Top Trending Face Tattoos For Women in 2024

Face tattoos for women are a bold choice and a great way of giving your facial features a lift. The trend of face tattoos has recently taken a hit towards the sky as the number of people getting tattoos on their faces is increasing.


The face is a controversial choice for a tattoo since it is mostly out on display for the world to see. Now, you have the liberty of choosing between small tattoos on one side of the face and getting your full face inked.


So, if you girls are in search of your next face tattoo inspiration, then let us guide you through. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the top face tattoo ideas for women along with what they represent.


Face Tattoos Ideas For Women

There are hundreds of face tattoo ideas for women that you can choose from. The idea and design typically depend on your personal preference and the meaning you are going for. Let us see a few face tattoo designs for women below.


Small Face Tattoos For Women

Small tattoo ideas for women’s faces are a great idea if you are new to face tattoos. Even though the designs are small, the meaning behind them is quite deep. Let us take a look at a few small face tattoos for women.


1. Blinking Stars 


Source: vonne_________

Enhance the beauty of your eyes and impress viewers with this star face tattoo for women.


2. Half Flower


Source: jlang_tattoo

You can never go wrong with floral designs such as face tattoos for women. It symbolizes delicacy, beauty, and so on whereas the face tattoo represents boldness.


3. Tiny Red Heart 


Source: bird_hause_tattoo

Give your facial features a lift with this tiny heart face tattoo for girls in red ink.


4. Leaf Stem


Source: meg.r_tattoo

Leaves represent life and new beginnings. This face tattoo for women represents the same meaning with a beautiful design.


5. Broken Dagger


Source: monkey_tatuaze

While daggers usually represent danger, this face tattoo for girls has a beautiful meaning. It symbolizes independence, betrayal, and courage.


Pretty Face Tattoos For Women

Even though many people disagree on this, face tattoos on women look extremely beautiful with pretty designs and styles. Here, we will talk about a few designs of pretty face tattoos for women.


6. Autumn Leaves


Source: sunshinelaburnum

Get this colorful girl’s face tattoo beside your ear. The leaves of autumn represent a sense of calm with beauty and inspiration for new beginnings.


7. Wild Flower Silhouette 


Source: aimie_morris_tattoo

Floral face tattoos for women have been a major part of the tattoo culture. It represents life, love, delicacy, and care.


8. Enticing Garden


Source: jordashies

Attract eyes to your face and give your facial features a boost with this simple flower face tattoo on women.


9. Faded Lotus


Source: tattoosbykortneykarat

Lotus tattoos on women’s faces symbolize a push or motivation to start over and rise above temptation.


10. Lucky Number


Source: toopunktodrunk

Show tribute to someone precious in your life with this numerical face tattoo idea for women. It typically represents a date or number that is memorable or lucky.


Feminine Cute Face Tattoos (girly cute face tattoos)

Feminine and cute face tattoos for women boost the facial features while symbolizing a deep meaning. Here, we will take a look at a few cute and girly face tattoos.


11. A New Beginning


Source: friedrichuebler

Plant tattoos on women’s faces are a great way of motivating yourself to be a better person. It represents new beginnings against all odds in life.


12. Symbols And Patterns 


Source: xdenyse

Turn all eyes towards you everywhere you go with this unique face tattoo for women. It is a portrayal of the important things in life.


13. Wild Spring


Source: Tristessa Diablos

Get this amazing leaf face tattoo for women. It is a portrayal of nature, love, and new starts in life.


14. Leafy Heart


Source: buzzfeed

Pair this beautiful tiny red heart tattoo with a leaf stem to create a unique face tattoo for women. This combination is a beautiful take on love, life cycle, and nature.


15. Fruitful Alliance 


Source: inkppl

Nature tattoos are always meaningful and the case is the same for this face tattoo idea for girls. It symbolizes life, good deeds, and the cycle of life.


Face Tribal Tattoos For Women

Tribal face tattoos for men have been around for several years now. Not only are these tattoo designs attractive, but they also represent culture and tribute to the art. Let us see a few tribal face tattoo designs for women.


16. Tribal Beauty


Source: tattooeasily

Portray your respect for the tribal culture, art, and their struggles with this half-face tattoo design for girls.


17. Tribal Line Art 


Source: torileighhall

Get this simple tribal women’s face tattoo design to acknowledge the art, creativity, and lifestyle of the tribal people.


18. Symmetry 


Source: tattoomenow

A perfectly symmetrical chin tattoo on women’s faces will surely attract eyes. It displays stability and balance in life.


19. Designated Patterns 


Source: Catherine Pannulla

The tribal face mask tattoo for women comes with a deep meaning behind it. It symbolizes that beauty lies in each and every aspect of life.


20. Spaced Patterns


Source: thestyleup

Go wild and stylish with this tribal pattern face tattoo for girls. With a beautiful design, it displays small and important pieces of life.


Full Face Tattoos For Women

Many women prefer to get full-face tattoos. While it seems a bit quirky, choosing the right tattoo will provide a beautiful look. Take a look at some of the top full-face tattoos for women.


21. A Colorful Mess


Source: Becca E

Now there are arguments about this tattoo. While it is a bit weird to many, it is still a beautiful tattoo to several people. It displays that there is no fixed meaning or explanation of beauty and style.


22. Floral Danger


Source: mamasuncut

Create a bold and unique look with this full-face tattoo idea for women. It shows art, creativity, and the dark side of life through tattoos.


23. The Spiderman Scheme 


Source: thesun

Inspired by Spiderman, this tattoo is a take on the popular character.


24. Unpatterned Lines


Source: tattoosforgirl

While these irregular lines may look confusing to many, there is a deep meaning behind them. It represents that there is beauty everywhere in this world.


25. Garden Of Colors


Source: inkedmag

Colors make tattoo designs more attractive and there is no doubt about that. This beautiful women’s face tattoo idea represents nature and the colors that make it a treat to the eyes.


Minimalist Small Face Tattoos

Simple and minimalist face tattoos for women are a great section of the tattoo culture. These small tattoos come with heavy meanings behind them. Here are a few examples of minimalist small face tattoos for girls.


26. Killer Knife


Source: tattoosforgirl

Treat your eyes with the beauty of this small and simple knife tattoo. It is a portrayal of courage, strength, and bravery.


27. Dots and Patterns


Source: tattoosforgirl

Enhance your facial features with this simple face tattoo for women. Symbolizing cultural tribute, respect for art, and life, this tattoo design is a popular choice.


28. Tribute Via Initials


Source: tattoosforgirl

Pay respect or tribute to a loved one with this small face tattoo for girls by getting their initials inked.


29. Celestial Tribute


Source: tattoosforgirl

Moon and tattoos have been best friends for decades. This moon tattoo with a name shows respect, love, affection, and memories.


30. Simplicity At Best


Source: bodyartguru

Attract eyes to your facial features with this simple flipped heart face tattoo for women. It represents that love is available in every shape and form.


Geometric Face Tattoos For Women



Source: Meg Sheridan




Source: pacho-tattoo




Source: gallery.findtattoodesign




Source: tattoomagz




Source: theinkfactory


Lady Face Tattoos For Women



Source: SheSoBoujiee




Source: Ajanai Jackson




Source: jacarandafm




Source: itv




Source: istockphoto


Pretty Woman Face Tattoo



Source: deannorthtattoos




Source: tattoomenow




Source: inkedmag








Source: segerios



Face tattoos for women are undoubtedly a bold choice and is usually open for the world to see. Now that we have reached the end of the guide, we hope that you have found the inspiration and style for your next face tattoo.


Before you get a face tattoo, make sure that you check the work of the artist along with their creativity and credibility. Face tattoos are quite painful so make sure that you consider your pain tolerance and that you are sure about it.




What does a woman’s face tattoo mean?

The meaning of face tattoos for women varies significantly depending on the style and design. However, the majority of tattoos represent respect, independence, courage, beauty, bravery, and many more.


Can you still get a job with a face tattoo?

Yes, you can still get a job with a face tattoo but the chances are quite slim. Many employers think that face tattoos are unprofessional and often disqualify candidates based on that.

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