Best 25+ Lovely Soulmate Tattoos For You and Your Partner

When you hear the word “soulmate” you either think of a person or just imagine the beauty of it if you find yours. Having a soulmate in your life is one of the most beautiful things and this is something you plan to hold on forever. Your soulmate understands you in ways that nobody else can.

In order to make this irreplaceable bond stronger and permanent, how about getting a soulmate tattoo?

Well, if you are reading this blog, you probably have already decided about getting one. But remember, the tattoo has to be perfect! Soulmate tattoos are usually the symbol of a strong relationship with someone or maybe the idea of a significant admiration towards this concept.

To help you out, this article has a bunch of options from which you can decide and get the best tattoo for yourself or as a couple. You can also pick multiple designs and combine them to be creative with your new tattoo and customize them just according to the essence of your relationship.


25 Soulmate Tattoo Ideas, Designs and Meanings

Tattoos that are done together or singly dedicated to the idea of sharing a bond with someone who you have a deep connection with can be called the tattoos of soulmates. These tattoos often portray the spiritual connection with someone whom you are destined to be with forever. The simple artwork can act as a strong symbol to signify the love that two people share.

You can get matching or complementary designs, memorable dates or phrases, etc. to strengthen your bond with your soulmate. The tattoo will always remind you of the importance of your soulmate to you and to every aspect of your life.


Soulmate Loyalty Couple Tattoos

Tattoos that signify loyalty are the most beautiful kind. You can either get it somewhere private so that it stays between you and the love of your life. However, you can also get somewhere you can show off so that the world knows how beautiful of a connection you share with your soulmate.



Soulmate Loyalty Couple Tattoos 1
Source: txttoo

SOMA ULTE is a unique tattoo you can get that makes SOUL MATE when you put the two parts together. The different colors of the letters make the tattoo more vibrant and joyful.


2. Perfect Soulmate 

Soulmate Loyalty Couple Tattoos 2
Source: beeline_pokes

The matching tattoo of the word “soulmate” in a super romantic font is another great idea to get tatted anywhere on your body. These tattoos are mostly done on the sleeves or ankles.


3. Matching Ankles 

Soulmate Loyalty Couple Tattoos 3
Source: vagabondtattooo

A great way to flex your ankles every time you pull down your socks is to get a matching tattoo with your soulmate. This one has “soulmate” tatted in a beauty font.


Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos

One of the luckiest things to happen to you is marrying your soulmate. To make this memory intact forever, you can get a tattoo that symbolizes your wedding. Take a look at a few of the best designs for you and your soulmate to stamp the most beautiful memory forever.


4. Yours Forever

Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 1
Source: ebtattooer

The single line on the women’s ring finger and the double on the man’s show the placement of their engagement rings. Marriage is the most beautiful future of soulmates and there is nothing more beautiful than getting a tattoo of this concept.


5. Engaged In Love

Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 2
Source: purnima3_

The picture above shows two hands with the same ring tattoo on the ring fingers. They are a little above the knuckles and are a unique way to portray two rings.


6. Funky Soulmates

Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 3
Source: gmaz

Another ring tattoo of two soulmates but a bit quirky one. This tattoo will show that you two have the same fun-loving energy and are perfect for each other.


True Love Soulmate Tattoos

When your true love turns out to be your soulmate, it means the world. It shows that this love is destined to continue forever. It is common for people deeply in love to want to get a tattoo to engrave their relationship. Getting tattoos in the true love soulmate theme is absolutely adorable in these cases.


7. Hold My Hand

True Love Soulmate Tattoos 1
Source: weeeenhihutjrs

The Hold My Hand tattoo shows two soulmates holding each other’s hand and are tied in a red bond of infinity. The details are beautiful and the red ribbon gives a pop of color.


8. True Love Bird

True Love Soulmate Tattoos 2
Source: ticker_tattoo

You can see a lovely picture of a couple with the back of their arms having a matching tattoo. The tattoo has a bird flying with the sign of true love glorifying their connection.


9. Flaunting True Love

True Love Soulmate Tattoos 3
Source: 70s_dreaming_tattoo

The tattoo of the phrase “True Love” can also be written in the mixed font as shown above. This matching tattoo decorates the back of your hand beautifully and shows that you don’t even wanna hide it.


Creative Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos

Tattoos of wedding rings are so beautiful when you get them with your partner. It gets so much lovelier when you get creative with it to make the tattoo entirely your own. You can add elements of your relationship in such tattoos to make them unique and lock them just for you and your love.


10. Memorable Initials

Creative Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 1
Source: becky_tats

The tattoo of the two rings above has the initials RP and BP. It could be their names or maybe something their relationship has a deep connection with. It holds the memories of your soulmate forever.


11. 9.14.19

Creative Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 2
Source: kat_meredith

One of the best ways to stamp your memorable date as a tattoo is to get a ring tattoo with your soulmate. It holds the memories of you and your soulmate on that date forever.


12. Infinite Love 

Creative Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 3
Source: badmouth.tattoos

The complementary tattoos on the ring fingers can be this blue heart with an infinity symbol and the other being a black-bordered ring with a blue strip in between. The blue makes the tattoos unique and beautiful.


Soulmate Couple Finger Tattoos

The finger tattoos in the soulmate theme could either be tattoos of intertwined fingers or cute tattoos on the fingers of two people. You can go for either one of these and it will entirely depend on which style you are going for. Tattoos that show fingers are super detailed and look absolutely beautiful anywhere on the body.


13. String Of Love

Soulmate Couple Finger Tattoos 1
Source: electricartztattoos

The tattoo of two soulmates above shows two hands holding each other’s pinky fingers. The red string entangled between their fingers makes the tattoo aesthetic and different.


14. Pinky Promise 

Soulmate Couple Finger Tattoos 2
Source: bagiatattoo

The pinky promise tattoo is a promise between you and your soulmate to be together forever. The colorful background can be a resonance of the vibrance in the relationship.


15. Matching Rings

Soulmate Couple Finger Tattoos 3
Source: lady_w3n

The matching tattoo of the rings looks like X.X in the picture. This could mean anything significant to the relationship that they share with each other as soulmates. Customize it by putting what matters in yours.


Soulmate Symbol Tattoo

The symbol for the relationship between you and your soulmate can be anything that relates to you the most. There are tons of conventional symbols of soulmate and people get them tatted on their body to make it a reminder of their bond.


16. Soulmate Passion 

Soulmate Symbol Tattoo 1
Source: ladysparrowart

The bold tattoo on the shoulder blade looks like a sun with a soulmate symbol in the center. The lines are super bold and dark making the muscle look toned and eye-catching.


17. Symbol Of Togetherness 

Soulmate Symbol Tattoo 2
Source: shaun.iiee

This artwork almost looks like matching frames of the soulmate symbol. The leaves as the frame gives it a soft essence and the foreign characters make it unique.


18. Striking X

Soulmate Symbol Tattoo 3
Source: legendary_knows

The symbol of this striking X relates to being soulmates and is drawn beautifully with bold lines and mild shading. This will look super cool on your hands but you can also get it on your chest or shoulder.


Soulmate Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo ideas related to the concept of a soulmate have diverse options. Some of the popular designs involve an infinity sign, a red string of fate, the word “soulmate” itself, etc. Pick the best one for you and your soulmate to make your bond even stronger!


19. Bond Forever 

Soulmate Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: elyskenttattoo

The beautiful tattoo on the arm shows two hands holding a red string tied in a knot. The knot looks like the infinity which can be a reflection of the infinite love soulmates share forever.


20. Fire And Infinity 

Soulmate Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: inkscooltattoos

The infinity symbol around the fire shows the passion between you and your soulmate which will last forever. The bold outlines of this tattoo make it unique and catchy.


21. Soulmate For Life

Soulmate Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: paintfull_tattoo

Here you can see another matching tattoo of the word “soulmate” in a bold and beautiful font. The beauty of this tattoo can be a reflection of the beauty of your relationship.


Always And Forever Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos

Marriage between two soulmates is always and forever. One of the strongest symbols of a beautiful marriage is a wedding ring. You can get a tattoo in this theme with your partner you enhance the beauty of your marriage and make your bond even more special.


22. Holding Hands

Always And Forever Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 1
Source: imaginetattoostudio

Just look at the detail on this tattoo. The design is super realistic with two hands holding each other and growing old together. It represents the promise of loving your soulmate till your last breath.


23. The Knot 

Always And Forever Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 2
Source: caddydaddys_tattoo_piercing

You can’t go wrong with tattoos of rings they look like a knot. The knot represents the strong bond that you share with your soulmate and look forward to making it permanent.


24. Mountains

Always And Forever Soulmate Wedding Ring Tattoos 3
Source: tmurrayyoga

You might also like getting matching ring tattoos that look like mountains. This tattoo with your soulmate can portray the immense love you share and the serene beauty of it.


Soulmate Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo

The sun and the moon are so similar yet so different. They live in the same sky with different aura. Your relationship with your soulmate can be the same that you can beautifully represent with an elegant tattoo. Look at the amazing options below and choose which one you love!


25. The Sun To My Moon

Soulmate Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo 1
Source: sacredinkstudio

A perfect artwork to show how opposites attract. One of the tattoos has a vibrant sunshine while the other has a soothing moonlight. Both are behind mountains and clouds.



Soulmate Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo 2
Source: kenkristat



Soulmate Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo 3
Source: davidtattoostudio96

Final Words

So, did you find the perfect soulmate tattoo? Share this blog with your soulmate and decide which one fits your relationship the best.

Even if you do not have a soulmate yet, you can just get a tattoo anyway. In the era of situationships and hook-ups, show the world that you still believe in true love and soulmates.

I hope this article helped you get a buffet of tattoo ideas for your next tattoo. Pick your favorite and don’t forget to get creative!


Frequently Asked Questions

What tattoo symbolizes soulmate?

In general, symbolizing a soulmate is often done with hearts. The heart symbol is the classic portrayal of love. When two people feel like they are each other’s soulmates, they definitely share a relationship of deep love. The best tattoo design that symbolizes a soulmate is two intertwined hearts that show how connected two people feel toward each other.

What is the symbol of the soulmate?

One of the most glorified symbols of the soulmate is the Claddagh Ring. This symbol consists of two hands positioned as if they are shaped like a heart. The hands are holding another heart which has a crown on top. However, the concept of a soulmate symbol is very subjective and can mean different things to different people.

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