12 Hard Hitting Hand Tattoos For Men to Grab

Hand Tattoos for men are one of the most stunning tattoo pieces to rock around. It is considered an ultimate sign of aesthetic look and embraces your characteristics.

Ok, let’s say you’re searching for the perfect hand tattoo to wear.  You may go for the simple or the complicated.  Maybe the top design is more your style. Is the hand tattoo you want something a little more sentimental? Scary or perhaps goofy may be what you’re looking for.

These tattoos are a symbol of power, dominance, and authoritativeness. If you want to make a bold statement about something that you value a lot, getting a hand tattoo based on that belief is the most courageous thing you can do.

Regardless of your choice hand tattoos generally will portray a powerful vibe. Just be prepared to endure some pain during the process of getting one on your hand. They are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body.

In this article, We’ll discuss everything you need to know about men’s hand tattoo designs. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to get one with your own story & twist.



When confronted with loads of awesome designs you might start to wonder which is the best tattoo on hand for men? It’s really not hard to spot the right design for your hand. If your hands are large then your options are quite wide as you can easily go for large images or multiple images and symbols that represent who you are.

For men with slender hands, it might be a little more challenging to choose the best tattoo that will fit your hands and still look masculine. To get you started, here are plenty of amazing hand tattoo ideas for men that you must check out.


1. Small Hand Tattoos For Men

Usually, hand tattoos tend to be smaller in size. Due to the small surface area of the hand, these tattoos contain lots of details and sharp edges.


Letter B/R

small hand tattoos for men
Source: worldstyle_tattoostudio

A stylish adaptation of the letter in the alphabet is inked on the side of this man’s hand. The cursive design gives a feeling of royalty. Is it “B” or “R” It depends on what you believe it to be. You can craft your own story around it as you wish.


Molecule Structure

small hand tattoos for men
Source: brownieink86

The structure of a molecule is the main subject of this tattoo. This tattoo is aimed toward people who are interested in science but also are aesthetic. The bonds of the molecules can also represent bonds with people.


Tiny Sparrow

small hand tattoos for men
Source: nicholasleetattoo

A sparrow is a symbol of power & simplicity. It can also suggest empowerment. Although a sparrow is tiny in size it plays a vital role in nature. A wonderful hand tattoo for men.


2. Rose Tattoos On Hand

Rose is considered the queen of all flowers. The beauty of the rose is usually incorporated in hand tattoos for men. It shows that the tattoo bearer is confident and a chill person.


Upward Rose

rose tattoos on hand
Source: lavieinktattoo

Rose is a symbol of love & beauty. A gorgeous rose is tattooed on the top of this man’s hand. The rose on top of his hand is drawn upward and straight which covered the total area and makes him look more attractive.


Full Hand Rose

rose tattoos on hand
Source: georgitattoo

Full hand tattoos are known as one of the most pleasing and visible art pieces. A massive rose is used to cover his entire hand. You can be sure that it’ll catch people’s attention from a far distance.


Entire Rose

rose tattoos on hand
Source: lemanoirencre

A majestic rose is drawn upside down. The entire rose is visible in this hand tattoo. The use of dark color and white space adds a texture to the piece. One of the best hand tattoos for men.


3. Simple Hand Tattoos

Sometimes simple designs and texts are most impactful when creating hand tattoos for men. If used properly simple things such as blocks of texts or a single object can be used to make beautiful pieces.


Wings & Thor

simple hand tattoos
Source: ng.ringvean

Thor AKA the god of thunder’s name is written on this young man’s hand. There is also a pair of wings that suggests that he is a fallen angel and is trying to get back to his original form.



simple hand tattoos
Source: _marcoraghi_

Diamonds are precious elements. They are so valuable for their rarity and beauty. A sparkling diamond is tattooed on this lad’s wrist. It makes his hand shine like the diamond itself.


Faith Quote

simple hand tattoos
Source: blxckink

Every person needs to have some kind of faith to live a happy life. There is a poetic quote written on this stunning man’s hand. It is accompanied by two sparrows which also represent empowerment. A solid hand tattoo for men indeed.


4. Pattern Hand Tattoos

Patterns are visible everywhere in nature. So, people tend to use loads of patterns in hand tattoos. Artists usually combine patterns with other elements and design styles to bring out new looks all the time.


Snowflake Pattern

pattern hand tattoos
Source: shnioka

The mesmerizing pattern on the back of this man’s hand is stunning. The design looks like hundreds of snowflakes are gathered together that are resting on his hand. A tattoo that requires so extreme details.


Chakra Pattern

pattern hand tattoos
Source: alexiartatt

A chakra is often associated with an Indian feel. the design on this dude’s hand reminds me of the Indian art culture. The design on his fingers is like the claws of a beast. A hand tattoo that is cultural & mythical at the same time.


Zebra Pattern

pattern hand tattoos
Source: templutattoo

Zebras have one of the most beautiful patterns on their skin. The artist took inspiration and blended the pattern with a solid line-work. The pattern on the top of his hand is almost hypnotizing. if you have fair skin this will look amazing.


5. Full Hand Tattoo

If you are feeling adventurous you can try a full hand tattoo. But bear in mind that this will be very painful to get and require a lot of time. If you are willing to spend that much time and effort, these are one of the best hand tattoos for men that you can get.


Roaring Bear

full hand tattoo
Source: mitch_tattoo_

The roar of a bear will cast fear in every person’s mind. One can feel the chill crawling from their spine with this tattoo. If you are a man who is looking for a hand tattoo design that is scary and intimidating, this is a great choice for you.



full hand tattoo
Source: tattoo_studio_lucky

Just like a magician’s hypnotizing circle, this tattoo design features a pattern that goes over the entire wrist of this man. If you look at the tattoo for a long time you’ll start to feel dizzy. A cryptic and interesting piece for full hand tattoo design.


Orange Glasswork

full hand tattoo
Source: alex_santucci_tattooer

Orange is considered one of the most stand-out colors seen commonly. This design on top of his hand looks like an art that is usually seen in old church windows. The glasses are orange in color which is a highlight of the piece.


6. Skull Hand Tattoos

A skull represents death & mortality. They are used in hand tattoos too. They give a scary and creepy look to the tattoos. However, they can also represent transformation.


Bleeding Skull

skull hand tattoos
Source: anjaassasin11

Typically blood is red however in this piece the blood is portrayed with a black color which makes it scarier. The skull is missing its jaws. There is a mess of wind and waves over the skull. Overall a scary hand tattoo for men.


Damaged Skull

skull hand tattoos
Source: daniellaratattoos


With the passage of time, the skull has faced some serious consequences. The bones are broken the joints are open the holes are cracked. A tattoo with a sad & painful image on a man’s hand. If you want a hand tattoo that represents misery this one is a good fit.


Last Tooth

skull hand tattoos
Source: inker_land

Only a single tooth is dangling from this person’s skull. It is like the single hope that carries a man to the end. A tattoo that seeks hope.


7. Side Hand Tattoos

Whenever the side of a man’s hand or wrist is tattooed, it is considered a side hand tattoo. Side hand tattoos are very common in younger people who want a more simple and casual design.


Adventure Seeker

side hand tattoos
Source: pelolandia

The thirst for adventure is clearly visible in this hand tattoo. The man in this picture has the words “Never Settle” on his hand. It shows that the man is very adventurous and looks for new challenges.


Son In God

side hand tattoos
Source: tussledtiptattoos

This tattoo references Jesus Christ. It can also mean that the person is a fan of the movie titled “Son Of God” by Christopher Spencer. A hand tattoo for men that can mean lots of things based on your opinion.



side hand tattoos
Source: tattoos_by_yazaira93

The word faith is inked at the side of this gentleman’s hand. The writing style uses a fancy design with solid strokes. An amazing text tattoo for the side of the hand.


8. Clock Hand Tattoos

Clocks are praised by artists for their antique looks. If you use a clock as the base element of your hand tattoo then you’ll be able to achieve an old-fashioned masculine look. It’ll enhance your appearance as a man.


Old School Clock

clock hand tattoos
Source: christian_1nk

Nothing brings back more nostalgia than seeing an old watch. The clock on this man’s hand has a rusty look and reminds us of the good old days. An amazing hand tattoo for men with wide hands.


Giant Clock

clock hand tattoos
Source: samson.tattoo1

An enormous clock is drawn at the top of this guy’s hand. Two of his fingers are inked in a way that makes them look like the stand for the clock. The roman numbers are adding a bit of historical touch to this piece.


9. Cool Hand Tattoos

Anything that is trendy and fashionable is often considered as cool among men. When getting a hand tattoo try to choose subjects for your hand tattoo that will not fade away with time. This will make sure that after the trend is gone you will still be proud to rock your tattoo.



cool hand tattoos
Source: hammel_ryan

In Norse mythology, Odin is one of the great magicians among the gods. A portrait of Odin is inked at the top of this man’s hand. The helmet is like a crown that sits gently on his head.


Single Eye

 cool hand tattoos
Source: sudama_tattoos

A big eye is peaking in the sky through the clouds. There are rays of sunshine coming out from behind. The glare on the eye adds a beautiful touch to the piece on this dude’s hand.



cool hand tattoos
Source: cartablancaink

A leaf of a cannabis tree aka weed is the subject of this hand tattoo for men. Is it used as a drug to cure boredom? or is it a thing the man takes to get high? Nobody knows. if you want to keep the people around you guessing this is a suitable choice.


10. Lion Hand Tattoos

A lion is the king of the jungle. It is used in hand tattoos for men to demonstrate power, authority & influence. If you get a tattoo with a lion on it you will subconsciously spread the signal of confidence.


Angry Lion

lion hand tattoos
Source: daveinks.88

Visible anger is present in this lion’s eyes. The stain of a red blood-like stripe is a clear indication that it’s best not to mess with him. A hand tattoo that demonstrates anger.


Magical Eyes

lion hand tattoos
Source: sheyybhatia

The blue eyes on this lion are like pearls from another planet. The sympathy on those magical blue eyes reminds us that the most mighty’s among us have sympathy. One of the best lion hand tattoos for men.


Fear Bringer

lion hand tattoos
Source: lucegrey

The portrait of this mighty lion will bring fear to almost anybody. it is an ultimate display of power and dominance. If you were looking for a hand tattoo that screams fear and power look no further.


11. Tribal Hand Tattoos


Ninja Blade

tribal hand tattoos
Source: jaredleathers


tribal hand tattoos
Source: giuseppe_emma_tattoo


Ancient Rune

tribal hand tattoos
Source: tribal_tatau


12. wolf Hand Tattoos


Bloody Wolf

wolf hand tattoos
Source: westlondoninktattoos


Nature Protector

wolf hand tattoos
Source: connorrudytattoos


Hybrid Wolf

wolf hand tattoos
Source: bigtroubletattoo


13. Money Hand Tattoos


Rose Money

money hand tattoos
Source: skin_villain


money hand tattoos
Source: papa_sway

Money Roll

money hand tattoos
Source: walter_santostattoo


14. Family Hand Tattoos



family hand tattoos
Source: tattooinks_flinsbach


Wings Of Faimily

family hand tattoos
Source: lolli_tattoo.art


Cursive Family

family hand tattoos
Source: paindivinetattoostudio


15. Religious Hand Tattoos


Filigree Cross

religious hand tattoos
Source: q_tat2

Christ Portrait 

religious hand tattoos
Source: gaudio_martina


Religious Figures

religious hand tattoos
Source: felixlops


16. Chinese Hand Tattoos


Side Symblol

chinese hand tattoos
Source: rong_tat2

Demon Warrior

chinese hand tattoos
Source: paradisetattooshalifax


Top Hand Symbol

chinese hand tattoos
Source: swansontattoo


17. Classy Hand Tattoos


Classy Rose

 classy hand tattoos
Source: colt.ure


Sailing Ship

classy hand tattoos
Source: renato_bitti_tattoo


Fire Eye

classy hand tattoos
Source: in_white_tattoo


18. Cross Hand Tattoos


Sharp Cross

cross hand tattoos
Source: wild_touch_tattoos

3D Cross

cross hand tattoos
Source: afinetattooestablishment

Glowing Cross

cross hand tattoos
Source: a5theblueprint


19. Japanese Hand Tattoos


Black Dragon

japanese hand tattoos
Source: the_tattootailor

Pink Dragon

japanese hand tattoos
Source: anto_ghostkoi

Deamon Pairs

japanese hand tattoos
Source: sthlmclassictattoo


20. Left Hand Tattoos


Gorgeous Flower

left hand tattoos
Source: gara_tattooer

Shining Dove

left hand tattoos
Source: slickphillips_art


left hand tattoos
Source: kris.nir


21. Rip Hand Tattoos


Prayer For Loved Ones

rip hand tattoos
Source: 9414ink

Dad’s Memory

rip hand tattoos
Source: fuckin_dean_


rip hand tattoos
Source: ink_time_tatto


22. Scorpion Hand Tattoos


Deadly Scorpio

scorpion hand tattoos
Source: inkdreamstattoo

Hairy Stinger

scorpion hand tattoos
Source: monti.needleattack.tattoo

Nails & Scorpion

scorpion hand tattoos
Source: nicholasleetattoo


23. Skeleton Hand Tattoos


Skeleton Work

skeleton hand tattoos
Source: visionary_ink_tattoos

Extended Skeleton

skeleton hand tattoos
Source: sandrock_tattoo

Finger Skeleton

skeleton hand tattoos
Source: helen_tinc_etherington


24. Compass Hand Tattoos


Broken Navigator

compass hand tattoos
Source: 23x20ink

Shining Path Finder

compass hand tattoos
Source: empiretattoostudio_tumkur


compass hand tattoos
Source: compass hand tattoos


25. Hamsa Hand Tattoo


Hamsa Eye

hamsa hand tattoo
Source: sara.snbtattoo

Hamsa Pair

hamsa hand tattoo
Source: d3vid_


Hand Of Hamsa

hamsa hand tattoo
Source: juliah_parker


26. Hand Cover Up Tattoos


Skull Patchwork

hand cover up tattoos
Source: juniorjammo

Tribal Coverup

hand cover up tattoos
Source: ntat2

Coverup Flames

hand cover up tattoos
Source: sonerkurak


27. Old School Hand Tattoos


Colorful Butterfly

old school hand tattoos
Source: thegrasshopperstudio

Crazy Bat

old school hand tattoos
Source: lucasalatattooing

Black Puma

old school hand tattoos
Source: malintattoos


28. Viking Hand Tattoos


Lightning Rune

viking hand tattoos
Source: raimonthtattoo

Viking God

viking hand tattoos
Source: pagan_tattoosby_lou

Viking Rune Symbol

viking hand tattoos
Source: scott_rooney_


29. Gangster Hand Tattoos


Smoking Gangster

gangster hand tattoos
Source: richiecustomink

Lack Of Trust

gangster hand tattoos
Source: dubzentattoo

Crazy Gangstar

gangster hand tattoos
Source: felipe.pierreandsnakesnesttattoo




hand tattoos for men

Much can be said about this hand tattoo which blends together many images to bring across his idea.  The letters on each finger reveal his slogan which may carry special meaning for him.



zombie mask hand tattoos for men

Now, this is a seriously scary hand tattoo meant to create a terrifying illusion. It’s realistic ink work makes it easy for this guy to pull a mean prank or scare the sh*t out of you.



tattoos for men on hand

Artistic patterns like these are favorites among men who love hand tattoos.  This tattoo could easily belong to the tough guy as well as to the sensitive artist. This well-crafted design is certainly a winner in anyone’s book.



tiny bloom hand tattoos

How about this simple design that does not take up much space?  Black ink is all that’s required to pull this off.



small hand tattoos for men

Highly detailed graphics and text on both knuckles are a hit for this guy.  This is the kind of hand tattoos for men that will grab attention and make potent statements.



hand tattoos for men with images

You might have a lot to show on your hands like this guy. Anything from flowers, animals, texts, and symbols could hold on both hands as long as there’s space.



skull and cross bones hand tattoos for men

Hand tattoos for men also feature skulls and cross bones so here’s one on this guy’s finger. Perhaps this means death or danger or is simply there just for fun.



sleeve tattoo till hand

Corporate types like this man may get away with a colorful hand tattoo. The expertly done inking will certainly attract attention, even that of the boss.



single rose hand tattoos for men

If the aim is to show sentiment a black and white rose design like this one could be just the ticket. Predominantly done in black ink this design shows off the skill of the tattoo artist quite well.



ink work hand tattoos for men

There’s no doubt that this intricate ink pattern will cause others to pay attention. It’s definite that this guy knows exactly what he wants on his hand.



simple hand tattoos for men

Here’s another example of how hand tattoos for men have incorporated the flower in their design.  Check out the way the artist has used black to bring out the floral details.



tribal hand tattoos for men

Nothing beats a well designed tribal hand tattoo that men would be only too happy to wear.  This skillfully done tattoo takes a great deal of care and patience to achieve.



I hope all of these amazing hand tattoos for men have made you make up your mind. The only thing left is to bring your own ideas to life. So, when are you getting your awesome hand tattoo?  There are tons of excellent designs that will suit any man no matter where he’s from. Take the time to check out the hand tattoo you want and consult your tattoo artist too.



Are hand tattoos a bad idea?

No. They are a good way to show your personality.

How much do hand tattoos cost?

Typically hand tattoos cost around $100-$250

What does a hand tattoo mean?

Hand tattoos mean dominance and empowerment. But it can also mean justice and mercy.

Do tattoos hurt on hand?

You will have to be prepared for pain while getting a tattoo on hand. Once they heal they typically won’t hurt.

Do hand tattoos affect jobs?

Hand tattoos are extremely hard to hide. You’ll need to wear gloves all the time to hide them. if your job requires you to keep your tattoos hidden it can be quite an issue.

Do hand tattoos fade?

Yes. Hand tattoos are one of the fastest fading tattoos.

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