Top 30 Valknut Tattoo Designs with Powerful Meaning

Valknut is a symbol that holds three identical triangles interlocked with one another. Due to the uniqueness of the design, the Valknut tattoo is quite popular among people who are interested in spirituality and Norse mythology.

The most basic meaning of the Valknut tattoo is related to death. It is also a symbol for Odin, the Norse God. Those who are interested in such ancient and mystical mythology are definitely familiar with the term and design.

Tattoos of the Valknut symbol come in a lot of different styles and patterns. It could simply be the symbol itself or be an entire battle scenario focusing on the symbol. Let’s take a look at the best designs of the Valknut symbol for your next super cool tattoo!


30 Valknut Tattoo Designs And Meanings

The Norse God Odin has a significant influence on the signature Valknut symbol of three interconnected triangles. Even though there is no exact meaning of Valknut, it is mostly associated with the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. “Varl” means dead warriors while “knut” refers to a knot.

Choosing a tattoo of the Valknut symbol could mean a lot of things including being fascinated by the culture of Norse. It could also portray your interest in the cycle of life as well as the classic words related to the symbol such as bravery and strength.

Valknut Meaning Tattoo

Valknut as a tattoo basically has three interlocking triangles as a symbol. The three triangles represent three elements while the nine points of the triangles signify nine different Viking noble virtues. The virtues are courage, perseverance, self-reliance, discipline, honor, industriousness, truth, hospitality, and fidelity. The three triangles show the body, spirit, and mind of a person.


1. Death Scratches 

Valknut Meaning Tattoo 1
Source: przestrzen_artystyczna_tattoo

You could straight up assume that this one is scratched with broken glass. The design shows incredible patterns in scratches with a Valknut symbol right in the middle.


2. Triple Power

Valknut Meaning Tattoo 2
Source: hugocaldeira.tattooartist

This particular design is rather a simple one with just the three triangles. The triangles are interlocked and drawn in a bold outline showing a connection of three different elements.


3. Triangles 

Valknut Meaning Tattoo 3
Source: sssophie_g

The way this tattoo is designed can almost make your eyes dizzy. It’s the same three interlocked triangles but in a unique font that makes it stand out as a tattoo.


4. Valknut Supremacy 

Valknut Meaning Tattoo 4
Source: northernhood

The vicious raven in this tattoo is pitch black with the shape almost looking like a splash of black ink. The three triangles above its head symbolize Valknut supremacy.


5. The Deadly Story

Valknut Meaning Tattoo 5
Source: koszegivivien

The entire scenario in this tattoo tells a deadly story of an eyeball in the raven’s mouth. There is the Valknut symbol in a white outline right in the middle.


6. Witchcraft 

Valknut Meaning Tattoo 6
Source: skibian

The different symbols in the circle look like a witchcraft spell. The Valknut symbol in this tattoo is in the middle of a circle amongst unique patterns.


Simple Valknut Tattoo

Simple designs of Valknut symbols are super cool ideas for a new tattoo. They are minimalistic yet stylish when you wear them anywhere on your body. People who don’t know about the concept might keep wondering about its meaning.


7. Engraved Triangles 

Simple Valknut Tattoo 1
Source: your1ck

The Valknut symbol in this neck tattoo looks like it is an engraved piece of wood. The outline is messy with light strokes filling up the shape. The shading of the design makes it realistic and unique.


8. Cracks

Simple Valknut Tattoo 2
Source: ormgrutterstattoos

You can get an animated vibe from this tattoo of the Valknut symbol almost looking like it belongs to a superhero series. The cracks on the tattoo make it look as if it is a painting on a wall.


9. The Loop

Simple Valknut Tattoo 3

The Valknut symbol is in the middle of this design with several different symbols sprouting out of the circle. The black shading gives it more dimension and a cool look.


10. Interlocked Date

Simple Valknut Tattoo 4

The date on this tattoo is 07.10.2002. This could be a birth date as it is right below the Valknut symbol signifying the cycle of birth and death. The Roman numerals make this design super interesting!


11. Valknut Band

Simple Valknut Tattoo 5
Source: insomne_tattoo

The Valknut tattoo above looks like a super cool wristband. It has the signature symbol of the Valknut along with three stripes on both sides of it. The shading on the tattoo gives it a 3D effect.


12. Sacred Trilogy 

Simple Valknut Tattoo 6
Source: blindalextattoo

A wonderful chest tattoo idea can be getting the Valknut symbol. It shows how you follow the concept of life and death by heart. Moreover, the black blocks of triangles decorate your chest in a super unique style!


Valknut Tattoo Designs

If you get a tattoo of the Valknut symbol, it definitely shows how much the concepts of spirituality and Norse mythology attract and fascinate you. You can take a look at the best designs of this concept and pick the perfect one for you. You can go for the detailed ones to show your commitment or maybe the simple ones to portray your interest.


13. Knot Of Fate

Valknut Tattoo Designs 1
Source: maurotattoist

The background of this sleeve tattoo has a hazy forest with a spooky essence. Right in the middle of it lies the Valknut symbol in a white layout giving it a unique theme.


14. Eternal Connection 

Valknut Tattoo Designs 2
Source: diamante.tattoos

If you are a first-timer in terms of tattoos, you can definitely consider this super simple design. The tattoo right below the fold of the elbow had the simplest pattern of the Valknut symbol.


15. Wolverine 

Valknut Tattoo Designs 3
Source: boris_shark

I love how detailed this tattoo is. The wolf looks super real in a dark forest where you can see the shadows of the Valknut symbol lying on the ground. The pop of blue in the eyes gives it a catchy look.


16. Resonance Of Fate 

Valknut Tattoo Designs 4
Source: dineshtattoo

The triangles look as if they are in resonance. They are coordinated one after another beautifully with bold black lines making an amazing neck tattoo.


17. Connection To Spirituality 

Valknut Tattoo Designs 5
Source: michele_tattoo_

The pop of green in the outline of the Valknut symbol gives the design a unique look. The shading inside the triangles is also done amazingly making it look like a unique piece of artwork.


18. The Red Zone

Valknut Tattoo Designs 6
Source: konieckropka_dotwork

If you love colorful designs, you can go for this one. It has the red-shaded Valknut symbol in the middle with swirly patterns around it. The background is also shaded in red making it look like a bruise.


Raven Valknut Tattoo

Ravens in the Valknut-themed tattoos are common and mean something very emotional. In general, they suggest wisdom and power but if you specifically see two ravens in a Valknut symbol tattoo, it is to signify that the wearer has lost someone important in life and wants to preserve their memory forever.


19. Raven Scream

Raven Valknut Tattoo 1
Source: twostarsean

Just look how real the raven looks in this design. It has beautifully detailed feathers in consistent layers and the classic Valknut symbol next to one of its fluttering wings.


20. Bravery And Battle

Raven Valknut Tattoo 2
Source: diihfavaretto

The raven in this design is detailed with individual feathers and incredible shading. Even though this one does not have a direct symbol, it is related to the Valknut symbol and the Norse culture.


21. Story Of Afterlife 

Raven Valknut Tattoo 3
Source: siarnthecatwitch

You can see how the tattoo starts with the growth of a huge tree and then meets the cycle of life with the Valknut symbol. Finally, it ends with the Vegvisir symbols showing a matter of directions in life.


22. Norse Mythology 

Raven Valknut Tattoo 4
Source: nick_perri_tattoo

The shading and detailing of this tattoo look raw and violent. The raven looks like it is back from a deadly fight protecting the scratched-up Valknut symbol with its claws.


23. The Raven Attack

Raven Valknut Tattoo 5
Source: danielknigs

The details on this raven are top-notch as it almost makes it look real. It seems to be landing on the Valknut symbol which is drawn in thick bold lines.


24. The Story Of Valknut 

Raven Valknut Tattoo 6
Source: wildharetattoo

This design tells you a story of life and death with the black and white ravens. It has the Vegvisir symbol in the middle with a shaded Valknut symbol at the bottom.


Valknut Tattoo Ideas

Ideas of tattoos related to the Valknut symbol are diverse as there are a lot of different concepts connected to Norse mythology. Odin God, ravens, the symbol itself, Vegvisir symbols, etc. can be combined to make a completely unique tattoo idea. Let’s take a look at a few for you!


25. Warrior’s Symbol

Valknut Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: petronellatattoo

How cool does this shoulder tattoo look? The entire top portion is covered in symbols of Norse mythology and has a bold black Valknut symbol right at the bottom.



Valknut Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: mr.vipere



Valknut Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: diihfavaretto



Valknut Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: untappeddesigns



Valknut Tattoo Ideas 5
Source: dissidence_design



Valknut Tattoo Ideas 6
Source: blindalextattoo

Concluding Words

So, how did you like this blog on the best Valknut tattoo ideas? You will find every sort of design in the list including gorgeous and simple ones according to your preference.

You can also mix and match different designs to create your own innovation and make a super cool customized version for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 3 triangle tattoo mean?

The three triangles of the Valknut tattoo are equally important as they all represent something special. One represents the mind, the other represents the body and the last one represents the spirit.

What does the Valknut tattoo mean?

Valknut tattoo refers to the spiritual essence of the Norse culture which shows different elements of a human. The mind, body, and spirit are what we are all made of and this concept can be beautifully defined through Valknut-themed tattoos.

Is the Valknut tattoo good or bad?

Valknut tattoos can often be perceived as unlucky as they represent dead people or death in general. However, if you emotionally connect with the concept, you can get a tattoo without a doubt from the best designs collected above!

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