25 Best 999 Juice WRLD Tattoos You Never Saw Before

It has been a while since the 999 tattoo thrives in the tattoo world. This style of tattoo is known to be more than just a design. Popularized by the late rapper Juice WRLD, it symbolizes change and positivity.

According to WRLD’s explanation, people ink it to show that they want to turn their lives around and focus on the good stuff. There is a unique thought of the rapper behind this simple innovation with a big impact. 

Keep reading to know in detail about the history behind 999 tattoos, the latest designs, and their meanings. 


25 Best 999 Tattoo Designs And Meanings 

The 999 tattoos are of one particular design that has become more well-known in recent years. Numerous individuals, including the late rapper Juice WRLD, have special associations with this distinctive design.

This article will explain the meaning of the 999 tattoo, its significance, and the various components that combine to form this intriguing symbol.


999 Juice Wrld Tattoo

The upcoming 4 tattoos in this segment are not similar to each other. They are different, each portrays different designs and meanings.

Yet somehow when you will look at them you can connect them to death. There is something related to death maybe a grim reaper or wings of angels in heaven.


1. Simple Fire Grim Reaper 999 Tattoo

999 Juice Wrld Tattoo 1
Source: peppie_tattoo

There is red fire behind the Grim Reaper, and the number 999 is written on its forehead. It is a half-faced Reaper with big black eyes.


2. Brave Soul 999 Tattoo

999 Juice Wrld Tattoo 2
Source: sak.squatch

It’s a packet of juice in the tattoo, with a globe burning on fire. And in the place of the name, it is written 999; blood droplets coming out of the straw.


3. The Power Glass

999 Juice Wrld Tattoo 3
Source: kennastattys

It is a very simple tattoo, feels as if a kind of energy drink is pouring from the glass. And that drink is forming the name 999.


4. Angel-Devil 999 World 

999 Juice Wrld Tattoo 4
Source: catfishjimmytattoos

The 999 number is written, with wings beside it. On the top, there is a crown-type thing but it is in the structure of fire.

Fire portrays the devilish side of a human, and the wings portray the good side.


999 Angel Number Tattoo

We all know that 666 is the devil’s number, and we do not have any other opposite number showing the angel or positive side. So, Juice WRLD believed that inverting 666 is 999, and that is the angel number.

From that time, 999 became a number that shows positive energy and good things, opposite to 666 number.


5. Plain Simple 999 Tattoo On Arm 

999 Angel Number Tattoo 1
Source: ichigotattoo_

This one is a very plain and simple 999-number tattoo on the arm. Both men and women can draw this tattoo on their arms.

You can also customize the color while inking it keeping the other thing the same.


6. Floral 999 Tattoo For Hand

999 Angel Number Tattoo 2
Source: pjser.tattoos

There are two small simple light pinkish flowers on both ends of the tattoo. The number 999 is written in the middle, it looks as if a shadow is behind it.


7.  Easy 999 Tattoo for Inking In Leg

999 Angel Number Tattoo 3
Source: rose._tattoos

If you are looking to draw something very small and simple on your leg, this is the tattoo you need. Both men and women can ink this 999 tattoo on their legs.


8. Juice WRLD 999 Inked on Neck 

999 Angel Number Tattoo 4
Source: redefineink

This tattoo is great for men in their neck area. 999 is drawn in the middle of the neck with wings beside it. And on top of it, is the symbol of the angel, the circle.


999 Tattoo Fonts

In this section, we have brought different types of 999 number tattoo fonts for you. Expert tattoo artist says that when there is any writing or numbers in a tattoo, fonts matter a lot.

Fonts are the little things that create the biggest effects in a tattoo.


9. 999 Tattoo in Beckett Regular Font

999 Tattoo Fonts 1
Source: vpir.tatt

Very simple but vintage-looking font. Goes with any major body part and looks super cool as well. As a suggestion, men can ink it around their neck area and so do the women.


10. Basic 999 Tattoo on Collarbone

999 Tattoo Fonts 2
Source: sytattooart

This location goes very well since the sight of the collarbone of women is largely regarded as beautiful. Goes for men too, since the upper chest is visible right from there.


11. Diploma Font 999 Tattoo on Arms

999 Tattoo Fonts 3
Source: giudas_tattoo

Sure enough, this slightly wide location is just perfect for anybody to put on a good-looking tattoo. The inside of the arm is also very popular with both men and women.

The absence of body hair makes the tattoo stand out more than ever!


12. Cartoonish 999 tattoo on Shoulder

999 Tattoo Fonts 4
Source: mr.sticker.tattoo

Want something large enough to cover the whole limb? This cartoonish 999 tattoo is the one for you. The tattoo has 3D textures and correct shadows. How good it should look, that’s up to you.


999 Tattoo Stencil

The tattoos in this section are completely different. There are angelic designs, butterfly designs, fire designs, and old-school 999 tattoo designs.

Whatever you want to customize with, fire, wings, butterfly, suggestions are here for you.


13. Angelic 999 Tattoo

999 Tattoo Stencil 1
Source: jack_tattoo_artist

In the spiritual world, 999 is regarded as an angelic number. In the name of Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Spirit – etch the tattoo design on yourself.


14. Butterfly 999 Tattoo

999 Tattoo Stencil 2
Source: sydsxink

Does your soul keep floating like a butterfly too? Then this 999 tattoo is just for you.

There is a one side view of the butterfly, with 999 written beside it. Additionally, there are some small decorations around it.


15. 999 Tattoo on Fire

999 Tattoo Stencil 3
Source: moira.ink

The design is so surreal, it reminded our tattoo experts of Juice WRLD’s lyrics. Keep reminding people with this tattoo that you are just as hot as the fire.


16. Old School Gangster 999 Tattoo

999 Tattoo Stencil 4
Source: camaleotattoo

Every 2000s people remember this tattoo design. This font with such subtlety used to be everywhere. From movies to games to real life, there was no shortage of its showcasing.

Juice Wrld Tattoos 999

In this whole guideline, we are talking about the famous tattoo design of Juice WRLD. But in this specific section, our tattoo includes the name of Juice WRLD to pay tribute to him.

There are designs of a juice packet, Grim Reaper, and a heart also including the number and name.


17. Juice’s WRLD 999 Scrambled Tattoo

Juice Wrld Tattoos 999 1
Source: kxwrld999

As if somebody carved the letters on your limb, right? Looks badass. If you’re someone who’s brave and doesn’t care about maintaining what society asks you to do then go for this tattoo.


18. 999 and Inverted Cross Inside Heart Shaped Barbed Wire

Juice Wrld Tattoos 999 2
Source: morbid.tat2

Remind people that you are here to break the rules, not follow them. This 999 tattoo is recommended for the coolest of the cools.


19. 999 on Ghost Rider

Juice Wrld Tattoos 999 3
Source: permanent.reminder

Straight out of the legendary comics right on your own precious body. Now you can identify as the ghost rider. Be on fire, wear a leather jacket, and carry one long shackle to catch the bad guys.


20. Juice WRLD and 999 on Tetra Pack Tattoo

Juice Wrld Tattoos 999 4
Source: richmccanntattoo

This is good for several reasons. One of the 999 reasons is that it says, 100 % real music inside the juice pack. Plus, it looks like it’s stitched on you. Cool, right?


999 Tattoo Behind Ear

Our tattoo experts know that some people love to ink tattoos behind the ear. And keeping that in mind, here we have brought the best 999 behind-the-ear tattoos.

The designs are very minimalistic, and we have also tried to suggest on whom it would look the best.

21. 999 Behind the Ear

999 Tattoo Behind Ear 1
Source: taystinytatts

One of the most underrated locations of the body. People would find it as a surprise and will praise you for it. Kudos. Both men and women can do this 999 tattoo behind the ear.

22. 999 Vertically Behind the Ear

999 Tattoo Behind Ear 2
Source: blackinklinearts

This 999 tattoo design would look like you’re bleeding from afar but that’s part of the charm. Get it ASAP!


23. 999 Aligned Behind the Ear

999 Tattoo Behind Ear 3
Source: bloody_cherry_tattoos

Another design, another uniqueness. That’s what tattoos are about. Show you’re unique. This 999 tattoo is inked in a way that the design is shaped like the ear.


24.  Vintage Font 999 Aligned Behind the Ear

999 Tattoo Behind Ear 4
Source: surclas_id

Gives off gangster vintage looks, and vibes like a hard look. This 999 tattoo will go perfectly for teenage girls, with multiple pierces in the ear.


999 Neck Tattoo

Tattoo lovers, love to ink tattoos on their necks. The neck area is a very popular place for both men and women to tattoo.

In this category, we have different fonts for 999 tattoos, which give different vibes and have unique meanings.


25. Bold 999 Vertical Tattoo Behind the Ear

999 Neck Tattoo 1
Source: janvrink

This one will go with people with long necks. Since it’s bolded, it’s going to stick out and almost massage people’s sore eyes with its sight.



999 Neck Tattoo 2
Source: artbymirrandaa



999 Neck Tattoo 3
Source: heed313



999 Neck Tattoo 4
Source: sle.tattoo


999 Juice Wrld Tattoo Ideas



999 Juice Wrld Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: sweetestkellz



999 Juice Wrld Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: robinsen.ink



999 Juice Wrld Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: madame_mim_tattoos



999 Juice Wrld Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: adinkted



The meaning of the tattoo design 999 is full of beautiful and positive values. Based on the main concept, the sub-meanings can vary according to each person. The main concept tells us to accept change and focus on positivity.

If the rapper Juice WRLD had been alive, then he would have done many more good things for us. His die-hard fans also ink this 999 tattoo in his memory and pay tribute to him.

But if you’re looking for a simple tattoo to spread change, hope, growth, resilience, and positivity, ink the 999 tattoo.



1. What is the concept between the 999 tattoo of Juice WRLD?

Juice WRLD said in an interview that he perceived the number as an inversion of 666. And we know that the number 666 is connected to negativity and evil. He gave the number a new meaning by turning it upside down to represent growth, positivity, and hope.

2. What impact did Juice WRLD’s 999 tattoos have on his fans?

Juice WRLD’s 999 tattoos were a powerful symbol of hope and resilience for his fans. Many fans got their own 999 tattoos in honor of Juice WRLD and his message. The 999 tattoo has become a symbol of the Juice WRLD community, and it continues to inspire fans around the world.

3. What is the importance of the number 999 in numerology?

In numerology, the number 999 is associated with new beginnings, spiritual awakening, and the end of a cycle. It is also several completion and perfection. The number 999 is often seen as a sign that you are on the right path in life and that your dreams are about to manifest.

4. How should I care for my new 999 tattoo?

Once you have gotten a 999 tattoo, it is important to follow your tattoo artist’s instructions for care and aftercare. This will help to ensure that your tattoo heals properly and looks its best.

5. How can I get a 999 tattoo? Any suggestion?

To ink this tattoo, find a reputable tattoo artist who specializes in these kinds of styles. Once you find the tattoo artist, be sure to discuss your ideas with them in detail, you can also show a picture for reference.

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