25+ Eye Pleasing Marigold Tattoos with Meaning You Can Get

In the realm of body art, Marigold tattoo has lured many hearts through its simplistic design and naiveness. A marigold tattoo is not just ink. It symbolizes love, remembrance, celebration, hope, and pride.

Just think about a marigold flower with its black and white color and minimalist design lying on your skin. It would be the most unique way of spreading loveliness and serenity as it connects human beings to the beauty of mother nature.

So, to quench your thirst for this magnificent tattoo design, here we have displayed galleries of marigold cosmos tattoos section to marigold October birth flower tattoos with meanings. We bet you won’t regret it.


25+ Marigold Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The marigold tattoo is a symbol of the celebration of life and death. In Mexican culture, marigolds are vital in the Dia de los Muertos event. They believe it will guide the spirits to return to the living. From this concept, Mexicans and many people from different cultures worldwide love to paint this flower on their skin.

Apart from this, Merigold tattoos encompass a diverse array of symbolism. They can depict positivity, optimism, remembrance, and honor, as well as convey protection and warding off evil through their minimalist artistic nature.

The most interesting thing about this tattoo is it can lay on any sex’s skin. So, if you feel drawn to Marigold tattoo design, the following gallery with meanings is only for you.


Marigold And Cosmos Tattoo

Combining marigold and cosmos flower designs in a single tattoo holds interesting meanings like harmony and balance or resilience and love. Portraying this body art on your skin can completely showcase the mentioned characteristics aesthetically. So why wait? Let’s delve into this section of eye-soothing marigold and cosmos tattoos.


1. Bouquet of Love

Marigold And Cosmos Tattoo 1
Source: markbyhaley

In this first tattoo, you are seeing a close-up of a marigold and cosmos flower bouquet with a quote on a lady’s back. This realistic style with well-detailed petals exhibits two flowers embracing in a way that looks like Romeo is hugging his Juliet. So, you can get this tattoo to symbolize your unconditional love towards your partner.

2. Art of Loving Oneself.

Marigold And Cosmos Tattoo 2
Source: bunnytattoos

How much you love another existence depends on how much you love yourself. And the unique flower design of this tattoo, with the owner’s name on it, basically expresses self-love. Embrace this craft proudly on your skin and let the art speak about the power of self-love that can make the world a more beautiful place.

3. Parental Devotion

Marigold And Cosmos Tattoo 3
Source: guaytattoos

The tattoo design in this image features a cosmos, breathing serenity beneath a marigold with the word ”me” written just below. This tattoo is an illustration of the parents’ deep love for their child as the marigold represents parents where the cosmos points toward you, the beloved child.

4. Geometric Blossom 

Marigold And Cosmos Tattoo 4
Source: stephanie.tattoos

You’re looking at a perfectly executed tattoo design featuring geometric-shaped marigolds and cosmos flowers. The rectangular shape represents honesty and stability, while the blooming October flowers signify the raw beauty of nature. The wearer of this tattoo can effortlessly showcase these admirable qualities through this art.

5. Timeless Beauty

Marigold And Cosmos Tattoo 5
Source: allisonmercer84

This tattoo design on a woman’s shoulder accentuates her natural feminine beauty and grace. The black and white color of the tattoo looks elegant and sophisticated on any skin tone and at any age. Having this tattoo will make you the proud owner of a timeless design that will never go out of style.


Marigold Tattoo Black And White

Do you know that the marigold tattoo in black and white represents the loveliness of the simplicity of nature? Yes, its timeless artistic attributes create a pure feeling in its owner’s heart. Therefore, explore ways to express your unsophistication and loveliness by witnessing the following creative gallery of black-and-white blooms.


6. Life Admist Decay

Marigold Tattoo Black And White 1
Source: stefan_tastic_tattoo


Here, this design of a magnificent tattoo with a date written on it symbolizes a memorable event of its owner. And the marigold in the skull’s ridge symbolizes the beauty of living nature. Together, this tattoo shows how death and living stay side by side.

7. Garden of Dreamwaver’s

Marigold Tattoo Black And White 2
Source: abbitattoos

If you’re looking for a meaningful tattoo that symbolizes hope, dreams, and aspirations, a black and white sunflower surrounded by marigolds in a well-balanced style, then this design is yours. Draw it on your leg and carry the symbol of balance.

8. Empowerment Blossom

Marigold Tattoo Black And White 3
Source: joannalynnetattoo

Love to being yourself? Then you are going to love this design too. The black and white marigold in full bloom in this photo is symbolizing confidence and self-love. Place it on your forearm; it would look perfect.

9. Beauty Beyond Life

Marigold Tattoo Black And White 4
Source: jhobsontattoo

Why the dead can’t look beautiful? They have the right to showcase the beauty of death and afterlife. And this unique artwork with a flowery skeleton head proves the philosophy that even in death, flowers can bring out beauty.

10. Together Forever

Marigold Tattoo Black And White 5
Source: kayadeantattoos

This tattoo is a portrayal of a love story. The love story between two fiancés and their commitment to stay together forever. The black and white marigolds symbolize the importance of being together in life as they are drawn in a sensitive way.


Marigold Tattoo Drawing

Marigold tattoo drawings symbolize the connection between humans and nature through their simple yet powerful insights. These tattoos are known for their delicate strokes characteristics. Tattooing this sort of art helps us to remember to celebrate the fleeting beauty of life. If you’re interested in getting one of these tattoos, check out the following designs to get some inspiration.


11. Pure Beginnings

Marigold Tattoo Drawing 1
Source: yeowool_tattooer

This marigold tattoo drawing symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and new beginnings; choosing it as your body art can be a great decision if you wish to celebrate your own growth with this design’s simple yet remarkable inner meaning.

12. Nature’s Joy

Marigold Tattoo Drawing 2
Source: yeowool_tattooer

If you look closely at this marigold tattoo, you will find a flower dancing on its owner’s skin. This marigold flower drawing expresses the joy of a being who has finally bonded with nature, as nature is also rejoicing for the return of its own element.

13. Arrows of Heartbreak

Marigold Tattoo Drawing 3
Source: stabbing_strawberries

This tattoo tells a sad story. Ms. Marigold, a lady, stands and watches her ex, Mr. Strawberry, lying on the ground with arrows in his chest. These arrows symbolize betrayal. If you ever feel betrayed, draw this tattoo and show them how tragically they have shattered your feelings.

14. Trio of Eternal Bonds

Marigold Tattoo Drawing 4
Source: bihwa_tt

On the back of a man’s arm, this marigold tattoo drawing symbolizes friendship. As there are three marigolds attached together, it represents the unbreakable bond between friends.

15. Heavenly Decay

Marigold Tattoo Drawing 5
Source: daniturkeysammie

This last design of this section carries a special meaning. It shows how death and the celestial theme unite. The flower in this tattoo is showcased as the element of heaven, and the dead leaves represent the decay of life.


Minimalist Marigold Tattoo

Minimalist marigold tattoo is building its popularity on a massive level nowadays. Its simplicity and purity touch human feelings to some extent. Also, it’s a symbol of positivity. Therefore we have illustrated this unit with some of the best minimalist marigold tattoos only for you to satisfy your artistic persona.


16. Ink of  Elegance

Minimalist Marigold Tattoo 1
Source: demi.defreitas

With the simplest touch of ink, this design embodies both plainness and fine art. You can choose this tattoo if you believe that, ”simplicity is the best policy.”

17. Pure Ties

Minimalist Marigold Tattoo 2
Source: omgitsliza

This minimalist marigold flower tattoo design can directly exhibit the sibling bond. The little marigold is the symbol of your sibling, and the bigger one portrays you holding tight and supporting your Lil’ champ from the root.

18. Inner Oasis

Minimalist Marigold Tattoo 3
Source: natashamansuetitattoos

In this world of crowds and chaos, this design can be the bearer of peace to your mental health. It affirms you have every right to solitude when needed. Get this tattoo on your ankle to tell the world you have yourself, and nothing is more important than that.

19. Wings of Hope

Minimalist Marigold Tattoo 4
Source: inkypaperclip

The flying butterfly that you are seeing in this tattoo is a sign of new hope, which is flying toward you. Since you are the marigold, why not let it come and flatter your soul with new hope by grabbing this meaningful tattoo on your skin?

20. Delicate Dichotomy

Minimalist Marigold Tattoo 5
Source: choiyun_tattoo

In this delicate and elegant design, two marigold flowers facing upside down symbolize life’s two contradictory parts:  joy and sorrow. They remind us to find beauty in our complexity in the journey of life.


Marigold Flower Tattoo Drawing

Marigold flower tattoo drawings generally are a heartfelt expression of nature and human emotions. It has become popular body art for its unique symbols, such as vibrancy and positivity. Opting for a tattoo from this selection can create more positive energy in your everyday life.


21. Blissful Pride

Marigold Flower Tattoo Drawing 1
Source: geoska

As we know marigold tattoo is a symbol of serenity, happiness, and pride; if you get this marigold tattoo design on your body, you can express the marigold spirit within you in a very beautiful aesthetic way.

22. October Love

Marigold Flower Tattoo Drawing 2
Source: unotattoonyc

Think of an October day when you are holding your bae’s hand and chilling around. How romantic it would be nah? And if you want to capture those good memories, paint this design and make it happen.

23. Lone Affection

Marigold Flower Tattoo Drawing 3
Source: evelyntattooartist

Is spending life without your loved ones can be a nice way to live? I guess it’s hard to live like that. And this tattoo is saying the same thing, too, as the two marigolds are embracing each other.

24. Lady’s Radiance

Marigold Flower Tattoo Drawing 4
Source: margietattoo

What can be more beautiful than a pinkish marigold flower on a lady’s back? Nothing, Isn’t it? This Marigold tattoo design is a clear promoter of feminine beauty as the pink is the symbol of cuteness.  So, sketch this tattoo on your skin if you want to showcase your beauty through the ink.

25. Forever Remembered

Marigold Flower Tattoo Drawing 5
Source: camitattoo13

Life treats us well when we remember those who loved us and cherished us. This design is specially has been created for the remembrance of those passed people.


Marigold October Birth Flower Tattoo



Marigold October Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: lexikendall1



Marigold October Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: lani_nicole_x



Marigold October Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: awarner4



Marigold October Birth Flower Tattoo 4
Source: kristalynmurph



Marigold October Birth Flower Tattoo 5
Source: strangeworksjb


And here we are, having witnessed some of the best-chosen marigold tattoos that everyone should at least experience once in their life. We hope that you have already selected your design. Now, it’s time to apply it to your skin. 

Marigold tattoos signify several meanings and have very simplistic yet captivating designs that can fit on your body parts easily. This tattoo has no skin tone or age barriers. 

But before you paint your desired design, ensure you are tattooing it by an expert. Doing this will cost you less pain and money and give you a perfect portrait.



Q: What do marigold tattoos symbolize? 

 A: The marigold tattoo has many symbols, such as serenity, happiness, remembrance, and celebration etc. This tattoo’s designs are so attractive that they can hold any insights or interpretation of its owner.

Q: Do marigold tattoos promote feminism? 

 A: No, marigold tattoos don’t innately promote feminism. If any owner of this tattoo wants to establish their insights, they can. But again, its symbolism is not linked to any feminist ideals. 

Q: Is it harrowing to get a marigold tattoo? 

A: In fact, the amount of pain you will experience depends on the design of the tattoo. A simple and small marigold tattoo may or may not be painful for you, but the drawing can be a little bitter when sketching a more complicated and colorful design

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