36 Trendy Wing on Forearm Tattoo Designs with Meaning for 2024

As a tattoo frick, you surely don’t want your sleeves empty, right? But you can’t let any tattoo fill up your forearm. We’ve got a cool suggestion for you: how about a wing tattoo on your forearm?

These tattoos come in various designs and create an aesthetic look at once. Not only that, they also convey some spiritual meaning. In general, they represent the desire for freedom.

If you, too, have this desire, a Wing on Forearm Tattoo must take place on your hand.


Wing on Forearm Tattoo; Design and Meaning

Wings symbolize a sense of freedom and liberation. A ‘wing on forearm tattoo‘ can remind a struggling soul that they have the power to rise above. In Greek Mythology, wings are associated with the messenger of God, the Hermes. Egyptian myth sees it as a part of God and a symbol of spirituality.

You can get ample designs of ‘Wing on Forearm Tattoo.’ All of them look catchy and engaging. The designs and their characteristics are given as follows:

Design Description
Realistic wings Highly detailed with intricate feather patterns and shading for a realistic look.
Minimalist wings Simple and understated, often featuring just a few lines or shapes to represent the wings.
Abstract wings Artistic approach with bold colors, geometric shapes, or other abstract elements.
Angel wings Inspired by angel wings, featuring delicate and ethereal designs.
Bird wings Inspired by bird wings, ranging from realistic to abstract designs.
Butterfly wings Inspired by butterfly wings, often with bright colors and intricate patterns.
Phoenix wings Inspired by phoenix wings, featuring bold colors and intricate designs.
Fairy wings Inspired by fairy wings, often with whimsical and playful designs.


Wings On Forearm Tattoo

As we begin, you’ll get to see some of the fascinating drawings of Wing on Forearm Tattoo. They are designed only for your forearm and make your appearance glossy.

1. Feather of Grace 

Source : raghav.ink

The tattoo starts from your below wrist and widens its feather to the elbow. Its wings are nice and gray. The feathers grow bigger as the tattoo widens its space. You can get nothing better than this tattoo to cover up your sleeve.

2. King’s Scar 

Source : Mr. sketcher

With a crown at the top of the tattoo, it’s supposed to be worth a king. The tattoo covers up your entire forearm with its loveliest feathers. Its feathers are long and stretch from wrist to elbow.

3. Blossom Wings

Source : syco_artist

This wing has a blossom underneath it. It seems elegant and royal. The tattoo has a darker shade that’ll be noticed even on a black complexion. If you can place this tattoo with the blossom on your wrist, you’ll seem like a rockstar.

4. Dark Harmony 

Source : davidcmtattoos

The light black image on an even deeper shade, showing two distinct rows of feathers. Its first row illustrates smaller feathers, while the feathers of the second row are pretty large. It might symbolize our childhood and adulthood in a single design.


Angel Wing Forearm Tattoo

Who doesn’t want to have the wings of angels? These tattoos are not only for females, but also men can wear them undoubtedly. Though they bear the name angel wing forearm tattoo, none of the designs represent femininity or masculinity.

5. Feathers of a Phoenix 

Source : davelizalde

With such a sweet hue, this tattoo comes with soft feathers that will be illustrated on your arm. It has the feathers of a phoenix that mix naturally on your body, no matter the complexion. The feathers are small and create a pleasant appearance for the wearer.

6. Eagle’s Wing 

Source : gabby13tattoos

The wing in this tattoo comes in the shape of an eagle. It’s nice and small. You can wear this on your forearm with other tattoos, as it doesn’t take up ample space. However, it enlightens its existence so vividly.

7. Celestial Wing

angel-wing-forearm-tattoo-3Source : churchavetattoo

This wing is vividly darker. If you wear it, you’ll be noticed from a fair distance. A muscle-jacked arm would be so appropriate for this unique tattoo.

8. Golden Wing

Source : irezumitattoosindia

The tattoo comes in a golden hue. It’s long and dark to create an aesthetic look. This golden wing has a royal appearance to change the entire look of your body.

Forearm Wing Tattoo Meaning

This section comes with tattoos that are suitable only for your forearm. Most of these tattoos are black and have a crystal look. All of them are unique in this sense.

9. Floral Wing 

Source : jjduke_

With a nice floral underneath, this tattoo spreads an eccentric harmony of joy. The wing spreads its feather as if it got its long-awaited freedom. If you want to be free from this chaotic world, the tattoo will suit your personality.

10. Wing-Leaf 

Source : martha.amon.raven

It is such a poetic design; the tattoo has several leaves underneath. The leaves are dark and deep, just like Robert Frost’s woods. And if you have miles to go before sleep, take this tattoo in your keep.

11. Divine Wing

Source : ktln.tattoos

In a grey color, this tattoo appears in a mild look. Those who don’t like striking designs will be the best fit for this tattoo. It takes little space and can be worn with other designs.


Forearm Wing Tattoo Drawing

How about some drawings of wings in the body? The following section comes with some fantastic sketches that’ll make your body look like an artwork.

12. Angel’s Touch 

Source : arcanesturgetattoos

The tattoo is blurry, just like a dream. Yet, it’ll be visible through its curvy feathers and design. Whatever your complexion, the tattoo will reflect through its feathers.

13. Lightning Wing 

Source : valentina_rizzacasa

The tattoo comes with intricate details and shading of black hue. It’s illustrated in a way that looks like a thunder blazing in a storm. This is the most striking and beautiful tattoo you are seeing on our list.

14. Faded Cosmos 

Source : motattz3

This tattoo will nicely blend with your skin. It has such a nice mixture of colors to enhance the beauty of your forearm. No matter what skin color you have, the tattoo will suit you appropriately.

Forearm Wing Tattoo Designs

If you want some peculiar designs, the following tattoos are for you. They all possess amazing illustrations to create an aesthetic look on your body.

15. Award-Shape Wing

Source : roryd1982

The appearance of this wing looks like an award illustrated upside down. It has a long, curvy feather that, in a sense, seems a representation of femineity. For a female person, this tattoo would be a great choice.

16. Scales 

Source : darkagetattoostudioftw

The tattoo is inked naturally so that it seems like additional scales of your body. Its feathers are wide and long and sketched in a mild color that looks nice. Wearing it on your arm will take your appearance to a new level.

17. Freedom

Source : vickikochiss

The appearance of this tattoo will bring freedom to your mind. It’s nicely curved and looks as if the bird is ready to take off. If you want to fly in your life, the tattoo will be a great way to start.

Small Wing Tattoo on Forearm

Small-wing forearm tattoos are beneficial as you can wear them with other tattoos. They look cute as well. The following will be the cutest tattoos in this list.

18. Howling Wings 

Source : goodtimestattoostudio

The tattoo comes with two wings illustrated in a way that looks like two bears howling in the snow. It’s the most incredible tattoo that you can wear. If you have inner pain that you need to let out through howling, this tattoo is the best way to do it.

19. Fragile Wings 

Source : tattoo_therapy_studio

If you want something really light, this fragile wing is your kind. The wings printed here are so beautiful to watch. Anywhere in your arm will be a nice home for this little beauty.

20. Gurdian’s Scar 

Source : kho.tattoos

Two darkest little wings anywhere on your forearm will look amazing. If you wear this tattoo, you can have that amazing attire in less pain. Since the tattoo is dark, it’ll be noticeable to anyone.


Eagle Wing Tattoo Forearm

Eagle wings are the most furious symbol in the world. It not only creates a royal look but also boosts confidence. So, keep on watching the tattoos below and select the best one for you.

21. Sky Hunter

Source : lozzarachtattooer

The tattoo not only consists of eagle wings but an entire eagle. If you want to be a hunter in life, not a prey, this tattoo will boost your confidence. So, glorify your forearm with this beautiful tattoo.

22. Wing of Pride 

Source : tys_tatus

In this tattoo, you’ll have a large wing. The design hints at the bird proudly spreading its wings. If you are a proud person, the tattoo will be the best fit for you.

23. Eagle Eye 

Source : kittisak_tattoo

This is the most unique tattoo you are looking at. It has a fierce eagle face with its beautiful feathers and furious eyes. The hue of the tattoo will catch people’s attention from a good distance.

24. Harmonious

Source : artisteshant

This tattoo is sketched detailed, with delicate shading for a natural look. The feather looks soft and delicate, showing each barb clearly. If you wear it, it will cover from the wrist to the elbow.

Forearm Wing Tattoo Stencil

For the desire of stencil tattoo, we’ve formed this section with two unique artworks. They have the most realistic appearance with mild illustrations of colors.

25. Divine Lift 

Source : artline_artist_tattoo

If you want to reach heaven, this tattoo can help you out. It’s sketched in such a vertical way that it represents the desire to reach the horizon. The tattoo is also small, so that you can wear this with other tattoos.


Source : tattoo_villa

Cross With Wings Tattoo Forearm



Source : michutattoo_


Source : nativeinkblottattoos


Source : millett_designs


Source : arttattoo1

Forearm Wing Tattoos For Guys


Source : ektatattooart


Source : altattoostudiofirenze


Source : kings_hand_tattoo

Inner Forearm Wing Tattoo


Source : oldgun_twenty1


Source : dado_ink93


Source : ray.arttattoo



Now that we’re about to sum up, pick up your chosen tattoo from above. If picking just one is tough, you can go for a combo of three or four tattoos, mixing small and big ones for both your forearms. These tattoos are so classy, so you can’t miss them at all.



Q: What Does the ‘Wing on Forearm Tattoo’ Symbolize?

A: The wing on forearm tattoos usually symbolize freedom. It represents the desire to break free from anything that is holding us back in life. In many mythologies like Greece and ancient Egypt, wings are a symbol of God’s power to fly and ascend to higher realms.

Q: How Much Does A Wing on Forearm Tattoo Cost?

A: A Wing on Forearm Tattoo usually costs around $200. But remember, the price may vary depending on the location and the size of the tattoo. If your tattoo design is a bit complex, it’ll be slightly expensive.

Q: Does ‘Wing on Forearm Tattoo’ Hurt?

A: The pain level of getting a Wing on Forearm Tattoo is moderate. However, if you print these wing tattoos on the other part of your body, such as in ribs or thighs, it may hurt comparatively more. Nonetheless, you can apply numbing cream before tattooing to reduce any sensation of pain.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Get A ‘Wing on Forearm Tattoo?’

A: You only need about 30 minutes to get a wing tattoo on your forearm. More significant designs might take a bit longer. If it’s a detailed design, it might require a few sessions and several hours of your time.

Q: Can I Customize the Design of A Wing on Forearm Tattoo? 

A: Yes, you can customize the design of a wing on a forearm tattoo. There are lots of options for wing tattoos—realistic, minimalist, abstract, and more. You can also add text, symbols, or other images to make your design more intricate and meaningful.

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