Top 40 Trendy Eagle Tattoo Ideas For Your Back With Meaning

If someone asks you what is the most ferocious bird in your opinion, there’s a great chance that you would imagine an eagle in your mind. They are considered to be the king of the birds and can fight head-on with any species.

Just like an eagle, people with a fighting mentality will confront anything that comes in front of their lives no matter how undefeatable they seem. Eagle tattoos for your back represent this powerful statement of confrontation.

They come in different shapes, and sizes, and offer a diverse set of options for a person to choose from. Scroll down below to see some most amazing eagle tattoo ideas for your back.


40 Eagle Tattoo for Back Designs and Meanings

Eagles are versatile birds with many attributes. An eagle tattoo can represent a lot of things including strength, power, valor, patriarchy, freedom, and courage. It can be placed in different parts of the body but the back is probably the best fit for it.

Eagle tattoos for the back usually tend to be enormous as the back is a vast area of the body. But if you are looking for medium or small tattoos we’ve got you covered by adding some stunning pieces to this collection.

1. Wings of Freedom

Source : straydogstattoo

A full-back eagle tattoo with a touch of artistic embroidery in it. This eagle is fierce in action and ready to hunt its prey. This tattoo also has a cultural heritage that is deeply embroidered in its design.


2. The Falcon Fellow

Source :

The artist has poured their full soul into creating this tattoo. The dynamic projectile vision demonstrated in this tattoo is the most unique attribute of this back tattoo. The sketchy animated ink design makes your back a live canvas of wildness.


3. Freedom in High Neck

Source : highvoltage_tattoo_india

If you are interested in tattooing eagles with unfolded wings, then this kind of design is just what you need. Eagles with unfolded wings symbolize freedom, courage, and boldness.


4. The Sky Goddess

Source : alliecharbz

The most important part of any bird tattoo is the detailing. The eagle is a versatile bird with lots of detailed bodily features. Many artists cannot display those features perfectly, but this one is different. This thoroughly detailed eagle tattoo will look magnificent on your back.


5. The Rising Phoenix

Source : savvas_tattoo

Phoenix is known to be a bird that rises from the ashes, making it a symbol of resurrection, resilience, and immortality. This phoenix tattoo on a woman’s back shows all of those symbols flawlessly.


6. Cold Eyes

Source :

Just look at those dead cold eyes patiently glaring at you with its giant beak. This eagle is determined, sharp, and has the eyes on its hunt.


7. Elegance in Delicacy

Source : newtattoo_studio

An eagle with mesmerizing dotted wings, giving a glare at you mid-air. You can see that the pose of the eagle is symmetric to this ladies back which makes it even more stunning.


8. The Hunter

Source : benrorketattoo

This eagle is taking a defensive stance on a tree branch, preparing to attack. This colorful tattoo is panoramic and perfect for wide and broad backs.


9. Memento Mori

Source :

This black bird tattoo holds philosophical and religious attachments deep within it. Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that is a reminder of death. The two hands approaching is a reference used from the famous religious painting The Creation of Adam.


10. The Vagabond

Source : tanti.tnt

A fierce and menacing full-figure eagle tattoo on a man’s back. This attacking eagle tattoo is inked with bold colors making sure it will last for a long time radiating its aggressive aura.


11. The Night Dweller

Source : tania_romero_mm

Doesn’t it feel like this tattoo was made for this back? The symmetrical alignment of this along with the man’s regular posture makes this tattoo a hauntingly pleasing piece of art.


12. Flight of the Majesty

Source : mammon_black

This tattoo design is one of the many in this collection where the intricate feathers of the eagle were professionally inked making it a piece of perfection. Another interesting thing about this tattoo is the round sun-like design created by using negative space.


13. The Falcon Out West

Source : jessicaholmestattoo

A carefree eagle soaring into the sky like there’s no tomorrow, enjoying its life to the fullest. Sometimes people get chained with so many things in life that they forget to fly and this eagle tattoo can grow a sense of freedom in you being a part of your body.


14. The American Eagle

Source : tomburrey

This eagle has a very American vibe to it. Many of the US security agencies use the eagle in their official logo which has a similar stance to this one.


15. Captain Falcon

Source : mr.thaadi_aachu

The eagle bears significant importance to pilots, especially those who work for the Air Force. These type of tattoos are just perfect for those captains who are patriotic to the core and passionate about their work.


16. The Drifter

Source : andysulligolf

The eagle has a great sense of direction and rarely gets lost. This eagle is flying on a compass with initial letters that might be important to the tattoo bearer. This type of tattoo where initials are used bears extra personal attachments.


17. The Griffin

Source : ato.francesca

Griffin is a legendary mythical hybrid creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the rest of the body being of a lion. Griffins are often symbolized with guardianship, protection, and strength. This breathtaking griffin tattoo has all these attributes.


18. A Ballad of Birds

Source : mauritziantetattoos

A dance of a pair of birds in the back of a man. Birds are often associated with freedom, beauty, and spirituality in various cultures, and this balled tattoo is an emblem of these very symbolisms.


19. Wings of Destruction

Source : zookicph

When in need eagles can be one of the most dangerous species on earth. The blasting effect behind this eagle is a reminder of its destructive nature and a warning of caution to others from the tattoo bearer to their enemy.


20. Flight of the Heritage

Source : traditionalkings

This tattoo may remind you of the Red Indians for its cultivated indigenous design. In their culture, the eagle is seen as a prime guardian protector saving them from evil. The bold ink is professionally put into this sophisticated tattoo making it livelier.


21. Resilient Blazes

Source : siddhi_ray_

A sensational phoenix tattoo on top of the left back of a woman. This phoenix has soared as high as the sun gets and is near to touching the moon making it an empowering piece of art.


22. Dance of the Falcons

Source : miss.moths

Birds flipping their wings and dancing in the wind. If you want your back a magnetic expose then this kind of scenic grand tattoo design is what you should go for. You will be carrying live nature on your back.


23. Lunar Flight

Source :

Gorgeous geometrical designs have been put around this soaring eagle. The ink is bold and you can see that the eagle is upside down which is unique relative to other tattoos of an eagle.


24. The Flying Eagle

Source : danceholic_p1

A black and white tattoo of an eagle on the back of the high neck of a man. This tattoo blends with skin beautifully making it look like flying across a desert land searching for its prey.


25.  The Falcon Assassin

Source : kidneedle_tattoo

The eagle is a cunning and clever bird that smartly beats its enemy. This tattoo displays this very feature splendidly. The geometric designs behind this eagle and the victory written above its head are a statement to the enemies that the worst is yet to come.



Source : niks_tattoo


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Source : rickfour5


Source : alexsunflowertattoo


Source :


Source : moona.autumn


Source : jacobdoneytattoo


Source : meagma


Source : inklarity_official



Eagle tattoos for the back are a popular choice for those who want a bold and meaningful piece of body art. These majestic birds symbolize strength, leadership, freedom, and vision, making them a powerful statement of the wearer’s personality.

If you have picked up a few of your favorite designs from here then set an appointment with your tattooist right now and get your back done with a magnificent tattoo of an eagle.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does eagle tattoo on back mean?

Throughout history, the eagle has been associated with virtues like courage, strength, freedom, boldness, and power. It carries strong symbolism of patriarchy and portrays one’s loyalty to their country.

Is an eagle a military tattoo?

In most cases, the representation of an eagle in a tattoo is seen to have strong connections to the military as it holds strong nationalistic ties to it.

Is eagle tattoo good or bad?

The tattoo of an eagle is considered to be a good charm as it is perceived as the apostle of god and the enemy of evil.

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