96 Top Bear Paw Tattoos for Men and Women

The bear paw tattoos contain multiple designs and symbolize an ancient culture. This is the richest tattoo in the tattoo world. According to many ancient cultures, bears are connected to the spiritual world. Hence, these tattoos contain lots of meaning in your body.

Starting with the Native American tattoo, you’ll experience many more bear paws. The most attractive section you’ll see when you reach the realistic tattoo designs. Furthermore, if you want to have the full bear on your body except for the only paw, we’ve got a huge collection for you. So, scroll down and grab your pick.

96 Bear Paw Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Bear paw tattoos make anyone looks extraordinarily sexy. Imagine the attention you’ll have after wearing them. Even after you go through this page you’ll come to know how important bear is in many ancient cultures. So, sit tight and explore the most fashionable tattoos on our list.

Native American Bear Paw Tattoo

Bears are well respected and adorable by Native American people. You’ll see a little glimpse of that culture here. We’ve shown you the three most gorgeous Native American bear paw tattoos to your liking.

1. Pirate in the Paw

Native American Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: cribbe667

The first tattoo on our list doesn’t only show a bear paw but a pirate in it. It’s a soldier looking to lead a crew with his wisdom. This tattoo is well illustrated as it also reflects a tent behind the pirate.

2. Paw bite

Native American Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: drmyk122

The Paw Bite tattoo looks like it’s about to bite its enemy. There’s a bear face in the palm and two eyes in the claws. Apparently, it’s one of the most aggressive tattoos on our list.

3. Fired paw

Native American Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: candice.caldwell.day

The paw Illustrated in this tattoo seems like it has walked hundreds of miles in the desert. Or it has caught fire. The scar of fire is still visible on the palm of this bear’s paw.

Tribal Bear Paw Tattoo

Bears contain great tribal rituals in some regions. And these sections will have some glint of those tribes. The following section will have the most unique bear paw tattoos you see.

4. Paw tribe 

Tribal Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: alxjrko.ink

The ancestors of Native Americans always maintained a strict tribe in their time. However, nobody has seen such as Paw Tribe. The way this tattoo has been illustrated, it looks like some kind of sign that indicates the way to get to God.

5. Astros

Tribal Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: blackpearltattoohouma

We often see some astrologers or tantric wearing black smoke on their faces. It’s a common scenario in Africa. Imagine the face on a bear paw tattoo. This tattoo exactly brings that Astros on our list.

6. Sharp claw 

Tribal Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: domynykablack

This is one of the sharpest drawn tattoos we’ve seen. The claws it has is too keen and well illustrated. If you notice it carefully, you’ll see a bear face in it. Wearing it anywhere on your chest will seems like you have a scratch from a bear.

Bear Paw Tattoo Ideas

A bear is always a symbol of strength. And here we have come up with some fancy ideas to illustrate that strength in various ways. Let’s have a look.

7. Crown claw

Bear Paw Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: charlestrujillo

This bear paw tattoo brings a paw that’s wearing a crown. Yes! It’s out of the book of course. But the crown makes the tattoo looks glamorous.

8. Electric bear paw

Bear Paw Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: humblerose_tattoo

This tattoo is so creative and well-structured. The Claws are as sharp as electrons and there’s an electric tower inside them. There’s also a bear who seems like getting an electric charge.

9. Killer claw

Bear Paw Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: uraineumtattoo

Do you know why this tattoo has the name Killer Claw? It is because the black paw has human blood in it. It looks like it just has killed a human.

Grizzly Bear Paw Tattoo

Grizzly bears are the most lethal animal in North America. They are known as the deadliest bears and the tattoos below will represent them in some unique way.

10. Paw in the feathers

Grizzly Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: thelifeofchrystal

With lots of feathers around, this tattoo has been illustrated in a nice black vibe. This bear paw tattoo brings a natural look to your body with the strength of a paw.

11. Bear daddy

Grizzly Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: tatsbyrowdy

Here you get two bear paws on your body. One with a larger size and the other is tiny. The big size paw is scratched first then the small one appears behind it. It certainly indicates a father-and-son duo. And the father leads the way for his son.

12. Broken bear 

Grizzly Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: sincyrtattoo

The paw it has looks fragile. However, it’s the most artistic tattoo of all. It comes in black colour and well suits your complexion with its unique appearance.

Bear Paw Hand Tattoo

Bear paw hand tattoos are mainly

.So, don’t wear it elsewhere. scroll down and check out the most stylish section of tattoos on our list

13. Zaraxas 

Bear Paw Hand Tattoo 1
Source: 720mainstreettattoo

This Zaraxas bear paw tattoo is scary. It’s more like a demon paw. The claw is sharp and looks poisonous as well. Anyone wearing this tattoo will find a grave look on a certain part of his body.

14. Eye for an eye 

Bear Paw Hand Tattoo 2
Source: tattoojuansanchez

This is the most glamorous bear paw tattoo you see. It comes with an eye over it and is protected with a big feather. If you wear this on the upper side of your wrist, the tattoo will suit you perfectly.

15. Grave grip

Bear Paw Hand Tattoo 3
Source: bennotatts

This tattoo suits adequately any size of the arm and brings a great look. The paw looks as if it’s grabbing something, it’ll never let that thing go. The tattoo also looks real as it shows your skin through it.

Polar Bear Paw Print Tattoo

Who doesn’t know about the polar bear? We often see them on the Discovery channel surviving against the hardship of nature. Below you’ll have a few scratches of polar bears with some unique designs.

16. Polar of love

Polar Bear Paw Print Tattoo 1
Source: infamous.jade775

It is more like a chest tattoo. It illustrates two polar bears on each side of your chest. The bears took place facing each other as they are approaching for a hug.

17. Glam 

Polar Bear Paw Print Tattoo 2
Source: avinkart.tattoo

We have seen this scenario on TV where a polar bear is finding food in a tough conditions. Despite the icy breeze it keeps searching for food from one place to another. Here, we get that screen in a more glamorous way. This glam bear paw tattoo scratches a polar bear with a colourful appearance.

18. Witcher’s paw

Polar Bear Paw Print Tattoo 3
Source: outamind_ink

The leaf that witchers wear on their head, what if you see that leaf tied underneath paws? It’ll certainly create a horrifying image. In the witcher’s paw tattoo, you’ll have two paws tied with a magical leaf. Drawing them on your knee, you’ll feel like a witcher.

Realistic Bear Paw Tattoo

The realistic bear paw tattoos will bring you some illustrations that’ll look real. It will take someone a few minutes to inspect whether it’s a tattoo or a scar from a bear on your body. Let’s take a look.

19. Rough claw 

Realistic Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: tightlinetattoo

Just a little scratch makes this rough claw tattoo looks iconic. The way it has been designed, it’ll show your skin. And thus it’ll make it look so gorgeous. Also, the tattoo has a unique illustration of a rough scar. It will seem like you’ve been hurt by a bear paw.

20. Tadection 

Realistic Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: startattooer

This is one of the cutest bear paw tattoos on our list. Here we see a mama bear paw holding another paw of its tad. The affection to a tad makes it get the name Tadection. The drawing is so real that you’ll forget that it’s an illustration.

21. Grown-up paw

Realistic Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: melania_damelio_art

If you’ve seen an old bear paw, you’ll relate to this tattoo very well. The tattoo has been drawn gravely and put the paw on your body so realistically. The claw is of an old bear who’s vastly experienced in life.

Bear Paw Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The reason why these tattoos are named Dreamcatcher is they come with designs that you may dream of. In other words, the bear paw dreamcatcher tattoos have the most unique look of all.

22. In vough 

Bear Paw Dreamcatcher Tattoo 1
Source: shawnohmite

The fashionable look of this tattoo gets it the name In Vough. The paw appears in a reddish colour with two peacock feathers tied to it. Anyone who likes the glamorous look on their body will instantly like this tattoo.

23. Vestige

Bear Paw Dreamcatcher Tattoo 2
Source: christianwhalvin

A little footprint of an infant in a ring with feathers makes this vestige tattoo looks iconic. It has the most mysterious look among all the tattoos we’ve shown. If you are a man of mystery personality, it will fit you perfectly.

24. Tadstep 

Bear Paw Dreamcatcher Tattoo 3
Source: create_art_tattoo

A footstep of a tad comes in a ring with lots of feathers around making the tattoo another mysterious one. It scratched more softly than the previous one but creates the same enigma with a greater look.

Bear Paw Face Tattoo

Bear paw face tattoos have two in one combination. Wearing them, you’ll have both the paw and the face. That way, the tattoo will look so gorgeous on your body.

25. Bear king

Bear Paw Face Tattoo 1
Source: spookysophietattoo

Here we see the king face of a bear through the paw. The tattoo is adjusted so nicely that makes it looks fabulous. Underneath the tattoo, you can also get a full illustration of a mama bear finding food with its kids.


Bear Paw Face Tattoo 2
Source: hanhanjiang66


Bear Paw Face Tattoo 3
Source: ladyluck.sj

Norse Bear Paw Tattoo


Norse Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: fre.jka


Norse Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: idolizetattoo


Norse Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: 13moonstattoostudio

Viking Bear Paw Tattoo


Viking Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: juic_tattoo


Viking Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: thelivingcanvastattoo2


Viking Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: katskincult

Abstract Bear Paw Tattoo


Abstract Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: painted_heart_arts


Abstract Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: shirlys.ink


Abstract Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: inkedbykt

Ark Bear Paw Tattoo


Ark Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: kahm_tattoo


Ark Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: tobysicks


Ark Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: cstattoocompany

Baby Bear Paw Tattoo


Baby Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: baskasowinska


Baby Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: tatsbyrowdy


Baby Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: anymarkli

Bear Paw Chest Tattoo


Bear Paw Chest Tattoo 1
Source: bodyartistsd


Bear Paw Chest Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbymarilyn


Bear Paw Elbow Tattoo


Bear Paw Elbow Tattoo 1
Source: stephaniemonttattoo


Bear Paw Elbow Tattoo 2
Source: cyrusprwee888


Bear Paw Elbow Tattoo 3
Source: snowsweetsweet92

Bear Paw Family Tattoo


Bear Paw Family Tattoo 1
Source: colored_by_chris


Bear Paw Family Tattoo 2
Source: valhallvaror


Bear Paw Family Tattoo 3
Source: mglatattoo

Bear Paw Feather Tattoo


Bear Paw Feather Tattoo 1
Source: jonesing.ink


Bear Paw Feather Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbykevintaylor


Bear Paw Feather Tattoo 3
Source: d2tattooart

Bear Paw Heart Tattoo


Bear Paw Heart Tattoo 1
Source: ab_original_ink


Bear Paw Heart Tattoo 2
Source: kutthroat_33


Bear Paw Heart Tattoo 3
Source: paulnagraphic_images

Bear Paw Scratch Tattoo


Bear Paw Scratch Tattoo 1
Source: iskotew


Bear Paw Scratch Tattoo 2
Source: scytheandsickletattoo


Bear Paw Scratch Tattoo 3
Source: horishitjun

Bear Paw Shoulder Tattoo


Bear Paw Shoulder Tattoo 1
Source: artofchee


Bear Paw Shoulder Tattoo 2
Source: kevinleippitattoo


Bear Paw Shoulder Tattoo 3
Source: neuhauser_tattooing

Bear Paw Tracks Tattoo


Bear Paw Tracks Tattoo 1
Source: iamrobinhm


Bear Paw Tracks Tattoo 2
Source: ag_tattoo_77


Bear Paw Tracks Tattoo 3
Source: bigpinkink98855

Bear Paw Traditional Tattoo


Bear Paw Traditional Tattoo 1
Source: mindy_fach_tattoo


Bear Paw Traditional Tattoo 2
Source: baroque.rococo


Bear Paw Traditional Tattoo 3
Source: steeltigertattoo

Dark Hair Bear Paw Tattoo


Dark Hair Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: tinatattoos


Dark Hair Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: sammiestattoostudio


Dark Hair Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: theinkpitwv

Forest Bear Paw Tattoo


Forest Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: everythingtattoo96


Forest Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: talismantattoocompany


Forest Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: venomvixenink

Geometric Bear Paw Tattoo


Geometric Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: aimes.tattoo.esthetic


Geometric Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: michaelabarber66


Geometric Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: nbtattoostudio

Greek Bear Paw Tattoo


Greek Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: ritesofpassagetattoo



Greek Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: hobokellyart

Haida Bear Paw Tattoo


Haida Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: goodvibesbodyart


Haida Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: thedookling


Haida Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: hennadee206

Polynesian Bear Paw Tattoo


Polynesian Bear Paw Tattoo 1
Source: emirbav


Polynesian Bear Paw Tattoo 2
Source: tavita_mose_tattoos


Polynesian Bear Paw Tattoo 3
Source: arguello_ink


So, at the end of a massive collection, how many bear paw tattoos you’ve picked for yourself? Don’t worry, these tattoos only cost around $50 apiece. So grab as much as you want and print by a professional designer within an hour. The tattoos not only change the appearance of your body but your personality as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do Bear Paw Tattoos Mean and Symbolize? 

A: The bear paw means and symbolizes power in native American culture. Bears are highly regarded in this region. A fragile or soft paw of a bear is a sign of a mama bear that indicates the mother’s care. In that sense, it is also a symbol of healing.

Q: What is Bear Paw Symbol?

A: A bear paw usually symbolises maternity, spiritedness, and strength. In the perception of other rich cultures, a bear paw indicates the mobility of life. Life goes on, that’s the other meaning of a bear paw. Anyone with a leadership mentality is often found wearing a bear paw tattoo.

Q: What does the Bear Paw Mean in Native Americans?

A: In native American Culture, bears are the most regarded animals. They are respected animals in this culture. There are several myths about them and the bear paw tattoos simply consist of the ritual thought by Native Americans. A bear paw reflects the care and power along with the connections between the bears and those people.

Q: What does the Celtic Bear Claw Symbolize? 

A: In Celtic Mythology, the bear claw symbolizes the motherhood of bears. A mama bear is always careful to its tad and also fierce as well. It protects its child at any cost. And the Celtic bear claw symbolizes the strength of a mother.

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