60+ Best “We The People” Tattoo Ideas to Signify Patriotism

When displaying a sense of patriotic pride, few can match the commanding brilliance of “We the People” tattoos. This one phrase is inscribed not just on the U.S. Constitution, but definitely reveals the exceptional spirit of the American people. Therefore, as its meaning is deeply rooted in the hearts of many, the tattoo is a favorite choice. 

Moreover, the words convey a bold nature, as do the ones who carry it. One of the most widely used designs is the 18th-century calligraphy of “We the People”. 

If you’re considering this statement as a way to show your patriotism, we have some incredible suggestions. We have, thus, gathered 25 “We the People” tattoo designs that demonstrate the sternness of these empowering words.


25 “We The People” Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Patriotism is the first thing that comes to mind when seeing a “We The People” tattoo. Do you recall the delivery of the words that gave chills, was stout, and energizing? Moreover, it resonates with bravery and courage. Therefore, the fact that one carries the phrase demonstrates confidence and boldness.  

The reasons behind this are what make it a favorite among tattoo enthusiasts. Other than the 18th-century calligraphy, notable items inked are the bald eagle, constitution, ink, quill pen, and liberty bell. Stay tuned for inspiration.


We The People Arm Tattoo

“We The People” is all you need to portray a message that’s meaningful. Through it, you show patriotism and acknowledge your country’s pride. Hence, it must be perfect to the last detail. 

In addition, for greater impact combine elements that carry patriotic symbolism. Besides, feel free to brighten up with some hues.


1. Flag and the Phrase in B&W


Source: kollintattoos

Throughout the upper arm area, the tattoo dominates and wraps a little. Moreover, the place remains discreet despite its size. Finally, the overall B&W style puts on a stark impression. 


2. “We The People” & the constitution


Source: devotedink

An artistic flair radiates from this tattoo. Moreover, the design features not only those captivating words, but also the ink and the constitution. This definitely lends more power and elegance to the style.


3. The Phrase & The Quill


Source: stevevarnertattoos

The design is the notorious 18th-century calligraphy of “We The People”. Additionally, a quill in the illustration signifies strength, courage, and wisdom. Besides, it would look good on women’s forearms as well.


Forearm Patriotic We The People Tattoo

“We The People” tattoos would be perfect on the forearm. In fact, the canvas covers a large area, so you are free to ink the statement as you wish. Furthermore, for more emphasis, add other details showing patriotic flairs. Remember, this area may not be too discreet but rather prominent.


4. “We The People” on the flag


Source: wet_bucket

The rich blue and red hues of the flag accentuate the foreground. On top of it is the statement of pride. Due to their symbolization of bravery, their wearer would certainly exude strength.


5. Statement and the Flag


Source: theinkelephant

The white shade of this tattoo sets it apart from the previous one. Plus, it’s inked on the forearm sides. Likewise, it stands for courage, freedom, and patriotism.


6. The Phrase on the Flag


Source: hiddenlotus.tattoosnc

What sets it apart is its placement on the front of the forearm. Additionally, it is a delicate area to ink. Despite the gray, blue and red, the phrase stand out perfectly.


We The People American Flag Tattoo

Combining the American flag with the phrase “We The People” is exceptionally emblematic of national pride. Further, adding colors to the flag can enhance its vibrancy. Moreover, no matter where it is positioned, it will still look captivating. What’s more! This is an immensely popular design.


7. The Flag on the Forearm


Source: normzar

Have you noticed how often similar tattoos appeared? The demand is evident. Nevertheless, it exudes distinctiveness through its folds. As always, it is one of the finest expressions of patriotism.


8. B&W Flag Tattoo


Source: aspire2tattoo

This is a straight-up B&W minimalist tattoo, depicting the flag and the statement. Yet, the torn effect gives off a rustic charm. Besides, this could add an edginess to this symbol of patriotic pride.  


9. The Waving Flag


Source: steven_bui

With a muted tone and charcoal effect inking, the flag takes on a captivating look. Moreover, the waving effect could suggest a strong commitment to the country. Besides, it  gives off more masculine energy.


We The People Sleeve Tattoo

As a large canvas, “We The People” tattoos on the sleeve is another excellent idea. Besides, the usual emblems, such as the Constitution document, the American flag, and even the bald eagle, would fit perfectly on the design. Plus, the sleeve area might offer to be a discreet location. Hence, whenever you put on a sleeved shirt, your tattoo can be hidden easily. 


10. Constitution on Flag


Source: john_jansky

A unique tattoo, this one is characterized by its aesthetic appeal. Further,  this piece has an old-fashioned aesthetic, thanks to the torn effect. Additionally, all the characters speak of patriotism, freedom, unity, and courage. 


11. The Phrase and The Bald eagle


Source: chucktat2

The tattoo stands for patriotism and liberty. Further, notice the bald eagle, a prominent symbol of dignity and respect. Plus, on the bright flag, it stands out on its own.


12. “We the people” on Sleeve 


Source: milkman_tattoos_and_art

Flag tattoos with “We The People” are the most sought-after. So here is one inked on the sleeve. Likewise, the waving flag indicates an appreciation for the country. Also, it’s more discreet. 


We The People Back Tattoo

When compared to other parts of the body, the back offers a huge canvas. Therefore, “We The People” would be a perfect fit. In fact, anything that makes it more meaningful and aesthetically pleasing is worthwhile. 

Moreover, even though the back offers a discreet place, it often feels bolder. This tattoo is often worn on the side, below, or the entire area under the neck.


13. Flag With The Message


Source: johnnyvanity

Besides artistic appeal, the torn and tattered flag here could signify endurance and strength. Furthermore, the three words of courage add to its profundity. 


14. Expanded “We The People” Design


Source: vanitytattoo_1996

The powerful “We The People” statement fits perfectly on the upper arch of the back. Plus, it clearly dominates the entire space. Moreover, we believe, it exudes and enhances boldness. 


15. “We The People” in Patterns


Source: bigbeartattooca

The tattoo dominating the upper back is embellished with exquisite details. Moreover, the arm tattoos blend seamlessly with the design. Finally, the wide-sweeping style speaks of a stance that is strong and confident.


Constitution We The People Tattoo

On a “We The People” tattoo, the Constitution written document can be displayed in a variety of styles. It is in fact, very popular and goes tremendously well with the statement. In addition, these designs are bound to garner praise and encourage conversations about American values.


16. The Phrase With the Constitution


Source: strangedivision

The tattoo covers the entire side of the forearm. Furthermore, ink and quill represent fortitude, freedom, and wisdom. Lastly, the monochrome effect convey a contemporary tone. 


17. “We The People” Connecting Tattoo


Source: stigmatattoos

This patriotic tattoo connects the mighty “We The People” the constitution, and the liberty bell. It represents the declaration of freedom. Additionally, the serpent may reflect renewal and growth.


18. The Constitution with The Liberty Bell

The tattoo displays the constitution with the liberty bell. Nonetheless, it’s the choice of the specific lines from the document that makes it distinctive. Perhaps, he holds fast to these concepts.


Source: drmyk122

The tattoo displays the constitution with the liberty bell. Nonetheless, it’s the choice of the specific lines from the document that makes it distinctive. Perhaps, he holds fast to these concepts.


1776 We The People Tattoo

It is the year 1776 that marks the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Therefore, incorporating the year would definitely accentuate the significance and impact of the “We The People” tattoo.

Now, Ideas may include putting 1776 on the background, either subtle or colorful. Besides, avoid over-crowding the front design and make sure it is highlighted.


19. A Vibrant 1776 Tattoo


Source: official100prooftattoo

Not only is this 1776 tattoo color striking, but also creates an original look. Besides, without being crowded, both elements are ideally emphasized. Moreover, It emits a stern yet lively spirit.


20. Patriotic Rally


Source: fobtattoosbytuna

The subtle monochrome of the foreground effectively highlights the phrase. In line with the title, the assembly of emblems evokes a patriotic atmosphere. Besides, each element is a powerful representation of American freedom. 


21. 1776 Charcoaling Effect Tattoo


Source: summitinktattoo

In the background, the charcoaling effect is slightly muted. However, the dates distinctly convey the feeling of freedom. Moreover, the bold accents truly justify the power of the phrase. 


Patriotic We The People Tattoo Sleeve

“We the People” tattoos on sleeves are a great idea as they provide a good platform for the artist to work with. Additionally, the area is a bit private for those who do not wish to flaunt it openly.

Moreover, you can be more creative with the medium canvas and incorporate elements from the flag to constitution document and more. 


22. Wrapped Tattoo on Sleeve 


Source: philhiltontattoos

Aside from how vast the tattoo is, the inking itself is remarkable. Moreover, with elements such as “We the People”, the constitution, and the flag, it declares patriotism. Further, its inking and burning effects scream fierceness.


23. Colorful Sleeve Tattoo


Source: oregon_city_tattoo

This is another wrap-around inked piece featuring the phrase and flag. Plus, it speaks of freedom, unity and bravery, and patriotic values. Lastly, “We The People” is engraved slightly smaller across the vast flag.


24. Monochrome Sleeve Tattoo


Source: eb.inks

Unlike the previous two, this one is small and wraps around the upper sleeve. Additionally, this monochrome tattoo with fine-line and pitch-black ink is absolutely stunning. Besides, t is subtle yet can convey the power of patriotism.


We The People Tattoo Bicep

The bicep can also serve as an ideal canvas for “We The People” tattoo designs. Plus, wrapping it around the bicep or on the back sides would look equally fantastic. Moreover, wearing a long-sleeved shirt or pants could make the place more discreet. Besides, most symbols representing patriotism would work well if inked properly and proportionately. 


25. Flag and The Phrase


Source: imjusdifferent

This patriotic tattoo on the bicep is designed elongated to fit the bicep perfectly. Further, both font and torn effect suggest freedom gained through honor and courage. Additionally, it would fit nicely on the forearm. 




Source: atlasandanchortattoo




Source: nikkistattoostudio


We The People Tattoo Chest



Source: vrodtattoos




Source: cliffred44




Source: tattoos_by_keeferes


2nd Amendment We The People Tattoo



Source: wilkinschristopher




Source: gabe_the_greek




Source: valensailor


Beefy Arm We The People Tattoo



Source: lg_tattoo_co




Source: kingkrystattoos




Source: stagelefttattoo


Cool We The People Tattoos



Source: ironraventattoo




Source: la.bestia.tattoos




Source: slingerstattoo


Faded Flag Tattoo We The People



Source: jadatat2




Source: slingerstattoo




Source: misti.cush


Traditional Bald Eagle And We The People Tattoo



Source: jlancetattoos




Source: studio69tattoo




Source: thelindenstreetbutcher


We The People Calf Tattoo



Source: gallery_tattoo_studio




Source: missheidistattoo




Source: inkedbyjay_5150


We The People Statue Of Liberty Tattoo



Source: rizeabovetattoos




Source: studio413




Source: bryn.beer_official


Thin Blue Line Flag We The People Tattoo



Source: creggkilla




Source: chrisnantz




Source: tattoos.by.faithelise


We The People Gun Tattoo



Source: goodtimefergus




Source: catfishjimmy




Source: sablanink


Lgbt We The People Tattoo



Source: mainstreetinktattoos




Source: alexriveratattoos


We The People Rib Tattoo



Source: inked.rhi




Source: permagrafix




Source: tattoos_by_grumpy


“We The People” commemorates American patriotism the best. It shows not only devotion to the country but also bravery, tenacity, and courage as the words convey. 

Generally, we noted that these tattoos tend to be vast and complement areas such as the forearm, sleeve, and back. In addition, the most sought-after one is the 18th-century calligraphy using the flag as a canvas. Moreover, quill and ink, the liberty bell, and the constitution are also noteworthy. 

Hopefully, you were inspired. Now it’s time to choose your design. Be sure to choose the one that shows your American pride and bravery, as well as your true patriotism. 



1. What is the significance of the We The People tattoo?

“We the People” tattoos are popular with patriots. It also connects to a network of gun rights and small government advocates. 

2. Can you add the Statue of Liberty to the “We The People” Tattoo?

Yes, you can definitely add the Statue of Liberty to your design. Remember, although it isn’t a direct symbol of American independence, it speaks of universal freedom. 

3. What is so special about the bald eagle as a symbol of patriotism? 

The bald eagle is native to North America. In that sense, it was one of the perfect icons of the newly formed United States of America.

4. What does “We the People” mean besides patriotism?

These three words are not mere words. The phrase evokes inspiration, boldness, courage, endurance, and power. 

5. Does “We The People” imply democracy?

The People here embody the power of democracy. To be exact, the power does not lie with a king or a congress, but with the people themselves.


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