25 Coolest Scream Tattoo Tat to Bring Out the Spook in You

Screams are intense emotional expressions made when you can’t take it anymore. In art form, we can see Edvard Munch’s 1893 painting The Scream. Have you ever thought about tattooing this emotion? In fact, there are many ways to do it. A favored tattoo choice is the slasher 1996 movie Scream. In the American horror movie genre, this horror franchise is a classic. The involvement of Ghostmask, the main antagonist, is one of the most iconic symbols of the entire movie.

Hence, if you’re a fan of the movie Scream, tattooing the character or a symbol could make the perfect scream tattoo for you. Another scream tattoo might be screaming eagle. We’ll cover 25 gruesome designs that cry out Scream tattoos. Stay tuned!


25 Scream Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Scream tattoos evoke loud emotions or frustration as their first thought. While that may be one reason, if you’re a Scream movie fan, perhaps you’d like to showcase it. In addition, if you want to express your anxiety or release it through a tattoo, a scream tattoo would be a perfect idea.

Furthermore, screaming eagles represent and honor strength, might, and the will to fight. Thus, opt for one that resonates with your aspirations. 


Scream Knife Tattoo

As the antagonist uses a knife, it becomes a defining characteristic. A knife tattoo may symbolize inner strength and power, but in this movie, it is something that makes you shudder. In fact, it is so powerfully symbolic that fans can embrace it wholeheartedly.

Besides, it emits masculine energy. Moreover, because of its elongated shape, you can tattoo it anywhere from the forearm to behind the arm to the calves.


1. Knife With The Ghostmask Print

Scream Knife Tattoo 1
Source: tattoolexis

This tattoo depicts Scream’s two signature symbols. This makes it a powerful tattoo symbolizing this slasher film. Besides, its long shape is superbly inked on the side of the forearm.


2. Three-dimensional Ghostface on Knife

Scream Knife Tattoo 2
Source: deesherrer

Featuring Ghostface and the knife once again, this is yet another representation of the iconic figures. However, the drawing has a 3D effect. Besides, calf side is perfect for the elongated shape. 


3. Knife & Ghostface with Detail Feature


Scream Knife Tattoo 3
Source: cruz_studiooftattoos

Its detailed drawing technique makes this tattoo distinct. With this, it has an added edge. Although it is modest, apart from the calf, it can cover the forearm area perfectly.


Scream Ghostface Tattoo

Ghostface is an iconic and highly sought-after tattoo design among fans. Unlike many other symbols, it instantly conjures up images of the Scream films. You can’t forget this creepy face, can you? For tattoo ideas, you can either ink it alone or use a knife or even ink a cute detail like a heart. Let’s put some ideas to the test!


4. Ghostface & Graveyard

Scream Ghostface Tattoo 1
Source: blvckmoon_tattoo

This tattoo exudes charm with its graveyard theme on the antagonist’s cloak. Considering its celestial feature, it would make an excellent tattoo for a woman. Besides, the shape’s ideal for broad areas. 


5. Antagonist With Iconic Line


Scream Ghostface Tattoo 2
Source: juancahierrotattoo

A tattoo with the antagonist gives the impression that it is staring straight at you. Moreover, the tattoo overall has a masculine vibe. Besides, B&W gives it an edge.


6. Ghostface’s head tattoo


Scream Ghostface Tattoo 3
Source: tracylaguea

In this tattoo, the Ghostface head is accompanied by the famous line and the knife. Besides, the elongated shape is ideal for the forearm, sleeve, and calves. Further, the mood is chilling. 


Scream Tattoo Ideas

As soon as we hear Scream, we are reminded of Ghostface. The figure is so bizarre that you can’t tell if it’s a human or something from a parallel universe. Another item sought after by fans is his signature knife. Therefore, you can add any elements as long as they speak for what you want. For instance, you may be a fan but want playful, hence the cute hearts.



7. The Ghostface on the Phone


Scream Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: beserk

The tattoo illustrates Ghostface’s iconic moment of talking over the phone. Besides, hearts send more cuteness away. Thus, it’s perfect for those who adore Scream but crave a touch of adorability. 


8. Ghostface Knife & Phone

Scream Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: moostattoos_

No one can forget the classic scene where Ghostface terrorized victims over the telephone. This tattoo depicts this particular idea. However, around the spooky elements are constellations inked, creating a whimsical feel.


9.Ghostface Knife with Bow


Scream Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: mashtattoostudio

The pink bow on the knife lends it a distinct appeal. Moreover, adding a feminine accent can mean a gentler atmosphere. Additionally, it fits pleasantly around the calf area.


Scream Tattoo Designs

Ghostface, a knife, a telephone, or the iconic line have been the most common designs and elements associated with Scream so far. Plus, B&W seems to be the most prevalent color scheme. Having said that, perhaps some colorful ones can inspire you as well. So let’s explore some ideas.


10. Ghostface in Colors


Scream Tattoo Designs 1
Source: devotedtattoostudio

Multiple elements make up this tattoo with a splash of muted colors. Besides, it boasts one feature that movie lovers will love: the popcorn basket. Despite scream being frightening, it is also adorable.


11. Ghostface Wearing Cap


Scream Tattoo Designs 2
Source: mate_arnold_xvx_

A colorful hat with a Ghostface would appeal to those with a cheerful spirit. Plus, the hearts add an extra layer of delicacy. Overall it’s quirky, fun, and comical. 


12. Tiny Ghostface


Scream Tattoo Designs 3
Source: thearteternal

The Ghostface tattoo is minimal and subtle, perfect for discreet wear. Even so, it’s a fitting tribute to Scream. Further, it is for those who would appreciate a simple but meaningful tattoo.


Scream Tattoo Drawing

The art of drawing tattoos is always simplistic, without ostentatious details or hues. As you can imagine, Scream drawing tattoos are also illustrated with fine line inking and mostly monochrome. At times, they could even be subtle and humorous. At the end, the elements can be whatever makes sense to you.


13. Ghostface With Aesthetic

Scream Tattoo Drawing 1
Source: street_tattoo_lounge

An aesthetic beaded heart surrounds the Ghostface. It detracts from the overall creepiness of the theme. However, there is still an eerie vibe there, especially with the mask worn by Ghostface.


14. Simple Ghostface Tattoo

Scream Tattoo Drawing 2
Source: coleb.ink

While concise and subtle, the tattoo has a striking fine line without any unnecessary details. Besides, it may perfectly fits the forearm and the wrist. Simple, but still retains Ghostface’s appeal. 


15. Ghostface with Flower

Scream Tattoo Drawing 3
Source: tattoobylola

With flowers, this Ghostface gives off a feminine aura, making it ideal for females. With flowers and fine lines, it may look a little less ghostly. Overall, it creates a surreal mood.


Screaming Eagle Tattoo

Scream Eagle has its own fierceness and message, much like the movie Scream. As compared to the scream tattoo in the movie, the Scream eagle may stand for character. It exhibits strength, power, and headstrongness in achieving its goal. It is primarily descending down for a purpose, and its will is strong. 


16. A Descent Eagle

Screaming Eagle Tattoo 1
Source: arkansas_tattoos

It wraps beautifully around the wrist area. The fierce look in the eagle’s eyes, the size, and the overpowering color all speak for its dominance. Plus, it fits on the calf as well. 


17. Screaming Eagle Touching Down


Screaming Eagle Tattoo 2
Source: timeless_tattoo_company

Here’s another screaming eagle, but from the front. Thus, making it appear broad, creating an intimidating appearance. Clearly, this speaks for its power and strength. 


18. Screaming Eagle Sideview

Screaming Eagle Tattoo 3
Source: dangilsdorf

The eagle’s spreading wings are exquisitely detailed. It further adds to the mighty energy. Besides, its cries reveal its headstrong character and determination. For sleeve tattoos, it’s perfect.


Scream Face Tattoo

Ghostface, the protagonist of Scream, is its most iconic feature. His eerie mask conceals the psychotic personality.  As well as Ghostface’s head or torso, we may see the knife carved with the skull mask. Besides, there may also be cute elements such as hearts. Along with giving off an eerie vibe, it also exudes headstrongness. Furthermore, hiding behind a mask could suggest hiding from one’s true identity.


19.Ghostface Head


Scream Face Tattoo 1
Source: vicky_silence_tattoos

The Ghostface tattoo on the calf is subtle yet striking with its bold inking. You can immediately tell it’s the infamous Ghostface to creep you out. Further, it could be worn on the forearm as well.


20. Thorny Wire Surrounds the Ghostface


Scream Face Tattoo 2
Source: cryordiebabytattoo

A Ghostface is inked with bold monochrome ink on the tattoo. The mesh thorny wire adds to the eerie feel. It could mean avoiding the Ghostface or fear in real life.



Scream Face Tattoo 3
Source: ambertatttoo_


Small Scream Tattoo

Even though they may look small, small Scream tattoos are full of energy and erieness. The spooky details are inked to create a subtleness or discreetness. Nevertheless, some are truly adorable, either with playful types or cute elements. You’ll discover some inspirations as we continue.


22. Ghostface on Sleeve

Small Scream Tattoo 1
Source: akat_47

With its bold jet-black lines, this Ghostface is one of the creepiest. The size is small, but the bold ink choice seems overwhelming. Even though it is sometimes discreet, it exudes a powerful energy.


23. Heart-shaped Ghostface

Small Scream Tattoo 2
Source: scottie__morgan

Located on the inner upper arm, this heart-shaped Ghostface fits perfectly. Thus, it becomes more discreet. Despite this, the hollow eyes and mouth still exude creepiness.


24. Small Ghostface Head

Small Scream Tattoo 3
Source: webboinks

One more small Ghostface head. Keeping true to the real Ghostface image, it’s inked. However, greying out the black reduces its unsettling quality, making it more subtle.


Scream Tattoo Flash

Here’s a way to own a flash card if you don’t already own one. You can definitely go for a flash card style when inking Scream tattoo. Plus, stay true to the theme by keeping the elements such as the Ghostface, his knife or phone or the iconic lines. Since flash card would already have a frame, we recommend keeping it small. However, if anyone wants a big and broad tattoo, we would suggest going for the back. No matter what, it should portray Scream authentically.


25. Ghostface on Flashcard

Scream Tattoo Flash 1
Source: wecanberainbows.bink

Inspired by a flashcard image, this is a tattoo of Ghostface. Ghostface on a flashcard with the words call me is definitely quirky and devilish. In addition, the frame gives the tattoo a definite shape.



Scream Tattoo Flash 2
Source: doriandraws



Scream Tattoo Flash 3
Source: anaterratatuagem


Screaming Skull Tattoo



Screaming Skull Tattoo 1
Source: eternaltattoos



Screaming Skull Tattoo 2
Source: bugstoothtattoo



Screaming Skull Tattoo 3
Source: ryanbrayart



While a Scream tattoo can be a fun way to show your voice and headstrongness in the form of an animal like Eagel, it can also be a tribute to your favorite character’s Ghostface from Scream. Scream tattoos give you a wide range of options, whether you are looking for something light or something with deeper meaning. The choice is yours. You should listen to whatever speaks your mind.
To convey the word and emotion in a more edgier manner, keep the color monochrome or opt for a soft muted color. Hopefully you have a good sense of what a screaming tattoo looks like from what we discussed.



What does Ghostface tattoo mean?

Having a tattoo of the stab-happy prank caller Ghostface on your body tells everyone around you that you understand societal issues. It could also mean you appreciate the movie and the character.

What are the most sought-after elements in Scream Tattoo based on the movie?

Some of the most popular tattoo elements from Scream are Ghostface, his knife, the wired phone, and his iconic lines.

What are other options for a scream tattoo other than the elements from the Scream movie?

Well, other than the movie, you could go for the famous painting Scream, or screaming animals or humans. Scream tattoos can depict more than just a movie. They can also describe your inner frustration or the moment you unleashed your loudest emotion.

Can a scream tattoo be quirky?

Sure, adding cute or light elements can tone down the spookiness of a scream tattoo. It would certainly brighten the mood.

Why most scream tattoos are monochrome?

We think monochrome adds more edginess, giving it a more eerie vibe. However, there are many tattoos that contain touches of vibrant colors.


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