Top 40 Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas for Men: Designs and Meaning

Cherry blossom is an important aspect of Japanese culture which means accepting the idea of change, embracing the short-lasting beauty, and appreciating the moment. Cherry blossom tattoo for men has been growing in popularity because of how beautiful the meaning is along with the option for so many colors!

If you have been wondering about getting a cherry blossom tattoo, you are in the right place. In this blog, you will find the most appealing designs of cherry blossom tattoos for men with all types of aesthetics. You can find soft designs with pretty colors and even tough artwork with a dark aesthetic.


40 Cherry Blossom Tattoo For Men Designs And Meanings

When men get tattoos of cherry blossoms, it shows beauty, love, and love for nature. The detailed designs can often represent new beginnings or just the incredible cycle of life.

Some tattoos also represent strength where you can see fierce animals included in the design.

Many people also get these tattoos out of their fascination with Japanese culture and their love for the beauty of Sakura.


Cherry Blossom Tattoo For Men

The stereotype suggests men getting rough and tough tattoos to express their masculinity. However, tattoos of cherry blossom are an exceptional choice for men as it strengthens the idea of masculinity and can mean great things to them. Some of the common meanings include embracing change and appreciating the beauty of presence.


1. Samurai Blooms

Source : ati.ful

The amazing design in this picture almost looks like a real painting. The black brush strokes combined with the delicate dots of cherry blossom give a realistic essence to this tattoo.


2. Floral Honor

Source : horihiro24

Unlike usual paintings of cherry blossoms, this one has big flowers with intricate details. Breaking the stereotypes, this design has no colors but still looks like a masterpiece with an angry dragon right in the center.


3. Blossoming Fight

Source : hajin_irezumi

This one absolutely looks like a cherry blossom storm. The gigantic birds flapping their wings amongst a whirlpool of cherry blossom petals make this an iconic design to cover your back!


4. Streak Of Beauty

Source : seoya_oriental

If you are looking for something simple yet impactful, this streak of blooming flowers is just perfect! It has a very full color that gives the design a dark aesthetic. It would look super hot when you go out for swimming.


5. Sakura Warrior

Source :

How bold does this tattoo look? If you are afraid that cherry blossom won’t be manly enough, this design is definitely gonna change your mind. The dark, symmetric swirls with pure white flowers here and there cover the arm beautifully.


6. Sakura Symphony

Source :

If you are looking for a perfect design to cover your chest and shoulder, here you go! Most part of the design is dark with beautiful white flowers popping from here and there.


7. Red Blossoms

Source :

The black and red are quite bold and dark in the tattoo. You can almost confuse it with body paint as the colors are quite vibrant and realistic. The brush strokes make it so much better and effortless.


8. Graceful Dance Of Butterfly

Source :

From a distance, you can actually confuse people that it’s a bleeding leg. Just look at how bright the red is! The color and the butterfly incredibly complement the flowers and the design while the placement on the calf gives the design a unique meaning.


9. Blossom In The Wildlife

Source :

I mean, this has to be a dream for the tattoo enthusiasts. You can see a furious tiger climbing down a vibrant cherry blossom tree. The moon in the background seems to complete this unique contrast of beauty and the beast.


10. Petals In Purple

Source : blacksheepbowness

At first glance, you would actually believe that there is a soft breeze in the design. The gloss on the petals looks absolutely stunning on a gorgeous purple hue all over the flowers.


11. Pinkish Hue

Source : seoya_oriental

The given design almost looks like a slightly smudged artwork. It has beautiful red petals with a pinkish hue that makes it super subtle and elegant. The details of the branch take it to the next level!


12. Blossom Blades 

Source : kahoinkshop

Cherry blossom doesn’t always have to be dainty and delicate. You can see a pretty rugged design on the shoulder with dragon faces and curly roots. The blossoms on the tree make the design a bit more lively.


13. Crushing The Blossoms

Source : sage_time_tattoo

If you want to customize a dark tattoo with a splash of colors, this might be for you. There are crushing waves and dark clouds in the background with a contrast of colorful petals and a deadly animal head.


14. Cherry Blossom Samurai

Source : seoya_oriental

Black and white cherry blossom is just as graceful as the colorful ones. You can see the shadow of the beautiful petals in front of the prettiest moon. You can almost imagine a moonlit night under the cherry blossom.


15. A + C

Source : neon_raptor_tattoo

The tree looks like it is showering the sky with bright red petals of cherry blossom. The birds are chirping happily while you can see A + C written right in the middle of the tree trunk. It could be the initials of names or anything that is important to you.


16. The Wolverine 

Source : thegoblinqueenn

Wolves represent courage and fierceness while the cherry blossom contrasts it with its soft and delicate aura. The wolf in this design looks calm and tame which matches perfectly with the essence of this design.


17. Eastern Elegance

Source : mr.yang_tattoo

Express your inner beauty with this amazing design of a cherry blossom tree. The tree gives a vibe of fall where the leaves are about to fall off. The remaining ones still look just as beautiful and reflect your personality.


18. Cherry Blossom Doodle

Source : kflowerthief

A simple doodle is what this design reflects. You can see super cute details on the flowers and leaves with incredible shading to give it a slightly realistic vibe. A super simple design for men who are just starting out in the tattoo world.


19. Blossom In Ink

Source : jillystattoos

Looking for something super colorful? Take a look at this mesmerizing combination of pink, purple, and blue. There is a shower of petals on the ground while you can see an interesting blue cave at the bottom of the tree trunk.


20. Estela

Source : chellie.stars.tattoos

Show your love for your partner with this beautiful cherry blossom tattoo. The flowers look super glossy in that beautiful soft pink and the name written in the middle has a super adorable font.


21. Warrior’s Petals

Source : ey.ron_

The combination of fierce waves and delicate cherry blossoms never fails to make an impact. The contrast represents the duality in life and the colors just make it come alive!


22. Blossom Butterfly Ballet

Source : tatuofgram

The flowers in this design belong to a variety of types with a little touch of cherry blossom at the bottom. The butterfly on top adds a delicate touch to the whole artwork that looks like a sketch.


23. Whimsical Elegance

Source :

Simple designs of cherry blossom tattoos are just perfect for men. This one has two branches of purple and pink flowers blooming with the utmost elegance. The colors almost look like watercolor over a canvas.


24. Beauty In The Pain

Source : theaduskin

Even though the design can look like a fresh wound from a distance, you can see how beautiful the pink is when you look closer. The flowers look like they have freshly blossomed with a pop of red tint.


25. Fluttering Blossoms

Source : joytattoo_

While the super-detailed flowers of cherry blossom represent true beauty, the butterflies add a sense of whimsy and transformation. The combination of butterflies and blossoms just cannot go wrong.



Source : jarradchivers


Source : jarjar_inks


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Source : aliceink_tattoos


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Source : yeowool_tattooer


Source : patch_tattoo_therapy


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Source : sarbearsandy


Source : strokerchi


Source : megphobia

Final Words

Which design do you think floats your boat? Even though tattoos of cherry blossoms are associated with femininity, you can see a diverse choice of designs that look perfect on men!

Cherry blossom tattoo for men is just as good as any other tattoo idea and you can choose any sort of design – simple or extravagant!

Pick your favorite and shine your creativity with it to reflect your true personality through your tattoo.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can guys get cherry blossom tattoos?

When you think of a tattoo for men, flowers will definitely not be the first thing to cross your mind.
However, the incredible ideas for cherry blossom tattoo is growing in popularity among men for a number of reasons. They have deep and beautiful meanings along with designs that you have to stare at to appreciate!

What does cherry blossom tattoo symbolize?

The true essence of tattoos featuring cherry blossoms boils down to appreciating beauty that is not long-lasting. It resonates with the life of people as beauty has to fade for everyone and what remains is just their personality and good work.
People get tattoos of cherry blossom to remind themselves of this concept and the beautiful designs it comes with.

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