90 Breath Taking Chest Tattoos For Men in 2024

Chest tattoos for men are a sign of dominance and power. They are heavily appreciated for their bold look and masculine nature.

For almost every type of skin and body shape for men, there is some variation of chest tattoo. It is also believed that men with chest tattoos like to face challenges and face everything that comes in front of them.

Throughout the year, men’s chest tattoos have gained many styles and adapted new looks that always keep them in trend.

In this article, I’ll cover some of the best chest tattoo ideas for men so that you can take inspiration and get one for your own. So, let’s get started.

Chest tattoo ideas for men

As mentioned earlier, Chest tattoos are one of the most dominance-showing and aggressive tattoos that embraces a man’s masculinity. Naturally, they are more preferred by men as compared to women. Chest tattoos come in many sizes and meanings. They are often used with shoulder and arm tattoos to create new styles. Below are some of the most popular and attractive chest tattoos for men.

1. Half Chest Tattoos

Half chest tattoos refer to a style that only covers one portion of the chest. They are also divided into other subcategories such as right half, left half bottom half, etc. Either way, they are one of the most popular variations of chest tattoos for men.


Traditional Half Chest

half chest tattoos
Source: menshaala

This is a very popular, if not the most popular, chest tattoo style among mature men. Usually, the torso is covered with elements that represent people from many traditions. In this case, it’s a symbol of an ancient tribe’s head along with a being that has a head made from fire.


Old Carrier

half chest tattoos
Source: mikeycschawkins

A classic old-fashioned car is drawn on the left half of this young man’s chest. The car has a rustic look and the red shadows add more depth to the tattoo.


Bold Patterns

half chest tattoos
Source: akb_future

Patterns are heavily used in chest tattoos. The sharp blades form a wing and the long lines look like outlines of the wings. The black shades are adding new dynamics to this tattoo, which makes it pop on this masculine man’s upper body.


2. Chest Tattoos For Black Men

Chest tattoos go nicely with almost every man, regardless of skin color. Especially, darker tattoos add more complexion to the skin and make them more attractive.


Ancient times

chest tattoos for black men
Source: finesttlightskins

A highly detailed tattoo on a dark man’s chest represents ancient Egyptian times. There’s also a cross in the middle of the tattoo. The pharaoh symbolizes the ancient rulers.



chest tattoos for black men
Source: finesttlightskins

Superman is the symbol of hope and unity. A black man with the superman symbol on his chest with a masculine body reminds us of that belief.


Total chaos

chest tattoos for black men
Source: blackmensoswag

The tattoo on this man’s upper chest looks like a total mess. The chaotic design carries the meaning there’s no beauty without chaos & destruction.


3. Full Chest Tattoos

Sometimes chest tattoos are drawn all over the front upper body area of a man. It is commonly known as full chest tattoos for men. There’s a huge demand rising for these types of tattoos.


Axed Devil head

full chest tattoos
Source: blackkinkktattoo

A Devil’s head is the center of attraction in this piece. There are two axes crossing each other at the center of this young man’s chest. This reminds us of the wrath of the devil and his nature of punishing others.


Mighty Owl

full chest tattoos
Source: inkeeze

Owls are nocturnal animals and like to hunt down prey. A majestic owl can be seen with its wings wide open and ready to attack at any given moment. The man is bearing it on his chest proudly.


Steel and Color

full chest tattoos
Source: iamnicholasblack

This tattoo contains gorgeous patterns made of steel throughout the chest area of this gentleman. The blue color on the center of this tattoo gives it some extra depth & the red adds some flare on top to this chest piece.


4. Stairway To Heaven Chest Tattoos

It’s believed that there is some kind of stairway to redemption and reaching the holy lands of heaven. These types of chest tattoos highlight that aspect and give meaning.


Pegion of Heaven

stairway to heaven chest tattoos
Source: ministryofink_mannheim

Pigeons are symbols of love and purity. A white pigeon is flying around the stairs which tells us that only the pure-hearted man can reach the holy lands.


Sun kissed gates

 stairway to heaven chest tattoos
Source: sunderlandbodyart

The gates of heaven inked on this man’s chest are lightly kissed by the shining red rays of the sun. A beautiful combination of shades and color. An amazing variation to try as a joint chest and arm tattoo.


Winged Roads

 stairway to heaven chest tattoos
Source: yankeestattoocarrigaline

The stairs to the gates of heaven have two wings in this chest piece. It represents the angles guarding the stairs. This person hopes that he will pass the gates.


5. Lion Chest Tattoos

A lion is the king of the jungle and when it’s drawn on as a chest tattoo on men it represents power, royalty, and dominance.


Lion side chest

lion chest tattoos
Source: marraink

A lion is drawn on the left side of a man’s chest. It symbolizes his dominant nature and his thriving for power. The red tint gives this chest tattoo a more aggressive look.


Blue Eyed Lion

lion chest tattoos
Source: danieleluongotattoo

The blue pearl-like color on this man’s tattoo gives this piece a realistic vibe. The lion is looking determined in this tattoo. The blue eyes add more realism to this torso piece.


Lion and Rose

lion chest tattoos
Source: kevinkuylen_tatuador

Rose is well known as the symbol of love. The rose on Lion’s hair tells us that although it might look ferocious it still has love in the heart. Just like the man in the picture.


6. Rose Chest Tattoos

A gorgeous rose has always been a choice for tattoo artists to be used as an element on chest tattoos. They present a fresh and unique look to those tattoos.


Stabbed Rose

rose chest tattoos
Source: somer.tattoo

The innocence of the delicate rose is exploited in this tattoo. The blade is piercing through the heart of the rose. An amazing variation of center chest tattoos for men.


Giant Rose

rose chest tattoos
Source: tiffanytattooz

A huge black and white rose is drawn on the right chest of a man. The cheerfulness is gone from the flower as well as the caring nature of the tattoo bearer.


Rose & Bull

rose chest tattoos
Source: art_tattaow

Typically rose is mixed with an element that represents care and delicacy. However, in this tattoo, a bull has been added to add a new dynamic and meaning to the piece drawn on this young lad.


7. Tribal Chest Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are a representation of different tribes and their cultures. They are heavily used in chest tattoos for men.


Joint Tribal Chest and Shoulder

tribal chest tattoos
Source: akb_future

There’s hardly any space between the two sections of the man’s tattoo pieces. The shoulders and chest are covered with a tribal tattoo pattern that’s impossible to differentiate.


Blocked Tribal tattoo

tribal chest tattoos
Source: bananosfamilytattoo

In this piece, the black color is heavily used to create blocks of black colors on his chest. This tattoo is covering the left side of his upper body and looks bold.


Tribal Face

tribal chest tattoos
Source: eddieborneoink

Many ancient drawings are part of tribal tattoos on man’s chests. In this instance, there’s a face highlighted in the middle that shows mystical bonds.


8. Angel Chest Tattoos

Angles are often associated with chest tattoos. They are used to reflect different human nature.


Angel & Gun

angel chest tattoos
Source: danylchenko_tt

There’s an angel who’s looking very angry and is holding an AK47. The gun works as the vessel of his wrath upon a certain matter.


Protector Eagle

angel chest tattoos
Source: sul_artt

Two innocent angels can be seen sitting down while an eagle with its sharp claws and open wings is trying to shelter them. The eagle would do anything in its power to protect them.


Male Angel

angel chest tattoos
Source: tristanbarnes

An angel with an attractive figure has its arms wide open. The tattoo is covering the entire chest area. The ink work on the wings is a true form of art.


9. Jesus Chest Tattoos

Jesus was known for his sacrifice and suffering. Jesus chest tattoos are used to describe those pains through many designs.


Realistic Jesus

jesus chest tattoos
Source: rockthecoasttattoo

A realistic portrait of Jesus can be seen on the right chest of this man. He is looking sad and anxious. His eyes tell us some of the sufferings he faced.


Hanging Jesus

jesus chest tattoos
Source: petr_ef_

The cruelty in this tattoo is unimaginable. Jesus is hanged on a cross. One can easily count the bones on his body. There’s also a stabbing spot on his chest. If you are a man with a skinny body it’ll suit you nicely.


Crown of Sting

jesus chest tattoos
Source: ongkyjoseph

In this piece, Jesus can be seen wearing a crown made out of long vines with a sting. This represents him always being in pain and still having a smile on his face.


10. Left Chest Tattoos

A left chest tattoo is a variation of a half chest tattoo where only the right half of the chest gets covered.


Furious Cheetah

left chest tattoos
Source: hugoink_bristol

The cheetah is an apex predator. It’s well known for its fast speed and swift killing ability. This piece represents the swift and furious nature of the person. Its best suited for men with bigger muscles in the chest area.


Angry Crow

left chest tattoos
Source: left chest tattoos

A crow with its wings wide open can be seen on this tattoo. It’s placed nicely over the left chest of this man. The open beak suggests an angry mood of the crow.


Path Finder

left chest tattoos
Source: masacheveyo_tattooart

Compasses use magnetic fields to show the right direction. This one in particular is more like a guide to the person’s soul.


11. Simple Chest Tattoo

Sometimes simplicity is the most gorgeous thing. A lot of artists combine simple elements in their tattoos and create masterpieces.


Sun & Moon

Simple Chest Tattoo
Source: pics_of_inked_

Although they are completely different in nature, they are dependent on each other to create balance. These two simple objects create a sense of balance. A solid option for chest tattoos for men.


Deep Roots

Simple Chest Tattoo
Source: bo7atattoos

Roots are an important part of a man’s life. They are the things that help us to stay rooted. The lines on this tattoo also look like veins on his chest.


Hunting hunters

Simple Chest Tattoo
Source: rampaintink

In this tattoo, a shark and an octopus are fighting. Despite being a hunter itself, the shark is in deep trouble as the octopus has it under its claws.


12. Religious Chest Tattoos

Whenever any religious figure is used in a chest tattoo it is considered to be a religious chest tattoo for men.


Deep Sadness

religious chest tattoos
Source: necoscrtattoo

Jesus and another female figure can be spotted on this tattoo. They are both crying along with the angles below them. If you are a religious man this could be a great fit for you.


Heart for Jesus

religious chest tattoos
Source: krystianski1999

A tattoo of the prophet Jesus is on the right chest of this fellow. It shows his passion and belief in religion. It’s safe to assume that the person is religious in nature.


Hanging From Cross

religious chest tattoos
Source: vap_23_

An ancient torcher device is at the bottom of this tattoo and Jesus is looking down on them. Most likely he has seen what’ll happen and accepted it.


13. Wolf Chest Tattoos

A wolf is a mighty creature with exceptional hunting and killing skills. They are used as a solo element or combined with other predatorial animals to create meaningful chest pieces for men.


The wings and Wolf

wolf chest tattoos
Source: brunogiangiacomo

The front part of a wolf’s body is accompanied by a pair of wings. The tattoo on the whole makes it look as if it was a bat-like creature on the center of this man’s body.


Battle of survivors

wolf chest tattoos
Source: sparrow_tattooart

Both eagles and wolves are adaptable survivors. In this chest tattoo, the wolf is on one side and an eagle is on the other side. The mountains in the background add more depth to the torso.


Lone Wolf

wolf chest tattoos
Source: ivantattoomld

A solo wolf is staring at the lonely horizon. Although there isn’t anyone else with him, he’s still standing strong.


14. Word Chest Tattoos

A simple word can give a lot of meaning to the artistic craft. These torso tattoos are used to describe emotions, beliefs, or any other meaningful message.



word chest tattoos
Source: mututattoo

The word balance is drawn in the middle of his trunk. The letter “A” & “C” are written like symbols. It’s a tattoo that tells us to maintain a proper balance in our actions.



word chest tattoos
Source: alexiartatt

Patience is one of the noblest virtues of a man. It’s a trait that can be seen in almost every successful person. The word depicted on this chest tattoo for man shows us that he’s a true believer in that.


Opportunity Seeker

word chest tattoos
Source: ewgxne

Nobody knows when an opportunity might come. But if there’s a chance, we should take it instantly. The man is fully committed to this philosophy and has the words inked on his chest

15. Dragon Chest Tattoos

Dragons are mythical creatures that are connected deeply with Japanese and Chinese culture. These dragon tattoos on man’s chest try to bring up culture and meaning through them.


Flower Dragon

 dragon chest tattoos
Source: murukoo_studioandbruceisdunn

The body of this dragon is covered with flowers. It shows that there’s softness even in the most vicious beings. All you have to do is find it inside them. It’s a variation of the half-chest tattoos for men.


Old & Mighty

dragon chest tattoos
Source: matthewtrantattoo

This dragon is old and hurt on this man’s chest. There’s a wound on his body. Also, a spear has gone through his lower body. He is at the last stage of his life, but that doesn’t hide the fact that he’s strong as hell still now.


Chest & Arms Basilisk

dragon chest tattoos
Source: francescovisciano

Basilisk AKA dragon is depicted on the left arms and chest of this man. The basilisk’s body goes along the shoulder and covers half of the arm as well. There’s a circle of space in the body of the dragon. Why is it there??? Nobody knows. It’s a mystery, like a basilisk chest tattoo for men itself.


16. Loyalty Chest Tattoos


Till Death

 loyalty chest tattoos
Source: rocket73tattooing


Bold Loyalty

 loyalty chest tattoos
Source: rigidthekid


Devotion To Family

loyalty chest tattoos
Source: storm_ink_hooks


17. Bible Verse Chest Tattoos


Isaiah Verse

bible verse chest tattoos
Source: tattoosby_frizzelle


Shining Lines

bible verse chest tattoos
Source: dubzentattoo



bible verse chest tattoos
Source: zhentats2


18. Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo


Roman Coded

Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo
Source: sailor_frank_tattoo_


Roman Constellation

Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo
Source: tat2s_by_seeker


Night Watcher

Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo
Source: tailoredinktattoo


19. Family Chest Tattoo


Happy Family

Family Chest Tattoo
Source: jean.artista


Family Crown

Family Chest Tattoo
Source: a.s_tattoo90


Family First

Family Chest Tattoo
Source: grand_line_tattoo


20. Quote Chest Tattoo


Trust In God

Quote Chest Tattoo
Source: lev3link


Soul & Wisedom

Quote Chest Tattoo
Source: Quote Chest Tattoo


Having Faith

Quote Chest Tattoo
Source: leonas.creation


21. Animal Chest Tattoo


Deer Head

Animal Chest Tattoo
Source: santiagobrodatattoo


Roaring Lion

Animal Chest Tattoo
Source: pep.ink.a


Earth Bear

Animal Chest Tattoo
Source: ohanna_tattoo


22. Eagle Chest Tattoos


Funny Eagle

eagle chest tattoos
Source: mirko_petrachi_tattoo_artist


Eagle Wing

eagle chest tattoos
Source: ryaninkedup


Howling Eagle

eagle chest tattoos
Source: angeloctopus


23. Gangster Chest Tattoos



gangster chest tattoos
Source: morris.green_art


Girls & Mafia

gangster chest tattoos
Source: belati_tattoo


Gangster Codes

gangster chest tattoos
Source: nina_von_ankerstich


24. Hood Chest Tattoos


hood chest tattoos
Source: tattoozbymik3


Trapped Heart

hood chest tattoos
Source: hood___rich


Patchwork Gangstar

hood chest tattoos
Source: the.spiritual.gypsy


25. Japanese Chest Tattoos


 japanese chest tattoos
Source: irezumiartist


The preditors

 japanese chest tattoos
Source: revivaltattoostudio


Blossom Snake

 japanese chest tattoos
Source: gimmelovetattoo


26. Owl Chest Tattoos


Hunter Owl

owl chest tattoos
Source: tattoonobrasil


High Focus

owl chest tattoos
Source: roberto_cambise_tattoo


Golden Owl

owl chest tattoos
Source: carboninktattoo


27. Skull Chest Tattoos


Cursed Skull

skull chest tattoos
Source: testrall.ink


Reflection of Dead

skull chest tattoos
Source: zoeink.zone


Kings Death

 skull chest tattoos
Source: diasfrank


28. Heart Chest Tattoo


Tiger Heart

Heart Chest Tattoo
Source: vvilliamalbert



Heart Chest Tattoo
Source: voltatattoo


Heart & Skull

Heart Chest Tattoo
Source: grin_work_tattoo

29. Phoenix Chest Tattoo

Red Pheonix

Phoenix Chest Tattoo
Source: tattooculturemagazine


Fireless Pheoniex

Phoenix Chest Tattoo
Source: kayenyenka


Lightning Pheonix

Phoenix Chest Tattoo
Source: Phoenix Chest Tattoo


30. Wing Chest Tattoo


Blue Wings

Wing Chest Tattoo
Source: sutattoopiercing


Half Winged

Wing Chest Tattoo
Source: popz_ink


Quotes wrapped in wings

Wing Chest Tattoo
Source: mr_ink92

If you are looking forward to getting a tattoo that will give you a fresh look and always be in style definitely give chest tattoos a thought. Chest tattoos for men will look amazing on your body because there’s a variation for every body type. If you are skinny, go with a design that is minimal or has a small surface area.

On the other hand, if you are a man with big muscle on the chest area, go with a lion or any other apex predator as the main subject of your chest piece.

If you have a dark skin tone, try to avoid vibrant colors and go with solid and bold colors to get the best look. There are an infinite number of chest tattoos for men, don’t be afraid to add your own spin on these designs.

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