25 Blazing Hot Rose Tattoos for Men

For many who indulge in body art, the rose remains a popular choice. Whether alone or with other symbols, men’s rose tattoos  tend to be of the big and bold variety. In modern tattoo art, roses represent love and passion and used along with other elements like daggers or chains, this flower takes on a new and darker meaning.


Popular Men’s Rose Tattoos

Men, however, choose rose tattoos for many reasons that may include paying tribute to a fallen friend, celebrating a cherished relationship, or simply wearing an impressive work of body art.  It’s no surprise that rose tattoos men wear are usually quite large, almost covering the entire area they occupy. Also, you rarely see men wearing rose tattoos without some embellishment of other, sometimes over the top, images.  Finally, men who wear rose tattoos are actually quite creative in their design choices.  So, let’s check out twenty-five of the most stunning rose tattoos for men.


1. The black rose of death tattoos


Here’s a rose tattoo that’s not ordinary.  Infused with the skull, this rose represents death or danger.


2. Compelling roses on both hands


This vivid work is an example of how flexible rose tattoos for men can be.  Combined with other symbols, this rose tattoo on both arms tells a gripping story that might amaze or scare you.

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3. Completely covered body art


No doubt this guy has transformed his entire body into one great canvas. The dark rose tattoo takes an unmistakably central position.  It’s almost as though he has been totally possessed by a tantalizing force.


4. Roses and the cross


Maybe this graphically detailed rose design is a memorial tattoo to the person named.  Here this body art features a combination of roses and a crucifix with rosary beads.


5.  The heart of money


There’s no avoiding this interesting twist to a classic rose design. The captivating money theme that clearly says that wealth may be the driving desire for this man. Another possible way of looking at it is the fragility of material wealth. Check out the clever ink work on this fist.

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6. Rose and daggers tattoo


Roses are often associated with the heart but for this young man, a rose with daggers represent a relentless attack on his core values, his relationships, or his life. Will his foes ever let up?


7. Roses among many tattoos


Although this guy’s upper body is completely covered with bold tattoos, you can still see the roses among them.  This strong red from this flower may very well be the life among death and danger.


8. The rose and the ram


A dark rose coupled with the dominant ram Aries is a powerful combination that celebrates this man’s character and attitude to life.


9. Rose on the shoulder tattoo design


A strong rose on the shoulder tattoo presents a powerful contrast to the bear’s head on this man’s chest.  Rose tattoos for men often come with other images to complete the theme.


10. A rose tribute tattoo


Here’s a fitting tribute to the person named on this wearer’s arm. A brightly colored rose and jewels, as well as the thorns, present a look that means so much to a Man.


11. Painful connection


This men’s rose tattoos design is placed on the chest – near to or at the heart. It usually means an undying commitment to a relationship or a passion for life. When combined with other images, like blood as seen here, there may be pain or other meanings to consider.


12. A rose and clock combination


The clock is cleverly combined with this colored rose to suggest life’s journey.  See how finely detailed this ink work is, and how accurately it captures the essence of the message to be sent.


13. A rose outline tattoo


A single rose petal near the heart may, for this individual, be a sentimental symbol of a relationship past or present.

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14. The King Reigns


Combined with the universal symbol of royalty, this rose tattoo conveys a strong statement of this man’s strength of character and leadership.  The king reigns supreme in this amazing tattoo.  Also notice the use of red  in both rose and crown.


15. Men’s Red Rose Tattoos


Red rose tattoos for men are quite popular and for this man, the vivid attention to details shows just how powerful his connection to this flower may be.


16. Roses and other symbols chest tattoo


The compelling feature of this dominant chest tattoo is the combination of various symbols that essentially link life with death. The skillful tattoo art and use of color set this design among the sought after rose tattoos for men.


17.  Hard choices, tough guy tattoo


There’s no doubt about the main influences and passions behind this man’s tattoo choices.  Everything comes together in a composite theme. Notice that the rose provides the color among the others. Does this mean life among death? Or a glimmer of hope?


18. Strong commitment


Clearly, this is a commitment tattoo in the form of a single, though dominant rose on the back of the hand. This choice from amazing rose tattoos for men is quite fitting for the purpose.


19. Life’s secrets revealed


You can immediately tell by stunning men’s rose tattoos that this individual has it all figured out.  The key to life’s mysteries and the value of cherishing those you love or life’s precious moments that are not here forever. Or is there another meaning?



20. Skeleton among roses


A skeleton covered with red roses occupies this young man’s entire torso. No doubt, his choice of this graphic design may be driven by the determination to confront death or whatever dangers life throws his way.


21. Life and death rose tattoo design


Along with death, there is life.  At least that’s what this rose tattoo seems to suggest for this young man who is not afraid to meet life head on.


22. Sharp red roses


Bright and prominent roses leave no doubt about the importance of this flower in the lives of these wearers. The skillful use of color and details are quite admirable.


23. Single rose on the neck


Here’s a prominent rose tattoo that is positioned to reveal this man’s true feelings. It appears that this is the only tattoo for now.


24.  Large and powerful rose tattoo


A single blue rose is all it takes for this man to reveal what or who his passion really is. Then again, this may simply be a celebration of his independence.


25. Rose petals bloom on arm tattoo


Impressive rose tattoo on arm, complete with thorn which is another example of the flexibility of the rose tattoo design for men.

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Do you still think rose tattoos are dumb for men? After seeing these stunning rose themed tattoos preferred by men, there should be no doubt about choosing a tattoo design inspired by this beautiful flower that comes with thorns. Men are known to be over the top when it comes to impressive tattoo designs. There are many more awesome designs featuring the rose that are to be discovered.

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