40 Forearm Octopus Tattoo Trends: What’s Popular in 2024!

The idea of a forearm octopus tattoo usually represents intelligence, mysterious nature, and adaptability. Octopuses are very smart creatures that can adapt to any situation with flexibility. Getting a forearm octopus tattoo would mean that you either admire those qualities or see them within yourself.

You will see a lot of designs when it comes to octopus tattoos with its super cool tentacles. Whether you pick a realistic design or a simple doodle, they will always make you look mysterious and quirky.

Now, it’s time to take a look at a bunch of different designs for your tattoo and see which octopus you like the best! Most of them focus on the texture and shading but you will also find a few colorful ones if you are into vibrant designs.


40 Forearm Octopus Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Most designs of forearm octopus tattoos have striking visuals and rich symbolism. As mentioned before, octopuses mainly represent the quality of intelligence, flexibility, and mystery. The tattoos act as a mirror of those factors and represent them beautifully through complex designs.

The designs of such tattoos are tall which makes the forearm the best canvas for them. You can showcase your new tattoo prominently over the forearm and flex what it means to you to the whole world!


Forearm Octopus Tattoo

Tattoos of octopus on the forearm are one of the popular choices of body art. These designs decorate the forearm beautifully with intricate patterns of the tentacles which sometimes even extend up to the chest or the shoulder. You can get a variety of designs including super realistic or abstract artwork and create your own meaning with it.


1. Dizzy Tentacles 

Source : zengertattoo

The detailing on this octopus almost makes you dizzy! Half of its head is designed with circles while the other half is filled with dashes. The tentacles emerge from its body in curls while its creepy eyes rest in search of something.


2. Ocean’s Grace

Source : jake.druid.ink

The posture and surroundings of the octopus almost make it look like the queen of the ocean. The tentacles are beautifully curled with a dotted oval encircling it.


3. Ink-topus

Source : forrestwright

This design is quite dark with a wrinkled head of the octopus. The head is filled with white patches making it look quite creepy and intimidating.


4. Monster In Geometry 

Source : klimshakhnin

Now this design simply screams monstrosity. The gigantic octopus is surrounded by its own large tentacles. It has spikes over its head and the overall shading is just super cool!


5. Seeking Sunshine 

Source : mollymurrayink

If you like a peaceful-looking design, this might be your perfect design. The beautiful octopus is reaching out for the sun with its eyes filled with hope. The sun shines while it twinkles here and there.


6. Old And Curious 

Source : tattooceylon

This octopus looks quite old and mature. It has wrinkles under its eyes and it looks like it has seen enough in life. It is filled with experience, wisdom, and of course, curiosity for more.


7. Weird Wonderland 

Source : pedroleocorny

Where are the quirky design lovers? This one’s for you! The giant octopus looks like inside another dimension of unusual geometry. The shading is detailed while its head is shining as if it’s facing the light.


8. Sea Serenade 

Source : angelo_barulli

This design is filled with spikey tentacles. The shading gives it a dark bluish hue of the deep ocean while the detailing gives an amazing realistic vibe. The tentacles extend up to the chest as if it is really moving.


9. Curly Tentacles 

Source : moonbugtattoos

Even though it is a relatively small octopus tattoo, the details are amazing! It’s mostly black with white suction cups and inner shading. The tentacles are curled up and it looks like it’s planning something evil!


10. The Wise Tidal King

Source : bondiink666

This is one of the coolest designs of a wise octopus. It is wearing a glass in one eye and holding a cup with one of its many tentacles. By the looks of it, you can see that it is lost in deep thoughts with a dent on its head.


11. Squid-ink Saga

Source : blvir_andsacrilege.tattoo

If you are looking for something super graphic, here you go! I absolutely love the black-ish turquoise shading on this with multiple eyes popping out of its head. The design is super detailed and the splash of colors takes it to the next level.


12. Beauty In Teal

Source : jonpall_art

The octopus in this design looks like it’s from outer space. The tentacles it has are chunky and colored in a beautiful teal shade. It has a green button right in the middle that makes it even more alien-like.


13. Blossoms

Source : 6_tattoo_studio

This design represents the beauty found in the combination of intelligence and grace. The octopus is a symbol of wisdom and mystery while the flowers portray a sense of growth and beauty.


14. Curly Tales

Source : dungeons_and_decorations

The octopus in this design is drawn quite simply without any detailed shading. It kind of looks like it’s dancing with the tentacles while holding a few gems. Its eyes look happy and graceful.


15. Rise Of The Octo

Source : krn.blvck

I think the octopus looks like it’s emerging from another form. Its whole body is highlighted while the end of the tentacles are black. It’s moving towards light with its eyes closed.


16. Red Devil

Source : lewisparkin

I honestly love how quirky this design is. The red patterns and the spikes make it look like a villain. The design has a sense of fierce energy along with super cool patterns. If you want to show off your unique sense of humor, this might be the perfect design.


17. Artistic Curls

Source : lucasm_tattoo

The most unique aspect of this design is the cloudy loops surrounding the octopus. Its body is textured with lines and bubbles and you can see its blank white eyes.


18. The Dark Side

Source : brian_sena_tattoo

If you have an interest in dark designs, you are gonna love this! The overall theme of this tattoo is an octopus succumbed in darkness. The design is super realistic with incredibly spooky shading.


19. Enraged

Source : aline__blanc

Now this one is a bit of an angry octopus. Its face looks like it’s filled with rage while the grainy-shaded tentacles are all curled up. The dent over its head is visible as if it’s going to explode now!


20. Tentacles In The Tides 

Source : piornomica_

Octopuses usually represent intelligence and you can clearly visualize that with this design. It has a wise octopus sitting and lost in its own thoughts. It almost looks like it is in the middle of making a master plan.


21. Waves And Ripples

Source : hey.norte

I absolutely love how the surface of this octopus looks like the surface of the sea. Its eyes are shining bright as if it is looking at something mighty. The tentacles spread out in joy while the octopus moves forward.


22. Red Alert 

Source : henbohenning

Now this is a colorful design. It’s mostly red with a turquoise patch over its head and orange eyes. The dotted patterns over it make it more interesting and funny-looking.


23. Deadly Powers

Source : darkhatchings

The posture of this octopus looks like it’s summoning the demons of the sea. There are lightning patterns over its head while it’s surrounded by a flimsy string. It’s using its powers to get out of the binding.


24. Meditation

Source : beltattoox

This one looks like it’s meditating. There are bubbly patches all over the octopus while the cup side of the tentacles is shaded darker. The grainy texture over it looks super real and aesthetic.


25. Shining Eyes

Source : daniellegrovestattoo

The octopus in this tattoo almost looks like it’s from anime. Just look at its big shining eyes! It’s holding a beautiful shell and is surrounded by big blooming roses. You can also see little starfish and twinkles around it.



Source : coaltattoostudio


Source : yokaisocietytattoo


Source : e.griffin_tattooer


Source : oceanide.tattoo.artist


Source : alexoverbeckart


Source : martha_woww


Source : mike_shadowplay


Source : krisclosetattoos


Source : _donbraga


Source : rhuan_ink


Source : cavalcant.ink


Source : jacob_tattoo


Source : antonio_russo_28


Source : thelemonart


Source : grave_dirt

Final Verdict

So, how was the collection of the most unique forearm octopus tattoo designs? It has all kinds of complex artwork that will appeal to any tattoo enthusiast!

Even though most of them are black and white, you can give your own splash of colors and make the design super creative! Now, which one do you think would look best on you? Which one are you picking?


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tattoo of an octopus mean?

Even though the tattoo of an octopus mainly highlights its ability to power through complexities with its intelligence and flexibility, there could be more meanings too! Some people think the tattoos also represent illusion and insight while others relate them with vision and variability.

Is octopus good luck?

People in Japan consider a red octopus a sign of good luck. Since octopuses possess a bunch of good qualities, many cultures are fascinated by them and consider them to be good luck.

What is an octopus a symbol of?

An octopus can symbolize a bunch of things but most people love how it portrays transformation and wisdom. If you have seen the behavior of octopuses, you would know that some of them can beautifully change colors and camouflage themselves in case of hunting or sensation of danger.

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