84 Trendy Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas To Fight Your Nightmares

Dream catcher tattoo is not just about filtering out bad dreams. In fact, if you return to history, dream catchers have a deeper meaning.

The Native Americans used to weave dream catchers and keep them beside the newborns. They believed the feathers would catch all the dark energies and keep the babies safe.

Later, people took this as an inspiration and commercialized dream catchers as a symbol of positivity. The tattoos also carry a similar thought.

When you get a dream catcher tattoo, it stands as a token of protection. The body art will motivate you to fight anything evil and challenging in life.

Here are 84 unique dream catcher tattoo designs for you.


84 Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Dream catcher tattoos are really thoughtful and deep. Yes, they might look simple at first glance. But when you get to know the meaning, it will blow your mind.

The best part here is that you can customize the basic dream catcher. For example, adding butterflies, mandalas, birds, or flowers to the dream catcher has become a trend. You will get to know the meaning of each of these designs from the following write-up.


Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo

The butterfly is a symbol of hope, faith, and a new beginning. Inking the butterfly on the dream catcher adds boldness to the entire tattoo. Such unique designs represent the end of a bad phase and remind you to keep a positive outlook.

1. A Pure Soul  

Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: allysink714

There is a belief that the butterfly represents a person’s soul. A fusion tattoo with a butterfly and dream catcher reflects the purity and positive attitude of the bearer.

2. Undying Love 

Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: rubylouise86

A fluttering butterfly pair depicts the story of eternal love, and a dream catcher stands for protection. This tattoo shows that you will shield your love from all the evil in the world.

3. Breaking The Shackle 

Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: daves_tattoo

The butterfly stands as a rebirth symbol for Christians and Native Americans. These butterflies leaving the dream catcher web means you are out of your bad dream and free in life.


Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo

Don’t you think a thigh dream catcher tattoo is perfect for ambiverts? Well, with thigh tattoos, you can avoid prying eyes by wearing long clothes. Again, if the mood strikes, you can show off the tattoos by switching to a short bottom wear.

However, thigh tissues are sensitive. So, consider the pain before going with a thigh tattoo.

4. Heavenly Dreams

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: buntfaerbereitattoo

This stunning floral dream catcher tattoo gives a positive vibe on the very first look. Flowers on the catcher band mean that your dreams are protected and blessed.

5. The Good Luck Charm 

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: bladetattoos13

For women, this hibiscus-flowered dream catcher tattoo represents waking up from a nightmare. Well, for men, this tattoo is a symbol of strength and motivation to chase their dreams.

6. Self-Obsession 

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbymalchindley

The flowers, here, are for good luck, and the mirror accessory indicates confidence. This dream catcher thigh tattoo suits independent, liberal girls who always stand up for themselves.


Henna Tattoo Dream Catcher Designs

The best things about henna tattoos are they are temporary and cheap. On top of that, if you are creative, you can curve the tattoo on your own. Girls love henna tattoo because it offers a homely touch. The henna dream catcher tattoos generally last for 1 to 3 weeks.

7.  Fire Inside You

Henna Tattoo Dream Catcher Designs 1
Source: kaur_jewelrybar

The above tattoo illustrates a battle between positivity and darkness. It shows that you must have a spark inside to protect your goodness from all the evil energies.

8. Girl Power  

Henna Tattoo Dream Catcher Designs 2
Source: kaur_jewelrybar

Women get this type of dream catcher tattoo to express their liberty and softness. The bow shows how strong a girl can be, whereas the love embodies their emotional side.

9. Life Chakra 

Henna Tattoo Dream Catcher Designs 3
Source: hinawati21

The Ying Yang has added the perfect sense of spirituality to this dream catcher tattoo. It signifies the life circle and how everything is divided into good and bad.


Dream Catcher Owl Tattoo

Owl tattoos are pretty popular among Gen-Z and millennials. The design becomes more attractive and trendy when you make a fusion of owl and dream catcher. In most scenarios, both the owl and dream catcher stand for a positive outlook.

10. The Visionary 

Dream Catcher Owl Tattoo 1
Source: sam_e_so_so

Owls are often used as the epitome of vision. In this tattoo, the owl signifies the ability to see past all the illusions. Likewise, the dream catcher here symbolizes protection in this journey.

11. Guardian Angel

Dream Catcher Owl Tattoo 2
Source: ianleo666tattooartist

Who doesn’t want a fairy godmother? The owl in this tattoo looks out for a pending doom, while the dream catcher acts as a protector.

12. Wiser Than Yesterday

Dream Catcher Owl Tattoo 3
Source: adaminktattooandsilver

An owl often symbolizes wisdom. The owl-dream catcher tattoo expresses your mature self. You can get this back tattoo when you step into your 20s.


Forearm Dream Catcher Tattoo

Forearm tattoos suit a bold and bohemian personality. These tattoos can be expensive and take much detailing to stand out. Introverts often avoid getting a forearm dream catcher tattoo as these designs are highly visible. Of course, you can get forearm tattoos as a beginner because they demand the least endurance.

13. Stone of Virtue 

Forearm Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: pinfoldtattoo

Get this metaphorical dream catcher tattoo to keep your spirit up. The gem in the middle and flame on the top of the dream catcher illustrate faithfulness and humility.

14. Messenger Of Life

Forearm Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: agus_keristiawan

Think no more if you claim to be extraordinary. The tree in the dream catcher represents the vitality of life. Again, the bird here adds peace and purity to the tattoo.

15. Mindfulness

Forearm Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: foxy_biscuits

The circles and webs of a dream catcher are usually decoded as the complexities of life. With this tattoo, you replace the hardship with flowers, which symbolize wishful thinking and consciousness.


Dream Catcher Leg Tattoo

Pain can be less intense on your legs. So, why don’t you get a leg dream catcher tattoo as a trial? Angling the dream catcher on your legs adds a new dynamic to the entire meaning. Now, the design depicts your thoughtful and positive attitude towards life.

16. The New Beginning 

Dream Catcher Leg Tattoo 1
Source: tattoos_by_tonicha

Add these little colorful butterflies to your basic dream catcher tattoo. The butterflies express that you are moving forward in life with a positive outlook.

17. Sing In Harmony 

Dream Catcher Leg Tattoo 2
Source: reptipunk91

Of course, the dream catcher is there to protect you. Still, you need your friends to keep going. This tattoo can be a tribute to such a special bond.

18. The Royal Lotus 

Dream Catcher Leg Tattoo 3
Source: blackout_tattoo_goerlitz

The lotus conveys purity and hope. This elegant lotus breaking out of the dream catcher symbolizes strength and empowerment. It says you are enough to beat the darkness and chase your dream.


Dream Catcher Back Tattoo

I always feel back tattoos are safe and suit almost all personalities. You can reveal the tattoo whenever you are in the mood to flex. A dream catcher on the back always stands for courage. The tattoo stands there as an archangel, helping you to become a better version of yourself.

19. The Unseen 

Dream Catcher Back Tattoo 1
Source: thetattooedtattooist

This tattoo can be your answer to those who make you feel inferior. See how the dream catcher web is converting into an elegant mandala. It symbolizes the transformation into a stronger version.

20. Tickling Dreams 

Dream Catcher Back Tattoo 2
Source: woorieun_

Do you want a basic dream catcher tattoo? Then, get this tattoo without a second thought. Here, the purple butterflies on the dream catcher represent the simplicity of life.

21. Success over Pain

Dream Catcher Back Tattoo 3
Source: kave_artist

This tattoo is for hustlers. The red horse symbolizes pain, and the blue one is for success. The tattoo expresses you as a dreamer who never fears hard work.


Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo

Each part of a dream catcher embodies a different meaning. The feathers are more like a filter for the bad dreams. When you opt for a dream catcher feather tattoo, you choose to push back the darkness of life.

You can add designs and colors to the feathers. It will make the tattoo more eye-catching and meaningful.

22. Feathers Of Hope

Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo 1
Source: mattblanchardtattoos_

You can glide through anything if you have hope within. The lotus blooming from the dream catcher reflects such optimism. This tattoo gives you the resilience to the hardship of life.

23. The Sun Summoner 

Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo 2
Source: nyckitattoo

A sun summoner carries immense power to beat anything on the path. The pair of sunflowers within this dream catcher tattoo will remind you of your potential.

24. Chasing The Dream 

Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo 3
Source: theavalonroom

We often lose focus on our goals. But if we have a north star, we will reach our dreams anyway. This tattoo can be your companion on the road to success.


Heart Dream Catcher Tattoo

You can interpret heart-shaped dream catchers in different ways. They may stand for holiness or just express your emotions. You must add more accessories to the design to give the tattoo a subtle meaning. Only then will the tattoo reflect your personality and intention.

25. Bond For Life 

Heart Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: paintedturtletattoo

This heart-shaped dream catcher is a token of love for our loved ones. You can even add their names to the design to make it more special.


Heart Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: brian_lemmyisgod_wheeler



Heart Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: mrsimontattoo


Mandala Dream Catcher Tattoo



Mandala Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: fracas_tattoo



Mandala Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: inkedby.tiny



Mandala Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: daynanortontattoo


Shoulder Dream Catcher Tattoo



Shoulder Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: sonia.coleman.artist



Shoulder Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: tattooist_giho_



Shoulder Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: saintinksweden


Indian Dream Catcher Tattoo



Indian Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: clawww_tattoo



Indian Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: padmaink



Indian Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: tutantattoo_torrevieja


Dream Catcher Bear Tattoo



Dream Catcher Bear Tattoo 1
Source: arlington_ink



Dream Catcher Bear Tattoo 2
Source: eternaltattooing



Dream Catcher Bear Tattoo 3
Source: saviodsilvasfineartstudio


Dream Catcher Knee Tattoo



Dream Catcher Knee Tattoo 1
Source: atattooco



Dream Catcher Knee Tattoo 2
Source: kenex_tattoo



Dream Catcher Knee Tattoo 3
Source: brikrangeltattoo


Native American Dream Catcher Tattoo


Native American Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: flyritetattoo



Native American Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: samguinart



Native American Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: gunsartwork


Dream Catcher Chest Tattoo



Dream Catcher Chest Tattoo 1
Source: akela.tattoo



Dream Catcher Chest Tattoo 2
Source: clubtattoolasvegas



Dream Catcher Chest Tattoo 3
Source: xiaotattoo.tw


Dream Catcher Tattoo Cover Up


Dream Catcher Tattoo Cover Up 1
Source: sun_69customtattoo_kohsamui



Dream Catcher Tattoo Cover Up 2
Source: olgacaca



Dream Catcher Tattoo Cover Up 3
Source: semiburntcookies


Elephant Dream Catcher Tattoo



Elephant Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: siminamina



Elephant Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: clarencepettyjohn



Elephant Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: valeriesachitattoos


Lotus Dream Catcher Tattoo


Lotus Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: evatattooing.ttt



Lotus Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: tattuartmargarida



Lotus Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: cuetattoos


Skull Dream Catcher Tattoo



Skull Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: craftsmantattoo518



Skull Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: xtattooredx



Skull Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: samguinart


Sunflower Dream Catcher Tattoo



Sunflower Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: nine1873



Sunflower Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: georgedressing



Sunflower Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: mamagshouse


Yin Yang Dream Catcher Tattoo



Yin Yang Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: carly.roo



Yin Yang Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: luckiemaclo



Yin Yang Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: talgarber1495


Dream Catcher Compass Tattoo



Dream Catcher Compass Tattoo 1
Source: ginseventyone



Dream Catcher Compass Tattoo 2
Source: noalox



Dream Catcher Compass Tattoo 3
Source: jaliltattoo18


Rose Dream Catcher Tattoo



Rose Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: pirty_tattoos



Rose Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: made_skinenvyinkbali



Rose Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: incredibleinktattoostudio


Cherokee Dream Catcher Tattoo



Cherokee Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: crushing1



Cherokee Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: crushing1



Cherokee Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: divine_ink127


Dream Catcher Memorial Tattoo



Dream Catcher Memorial Tattoo 1
Source: inktherapist_apu



Dream Catcher Memorial Tattoo 2
Source: mootattoophilly



Dream Catcher Memorial Tattoo 3
Source: heatherpilapil


Traditional Dream Catcher Tattoo



Traditional Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: meifangtattoo



Traditional Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: skin_deceptions



Traditional Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: doodle_ling


Dragon Dream Catcher Tattoo



Dragon Dream Catcher Tattoo 1
Source: phoenix_designs37



Dragon Dream Catcher Tattoo 2
Source: liddyc.creations



Dragon Dream Catcher Tattoo 3
Source: afrochulatattoo


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Does A Dream Catcher Tattoo Symbolize?

As per ancient history, dream catchers are the symbol of protection from bad dreams. In the modern world, tattoos with dream catchers illustrate harnessing positive energy in life.


2. What Does A Dreamcatcher Mean In Love?

You can get a dream catcher tattoo to express your love. The heart-shaped dream catchers represent your emotional and sensitive personality.


3. What Tattoos Go With Dream Catchers?

Customization of the dream catcher tattoos is possible. The dream catchers sit fine with floral designs, animals, mandalas, and even butterflies.


4. What Does Lotus Mean In A Dream Catcher?

Lotus usually symbolizes purity, hope, and faith. A lotus in a dream catcher adds boldness to the entire meaning. It embodies awakening and maturity.



There is a debate that dream catcher tattoo designs are only for girls. Well, no! Dream catcher tattoos are equally popular among boys.

Usually, the dream catcher tattoo is used as a symbol of protection. But you can modify the design and mold it to reflect your personality.

We have discussed dream catcher tattoo ideas that talk about life, success, pain, grace, and humility. You can add more dynamics to the design by dropping more elements and colors.

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