80 Best Hope Tattoos Ideas to Boost You Up!

A Hope tattoo is a tattoo that is not done in ink to commemorate a specific event, person, or moment in time. It is a tattoo of hope for healing, renewal, and well-being. Oftentimes a Hope tattoo is a tattoo that is symbolic of motivation or a special person or place in your life.

In this blog post, you will find various tattoo ideas and designs related to hope, such as butterflies, faith, love, Anchors, Japanese, etc. People will always seek inspiration when they are looking for ways to express themselves. 

This is why there is a wide selection of tattoo ideas out there. Whether you are looking for a tattoo that will help you feel connected & motivated or one that will help you to express yourself, this blog post will be full of options.

Here Are The Best Hope tattoos Ideas and Designs:

Everything starts with hope. In difficult situations, it’s a great idea to have a tattoo reminding you to always have hope. With so many designs to choose from, you can find the perfect tattoo for you.

Faith Love Hope Tattoo

Faith Love Hope is a tattoo sometimes referred to as the symbol of hope in Christianity. It can be used as a tattoo design, or it can be a phrase that is not tattooed on the arm.


  1. Pulse Hope


Faith Love Hope Tattoo 1
Source: skywalker_itattu

A human pulse sign with two colors, black and red, is distinctive. And beneath this tattoo are the words faith, love, and hope, implying that we must remain positive in the face of adversity.


2. True Faith


Faith Love Hope Tattoo 2
Source: mermaid_tattooo

The human heart rate design is entirely black in this tattoo, and underneath it are three phrases. And they are faith, hope, and love, with a love symbol in the center of each word, looks great.


3. Simple Love


Faith Love Hope Tattoo 3
Source: harb.toni

It’s a straightforward handwritten design of faith, love, and hope. Furthermore, the handwriting style is really clear and appealing. Girls adore this type of tattoo on their hands to represent their optimism in life.


4. Green love


Faith Love Hope Tattoo 4
Source: sneedkutz

This faith, love, and hope tattoo has a leaf pattern, however, the tattoo color is black. Vegans and others who care about the environment can have this tattoo on their hands.


5. Dark Hope


Faith Love Hope Tattoo 5
Source: fe_the_artist1

A human dark pulse rate design with the words faith, love, and hope surrounding it to represent the positive motivation of life. This tattoo reminds us never to give up till we die.


6. Faith T


Faith Love Hope Tattoo 6
Source: gerbertattoos

This is an English word T design that is made out of the words faith, hope, and strength. It looks really distinctive and trendy. On your hand, you can draw this Hope Faith T tattoo if you are a Christian.


Japanese Hope Tattoo

The Japanese hope tattoos are a way of telling others that they will overcome hardships and find happiness. The tattoo symbolizes the hope that a person can overcome their challenges. This tattoo is also called a “Shinigami Tattoo.”


7. Power of Hope


Japanese Hope Tattoo 1
Source: norioli_tattoos

Three Japanese letters tell us about faith, hope, and love. This tattoo stands out because of its dark color. This tattoo is suitable for anyone who believes in Japanese culture.


8. Neck Hope


Japanese Hope Tattoo 2
Source: _kira_tattoo

Two Japanese letters ( Hope and Faith) on a boy’s neck indicate that he believes in hope. And the tattoo tells us that he constantly tries to be calm and patient in difficult situations in life.


9. Cat Hope


Japanese Hope Tattoo 3
Source: cura.tattoo.calligraphy

Cats are considered a sign of hope by the Japanese. Many Japanese individuals get these cat hope tattoos on their hands to represent optimism in their lives.


Never Lose Hope Tattoo

If you have lost hope in life and things don’t seem to be going your way, you can always get a never lose hope tattoo to remind you that you can always find hope in your heart and life goes on. 


10. True Believer


Never Lose Hope Tattoo 1
Source: sara_tattoo

A man who never loses hope in any situation in life is the real G of society. It is a tattoo that can be drawn on your belly to remind you every day that you should believe in yourself.


11. God Lover


Never Lose Hope Tattoo 2
Source: jan_lasari

This tattoo depicts a man’s praying hands as if he is praying to God to help him overcome his difficult life circumstances. And the text “Never Lose Hope” appears to be very stylish and trendy.


12. Bold Reminder


Never Lose Hope Tattoo 3
Source: cyril_rffr

The text “never lose hope” is written in a Bold Text format, and it looks very clear and fashionable in this tattoo. In general, this tattoo can be worn on a young girl’s hand as a sign of faith and hope.


13. Thigh Hope


Never Lose Hope Tattoo 4
Source: smountattoo

People’s lives are full of ups and downs, but we should be hopeful to succeed. This tattoo can remind those who are depressed to be hopeful despite life’s ups and downs.


14. Wing Hope


Never Lose Hope Tattoo 5
Source: luiginuccitattooma

A man’s chest tattooed with the text Never Lose Hope looks very attractive, and the two wings beneath it make it even more attractive. In today’s world, young people are frequently depressed, and this tattoo can encourage them to keep hope alive.


15. Dagger Heart Hope


Never Lose Hope Tattoo 6
Source: tattoosnob

If a loved one crushed your heart, you may feel melancholy, as this dagger heart hope leg tattoo symbolizes. The color of the dagger and the love sign give the tattoo a distinct vibe to the younger generation.


Anchor Hope Tattoo

Anchor Hope Tattoo is a bodywork of art designed to be an anchor to something that makes you feel safe. It is a reminder of hope and that regardless of what is going on in your life, you are loved and supported.


16. Strong Hope


Anchor Hope Tattoo 1
Source: mikelussiertattoo

The tattoo of an anchor is a symbol of power that holds the ship to the ground. Similarly, hope may keep our lives alive if we believe in it. The pattern and color of this tattoo set it apart from other Hope-themed tattoos.


17. Shiny Anchor


Anchor Hope Tattoo 2
Source: teo_matfunk

This hope-centric anchor tattoo has a black and white color pattern, making it popular among the younger generation. The hope banner at the tattoo’s center inspires faith.


18. Rope Hope


Anchor Hope Tattoo 3
Source: brokenmouser

A blue anchor with a yellow rope forms the word “Hope.” This tattoo design of hope is incredibly exceptional and innovative. Because of its distinctive style, girls can have this Rope Hope tattoo on their back.


19. Love Hope


Anchor Hope Tattoo 4
Source: inkscooltattoos

There is a rope attached to this anchor, and at the end of the rope is a flower with a love sign. In a unique fashion, the word “Hope” is at the center of this tattoo, adding to its elegance and style.


Cursive Hope Tattoo

Cursive Hope Tattoos are a unique way to show your hope, faith, inspiration, and encouragement with a beautiful piece of wearable art. Each letter in cursive can be customized to fit your style, meaning, message, and more.


20. Only Hope


Cursive Hope Tattoo 1
Source: albert.jorba

Hope is the sole word inscribed in this tattoo, and it looks really nice and vivid. It demonstrates that you are an optimistic person who will never give up hope and will fight till the finish.


21. Consonant Hope


Cursive Hope Tattoo 2
Source: yellowltattoos

The hope letter begins with a consonant letter in this tattoo, giving it a contemporary touch. We currently live in a highly stressful world, which is why we want hope in order to have a prosperous future.


22. Italic Hope


Cursive Hope Tattoo 3
Source: ladyly_tattoo

The letter Hope is written in italics in this tattoo, which appears incredibly fashionable and sophisticated. We will be depressed if we do not have hope in life; hope, on the other hand, motivates and inspires us to strive.


23. 4 Letter Hope


Cursive Hope Tattoo 4
Source: dragonflyink_

In this tattoo, we can see four letters H. O. P. E., which make the word hope appear wonderful. This hope sign tattoo on your hand will offer you a trendy sensation.


24. Diamond Hope


Cursive Hope Tattoo 5
Source: cool_family_tattoo

A basic Hope word tattoo, however on the finger there are three more tattoos that look great: a diamond, a $ symbol, and a thunderbolt sign. This hope symbol tattoo on the hand serves as a constant reminder of positivity.


25. Wrist Hope


Cursive Hope Tattoo 6
Source: rtattooist

The word “hope” is inscribed on a man’s wrist in a stylish fashion that looks absolutely gorgeous. It is more appealing because of the dark color pattern. Wrist hopes tattoos are always a reminder of what motivates us to accomplish our everyday work.


Butterfly Hope Tattoo




Butterfly Hope Tattoo 1
Source: jordy_ink_tm




Butterfly Hope Tattoo 2
Source: tattoo.phoebe




Butterfly Hope Tattoo 3
Source: artist_atul_panotwra




Butterfly Hope Tattoo 4
Source: t.for.tattoo




Butterfly Hope Tattoo 5
Source: _willy.tattoo


Ms Hope Tattoo




Ms Hope Tattoo 1
Source: sloweace




Ms Hope Tattoo 2
Source: art.hooligan.tattoo




Ms Hope Tattoo 3
Source: bomoge_tattoo


While I Breathe I Hope Tattoo




While I Breathe I Hope Tattoo 1
Source: she_is_baby_blue




While I Breathe I Hope Tattoo 2
Source: zele.tattoo.studio




While I Breathe I Hope Tattoo 3
Source: albert_junior_a3


Ambigram Faith Hope Tattoo




Ambigram Faith Hope Tattoo 1
Source: thefangandflower




Ambigram Faith Hope Tattoo 2
Source: lizzy.pac




Ambigram Faith Hope Tattoo 3
Source: isaacink559




Ambigram Faith Hope Tattoo 4
Source: catfishjimmy




Ambigram Faith Hope Tattoo 5
Source: rath.ren




Ambigram Faith Hope Tattoo 6
Source: kocha_saraswati_


Arrow Hope Tattoo




Arrow Hope Tattoo 1
Source: bossman_tattoos




Arrow Hope Tattoo 2
Source: harleytattoos




Arrow Hope Tattoo 3
Source: hiteshsinonskin




Arrow Hope Tattoo 4
Source: buddha.inktattooz




Arrow Hope Tattoo 5
Source: thelightbearer96


Breast Cancer Hope Tattoo




Breast Cancer Hope Tattoo 1
Source: sunderlandbodyart




Breast Cancer Hope Tattoo 2
Source: sweeettheart_tattoos




Breast Cancer Hope Tattoo 3
Source: maelforgia


Cross Hope Tattoo




Cross Hope Tattoo 1
Source: penny_a_artwork




Cross Hope Tattoo 2
Source: tonirol22.tattoo




Cross Hope Tattoo 3
Source: bastiandlee




Cross Hope Tattoo 4
Source: marcelink13


Know Hope Tattoo




Know Hope Tattoo 1
Source: sacredarttattooparlor




Know Hope Tattoo 2
Source: jesse_gendron




Know Hope Tattoo 3
Source: spookyvampmom




Know Hope Tattoo 4
Source: modernaddictiontattoos


Last Hope Tattoo




Last Hope Tattoo 1
Source: highwaterstattoo




Last Hope Tattoo 2
Source: munlynetattoo




Last Hope Tattoo 3
Source: sambugarotattoo


No Hope Tattoo




No Hope Tattoo 1
Source: theinkdoll




No Hope Tattoo 2
Source: johannestattoos




No Hope Tattoo 3
Source: ri_tattoos


Only Hope Tattoo




Only Hope Tattoo 1
Source: rafalopestattoo




Only Hope Tattoo 2
Source: ryangraytattoos




Only Hope Tattoo 3
Source: spizzy_89


There Is Always Hope Tattoo




There Is Always Hope Tattoo 1
Source: tattoo.gorilla




There Is Always Hope Tattoo 2
Source: nailfashiontattoos




There Is Always Hope Tattoo 3
Source: _____la_nena_____




There Is Always Hope Tattoo 4
Source: gaia.tattooink


Diabetes Hope Tattoo




Diabetes Hope Tattoo 1
Source: nuviaa_delrecords




Diabetes Hope Tattoo 2
Source: freediabeticsmovement


Dove Hope Tattoo




Dove Hope Tattoo 1
Source: blackpearl_tattoo_kasaragod




Dove Hope Tattoo 2
Source: jennytattoo__




Dove Hope Tattoo 3
Source: jz.ink




Dove Hope Tattoo 4
Source: spiritofart_tattoos


Half Agony Half Hope Tattoo




Half Agony Half Hope Tattoo 1
Source: historically.bylouise




Half Agony Half Hope Tattoo 2
Source: marykathleenc




Half Agony Half Hope Tattoo 3
Source: tufflovearts


Final Words:

We hope you enjoyed our blog article on hope tattoo ideas and designs. We have included a few examples of hope tattoo designs that are easy to incorporate into your everyday outfits! 

Find your favorite one and use it to help spread some hope! If you have any questions about tattoo designs or would like to find out more about them you can visit our site. 

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!


Frequently Asked Question

What Tattoo Symbolizes Hope?

Hope, endurance, and change are all symbols associated with butterflies. Hope and growth are perfectly symbolized by them.


What Does Hope Tattoo Mean?

Hope is the anticipation and desire for the best to occur; it is the sensation of optimism and want. Hope, like trust, promise, and expectancy, is strongly tied to faith.


Which Celebrities Have Hope Tattoos?

There are many celebrities who have hope tattoos, including Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Ruby Rose, and Demi Lovato.


Which Flowers Represent Hope?

Gladiolus flowers are strikingly beautiful. Hope, strength, and remembrance are all represented by them.

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