This design will go great with the skin of the lower belly of a woman.

3. Roses Are Rosie

Simple Tummy Tuck Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbynikkirae

If you are looking for a small design then take a look at this one. The rose looks simple yet sophisticated with the perfect amount of shading. This tattoo looks good on the right of side the abdomen.

4. Arabian Night

Simple Tummy Tuck Tattoo 4
Source: the_great_tatsby

Looking for a string henna-like tattoo art? This design gives the same aura as the Arabian henna theme and the art is immaculate with dots, strings, and flowers.

5. Garden Of Hope

Simple Tummy Tuck Tattoo 5
Source: nancy.amhaz.tattoos

A garden full of flowers on your belly as if telling you to rejoice after surgery is what this tattoo is for. The small speckles and the shading add an extra layer to the tattoos.

Butterfly Tummy Tuck Tattoo

Butterflies are a symbol of new beginnings. This can be fitting for the people who have undergone the surgery. The fluttering butterflies with a touch of colors can make your desired tattoo compelling. The ethereal ornament encourages self-confidence and celebrates the journey of self-improvement.

6. Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Tummy Tuck Tattoo 1
Source: talaveratattoo

The black and red color scheme brings out the uniqueness of the tattoo with the filled black line work. The red specs on the butterfly add more glow and create an ethereal aura.

7. Aurora Wings

Butterfly Tummy Tuck Tattoo 2
Source: moonfox.ink

If you aim for simple vines, roses, and two little winged monarchs then this tattoo can be perfect for you. It’s a little abstract and the watercolor effect makes it entracing.

8. Nymph

Butterfly Tummy Tuck Tattoo 3
Source: kapostreetz

Butterflies can make anything look gorgeous and this tattoo is living proof of it. The shading of red and orange gives a sunset vibe with the black line work making it intricate.

9. Iridescent Flower

Butterfly Tummy Tuck Tattoo 4
Source: the_cajun_picasso

The tattoo here shows off the bold color and a vintage look with the monarch butterflies. It creates the garden image and shows the new hope for life.

10. Purple Swirl

Butterfly Tummy Tuck Tattoo 5
Source: exskwizit_ink

Purple emperor butterfly is the main theme here and the flowers give artistic effect to the whole tattoo. The splashes of color tell the tale of the new beginning of the wearer.

Mandala Tummy Tuck Tattoo

Mandala tattoo is a popular design choice for tattoo enthusiasts. And one of the well-loved places for doing mandala is the abdomen for its vast canvas. These designs encourage mindfulness and self-discovery and tell the wearer to find peace within themselves. 

11. Royal Swirl

Mandala Tummy Tuck Tattoo 1
Source: shar.freeman

Dotwork and thin linework create this highly detailed pattern and create a perfect maze of the mandala. If you want something big yet elegant then go for this design.

12. Lotus Bloom

Mandala Tummy Tuck Tattoo 2
Source: eviej_saddoris

The graphite theme blossom of flowers on the mandala looks like an artist who created a masterpiece with his pencil. The right amount of shading shows the tattoo artistry and awestruck the onlookers.

13. Bouquet

Mandala Tummy Tuck Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbymegs

A bouquet full of thinly inked flower to remember the tummy tuck surgery and move forward with style and hope- this tattoo sew this exact same story with breathtaking artistry.

14. Zen Roses

Mandala Tummy Tuck Tattoo 4
Source: sethmullintattoos

If you are looking for a tattoo that will be floral with a dash of spirituality then this tattoo is worth a second glance. The work on the roses gives it a realistic effect.

15. The Eye Of Flora

Mandala Tummy Tuck Tattoo 5
Source: tattoohuynhle

The goddess flora is watching over us and this tattoo gives that ethereal vibe. The blood-red roses and the fine detailing of the mandala make this astounding inkwork.

Tummy Tuck Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas

Changing something about yourself and undergoing surgery is quite challenging. And embracing yourself afterward is more taxing. That’s why tattoos to cover up the scars are a way to accept the new you in a creative way. These tattoos scream your stories and give a nod to your self-love and acceptance journey.

16. Retro Blossom

Tummy Tuck Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: redeyegallery

The tattoo here creates a bold retro flower carnation and looks identical to a pretty art piece. You can choose this type of colorful tattoo to cover the whole scar and create something new.

17. Wildflower

Tummy Tuck Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: charli_tat2

Another pencil sketch theme tattoo with shadow work on the inside with minimal greyish black. This tattoo is a reminder of the cold past yet the warm future ahead.

18. Rosette 

Tummy Tuck Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: odyssey.wellnesstattoo

Rose is one of the main designs for belly tattoos. If you are going for something dark yet elegant rose tattoo then this can be the perfect choice for you.

19. Libellula

Tummy Tuck Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: alinepetunia

Want to try something bold? This extravagant tattoo showcases the artistry of the tattoo artist with motifs like firefly. gems and watercolor flowers. Pretty and astonishing at the same time.

20. Carmine Venom

Tummy Tuck Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 5
Source: danyankee

The scales of the animal give a slight groove to the tattoo. With the crimson glow, this tattoo knits the story of a hated body to accept it’s imperfectly perfect and lovable.

Henna Tummy Tuck Tattoo

A tattoo is a permanent mark on your skin. So if you want something temporary before committing then a henna tummy tattoo can help you with that. With the twist of traditional henna, these designs allow you to experiment with body art without a long-term commitment.

21. Mehedi

Henna Tummy Tuck Tattoo 1
Source: se.henna

Doing a henna tattoo is fun and the tint looks good on any type of skin. The artwork is simple yet captivating and captures the charm of traditional henna.

22. khafif Mehndi

Henna Tummy Tuck Tattoo 2
Source: hennajunkie

Shading in henna design is quite monumental as it gives the art a certain edge and this tattoo is no exception. Simply drawn vines but unleashes ethereal beauty.

23. Jewel Of Yours

Henna Tummy Tuck Tattoo 3
Source: houstonmobilehenna

Creating a jewel in the midst of your belly can hide your scar meticulously. The henna here is an Indian bridal motif and will give a dark maroon tone after it dries up.

24.  Flower Tint

Henna Tummy Tuck Tattoo 4
Source: heavenly_henna_designz

If your scar is not that visible then creating a string henna to experiment is going to work for you. It is straightforward and does’nt need much experience but ends up a spontaneous inkwork.

25. Amal 

Henna Tummy Tuck Tattoo 5
Source: arva_henna_artist

Arabian henna design is considered the most beautiful one and this henna work encapsulates the core of it. The thin detailed work acts like a chain adorning the belly and makes it eye-pleasing.



Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment as well as doing a surgical removal of belly fat. The scars do not make you any less but decorating it with a tummy tuck tattoo enhances your tale and journey. It shows your resilience and the birth of a new version of you.

If you flaunt the scars that is your decision. If you adorn it with specks of color then that is your choice too. Try to do the tattoo after you recover and maintain proper hygiene for a safe tattoo journey. Remember, You are beautiful no matter what. Cheers to you and your inner and outer beauty!



How painful is a tummy tuck tattoo?

The abdomen is a sensitive area for tattoos. And the scar tissue can make it more painful than an average tattoo as it’s not as elastic as the normal skin. Most People rated the pain as a 5-6 out of 10 on the pain scale. But with numbing cream and proper process, the pain can be subdued. 

How much does a tummy tuck tattoo cost?

The tattoo can cost up to $1650 depending on the size and how many sessions are required. It can also vary from place to place so it is crucial to weigh your options before deciding anything.

How fast do stomach tattoos heal?

The average size of the tattoo can take 14-21 days to heal but the larger ones can take up to one month. With proper care the tattoos can heal swiftly so try to take care of the tattoo properly.

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