69 Thigh Tattoos For Men to Rule The Trend 2024!

Thigh Tattoos For Men

In recent years, one of the most preferred tattoo areas for men is their thighs. Why? Well, the thigh allows a larger space compared to arms, ankles, wrists, and so on, and you get the space to put your idea to life in detail.

Even though you will have to tolerate a moderate amount of pain on your thigh to get the tattoo done, you can easily show off or hide your thigh tattoos from the public eye. Tattoo artists all enjoy these thigh tattoos as it provides them with a chance to showcase their talent and creativity to their fullest capacity.

Let us go deep into the article and take a look at some of the top thigh tattoos for men, and maybe you will end up with the perfect tattoo idea for your next adventure.

80 Thigh Tattoos For Men

Now, in the world of tattoos, there is an endless number of designs available as it is widely dependent on creativity. Each tattoo tells its own story, whether it is something meaningful or just a silly, fun one. Here, we will take a look at 80 thigh tattoos for men and what they represent.


Small Thigh Tattoo for Men

We all know that the main advantage of thigh tattoos is that you get a wide space to work with. But that does not mean that you always have to end up with a big tattoo. Small thigh tattoos can be meaningful as well and look wonderful on your thigh.


1. Flower Arrow 

The Flower Arrow is a simple and sweet thigh tattoo suitable for men. The blue flower represents delicacy and beauty, whereas the arrow displays power and bravery.


Source: kyabella_tattoos


2. Flower Bundle

This Flower Bundle tattoo for men’s thighs is a relatively common design. Not only on the thighs, but this gentle and neat floral design looks good on every part of the body.


Source: juniper_tattoo


3. Floral Butterfly

The Floral Butterfly is a great tattoo for men’s thighs with a creative and extraordinary look. The combination of flowers and the butterfly is a portrayal of beauty and nature.


Source: kalen.ravelli.artistry


Snake Thigh Tattoos

While snake tattoos on the thighs are a unique and artistic choice, there are several interpretations and representations that go with it. Let us take a look at some of the best choices for snake thigh tattoos.


4. Black Mamba On Thigh

A black mamba tattoo on the thigh for men represents power, patience, rebirth, hell, and many more. It is also seen as a tribute to the late NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, who was nic.


Source: devinevansart


5. Roses And Snakes

The Roses And Snakes thigh tattoo for men is an amazing portrayal of love and power. While the beautiful roses bloom in their entire beauty, the poisonous snake provides protection against harm.


Source: anna.macabre.tattoo


6. Floral Skin Snake

This snake with flowers on its skin is a highly eye-catching thigh tattoo design for men. It presents a pretty snake tattoo with a deep meaning of growth and elegance.


Source: ryanbrayart


Tribal Thigh Tattoos for Men

Tribal thigh tattoos for men are considered a reference to culture, and the meaning behind the tattoos varies based on the culture or thought you are trying to portray. While many think that it is disrespectful to get a tribal tattoo, it really is not, as it shows that you respect both the art and the culture.


7. Tribal Art

This tribal art tattoo for men’s thighs is a tribute and respect to their culture, design, and style. In addition to that, it also shows acknowledgment of their way of life and struggles.


Source: inkymo


8. Tribal Cross

The tribal cross tattoo on the thigh for men is a combination of faith in Christianity and respect for tribal art. It symbolizes a beautiful mixture of belief and culture through art.


Source: tattoosbytashana


9. Tribal Face Tattoo

The Tribal Face Tattoo is an illustration of tribal culture. Not only is it a great tattoo for thighs on men, but it also offers a representation of acknowledgment and respect towards the art.


Source: mateuskielingtattoo


Upper Thigh Tattoos for Men

Tattoos on the upper thigh are an extraordinary placement for art, creativity, and style. Here, we will look at a few interesting and creative upper-thigh tattoos on men.


10. Nature Guardian

The Nature Guardian tattoo for men’s thighs is believed to be a unique design. It ensures an impressive message to ourselves and the world to protect nature and its elements.

Source: krunchy83


11. Fox Tattoo 

The Fox Tattoo is an incredible choice for a thigh tattoo for men and comes with deep meaning as well. This alluring tattoo symbolizes the intelligence, speed, and wiseness of the fox.


Source: thequillian


12. Eyes Up Guardian

The Eyes Up Guardian tattoo is a thoughtful reference to get up and go. It is a motivational phrase that loosely means that our destiny is in our own hands.


Source: squishy_axolotl


Front of the Thigh Tattoo

The front of the thigh is a great space for tattoos, even though the pain count is a bit high in this region. However, choosing a beautiful tattoo for the front of the thigh is essential. So let us take a look at a few attractive tattoo designs.


13. Big Duck Heart

Ducks are the cutest and there is no doubt about that. Now, this duck in a heart tattoo is a beautiful representation of the animal with an attractive design and a great thigh tattoo for men.

Source: emily.bumblebee


14. Tiger’s Head On A Lamp

This men’s thigh tattoo shows a roaring tiger’s head on a lamp with a deep meaning behind this style. The meaning behind this eye-catching tattoo displays strength and bravery.



Source: eyeinabox


15. Big Roses Tattoo

You can never go wrong with floral tattoos on a guy’s thigh, especially when there are roses on them. It is a pretty and clear depiction of delicacy, sensitivity, and beauty.


Source: mona.hiddengemtattoos


Back of the Thigh Tattoo for Men

Tattoos on the back of your thighs are equally beautiful and enticing as the tattoos on the front. There is a decent amount of space to have an intricate tattoo and portray a beautiful scenario to turn heads.


16. Aesthetic Beach Vibes

This Aesthetic Beach Vibes tattoo is a quirky and fun representation of the summer and the beach. It is a perfect tattoo for men on the thigh for our summer lovers.


Source: _whitetrashnash


17. Girl With The Dragon

This colorful and elaborate tattoo for men’s thigh has a very beautiful and deep thought behind it. The meaning is that it displays calmness, bravery, and patience.


Source: the_wandering_punk


18. Double Flowers

In these tattoos for men on thighs, identical designs are done on the back of both thighs. While this may seem like a regular style, it depicts balance and stability.


Source: taylorhorlock.art


Owl Thigh Tattoos for Men

Owl thigh tattoos for men are a popular style with a great underlying understanding of life. One of the most interesting facts about owl tattoos is that they typically symbolize mystery and magic.


19. Blue Eyed Owl Skull

The Blue Eyed Owl Skull is a beautiful work of art, and the unique coloring of the eyes helps the details of the men’s thigh tattoo to pop up perfectly.


Source: zoekirks


20. Owl And Roses 

Flowers and animals are all part of nature and this thigh tattoo for men presents that beautifully. The color combination of the -owl and the roses end up in an eye-catching artwork on the body.


Source: holycitytattooingcollective


21. Messy Owl Head

The Messy Owl Head tattoo on a guy’s thigh may seem like an incomplete art piece to many, but art lovers understand the sentiment behind it perfectly. It is a beautiful take on the ideology that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.


Source: untildeathtattoocelle


Bible Verse Thigh Tattoos

Many people prefer getting a tattoo of their favorite verse from the Bible as they believe that it strengthens their belief. Here are some of the top choices for Bible Verse Tattoo.


22. Isaiah 40:31 Verse

This popular verse from the Bible as men’s thigh tattoo teaches patience, and strength, and improves faith in the Lord.


Source: illustrative1


23. Philippians 4:13 Verse

This Philippians 4:13 verse showcases people’s belief in Christ. This thigh tattoo for men also encourages them to have strength and patience to go through the struggles of life.


Source: madtatterky


24. Leviticus 19:28

The Leviticus 19:28 tattoo for men on the thigh contradicts the saying of the Bible that warns people against tattoos.


Source: schmagpie


Cross Thigh Tattoos for Men

Cross tattoos are quite popular among Christians as it is considered a portrayal of their belief, faith, and trust on their religion and way of life. Here are some of the most elegant yet simple cross tattoos.


25. Three Crosses 

The Three Crosses Tattoo on the thigh for men is an impressive take on the Christian cross. It symbolizes belief, power, and hope.


Source: olivier_chabot_tattoo


26. Golden Border Cross

This unique-looking tattoo for men on thighs has an attractive golden border that pops up the details of the cross while giving it an elegant style at the same time.


Source: aft_chase


27. Cross and Flower

Blessings from the Lord are beautiful, and nature is undoubtedly a blessing to mankind. This cross and flower tattoo on a guy’s thigh is a unique combination that represents the blessings from Christ.


Source: bobbyttattoos


Hip and Thigh Tattoo

Big tattoos that start from the hip and end on the thighs are extremely eye-catching and beautiful. Not only that, but these tattoos usually represent a meaningful idea as well as display commitment toward art. Let us see a few designs of hip and thigh tattoos.


28. Roses and Names

There is no doubt that roses are a great choice for tattoos on men’s thighs, especially when you are opting for big designs. The names you put on the tattoo is a token of love towards the people who mean the most to you.


Source: sheridizzleyo


29. Unicorn and Mandala

The Unicorn and Mandala thigh tattoo for men is an extraordinary portrayal of art. This colorful and unique style will surely catch the eyes of many people.


Source: unicorndaze_


30. Elegant Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers, and they look exceptionally pretty when they start from the hip and extend to the thighs. This is an alluring piece of art and breaks the stereotype against flowers on men.


Source: emza86


Minimal Thigh Tattoos

Minimal tattoos on the thighs come with proper detailing and usually portray a beautiful art piece. These intricate designs are outstanding tattoos for men on the thigh and compliments the other tattoos on the leg if there are any.


31. Eagle

Eagle is a mighty creature and undoubtedly, one of the most elegant tattoos for men’s thighs. It symbolizes a lot of features, including dominance, wisdom, freedom, and many more.


Source: anilcangulpek


32. Red Love Scorpion

The Red Love Scorpion is a cute and colored tattoo for men on the thigh. Not only that, but the tiny detailing surrounding the scorpion makes the tattoo on the guy’s thigh prettier.


Source: goldoceanstudio


33. The Butterfly Spearer

The butterfly spearer symbolizes that both beauty and danger go side by side.


Source: goldoceanstudio


Quote Thigh Tattoos

There is nothing wrong with putting a motivational quote or your favorite word as a tattoo on your thigh. It is a thoughtful reminder to self, so, let us take a look at some quote thigh tattoos.


34. Cool Quote

Even though this tattoo on the thigh for men might be offensive to a few people, it represents a hearty connection between two people or lovers.


Source: shionesensei


35. Hope Quote

The Hope Quote thigh tattoo for men portrays a thoughtful motivational quote that hope can help you win all the battles in life, no matter what you face.


Source: zilver_smit


36. One Word: Hustle

This one-word tattoo on the thigh is a reminder that tough times in life are not permanent, and that hard work and hustle can bring a beautiful change in life.


Source: elektat


Rose Thigh Tattoos for Men


37. Roses And Zentangle

Flowers and artworks always go side and side to create something mind blowing and pretty. The Roses and Zentagle thigh tattoos on men represent art, creativity, and the beauty of nature.


Source: bethanygeorgiatattoo


38. Colorful Roses

Flowers are pretty and a constant reminder of love, feelings, and all pretty things. This amazing tattoo on a guy’s thigh of colorful roses symbolizes all the positive and nice things in life.


Source: mateobradley66


39. Big Red Roses

Roses are an expression of love and admiration since the beginning of time. This outstanding men’s thigh tattoo of big red roses symbolizes love, nature, and beauty.


Source: artistictattooingcrewe


Side Thigh Tattoos For Men


40. The Crocodile Head Spearer

The Crocodile Head Spearer is quite an uncommon tattoo for men’s thighs with a deep meaning behind it. It portrays an image of danger, life, nature, and time all in one piece.


Source: cat_houngsombath


41. Detailed Blue Rose 


Source: quotes.tatts10


42. Tribute Rose Tattoo


Source: megan.c.ratcliff


Word Thigh Tattoos


43. Motivational Tattoo: Woosah


Source: cavalasphawkes


44. Big Mercy Tattoo


Source: ozgun.kanbur


45. Simple “Why Not?” Tattoo


Source: inkbydanieke


Christian Thigh Tattoos


46. Wounded Jesus Tattoo


Source: daura.bcn


47. Comprehensive Jesus Tattoo


Source: straightshooter_ink


48. Big Cross And Rose


Source: pascal_dbras


Nature Thigh Tattoos for Men


49. Sunflowers And Butterfly 


Source: tattsbytanner


50. Eyed Vase With Flowers


Source: tattsbytanner


51. Leaf Vine


Source: opalbonesss


Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo for Men


52. Floral Dream Catcher


Source: loveinkeu


53. Yin and Yang Dream Catcher


Source: artistkatlinparenteau


54. Flowers And Dream Catcher


Source: gumtoadtattoos


Lion Thigh Tattoo for Men


55. Artistic Lion 


Source: tattoosbylit


56. Realistic Lion Head


Source: noalox


57. Blue Eyed Lion


Source: ashleydawn25


Dragon Thigh Tattoo


58. Big Dragon With Flowers


Source: inkcredibletattoo


59. Realistic Dragon With Small Red Flowers


Source: loverboyink


60. Roaring Dragon


Source: urbaninktattoosbelfast


Butterfly Thigh Tattoo


61. Flying Butterflies


Source: cj.concepts


62. One Pretty Butterfly


Source: vibrantdeluxe.tattoo


63. The Butterfly Dagger


Source: tattoo.phoebe


Tiger Thigh Tattoo


64. Roaring Tiger


Source: spookybabytattoos


65. Colorful Tiger Head


Source: kkni.pirc


66. Double Trouble Tigers


Source: falkmalisch


Gun Thigh Tattoo


67. Rowdy Guns


Source: totheninestattoo


68. Realistic Revolver


Source: dead_man_worx


69. Nun With A Gun


Source: angie_gooderson_tattoo


Frequently Asked Questions

Do guys get thigh tattoos?

Yes, thigh tattoos are typically common in guys and allows them to portray a beautiful artwork or thoughtful piece to the world and for themselves. Not only that, but many guys prefer thigh tattoos as a tribute to their loved ones.

Are thighs good for tattoos?

Thighs are one of the most preferred tattoo areas as there is more space to work with. This allows men to get a proper representation of their thoughts while allowing the artists to show their creativity in full form.

Do thigh tattoos hurt?

Yes, thigh tattoos are one of the most painful tattoo areas in the body. The pain count during thigh tattoos for both men and women is much higher compared to several other body parts.



Now that we have reached the end of the guide, I hope that you now have in mind the tattoo you want to get on your thigh. Each of these thigh tattoos for men have a beautiful underlying meaning which increases the value of the tattoos by a notch.

A small tip before you leave. Before getting a tattoo, make sure that you choose a certified and talented tattoo artist to get your thigh tattoo done. Research and verify the work of the artists first to make sure that you get exactly what you are asking for.


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