25 November Birth Flower Tattoos – Chrysanthemum Inspirations

When it comes to tattoos, the chrysanthemum is a lovely and symbolic option, as it is the birth flower for November. White, yellow, red, pink, and purple chrysanthemums, among others, are available during the extended flowering season for which they are famous. That’s why they’re great because they can complement a wide variety of looks.

There’s a lot of creative leeway with chrysanthemum tattoos. While some prefer delicate single-flower tattoos, others prefer intricate designs with dozens of blooms and other details. Tattoos of chrysanthemums can be paired with various designs, including gemstones, names, and dates.

25 November Birth Flower Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Long-blooming chrysanthemums are a symbol of hope and prosperity because of the positive emotions they evoke. Tattoos of chrysanthemums can also be symbols of affection, fidelity, and friendship. That’s why customers of all ages and walks of life choose them.

A November birth flower tattoo, in whichever style you select, is a lovely and meaningful way to commemorate your birth month or that of a loved one.It’s crucial to think about the significance of the color and the design of your chrysanthemum tattoo while making your final decision.


Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower Tattoo

Chrysanthemum tattoos are a popular choice for those born in November, as they symbolize joy, longevity, and positivity. These intricate, colorful tattoos capture the essence of autumn, making them a beautiful way to celebrate November birthdays. The flower’s vibrant petals convey warmth and the changing seasons, celebrating November-born individuals beautifully.

1. Love Flower

Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: rays_ink_works

The tattoo on the woman’s arm shows a Chrysanthemum flower with a butterfly flying on the top. Butterfly and flowers together are used to represent love or happy marriage.

2. A Walk Through Life

Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: bsk_tattoos

The flower on the woman’s leg shows two flowers one which has blossomed fully while the other is still at a younger age. This is used to depict someone’s struggles in their life.

3. The Protector

Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: smileycharrtattooz

The tattoo on the boy’s hand shows a flower that is surrounded by two leaves. The leaves are meant for protection which can represent a person or a thing that has protected someone’s life.

4. The Undying Love

Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower Tattoo 4
Source: kgarland2

The lady’s hand shows a flower with a heart at the bottom and a name and number on the side. The name and heart may denote the love for someone with significance for the number 46:5.

5. The Loving Flower

Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower Tattoo 5
Source: tattoosbynicki

The tattoo seen on the man’s hand shows a big flower covering the entire arm. The flower symbolizes love, so the one having it reflects a person who shows affection towards everyone.

Tattoo November Birth Flower

The chrysanthemum, November’s birth flower, is a symbol of love, cheerfulness, and longevity. With its vibrant colors and intricate designs, a chrysanthemum tattoo is a beautiful and fitting choice for those born in this month. These tattoos celebrate the unique spirit of November birthdays, capturing the essence of autumn’s vibrant colors and cozy vibes.

6. The Top

Tattoo November Birth Flower 1
Source: berryblues

The image on the man’s arm shows 2 flowers that have blossomed entirely. The blossoming flower can represent the end of a journey therefore it can show the person’s success in achieving their goals.

7. A Flower and a Bud

Tattoo November Birth Flower 2
Source: katsiarynatattooer

The tattoo on the woman’s leg shows a blossoming flower and a bud. It can be used to depict someone’s growth on a personal as well as professional level.

8. The Conqueror

Tattoo November Birth Flower 3
Source: heatherluvbug91

The girl’s arm tattoo has two flowers and words above it. The flowers symbolize a kind person, yet the writing says she can do everything she wants.

9. The Journey

Tattoo November Birth Flower 4
Source: emm.dots

The tattoo on the person’s leg shows two flowers with some dotted lines below it. The blossoming flowers show the end result of a person’s successful life while the dotted lines represent the journey.

10. The Power Inside

Tattoo November Birth Flower 5
Source: cupidsbeau13

The man’s torso tattoo shows a flower that is about to blossom. The shining color inside the flower depicts someone’s inner strength or their will power to face any challenges.

Small November Birth Tattoo

Small, simple tattoos of the chrysanthemum, the birth flower of November, are a lovely way to celebrate the month of birth. An understated yet important option for individuals with November birthdays, these small, delicate motifs encapsulate the spirit of fall and have special value for the wearer.

11. Out of the Comfort Zone

Small November Birth Tattoo 1
Source: n.e.inks

The tattoo on the man’s leg shows a flower growing out of a square box. It means that the person with the tattoo has faced some difficulties in their lives, and they have overcome it.

12. Live and Love

Small November Birth Tattoo 2
Source: eat_my_pen

The tattoo on the woman’s arm shows a flower with some quotes written about kindness and love. It can mean that the person is very kind and shows passionate and unconditional love for everyone.

13. The Love for Two

Small November Birth Tattoo 3
Source: sarrahsunshinee

The girl’s arm tattoo shows two flowers crossing each other. The person having such a tattoo can show their love towards their parents or siblings through such symbols.

14. The Flying Flower

Small November Birth Tattoo 4
Source: ginx_tattoo

The woman’s leg depicts a wind-blown flower. It indicates that the individual is attempting to achieve something or reaching a destination but is failing. However, they remain hopeful.

15. Self Love

Small November Birth Tattoo 5
Source: zyannide.ink

The tattoo seen on the woman’s leg shows a beautiful flower. It can be used to describe someone’s love and affection for themselves.

November Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

The Chrysanthemum, the birth flower for November, is a symbol of undying love, boundless joy, and a long and healthy life. Possible layouts include elaborate, colorful flowers, simple lines, or November-specific details like falling leaves. Ink like these captures the spirit of autumn and the individual’s own tale, making it a perfect way to honor those born in November.

16. Together We Belong

November Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: jesikamichelle

The man’s hand tattoo shows a flower covering the entire arm along with the names of two persons. Flower usually symbolizes love and the names of the two people represent the love for each other.

17. Harmony

November Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: teeeplusthree

The tattoo on the man’s hand shows two different types of flowers blooming from the same tree. This can describe that despite how different we are in appearance, we are all created equal.

18. Life Goes On

November Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: in_wonderland87

The image shows a man’s wrist tattoo where a flower is coming out of a brick wall. It can be used to represent someone’s strength and patience to overcome difficult times.

19. Time to Go

November Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: jess_xoxo_cares

The lady’s arm tattoo shows a clock that is surrounded by flowers along with the name and some goodbye notes written above and below. It acts as a memory of a deceased person.

20. Up in the Heavens

November Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 5
Source: annie.jayj

The man’s hand tattoo depicts a fairy emerging from a flower and arrows leading to additional flowers at the top. It denotes that someone has passed away and is in heaven now.

October And November Birth Flower Tattoo

The Marigold and the Chrysanthemum are combined Birth Flower Tattoos for October and November. Marigolds are a symbol of love, whereas chrysanthemums are a symbol of happiness. Celebrating an autumn birthday with a tattoo incorporating both of these flowers creates a beautiful symphony of color and variety that captures the season’s spirit.

21. The Love of My Life

October And November Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: tattooartbyhailey

The man has a chrysanthemum and marigold tattoo on his arm. Chrysanthemums symbolize pleasure and marigolds love. Therefore, it may indicate that this individual is glad to have discovered his soulmate.

22. Two Lovers

October And November Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: milewa_tattoo

The lady’s hand tattoo shows two flowers combined with the names of two persons written on their branches. The words can represent two people who are in love and will not let go of each other.

23. Where Lovers Meet

October And November Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: jadeleah.artandtattoo

The back of the arm tattoo on the man’s hand shows two flowers crossing each other. It may be used to remember the time or a place where two lovers found each other.

24. The Diversity of Life

October And November Birth Flower Tattoo 4
Source: yeowool_tattooer

The tattoo on the lady’s arm shows three different flowers growing from the same branch. It can denote that people may be divided by various races and colors, but ultimately, we are all human beings.

25. The Family Bond

October And November Birth Flower Tattoo 5
Source: modoink_calvin

The tattoo on the woman’s arm shows four flowers of various sizes blooming. Each flower represents a family member such as mother, father and children. Such tattoos can be used to symbolize the love for family.



People born in a certain month have a special and meaningful connection to their natal flower. A gorgeous option for those born in November is the Chrysanthemum, which is included in the November Birth Flower Tattoo. Similarly, the Marigold and Chrysanthemum combinations seen in the October and November Birth Flower Tattoos encapsulate the spirit of fall and the unique characteristics of these months. These tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful way to honor one’s birth month, whether they are elaborate and full of color or more simple. In addition to expressing the particular qualities and feelings connected with each flower, they also serve as creative and personal memories of the comfort and beauty of a person’s life.



What is the flower for November tattoo?

The tattoo flower for the month of November is Chrysanthemum. So if anyone is interested in getting a November tattoo then they should opt for various designs of Chrysanthemum.

What is November symbolic flower?

The wide range of chrysanthemum colors allows for various symbolic interpretations. Friendship, honesty, and loyalty are the more universal meanings of the November birth flower. The presence of a bouquet of chrysanthemums is said to usher in a period of happiness and prosperity.

What represents November?

In case of birthstones, yellow topaz is the stone of November that is used to represent friendship and citrine. The chrysanthemum is the month’s official birth flower.

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