96 Clown Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men and Women

Many of us have grown up knowing clowns as a source of happiness and entertainment. But horror movies and shows have changed that meaning, giving clown tattoos an entirely new look and view. From happy and fun, to sad, evil, wicked, and so on, the way the world sees clowns and tattoos featuring them has changed significantly.

But many people are still enthusiastic about clown designs and want to give them a new look or meaning. But finding an appropriate style with clowns in it is not an easy task. But we are here for you, and thus, we have brought together some of the trending ideas of tattoos featuring clowns of several meanings and styles. In this blog, we will guide you through those designs and art.


96 Clown Tattoo Designs and Ideas

While the clown tattoos have a slightly scary vibe to them, the meanings behind these tattoos are extremely beautiful. From traditional art to rough styles, we have it all. So, discover the best clown designs and ideas for tattoos.


Sad Clown Tattoo

The world has always seen happy and laughing clowns, but have you ever seen a sad clown? Clowns are taught to entertain the world without expressing their sadness. Bottling up their sorrows, the clowns have to put on a happy face for the world. Let us see the top examples of sad clown tattoos.


1. The Sad Eyes

Sad Clown Tattoo 1
Source: enderslame

Can you see the sadness in the eyes of this pretty girl clown? Eyes speak the words that the mouth does not. The beautiful art on the face combined with the expression in the eyes looks perfect on a girl’s arm.


2. Tears In The Eyes

Sad Clown Tattoo 2
Source: emilycolgantattoos

The beautiful girl dressed as a clown has tears in her attractive blue eyes. The red tinge on her cheeks and the detailing on the clown hat make the design look outstanding. This design inked on a man’s arm is a top-notch choice.


3. The Hurting Baby 

Sad Clown Tattoo 3
Source: lilfunfetti

Tearing your eyes away from this colorful baby clown is heartwarming and painful at the same time. The baby is holding a mask behind his back, expressing the pain in his eyes. Get this baby clown tattoo inked as an expression of the pain and struggles of life.


Clown Face Tattoo

Clown face tattoos are beautiful and an attraction to the eyes. While clown faces are scary to many, the significant meanings behind these designs make these designs unique and artistic. Explore some of the best clown face designs with us.


4. The Don’t Care Vibe 

Clown Face Tattoo 1
Source: tattooconnect

Turn heads wherever you go with this stunning tattoo of a gangster clown. This design will beautify the features of your body and the distinctive art looks great on the arm or leg. It is a perfect choice for women and represents fearlessness, courage, and power.


5. The Clown Face 

Clown Face Tattoo 2
Source: thinktanktattoo

Amplify the amazing features of your arm by getting this clown face tattooed on yourself. The colorful finishing makes it a sight to behold while the unique design attracts attention.


6. The Naughty Clown Face 

Clown Face Tattoo 3
Source: nofacetattoo

Just take a look at the cute clown poking his tongue out at you. The chubby face is cute and the silly tongue gesture showcases childishness and cuteness with an amazing vibe. Get this tattoo as an expression of your innermost feelings.


Koko The Clown Tattoo

Fans of Out of the Inkwell are familiar with the famous Koko the Clown. The clown protagonist in the animated series is a favorite childhood memory among many people. And the memory can be inked on you permanently with these Koko the Clown tattoos. So, dive deep into these artistic designs of the famous character.


7. The Unlikely Friendship

Koko The Clown Tattoo 1
Source: tarryn_addlem_tattoo

Remember these famous characters from Out of the Inkwell? The design is a beautiful representation of a friendship between a clown and a ghost. Get this tattoo inked on your thigh or arm as a reminder of an unlikely friendship and love.


8. The Dancing Koko 

Koko The Clown Tattoo 2
Source: sahrachaink

Many of us love to hold onto our childhood memories, and tattoos are a great way of doing so. Koko the Clown is a major part of childhood entertainment and is a big throwback to the wonderful days. It looks divine on the arm of a man.


9. Matching Buddies

Koko The Clown Tattoo 3
Source: f0xinkz

Strengthen the beauty of your bond with your best friend or loved one with this iconic and unlikely friends duo. The matching tattoos show love, mutual respect, understanding, and most importantly, trust.


Chicano Clown Tattoo

Clowns in the Chicano culture come down bearing high significance. In this culture, the clowns refer to showcasing strength despite all the pain in life. Discover the top Chicano clown designs below.


10. Reality Behind The Mask

Chicano Clown Tattoo 1
Source: hells.beauty.tattoo

Hide your pain with this meaningful Chicano clown art. It is a representation that weakness must not be showcased in front of the world when times are tough. Get this design inked on your arm as a sign of strength and courage.


11. The Rose And The Clown

Chicano Clown Tattoo 2
Source: mentaltattoo1

Resisting the attraction of this eye-catching clown with a rose tattoo is extremely difficult. The artistic approach and detailing in this design make it a pleasant view to the eyes. This tattoo is undoubtedly a potentially perfect choice for a man’s hand.


12. The Power Of Evil

Chicano Clown Tattoo 3
Source: rodneydiser

In the Chicano culture, clowns hold a very deep and powerful message. This scary-looking clown is depicted as the epitome of gambling in the game of life. The creativity and talent of the artist are visibly forecasted in this piece of art.


Evil Clown Tattoo

In many occasions and scenarios, clowns are portrayed as evil. The sheer look of their soulless eyes combined with the horrifying makeup and art creates quite an impact on the viewers. So, without further ado, check out the best evil clown designs.


13. Catastrophic Eyes

Evil Clown Tattoo 1
Source: jroptattoo

Take a look at these scary and soulless eyes, staring at you with malice and spite. Many people believe that clown tattoos are artistic representations of our inner feelings. The 4-eyed clown with blood dripping from the eyes shows that evil intentions are a part of life.


14. Face Of Evil

Evil Clown Tattoo 2
Source: inkheaven247

Express the evil aspects of your soul and free yourself from the world with this stunning clown face tattoo. It is a perfect choice for art enthusiasts, fighters, and clown fans. The wide grin displaying the sharp teeth is a sign of evil, malicious thoughts.


15. Man With The Ice Cream 

Evil Clown Tattoo 3
Source: spock_13_99

What looks sweet does not always turn out to be sweet! This scary clown tattoo holding an ice cream is a clear portrayal of that. It is a symbolization that not everyone has the best intentions for you in mind. Tattooing this design on your skin is a reminder that the world is not what it looks like.


Gangster Clown Tattoos

Gangsters and robbers dressed up as clowns are not a new story. These gangster clown tattoos are a representation of courage, bravery, and strength with a hint of art. Let us see the top gangster clown tattoos.


16. The Band Of Robbers 

Gangster Clown Tattoos 1
Source: tattooinspiracaofc

Show off your perspective and creative side by getting the clown gangsters inked on your body. The intricate artwork and entangled details make this design a sight to the curious eyes. This style is perfect for a man’s thigh or leg.


17. The Scary Clown

Gangster Clown Tattoos 2
Source: ramage__

Attract eyes wherever you go with this robber clown with a gun tattoo. The design showcases a clown holding a gun that has just been fired. While a few people think that it is a scary tattoo, many people applaud the creativity and complexity of the design.


18. Gang Of The Clown Goons

Gangster Clown Tattoos 3
Source: israellgomestattoo

If you are a fan of movies and TV shows featuring clown gangsters, then this tattoo is perfect for you. Dedicate a sleeve tattoo to your favorite characters and earn a beautiful look in exchange. This design shows love, admiration, and dedication toward the characters who won hearts on the screen.


Traditional Clown Tattoo

Traditional tattoos never fail to win our hearts. The intricate styles and artistic edge of these designs combined with an additional aspect always create wonders. And the case is the same when traditional style matches clown art. Take a look at some of our favorite traditional clown tattoo designs.


19. Mysterious Clown 

Traditional Clown Tattoo 1
Source: number40tattoo

Beauty has no fixed definition and as the saying goes “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. It is a concept that many of us fail to grasp, and there is beauty in everything.  This stunning tattoo design is a clear example of that. Turn heads everywhere you go with this mysterious and stunning clown tattoo.


20. The Popped Out Brain

Traditional Clown Tattoo 2
Source: fabio_pepper_tattooer

Do you see the brain popping out of the clown’s skull? This innovative tattoo of a laughing clown is a representation of the teachings they get. Clowns are not allowed to show pain even when they are on the verge of death. It is a symbol of dedication, rules, and bindings in life.


21. The Floral Clown Top 

Traditional Clown Tattoo 3
Source: serwal.tattooer

The colorful clown hat with flowers and the coordination of colors and designs make this traditional tattoo worth attention. The placement of colors and patterns make it a wonderful choice for a female’s leg.


Cute Clown Tattoo

Finding a design or tattoo to beat cute tattoos is quite difficult. Not only do these tattoos warm our hearts, but also attract attention in every step. Check out a few examples of cute clown tattoos.


22. Baby Clown Cat 

Cute Clown Tattoo 1
Source: lovelyvomit

There is something undeniably cute about cats. And the results are much cuter when cats are combined with a clown aspect. The cuteness of this tattoo design is heartwarming and the detailing is magnificent.


23. The Hearty Cheeks

Cute Clown Tattoo 2
Source: rachktattoo

If the big eyes and hearts on your cheeks do not melt your heart, then who knows what will? Get this pretty clown baby tattooed on your skin as a sign of cuteness, admiration, and prettiness.


24. The Bubbly Clown

Cute Clown Tattoo 3
Source: ah.vocado

Just take a look at this insanely cute balloon clown. The circular shape and unique details amplify the features of the arm by a hundred times. It is a perfect choice for a woman’s arm and matches well with any style.


Insane Clown Posse Tattoo

The number of people who have not heard of the popular Insane Clown Posse is very low. The famous hip-hop duo was known for their songs and unique style. Let us see the best Insane Clown Posse tattoos.


25. The Infamous Duo 

Insane Clown Posse Tattoo 1
Source: allvisualfx

While many people have long forgotten this famous duo, hip-hop lovers still remember them with love. Etch your favorite duo and relive those memories by getting their looks tattooed on your skin. This design is a sign that the duo is still remembered by their true fans.




Insane Clown Posse Tattoo 2
Source: earlcronk2019




Insane Clown Posse Tattoo 3
Source: 3_3quarter_studio


It Clown Tattoo




It Clown Tattoo 1
Source: jenyakislota




It Clown Tattoo 2
Source: coultstudio




It Clown Tattoo 3
Source: newtestamenttattoosstudio


Scary Clown Tattoos




Scary Clown Tattoos 1
Source: tatsonlyxtrey




Scary Clown Tattoos 2
Source: royaltytattoos_rene_erkamp




Scary Clown Tattoos 3
Source: dickyta2


Clown Skull Tattoo




Clown Skull Tattoo 1
Source: pictura.anima




Clown Skull Tattoo 2
Source: tattoo_berlin




Clown Skull Tattoo 3
Source: nezz_tat2


Clown Tattoo Design




Clown Tattoo Design 1
Source: bloodcandy_tattoo




Clown Tattoo Design 2
Source: pastimetattoo




Clown Tattoo Design 3
Source: excessivearttattooing


Psycho Clown Tattoo




Psycho Clown Tattoo 1
Source: timpangburnomg




Psycho Clown Tattoo 2
Source: hadesgravetattoos




Psycho Clown Tattoo 3
Source: anchorsendtattoohudson


Cholo Clown Tattoo




Cholo Clown Tattoo 1
Source: alteredimagehd




Cholo Clown Tattoo 2
Source: sylartattoo




Cholo Clown Tattoo 3
Source: chilango_tattoos


Crying Clown Tattoo




Crying Clown Tattoo 1
Source: busters_tattooflash




Crying Clown Tattoo 2
Source: studio.b.tattoos




Crying Clown Tattoo 3
Source: citizeninktattoo


Killer Clown Tattoos




Killer Clown Tattoos 1
Source: revivaltattoostudio




Killer Clown Tattoos 2
Source: lab_49h_tattoo




Killer Clown Tattoos 3
Source: lejlakiss_tattoo


Art The Clown Tattoo




Art The Clown Tattoo 1
Source: ianthestrikingviking




Art The Clown Tattoo 2
Source: coppercoiltattoo




Art The Clown Tattoo 3
Source: lwghorror


Clown Eye Tattoo




Clown Eye Tattoo 1
Source: _inked_ann_




Clown Eye Tattoo 2
Source: needlemaniaks719




Clown Eye Tattoo 3
Source: danyl_art_tattoo


Krusty The Clown Tattoo




Krusty The Clown Tattoo 1
Source: tattoochameleon




Krusty The Clown Tattoo 2
Source: nick_perri_tattoo




Krusty The Clown Tattoo 3
Source: cyberchilla


Mexican Clown Tattoo




Mexican Clown Tattoo 1
Source: pioneertattoo




Mexican Clown Tattoo 2
Source: yoyo_tattoo




Mexican Clown Tattoo 3
Source: brix.ink


Vintage Clown Tattoo




Vintage Clown Tattoo 1
Source: arekisur




Vintage Clown Tattoo 2
Source: falbrittany




Vintage Clown Tattoo 3
Source: shyygirltattoo


Clown Hand Tattoos




Clown Hand Tattoos 1
Source: presidioink_13




Clown Hand Tattoos 2
Source: sebasgotiger




Clown Hand Tattoos 3
Source: inkfamilia


Creepy Clown Tattoo




Creepy Clown Tattoo 1
Source: brady_bb_studios




Creepy Clown Tattoo 2
Source: apesjetski




Creepy Clown Tattoo 3
Source: sacred_tattoos


Joker Clown Tattoo




Joker Clown Tattoo 1
Source: joowtattoo




Joker Clown Tattoo 2
Source: bosphorusink.suadiye




Joker Clown Tattoo 3
Source: m_castillo86


Pierrot Clown Tattoo




Pierrot Clown Tattoo 1
Source: rekanoga




Pierrot Clown Tattoo 2
Source: lonelyheartstattoos




Pierrot Clown Tattoo 3
Source: tattooworkshopbrighton


Betty Boop Clown Tattoo




Betty Boop Clown Tattoo 1
Source: baleriebees




Betty Boop Clown Tattoo 2
Source: ericarosesart




Betty Boop Clown Tattoo 3
Source: papifritastattoos


Crazy Clown Tattoo




Crazy Clown Tattoo 1
Source: katclelandart




Crazy Clown Tattoo 2
Source: a1_ink




Crazy Clown Tattoo 3
Source: southeastustattoos


Hobo Clown Tattoo




Hobo Clown Tattoo 1
Source: theinfamouskatie




Hobo Clown Tattoo 2
Source: dustindraketattoo




Hobo Clown Tattoo 3
Source: itismenow1


Clown With Gun Tattoo




Clown With Gun Tattoo 1
Source: jamieprocknowtattoo




Clown With Gun Tattoo 2
Source: linares.art




Clown With Gun Tattoo 3
Source: randy_ballesteros_tattoo


Dead Clown Tattoo




Dead Clown Tattoo 1
Source: joe__lemur




Dead Clown Tattoo 2
Source: angiemeuth




Dead Clown Tattoo 3
Source: dbwtattoo


Demon Clown Tattoos




Demon Clown Tattoos 1
Source: sogtattoos




Demon Clown Tattoos 2
Source: tatuagem_de_palhaco




Demon Clown Tattoos 3
Source: anthony186168



Clown tattoos can be quite terrifying and inappropriate at times. However, these clown designs are a representation of their struggles, pain, teachings, and art. And as artists and tattoo enthusiasts, respecting art in every form is our duty. While many of these designs can be a bit scary, the symbolism is beautiful and meaningful.

We know and understand the struggle of finding the perfect tattoo that matches your style and personality. We hope that you have found the clown design inspiration you have been looking for. Now, go ahead and get your desired design tattooed on your skin.


Frequent Asked Questions


What does a clown tattoo symbolize?

Clown tattoos typically symbolize the struggles, pain, and battles the clowns go through to entertain the world with a happy smile. It is generally seen as a representation of our innermost feelings or personality traits.

What does the clown girl tattoo mean?

Clown girl tattoos usually represent power, courage, and strength. These tattoos are seen as a sign of not showing weaknesses to the world.

What does a clown face symbolize?

A clown face symbolizes the art of masking pain and sorrows with a smile. It means that people must remain strong in times of hardship.

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