59 Astonishing Old People With Tattoos That Look Evergreen!

With age comes experience, and experience never gets old. Seeing old people with tattoos is usual nowadays. However, their tattoo may not be there because of spontaneity or impulse like the generation that followed them. For they were born in an era where tattoos were used to tell a story of who they are and their journey in life. Or maybe they just want to look badass.


Old People Tattoo Ideas to Look Badass

Let’s admit it, we dismiss our seniors more than we like to. We assume they’re boring and everything they say doesn’t matter. But unlike your average old folks, old people with tattoos get more attention.

There’s something raw with old persons having ink all over them. Looking at them is like seeing a walking artwork with character, like every piece of their tattoo is an interesting story waiting to be shared. So let’s hear them out in this list of tattoo design ideas for old men and women while they share their stories with us.


#1: Always Living The Life

Love to see that enormous chest and back tattoo and even more astonished with how he is showing it off. Certainly, our elders knew how to live every moment in present and with full zeal!


#2: The Colorful Expression

Have you seen a granny with such a splash of colors around her? With her short grey hair and toned makeup, this old lady very gracefully yet boldly flaunts her neck tattoo.


#3: Aging Is Fine

She must have been a tattoo enthusiast all her life. A few aged tattoos on her face and those around her body explain how she has always considered her body as the best canvas to show her life’s beauty.


#4: Caring Always Pays

With age, the skin gets more wrinkles. But people like this guy know how to have a stud look all the time. His tattoos clear that he is very serious about his body and artwork.


#5: Killer Looks

This elder guy set very high benchmarks for the next generations by the chiseled body, grey hair, and full-body tattoo. The tattoos on hands look they have constantly been revived to ensure the colors and design should never fade off.


#6: Meaningful Visuals

Like the young generation, the elders also have their own thoughts and they have gained insight with experience. So the tattoos reflect the wisdom as in this case where the full hand tattoo has multiple elements put together for an interesting story.


#7: It’s All In The Details

The full arm tattoo of this old man is intricate and the back tattoo is more like graffiti that shows an elegant portrait of an aged man. The seniors know well how to rock a bold look with grace.


#8: Blossoms Forever

There is no reason why old people don’t get tattoos. These full arm tattoos with color splash show that the body art has gone to the next level. And it was even loved by people in past.


#9: Age Is Just A Number

He might be aged by physique but not by mind and heart. It’s evident how much he enjoys his full-body tattoos that include some badass design and the gothic theme. A great example for seniors who think a tattoo is not possible now!


#10: Into the History

What a brilliant way to cherish the old-world charm of Hollywood! This man must have been a film enthusiast and he has left no inch on his body where he hasn’t expressed his love for all things classic. Seems that his tattoos have been evolving with time.


#11: Faces of Yesterday

nice tattoo idea for old men

What we have here is a guy with tattoos of women all over his body. These faces may be the women who influenced him throughout his life. Or maybe some lovers that didn’t work out!


#12: Traditional Yet Timeless

Traditional old people tattoos

Here we see a traditional tribal tattoo with carefully drawn details. It has the mark of a classic ink used in tribes or inclusive groups.


#13: Old People with Tattoos That Match

old couple Tattoos That Match

These two matched tattooed seniors have ink on their back that matches the other. This kind of commitment expressed on their tattoos is something to be admired by young couples.


#14: A Lasting Art

 Lasting Art tattoo idea for old men

If you look closely, the artform pierced all over his body is finely done. You can see that every space available is not wasted, and every piece is different from the others.


#15: Smooth and Steady

smooth and steady tattoos for old people

This tattooed senior is definitely one of the coolest on the list. His style is smooth and gives that steady vibe, proving his style is unshakable even all these years.


#16: Why Use Clothes?


If you have a lively and vibrant tattoo like this one you wouldn’t have that much use for clothes!


#17: Tattooed Senior with Ageless Ink

full body tattoo idea for old men

Decorated with complex patterns, this guy is the perfect example that not all old people with tattoos turn into soggy designs. You can still appreciate the beautiful artwork done on his body.


#18: An Awesome Testament


This tattooed senior is one of the great examples of making your tattoos testamentary.  Notice the story being told from the Buddha on his right arm to the geisha on his left. It looks like was from an Asian country and carried their culture.


#19: Bonded Old People with Tattoos

Bonded Old People with Tattoos

Couples need to have an activity they can both share and be excited about. And this couple shows that interest in matching tattoos is not only a great hobby for both to enjoy, but also to create a bond that lasts.


#20: For You Can Be Old and Sexy

old women Old and Sexy tattoo art

This aged woman surely knows how to portray her ink in a teasing manner. It’s like stating that you can be old and still be sexy with your thigh tattoos.


#21: Old Woman with Tattoo All Over

Old Woman with Tattoo All Over

This old woman with a tattoo all over her body has a magnificent floral presentation. Notice how each flower is different from the others. This may be a complete set of flower tattoos collected over the years.


#22: Tattooed Senior with Iconic Figures

tattoo with Iconic Figures for old men

Unlike the first picture is shown here, this clearly shows the faces inked in his body. This tattooed senior has well-known figures like Marilyn Monroe throughout his body.


#23: Badass is Forever


He may start having grey hair, but his style is still banging. His arm has various awesome designs using only one color and maybe a mark of his hardcore personality.


#24: Ink That Still Rocks!


Who said old people with tattoos lose the charm of their ink? Because this will definitely prove them wrong. Complete from top to bottom, this tattooed senior’s ink still rocks!


#25: Old Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Old Girls nice tattoo idea you like

An aging body doesn’t equal a boring attitude. You can be sixty years old but still, be young at heart like this old lady and her fun-filled tattoos.


#26: Tales to be Told

old people with tattoos to tell story

One of the most impressive ink in our list of old people tattoos. This looks like a guy who has been to war and his tattoos have tales waiting to be told.


#27: A Graceful Old Woman with Tattoos

Graceful Old Woman with Tattoo art

They say that women age like wine, well this one aged gracefully. You can see how she carries her tattoos with poise and finesse. Even though her crafts are a little bit whimsical.


#28: In The Jungle


This old man with tattoos of different creatures in his chest depicts the wildlife of a jungle. An intense set of pieces showcasing a kill or be killed vibe.


#29: Old Man with Tattoos of Skulls

Old Man with Tattoos of Skulls

Skulls will always be a favorite for the defiant ones. This has a gloom and doom feeling which makes you wonder what this tattooed senior has been through.


#30: Glamor with Attitude

Glamor with Attitude old people tattoos

Glimmering with confidence, this old woman with tattoos all over her body shows that glamour is best partnered with a little bit of attitude.


#31: From Then Till Now

old people with tattoos that last forever

Talk about art that never ages. Not only did the owner have this masterpiece all over his upper body, he also didn’t change or add a single tattoo. Now that is commitment.


#32: On Arm’s Length

On Arm's Length tattoos for women

It’s hard not to get captivated by the lengthy variety of designs in her arm. It just shows how this tattooed senior is one radical ink lover.


#33: Old People with Tattoos For Love

Old People with Tattoos For Love

Notice their tattoos have similar styles and placements. This romantic couple immortalized their relationship by having identical artwork cover their body.


#34: Tough and Sturdy

beautiful old people tattoos

This tough and sturdy oldie has a native vibe going on. As shown above, he has a combination of animals roaming around his body with one bearded guy on his belly.


#35: A Sumo of Art

a sumo art tattoos on old people

An emblem that is probably as awesome then as it is now. This tattooed old man shows a brand commonly seen on sumo wrestlers in Japan. If tattoos do tell a story, they will certainly be worth hearing.


#36: Creatures of the Wild

Creatures of the Wild old people tattoos

This tattoed old man surely knows the good stuff. Packed with fearsome creatures, his set is definitely formidable.


37: The Chameleon

Chameleon tattoo idea for old men

I don’t know if he had this back in his military days to camouflage himself, but it’s one insane artwork. If it wasn’t for his skin loosening up, you won’t probably guess he’s an old guy.


#38: Old Man with Tattoo Covering His Face

Old Man with Tattoo Covering His Face

Who needs plastic surgery when you can have this. Although this may be an ethnic or tribal tattoo earned through their rituals.


#39: Tigers in the Garden

Coating her entire body with ink throughout the years, yet not one blemish changed on this wondrous craft. For any woman fearing their tattoos might get messy when they age, you can use this as an inspiration.


#40: Snake and Peacock

Snake and Peacock tattoo idea you love

Though it is an unusual choice of design, it’s unbelievably clean and clear given that it’s a tattoo on the back of a neck of an old man. It displays a peacock trying to escape the wrath of a snake.


#41: When Style Meets Confidence

old men favorite tattoo look

Everything about this tattooed senior spells out confidence. From his swag to his clothes and from his charm to his attitude. And to top it off, his image is polished by those smooth arm tattoos.


#42: Old Man with Tattoo on Right Side

Old Man with Tattoo on Right Side

Having half of his upper body tattooed completely, this old fellow is no pushover. Displaying an intense set of designs, this guy is definitely extreme with his style.


#43: Kickback, Relax, and Retire


When you retire, you may want to keep this photo as an inspiration. This old man with tattoos all over him is a good example of enjoying your retirement in style.


















Saving the best for last. This hot lady may have a set of grey hair, but it doesn’t take away her strong sexual appeal along with her elegantly carved ink.

Age will never be a hindrance to your tattoos. It will never prevent them from looking cool. The secret lies in taking care of yourself and your pierced art like these old folks did. Young or old, people will always look more awesome with excellent tattoos inked on them.

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