30 Wild And Inspiring Wolf Tattoos To Try Now

If you are interested in animal tattoos or wish to enjoy the realistic imagery of aggression on your body, then think of wolf tattoos. An immensely popular tattoo theme, they reflect strength, power, and grace. Come in a variety of designs, sizes, and ink colors, each of these tattoos can be adapted to suit any style or vision.

Wolf tattoo ideas

A wolf tattoo is perfect to display strength, devotion, and familial loyalty. For many people, it is also a symbol of dreams or an association with the moon. You may choose to ink a wolf head, a howling wolf, or even a pack of wolves to represent the free-spiritedness and the fiercely protective mentality that you might share with this furry animal.

#1:Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Animal symbols such as this tribal wolf tattoo is a great choice to celebrate your ethnicity. Very clean and articulated, this upper arm tattoo with fine black lines and the typical tribal adornments is unique and striking.

#2: Wolf In The Wild Tattoo

Very striking tattoo! We love how the wolf stares while the face looks appearing from wild frame. Such tattoos definitely add a lot of character to your personality and speak for you in an all different way.

#3: Pure Spirit

Wolves are always associated with the moon. If you want a large upper arm tattoo that is unique, exclusive, and speaks of your belief at a different level then this wolf tattoo is just for you. What a remarkable depiction of a wolf as a saint.

#4: Lone Wolf


For a strong and independent personality, a lone wolf tattoo with the woods in the wild is just perfect. Lone wolf is tend to be stronger than the pack and is certainly more dangerous. So let the world know your fierce nature with your choice of tattoo.

#5: Fierce Wolf and the Flowers

Is it difficult to understand you? Let that be expressed by your interesting and intriguing wolf and flowers tattoo like this. Very imaginative! We love how the attacking wolf looks coming out of the flower bush.

#6: Thigh Wolf Tattoo

One of the best places to get a wolf face tattoo is a thigh. Thigh being large enough offers a lot of space to try a bigger tattoo and when you rock those beach shorts, it certainly looks head-turning.

#7: Wolf Shadow Tattoo

What a dramatic wolf-inspiring tattoo is this! On a hand, the face with deep eyes expresses serenity while the black wolf figure with its shadow expresses the multi-facets of life and how your live them.

#8: Wolf, Flowers And Moon

Wolves make an excellent subject in Native American culture. This wolf with a half-moon symbol on its head, flowers around, and the dots in symmetry all make this tattoo so intriguing and eye-catching.

#9: Realistic Wolf Tattoo

A high level of perfection and expertise is needed for a realistic tattoo like this. It’s always better to look for an experienced tattoo artist that can create an illusion of photo-realism for such a complex theme.

#10: Black Wolf Arm Tattoo

This is a broad arm tattoo that speaks for high-level precision. We are awe-struck by the exceptional detailing from the wolf face to the howling wolves with the jungle in the background.

#11: Wolf And Bee Tattoo

There are so many wolf tattoo ideas you can try that speak for your mind and personality. For instance, this tattoo looks o mischievous with a gazing wolf face and a bee with so many native decorations in it.

#12: Native American Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are often associated with loyalty and courage as well as strength and hunting in the Native American culture. This geometric tattoo with tribal detailing is the finest choice to celebrate the heritage.


#13: Grey Wolf

You can choose a wolf face with geometric patterns such as this grey wolf with the pyramid to express your mystic and celestial interests.

#14: Wolf  Mythology Tattoo

Wolves are highly celebrated in different mythologies such as Celtic, Noras, Greek, and Roman to name a few. If you have any inclination to any of the mythologies, a highly articulated tattoo like this is sure to compliment you.


#15: Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Wolves and dream catchers symbolize protection and therefore this Native American-inspired tattoo design with elements of feathers and the wolf face is a subtle tribute to the ancestry.

#16: Wolf In The Meadows Back Tattoo

Your back is an ideal placement for a thoughtful tattoo. You may create a bigger design that covers a lot of intricate detailing or may choose to go with finer lines and flowers like this wolf and flower tattoo.

#17: Howling Wolf Tattoo

Howling wolf tattoos are definitely a great choice if you want a dramatic and meaningful inking. They signify the call of the wild to communicate with your pack and to mark your territory which means to stay connected with family and loved ones.

#18: Refine Wolf Hand Tattoo

Speak for your emotional side with a tattoo like this on your arm. A wolf with a flower shows the soft side of the animal spirit. We love how every stroke of the fur and those eyes made this tattoo so realistic while the red rose is just outstanding.

#19: Skalli Wolf Tattoo

If you believe in Norse mythology, this tattoo showing the might wolf chasing the sun across the heavens is a beautiful depiction of your faith. We are totally smitten by the artistic perfection in this hand tattoo.

#20: Expressive Wolf Head Tattoo

The animal being highly expressive is most popular amongst tattoo enthusiasts. This wolf head tattoo with the delighting water background is so striking that it feels real. Go only for the most skilled artist for such a remarkable work of inking.

#21: Tattoo on Howling To Moon Wolf

Representing mystery or showing the connectivity with the primal instincts, it is known for centuries that wolves howl the most on a full moon night. Whatever the reason is, a howling wolf and a moon make a superb design idea for a body inking.

#22: Interesting Couple Wolf Tattoo

If you wish to show your love and bonding just like the wolves, these ‘his and her’ tattoo designs make an apt choice. With just the geometric detailing, the tattoos speak a lot.

#23: Wolf And Moon Shoulder Tattoo

The finest tattoo doesn’t’ have to be elaborative but it should capture the essence just like this shoulder piece. Observe how wonderfully yet simply the artist has inked every line of the feather with the moon and the howling wolf in it.

#24: Minimalistic Wolf

Want to enjoy a simple design that speaks volumes? Choose a wolf face like this tattoo. You may alter the size and position of a tattoo from shoulder to finger or anywhere on the body and it will yet express your pure spirit personality.

#25: Marking The Territory

Wolves are known to snarl and howl to mark their territory. A distinctively fierce design like this full shoulder tattoo with varied elements skillfully explains that you are rebellious and courageous. Moreover, very serious about your space and no one should mess up with you.

#26: Back Of The Ear

What an interesting idea to enjoy your love for wolf inspired tattoo without showing off. You may choose a design that speaks your heart yet keep it reserved to show only the loved ones.

#27: Sentimental Tattoo

We are moved by this design that features a baby wolf seeing the reflection of its parent in the water while the sun is setting in the meadows. Every stroke is par excellence in this tattoo that speaks volumes about the bonding and longing.

#28: The Primal Power Of Fearlessness

The alpha wolf is known for its predation power and fearlessness. Similarly, a lone wolf exemplifies survival. When you decide to express your animal spirit, a shoulder tattoo with ample detailing is a sure hit. Try with a large design, colors, and a lot of shading.

#29: Celtic Inspired Tattoo

Wolves being highly revered in the Irish and Welsh myths act as a significant design theme for a Celtic wolf tattoo like this inked on the lower shoulder.

#30: Wolf The Warrior

Wolves being enigmatic, powerful, and fearless creatures have always inspired people across the mythologies as a spirit animal. You may celebrate its wilderness and warrior attitude with a large tattoo on the shoulder, chest, or back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wolf tattoo meaning?

Like the lions and tigers, wolves are highly celebrated as a tattoo subject. A wolf tattoo meaning can be interpreted in several ways. It represents guardianship, pure spirit, and the quick ability to make firm decisions. When you choose a wolf tattoo, you can pick a design that speaks your mind and heart. For instance, a howling wolf speaks for strength in numbers and readiness to protect the family. Similarly, a pack of wolves represents firm emotional attachments and a highly protective feeling. While these are a few ideas you can connect with, the interpretation of wolf tattoo meaning may worry as per your personal thoughts and how you get it inked.

What does a wolf tattoo symbolize?

A wolf tattoo symbolism is also of mystical in nature. Wolves are also celebrated in different cultures throughout the world. So if you want a tribal tattoo with deep-rooted symbolism, a wolf icon connected with the North American culture would fit best.

Can Christians get wolf tattoos?

As explained, wolves have been respected almost everywhere in the western world. In Christianity also, they are considered the spiritual guides in the afterlife. They also signify courage, leadership, and fearlessness.

Cost of a wolf tattoo?

Multiple factors involve in deciding the cost of a wolf tattoo. An average black and white tattoo starts at $200. However, it can go up to $1000 depending on the design complexities, the experience of the artist, and other factors. Usually, the experienced artists take $200 -$400 per hour. Of course, add a 15-20% on the total to tip your artist once the work is done to your expectations.

Howling wolf tattoo meaning?

Howling of the wolves is the most recognizable calls of the wild and it has its own reasons. A howl communicates with the rest of the pack and also to mark the territory. An alpha wolf howls at the full moon. So when you wish to express strength, free-spiritedness and connection with family, community or people with the same thoughts, choose howling wolf tattoo.

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