27 Best Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas To Try In (2024)

Butterflies are small creatures that go through an immense transformation throughout their lives. From a small larva, it becomes a beautiful butterfly with time and patience. The lifecycle of a butterfly teaches us how time can act like magic and change something unnoticed into something so beautiful and admired.

Butterfly as tattoos is one of the most popular choices and is more common among women. Even though such tattoos are perceived to be mostly feminine, men can also get them to represent their transformation and advancement in life.

Small butterfly tattoos are done by many people as they are easy to hide and definitely a safe choice. I mean, you can never go wrong with them!

Tattoos of mini butterflies are absolutely adorable and can hold some sort of meaning to different people. Regardless of that, many people also get them simply because they are really pretty.

If you are also looking for a tattoo idea of a small butterfly, you are in the right place!

Take a look at 27 different amazing tattoo ideas of small butterflies and find your favorite.


27 Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Meanings

A tattoo of a butterfly often symbolizes three main things: transformation, freedom, and beauty. As you know, a butterfly evolves from a caterpillar. This can signify personal growth and change for many people.

Additionally, such tattoos can also convey a sense of grace and delicacy. These factors make it a popular choice for those who appreciate these qualities.

Butterfly tattoos can hold various meanings depending on the person, such as a reminder of overcoming challenges or embracing a new chapter in life.

Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Small butterfly tattoo designs are popular because of their simplicity and versatility. Even These small and delicate creatures remind us about transformation and freedom. Their small size allows for placement almost anywhere on the body, which is why they are always trendy. You can easily customize the designs below according to your personal significance and style.


1. Miniature Mariposa 

Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs 1
Source: circatattoo

A beautiful butterfly near the fold of your elbow is just too cute to handle. The butterfly in the picture is small with cute little details on the wings which is perfect if you are looking for minimalistic designs.


2. Little Piece Of Grace

Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs 2
Source: max.solarink

The small butterfly on the sleeve has nothing gorgeous in the design but still looks elegant. You can get it if you love butterflies and it doesn’t have to be only on your hand.


3. Sparkling Butterflies

Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs 3
Source: inked_by_clar

If you like these two small butterflies with twinkles, you must love the idea of friendship and bonding. This is undoubtedly one of the prettiest and simplest butterfly designs for your new tattoo.


Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Here are some more ideas for small butterfly artwork on your body to change your look and make you stand out in the crowd. Even though tattoos of butterflies are common, you can pick a design idea and get creative with it in your own style!


4. Graphic Butterfly

Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: tattoostudioreddragon

If you want your new tattoo of a small butterfly to pop out, you can definitely get this graphic one. The borders and details are simple yet very bold. It almost gives a sense of freedom and rebellious energy.


5. The Iconic Trio

Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: tattoostudioreddragon

The tattoo of these three little butterflies could mean a lot of things. You could get it with your two other beat friends or just by yourself out of your admiration for butterflies in a bunch!


6. Half And Half

Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: tattoostudioreddragon

This design is a unique one as you are getting one of the wings on one wrist and the other wing on another. It’d look super cool when you put your hands together and spread the wings apart.


Simple Small Butterfly Tattoo

Tattoos of butterflies are almost always beautiful regardless of the complexity of the design. Simple designs of butterflies on your body as a tattoo tell a lot about your minimalistic fashion sense and classy choices. Take a look at a few ideas for such tattoos.


7. Little Piece Of Spark

Simple Small Butterfly Tattoo 1
Source: laurenreedtattoos

How cute is this small and sparkling baby butterfly? The design of the wings is very simple with a bold outline. You can also get it near your collarbone if you are not afraid to flaunt it all the time.


8. Red Butterfly

Simple Small Butterfly Tattoo 2
Source: tattoobyjenny

This tattoo of the red butterfly stands out for its color and design. Even though it is quite simple, people will notice it for the vibrant color.


9. Sky In The Wings

Simple Small Butterfly Tattoo 3
Source: princesslena.ink

The details on the wings of this butterfly almost look like a starry sky. It’s beautiful and people will be amazed when they look at it closely.


Small Butterfly Tattoo Outline

Outline of tattoos is a unique type as it kind of makes you stand out. It is one of the simplest types of tattoos you can get when you are trying to play it safe but also looking for something cool. Outline tattoos can be either black or colorful depending on your choice and personality.


10. Little Doodle

Small Butterfly Tattoo Outline 1
Source: jaeink11045

If you had this tattoo on your hand, I’d definitely be interested in your sense of humor. The doodle design of this simple tattoo shows that you love butterflies and have an amusing tattoo out of it because you have a fun-loving nature.


11. You And Me

Small Butterfly Tattoo Outline 2
Source: lmc_tatt

The butterflies in this tattoo are definitely in love and it’s evident with all the shine around them. You can surely make people perceive you as a positive and romantic person with this tattoo.


12.  The Ribbon Of Beauty

Small Butterfly Tattoo Outline 3
Source: studio_1_4_3

I love how simple the tattoo looks as if a piece of ribbon fell and it started looking like a butterfly. It definitely shows off your love for simplicity.


Small Butterfly Tattoos On Hand

Tattoos of butterflies on your hand are a classic idea. People usually go for smaller versions as they look super cute and pretty on hand. You can pick the designs of a bunch of butterflies all over your hand or maybe just go for one to get a simple tattoo.


13. Mini Squad Of Happiness 

Small Butterfly Tattoos On Hand 1
Source: wonder_ink_lab

Okay, this has to be one of my favorites as the butterflies look like they are flying around all over the hand. There are four miniature butterflies colored in sky blue with a bold black border.


14. The Hand Of Garden

Small Butterfly Tattoos On Hand 2
Source: lizardqueentattoo

This one evidently shows your love for butterflies and flying in freedom. There are six butterflies in this tattoo with their wings fluttering all over the place.


15. Miniature Elegance 

Small Butterfly Tattoos On Hand 3

I’d say this is a classy tattoo. It has a tiny structure of butterflies right on the back of your hand which would look gorgeous when you get your nails done.


Butterfly Small Tattoo

Now let’s take a look at some more small tattoos of butterflies which are so versatile that you can get them almost anywhere on your body. Even though these designs are popular on the hand. You can also go for a chest or back to decorate your body.


16. Graphic Trio

Butterfly Small Tattoo 1
Source: jonnyrvs

The three colorful outlines of butterflies as a tattoo will say that you still have an innocent and childish nature alive within yourself and you love having fun.


17. Whispering Wings

Butterfly Small Tattoo 2
Source: maria_derev

The butterfly in this artwork looks as if it is fading. It is a beautiful way to remember your loved one who is probably no more with their initials beside the butterfly.


18. Double Fluttercharm

Butterfly Small Tattoo 3
Source: matt_newflash

It is another simple tattoo idea with two little butterflies fluttering their wings along each other. You can even get it with your partner if it matches your romantic vibe.


Small Butterfly Tattoos On Wrist

If you are not tatted all over your body, you can always go for a wrist tattoo to make a classic fashion statement. Small butterflies as a tattoo design will be perfect as they will represent your personality as a stylish individual who knows what they are doing.


19. Tranquil Flutter

Small Butterfly Tattoos On Wrist 1
Source: ivan_martinez_tattoo831

Nobody can get enough of this super cool tattoo. If you pick this 3-D butterfly design, you will definitely get people coming to you to see if the butterfly is real!


20. Tiny Winged Grace

Small Butterfly Tattoos On Wrist 2
Source: tatuajesaiko

The small butterfly on the side of the wrist is super small and elegant. You can try this one out to flaunt your graceful feminine side and decorate your wrist beautifully.


21. Delicate Moth

Small Butterfly Tattoos On Wrist 3
Source: vibetattoo.ut

Another tattoo idea for introverts will be this simple outline of a mini butterfly. You can accept your delicate side and show it off with this pretty little tattoo.


Small Butterfly Neck Tattoos

It’s always a matter of creating a statement piece when it comes to getting a neck tattoo. You will always be showing it so getting a butterfly just can’t go wrong. The delicate and colorful wings of a butterfly can represent the person’s journey of self-transformation into an amazing version.

22. Story Of The Wings

Small Butterfly Neck Tattoos 1
Source: briansantostattoos

Be bold in style with this super graphic butterfly tattoo behind your ear. It shows that you are fearless and you love your freedom. You are not afraid to be stylish 24/7.


23. Colorful Bits

Small Butterfly Neck Tattoos 2
Source: tattoocute

If you like this one, you’re probably an introvert. The butterflies in this tattoo are super small and colorful. People need to be a lot closer to spot and identify the tattoo.


24. Flutterby Whimsy

Small Butterfly Neck Tattoos 3
Source: twistedtattootx

How cool would it look when you take your hair to the side and it reveals a beautiful butterfly? The neck tattoo shows a butterfly from the side along with a quote in foreign characters.


Small Butterfly And Rose Tattoo

Butterfly and rose as a combination in a tattoo represent nothing but true beauty. Both are perceived as two of the most beautiful creations of nature and combining them together is just incredible. It shows your delicate and loving personality beautifully.


25. Blue Rose

Small Butterfly And Rose Tattoo 1
Source: prawnesthertattoo

The butterfly landing on the blue rose tells that you are always in search of the beautiful aspects of your life. The tattoo itself is pretty adorable even if no meaning is considered.



Small Butterfly And Rose Tattoo 2
Source: threekingsli



Small Butterfly And Rose Tattoo 3
Source: ktattoola


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Does a Small Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

In general, small tattoos of butterflies refer to powerful characteristics like transformation, rebirth, and beauty.

2. Is Butterfly Good for Tattoo?

Butterfly and a theme related to that is one of the most popular choices for a tattoo. It can be made simple but you can also get creative with it and make your own design.

3. Are Butterfly Tattoos Attractive?

Butterfly tattoos are seen as an attractive feature especially if it is worn by a woman. Almost all kinds of meanings related to it are perceived to be beautiful.

4. Who Gets Butterfly Tattoos?

Tattoos of butterflies are mostly designed with a visually appealing aesthetic. They are often tatted by women to flaunt their graceful feminine personalities.

5. Where Should I Put a Butterfly Tattoo?

Tattoos of butterfly theme are the most versatile so they can be put on your hands, sleeves, neck, or anywhere you want. You can either choose to show it off or get somewhere you can easily hide.

Final Verdict

Well, I hope this blog helped you decide which small butterfly tattoo you like the best. Pick your new tattoo with a bunch of options to decide from, so that you don’t regret it later!

You can also send it to your loved ones to show them all the ideas and get matching tattoos. Make that bond permanent!

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