15 Memorable Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Ideas

Have you considered using Alice in Wonderland tattoo ideas? Anyone who has ever read Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book would no doubt remember those crazy characters that Alice encountered.  Who could forget the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the evil Queen of Hearts? Tattoo lovers who are also fans of this timeless classic now have the chance to permanently mark their favorite characters on their bodies.



Let’s face it, there are so many characters and events to choose from if you are crazy enough about Alice in Wonderland to put them in ink.  Firstly, you may need to consider the actual character or scene you want to depict.  Secondly, consider the space on your body that is most suitable for the chosen character or scene.  Not all available body spaces are actually suitable for the image you may have chosen.  To get you inspired, here are fifteen ideas for your Alice in Wonderland tattoo.

#1: Alice In Person

This oil painting-like tattoo depicts Alice herself; the protagonist of her story. The colors, placement, and expertise of the artist embodies the character’s cuteness and innocence.

#2: Absolem The Caterpillar

This shows the first meeting between the hookah-smoking caterpillar, also known as Absolem, and Alice as he sits on a mushroom. This curious-looking, smart albeit forgetful, and short – tempered creature is quite likeable once you get to know him.

#3: The Mad Hatter

Here’s The Hatter, otherwise known as The Mad Hatter despite his well-known insanity, he’s a personal favourite. His place on the arm is a reminder of his crazy but charming personality.

#4: A Touch Of Madness

The blend of pink and bluish green ink around the major characters of Alice in Wonderland, including the Hatter’s hat on Alice, Cheshire cat and Rabbit is a creative combination. It’s topped off with the declaration, “We’re all mad here.”

#5: White Rabbit

The panicky White Rabbit is the reason Alice ended up in Wonderland in the first place, always checking his pocket watch and always late. The detailed rendition of this character is really something to consider adorning your skin with.

#6: The Mischievous Cheshire cat

Of course, the Cheshire cat with his wide grin of mischief, mad and kind all in one. The witty depiction of him is quite fitting. Bonus points if you’re a cat lover.

#7: Alice in Character

Here’s another similar to yet different from “4” above. Slightly paler colors for a more subtle look, it nicely merges her favourite characters in one.

#8:A Rat-A-Tat

With the tags, hat, clock and cards, this shows a perfect tat featuring important bits and pieces of the characters and scenes. The burst of color in the cat’s blue eyes enhances this to a thousand.

#9: Alice in Wonderland

Right here is an impressive sleeve tattoo you’ll definitely remember for quite a while. The intricacies and detailed representation of the story in this piece of art is everything.

#10: A Beautiful Alice

A classic representation of a Disney dame, and you can tell at just one glance. It’s a simple black-inked drawing, yet it captures the essence of Alice’s innocence. This is a must-get if you’re an Alice Stan.



One of most memorable characters is the Cheshire Cat, the cat with the lasting grin.  This girl has chosen to put the first encounter between Alice and the cat on her back.  This illustration makes full use of black ink with some hints of color.



Here’s a colorful version of the White Rabbit.  The pocket watch is a familiar accessory but checks out the large red rose which is an added image.



Among Alice’s many adventures in Wonderland included her sudden growth as well as shrinkage.  This scene is well designed here in full color.



One look at this character and you know you’re facing the evil Queen of Hearts.  Her unmistakable frown is well created by the tattoo artist.  Notice the dominance of red which is her signature color.



This Alice in Wonderland tattoo design recreates the original illustration of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  This was where her crazy adventures began.



Here again is another of the original illustrations of the White rabbit. This black ink tattoo presents the classic rendition of this memorable character.



This shoulder tattoo also shows the White Rabbit looking out. Perhaps this is inspired by an early illustration from Alice in Wonderland.



This almost hilarious Alice in Wonderland tattoo features the Mad Hatter in a teacup. This tattoo done in color may have been a favorite character for this girl.



Here’s an interesting character taken from the original classic, the Flamingo. This tattoo is inspired by the original illustration from this classic children’s book.  The black ink work adds to the vintage appearance of this body art.



This pair of sleeve tattoos shows off as many of the Alice in Wonderland characters that can be placed on the arm.  These vividly colored tattoos accurately show them off.



This girl chose her shoulder for her Alice in Wonderland tattoo which features talking and singing flowers .  These are among the crazy creatures Alice met in Wonderland.



This cartoon rendition of the main characters from Alice in Wonderland is quite colorful and sharp. No doubt, this is one of the best inking of these crazy characters.



Using only black it’s possible to showcase any of the familiar and well loved characters in an Alice in Wonderland tattoo.  Here on the hand is the grinning Cheshire Cat.



Clearly, the Mad Hatter is one of the favorite Alice in Wonderland characters to use as a tattoo.  Check out this colored version which is one of the funnier renditions of this classic character.



This tattoo depicts the Mad Hatter in all his glory and splendor. He was a central character in the story and is well known for his rather weird and eccentric nature.

#26: A Tale of Alice

The watercolour design right on her shoulder tells the dreamy tale of Alice and her journey through Wonderland, and the books speaks volumes about you, an observer, who’s living the experience through Alice

#27: The Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar

If you prefer to have hookah-smoking caterpillar, otherwise known as the Blue Caterpillar, in his actual color, here’s a representation of you can stab into your skin.

#28: Alice’s Guardian Angel

The Cheshire cat was basically Alice’s guardian angel in Wonderland, and this tattoo says it right. It’ll be nice to have this on your arm if the whole concept and messaeit carries speaks to you.

#29: A Goth’s Dream

The dark ambience of this tattoo speaks loud and clear to those who understand it. It’s a beautifully told gothic story on your arm, drawing those who get it closer to you.

#30: Alice In Thoughts

An air of mystery, a little darkness casting a faceless shadow before her, Alice here feels older and in thought. It sits perfectly right on the outer arm where light is received, making the shadow cast the other way very meaningful.

#31: A Bit Of Mystery

Want ideas of what to ink on your forearm? This right here, is what you’re looking for. A close look at it, and you can see the unusual picture. If weird is your thing, this is great for you.

#32: The Pink Flamingo

The smug pink flamingo used in playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts, looking over Alice in all of its pink glory. If this is something that appels to you, your shoulder wouldn’t be a bad place to place it.

#33: The Mad Rabbit

A combination of the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit in this picture make for a nice combination. The black ink and subtle reddish undertones highlight the angles of this piece.

#34: A Rose Potion

As described in “11” above, this has a bit more color and additional features for a fuller picture. If you want something more, the inclusion of the rose and Drink Me Potion give this look more character.

#35: Gothic Magic


Alternatively, this dark illustration of the Mad Hatter could be more your cup of tea.  This detailed illustration may be true to the original idea that the author intended.

OK, so you have seen only fifteen of the numerous versions of characters you can choose for your Alice in Wonderland tattoo.  Have you seen your design idea yet? If not, no sweat.  You can still view other crazy, funny, or even true to life illustrations that will inspire your body art. Certainly, for Alice in Wonderland fans, there’s really no shortage of great tattoo ideas that are fitting tributes to this great American classic.

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