87 Best Chest Tattoos For Women To Catch Eyes In 2024!

Chest tattoos for women are a great way to show off their character and beliefs. It has many varieties that go well with almost every skin complexion.

However, it can be quite painful to get one. Because the chest area is very sensitive, especially for women.

Usually, chest tattoos for women tend to be in smaller sizes. There are a few exceptions, though. Women’s Full chest tattoos and tribal chest tattoos are typically bigger in size.

There are lots of elements that can be used as the theme or the subject of women’s chest tattoos. Among them are flowers, animals & birds, texts, patterns, etc.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before getting a chest tattoo for a woman and inspire your thinking. So, without further due, let’s get started.

Why do women get tattoos on their chests?

The reason for getting a chest tattoo for a woman varies from person to person. Some of the most common reasons are looking elegant & beautiful, showing off their beliefs, commemorating some special events, etc. They also get tattoos on their chest to show a sign of power and tolerance too.


Chest tattoo ideas for women

There are thousands of ideas for women’s chest tattoos. But they usually follow the same process. At first, there’s a subject or theme that gets selected and then there are other elements added around the subject. Slowly it builds up the tattoo. Below are some chest tattoo ideas for women which will help you get a new perspective.


1. Small Chest Tattoos

Women love to get small tattoos on their chests. It helps to express their thoughts and show off their personalities.


Minimal Flowers

small chest tattoos
Source: unbroken.crue

Simplicity is the main attraction point of this chest tattoo. The design goes nicely with her fair skin tone. The flowers on the end of the branches add a cute touch to it.


The Dragonfly

small chest tattoos
Source: _blindhouse_

A black & white dragonfly is inked on this beautiful woman’s left chest. The slim tail and the body create a good contrast of size in this chest tattoo for women.


Heavenly Love

small chest tattoos
Source: louccia

Heaven is a place for love and peace. The word heavenly is boldly tattooed on this young lady’s sternum, along with a love symbol on the bottom. They go nicely together.


2. Heart Chest Tattoos

The heart is one of the most important organs of a human being. It’s often known as the center of life. Many women’s chest tattoos revolve around a heart as the main attraction.


Reflection of Heart

heart chest tattoos
Source: livana.tatt

There is a mirror on top of this girl’s torso. The mirror has a heart drawn on it. It is a pure reflection of a person’s emotions.


Heart Of Flower

heart chest tattoos
Source: apollotattoo.praha

A flower is a symbol of delicacy & beauty. The heart inked on these women’s chests has lots of flowers embedded in them. It represents the delicate nature of this tattoo.


Burning Heart

heart chest tattoos
Source: lemontattoo_

The burn of desire can be easily spotted on this girl’s tattoo. The heart symbol is made from wires that have sharp ends & the fire is contained within that. A passionate piece of chest tattoo for women.


3. Middle Chest Tattoo

Most of the time, the middle part of the chest is used as the surface for women’s chest tattoos. This area typically has a plain and even surface that makes the tattoo more visible.


Funneled Flower

middle chest tattoo
Source: ebenholz_tattoo

In this tattoo, the flat surface of this beautiful girl’s chest has been properly utilized. There are multiple flowers drawn in a shape of a funnel. It channels all the attention from the top of the funnel to the end part.


Dead Eyes

middle chest tattoo
Source: mooody.ink

Two gorgeous eyes take all the attention of this piece. There’s also a butterfly that is combined with a skull. The cross on the bottom adds a religious touch to this amazing woman’s chest tattoo. The colors create a nice contrast against the fair skin of this lady.


Single Bloom

middle chest tattoo
Source: ink.salem

Sometimes it’s important to stand on your own and flourish. The flower on her sternum is doing exactly that. A tattoo with a strong message for all the women.


4. Cute Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos on women always carry feminine and cute vibes. A lot of tattoos are drawn specifically by keeping them in mind. They enhance the beauty of women and makes them appear cuter.


Shining Sun

cute chest tattoos
Source: helentattootx

Although there is a sun drawn with only the outline, The sparkles on the outside of the scorching sun make it more friendly and cute. A beautiful side chest tattoo of girls.


3D Heart

cute chest tattoos
Source: yurrtattoo

A simple yet gorgeous heart can be seen on this girl’s chest. The heart is black in color, but the use of negative space adds some depth to the piece and makes it look like a 3D sculpture on this woman’s upper body.


Black & White Rose

cute chest tattoos
Source: triss_z

Rose is one of the most popular flowers, and they are known for their bright red color. However, in this tattoo is drawn without color. It can indicate that the woman in this picture is missing colors in her life & needs a change.


5. Butterfly Chest Tattoos For Women

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and freshness. They are a top pick for vibrant chest pieces for women.


Colorful Butterfly

butterfly chest tattoos
Source: tatto.ogil

The vibrant colors on this butterfly spread a fresh vibe. The shadow on the bottom of this butterfly is also adding depth to her tattoo.


Giant Butterfly

butterfly chest tattoos
Source: clairroll

A huge butterfly can be seen covering this girl’s chest. The butterfly has completed all of its transformations and reached the pinnacle of growth. A tattoo for the full chest of women.


Monarch Butterfly

butterfly chest tattoos
Source: candy_namite

Monarch Butterflies are one of the most beautiful yet endangered species of butterfly. This tattoo reminds us that we should be more generous towards nature. A woman’s chest tattoo with deep meanings.


6. Side Chest Tattoos

Side of the chest tattoos for women tends to be smaller in size compared to full chest tattoos. They usually have a minimalist look, but there are some gorgeous pieces available too.


Evening Birds

side chest tattoos
Source: jess_inkertattoochina

The red sun in the middle of the three birds is a sign of dusk. The sun is going down, hence the red color on her side chest. The folks of birds are saying final goodbyes to each other.


Two-Sided Skull

side chest tattoos
Source: pricks_tattoo

The skull on this woman’s chest has two sides, one being black and the other white. We can also see some flowers on the white side, but no flowers on the dark side. It is showing the contrast between the two sides clearly.


Memorable Dates

side chest tattoos
Source: blakeinktattoos

We all have some special dates where we have some memories that we want to remember throughout our entire life. On the left side of this gorgeous woman’s chest are a few dates that she’ll remember for the rest of her life.


7. Simple Chest Tattoos

Sometimes simplicity is the best way. Having a simple chest tattoo makes women look more elegant and beautiful.


Triple Hearts

simple chest tattoos
Source: mel.yoyo

Three simple hearts are drawn within each other. The smallest heart is surrounded by layers. It shows the different layers of women’s hearts, and the dearest ones stay at the center of all.


Butterfly & Flowers

simple chest tattoos
Source: cupofgee

Both the flowers and the butterfly need each other to live. They form a symbiotic relationship that helps them to grow. This young lady believes in that and is reflecting her thoughts through this piece.


Small Daisy

simple chest tattoos
Source: vo_vo_

Two strands of daisy flowers are tattooed on her chest. Both of the flowers are facing away from each other. It tells us that although we can be simial on the outside, that doesn’t mean we’ll have a similar view on the inside. A simple yet deep tattoo.


8. Tribal Chest Tattoo

Tribal chest tattoos for women represent members of a tribal community. Many women get these types of tribal chest tattoos to show their appreciation for the tribe.


Center Chest Tribal Tattoo

 Tribal Chest Tattoo
Source: art.gustina

The woman in this picture has a freshly inked tattoo of a tribe symbol. The design is simple and bold. The redness around the tattoo will take some time to heal.


Tribal Artwork

Tribal Chest Tattoo
Source: jensati0nal

The entire upper chest of this girl is covered with a minimalistic design. The design represents a tribe & the artwork itself has a filigree style. A beautiful piece for women with fair skin.


Ancient Tribe

Tribal Chest Tattoo
Source: fakeskintattoo

Lines and dots are used to draw this tattoo on her chest. The simple patterns suggest that this is inspired by a very distant past. The flower on the side is an extra touch to the design.


9. Upper Chest Tattoos

Upper chest tattoos for women refer to the chest area that is just below the collar bone. It is extremely painful to get tattooed. If you can bear the pain, it’ll be worth it.


Flower Pairs

upper chest tattoos
Source: pinkladytattooer

On both sides of her upper chest is a pair of crimson red flowers accompanied by some leaves. The pair looks identical to each other but is mirrored. By the looks of the skin, it’s most likely freshly inked.


Shaded Plants

upper chest tattoos
Source: vultureculturev

Just like the previous tattoo, this young lady has two pieces just below the cooler bone. The shading on the leaves are giving a sense of depth to this piece.


Vibrant Roses

upper chest tattoos
Source: katkatattoo

The colors used on this woman’s chest piece are popping out. It’ll catch the attention of people around her instantly. The Green and red colors are creating a good contrast too.


10. Shoulder Chest Tattoos

A lot of the time, shoulder & chest tattoos are combined to give them a new look. The upper chest of the woman and her shoulder is inked on this type of tattoo.


Black & White Koi

shoulder chest tattoos
Source: tetovacka_

Two Japanese koi fish can be seen drawn on this gorgeous woman’s shoulder and chest. They are circling each other in a Yin & Yang formation that represents balance.


Tribal Ornament

shoulder chest tattoos
Source: flopapaya.ttt

The patterns on the tattoo on this lady’s chest suggest that it’s a tribal piece. The Filigree style on her shoulder makes it appear as an ornament.


Moon cycle

shoulder chest tattoos
Source: tattooartkarlsruhe

The bold colors on this chest and shoulder piece are accompanied by three moons. The moons are at different cycles. It balances out the heavy design on her chest.


11. Star Chest Tattoos

Stars are often used on women’s chest tattoos. Sometimes a single star is used to create a design, or sometimes they are used in groups.


Shining Star

star chest tattoos
Source: girlinheavystorm

A massive glowing star is in the middle of this girl’s chest. It is shining brightly, just like the girl in this picture.


Zodiac Constellation

star chest tattoos
Source: sani.tattoos

A bunch of stars is used to create a constellation on the side of the young woman’s chest. The stars are connected with simple dots, which creates a representation of a zodiac sign.


Black Star

star chest tattoos
Source: kmlemengen

Although stars are bright in nature in this piece it is drawn with black ink. Its dark color might represent some darkness within the woman in the picture.


12. Bird Chest Tattoos

Birds are a common subject when it comes to chest tattoos for women. They are appreciated for their agile and fun nature.


Puzzled Bird

bird chest tattoos
Source: magneticmark

Lots of small sections have formed this bird. The tattoo is covering her chest and breast area. Only the head of the bird is visible, and the rest is a mystery.


Love Birds

bird chest tattoos
Source: shellzinked

Two small birds can be seen on the side of this young woman’s torso. The sun in the background adds a romantic touch to the tattoo.


Multicolored Hummingbird

bird chest tattoos
Source: kaoritattoo

A tiny hummingbird is the main subject of this piece of art. There are a bunch of colors used in this tattoo. The slight strokes of colors on this feather create a majestic look.


13. Flower Chest Tattoos

The delicacy of a flower is often reflected in women’s chest tattoos. Flowers bring out a fresh vibe and make everything look beautiful.


Color Contrast

flower chest tattoos
Source: audaciousinktattoo

The green leaves and red roses creates a great contrast against the skin. The yellow sunflower reminds us of the fresh summer. A great choice for women with white skins.


Monochromatic Flower

flower chest tattoos
Source: allthepiercingsandmods

Everything in this tattoo is drawn by using only a single color. The tattoo is covering the center of her chest. The butterflies are floating freely around the flowers.


Spider Webs

flower chest tattoos
Source: lotsofinktattoo

Although it’s a flower tattoo, the spider Webs take away the attention and focus more on the spider. The spider is waiting for its prey behind the beauty of the flowers.


14. Dragon Chest Tattoo

Dragons are mythical creatures that possess immense power and strength. These mythical beings are heavily used in women’s tattoos.


Young Dragon

Dragon Chest Tattoo
Source: amme_d_encre_emma

A majestic young Dragon is inked on the side of this gorgeous woman’s chest. There are some red leaves around it. It looks like springtime and the dragon is enjoying its youth.


Dragon Heard

Dragon Chest Tattoo
Source: lisytattoo

Three dragons on this girl’s chest are flying in a formation. You don’t want to cross paths with them because most likely they’ll destroy everything in their path. A total display of dominant power.


Old & Mighty

Dragon Chest Tattoo
Source: nobodytattoo

With age comes experience. The dragon in this tattoo is one of the oldest looking. There are dark flames coming out of its body. An aggressive-looking tattoo on the girl’s chest.


15. Feminine Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos are a great way to show one’s beliefs. Feminism can also be displayed through these amazing chest tattoos for women.


Spring Flower

feminine chest tattoos
Source: newtattoo_qiqi

Just like the spring, this tattoo has a warm and welcoming vibe. The fertility of the spring resembles feminine nature. A wonderful choice for a feminine look.


Blooming Beauty

feminine chest tattoos
Source: delicate.pokes

There’s nothing more attractive than a blooming flower on a women’s chest. This piece screams feminism and creates a girly vibe.


Reflection Of Heart

feminine chest tattoos
Source: sarahthirteentattoo

A love-shaped mirror is surrounded by lots of filigree work. There are two roses that accompany the filigree design. The tattoo is nicely drawn on a cute girl’s chest. A true believer of feminism can get this without any hesitation.


16. Under Chest Tattoos


Center Arrow

under chest tattoos
Source: piercingsandtattoosbyfoxyg


Tiny Branch

under chest tattoos
Source: nothingwildtattoo


Triangle Of Flowers

under chest tattoos
Source: d.trinity_tattoo


17. Arty Chest Tattoo


Bold Sparrow

Arty Chest Tattoo
Source: neonwolfstudio


Red Diamond

Arty Chest Tattoo
Source: artytattoo


Knowledge Seeker

Arty Chest Tattoo
Source: jenz.ink.studio


18. Henna Chest Tattoo


Hena Rose

Henna Chest Tattoo
Source: spiralhenna


Filigree Shoulder & Chest

Henna Chest Tattoo
Source: emmathornetattoo


Fairy Book

Henna Chest Tattoo
Source: hennabyhali


19. Colorful Chest Tattoo


Moon Bird

Colorful Chest Tattoo
Source: mewkid


Butterfly Rose

Colorful Chest Tattoo
Source: txttoo


Galactic Love

Colorful Chest Tattoo
Source: thattattoochick


20. Geometric Chest Tattoo


Symmetric Flower

Geometric Chest Tattoo
Source: nautilusminimaltattoo


Tribal Geometry

Geometric Chest Tattoo
Source: pinkyppdarling


Dotted Artwork

Geometric Chest Tattoo
Source: rudyalvarotattoo


21. Moon Chest Tattoo


Solo Moon

Moon Chest Tattoo
Source: mcecilia_artworks


Rose Moon

Moon Chest Tattoo
Source: minhwa.tattooist


Moon Faced

Moon Chest Tattoo
Source: louisecolemantattoos


22. Dandelion Chest Tattoo


Fading Away

Dandelion Chest Tattoo
Source: danleo_santos_tatto


Disconnected Pulps

Dandelion Chest Tattoo
Source: kirth_tattooist


Minimal Dandelion

Dandelion Chest Tattoo
Source: jeffchewtattoostudio


23. Rose Chest Tattoos


Outlined Rose

 rose chest tattoos
Source: undergroundtattoos_stevenage


Rose Squad

rose chest tattoos
Source: molnarmario4


3D Rose

rose chest tattoos
Source: socratuarte


24. Script Chest Tattoo


Fancy Writing

Script Chest Tattoo
Source: chrystatts


Cursive Text

Script Chest Tattoo
Source: davyjuicytattoo


Love Poem

Script Chest Tattoo
Source: paintedladyparlour


25. Memorial Chest Tattoo

Fredric B. Shelar

 Memorial Chest Tattoo
Source: dannybeldendesigns



Memorial Chest Tattoo
Source: loztattoos


Love For Father

Memorial Chest Tattoo
Source: marked4lifetattoosparis


26. Word Chest Tattoos


Sinner & Saint

word chest tattoos
Source: ___carlyfries



word chest tattoos
Source: crownedraventattoo


Heart full of Love

word chest tattoos
Source: ephemeraltattoo


27. Snake Chest Tattoo


Face off

Snake Chest Tattoo
Source: zuzapolakowska


Battle Of Light

Snake Chest Tattoo
Source: beehappytattoos


Tangled Snake

Snake Chest Tattoo
Source: _mosiejczuk_


28. Feather Chest Tattoo


Bird Cycle

Feather Chest Tattoo
Source: reggiecarrasco


Feather Of love

Feather Chest Tattoo
Source: hren_luka


Infinite Cycle Of Family

Feather Chest Tattoo
Source: ei_bodyart


29. Compass Chest Tattoo



Compass Chest Tattoo
Source: tattooburns


Path Finder

Compass Chest Tattoo
Source: melosalazar


Partial Direction

Compass Chest Tattoo
Source: mitattoostudios



Chest tattoos for women are getting lots of attraction day by day. There are lots of options for different skin tones. Simple designs like stars, flowers, and side chest pieces don’t take much time yet look amazing. If you are in search of some tattoos that’ll grab everyone’s attention definitely give chest tattoos a thought. If you can tolerate the pain associated with getting one it’ll last you a lifetime.



How painful are chest tattoos for women?

Chest tattoos for women are extremely painful. On a scale of 1-10, it’s somewhere in the 9-10 range

What should a woman wear to get a chest tattoo?

Women can wear clothes that will reveal their chests and should be loose and comfortable.

What does a tattoo on the chest symbolize?

Tattoos on the chest symbolize courage & tolerance.

How much does a full chest tattoo cost?

A full chest tattoo can cost you around $650 to $1200.

How much does an under-breast tattoo hurt?

Under-breast tattoos are typically small and cost around $250

Is it a good idea to get a chest tattoo?

If you have a great tolerance for pain, then it’s a good idea.

Do chest tattoos stretch?

Most likely chest tattoos won’t stretch.

How long do chest tattoos last?

Chest tattoos can last up to 10 years without fading away.

How do you sit for a chest tattoo?

You should sit in a comfortable and slightly reclined position for getting a chest tattoo.

Are chest tattoos visible?

Unless you’re wearing a revealing dress or clothes it won’t be visible.

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