96 Exotic Geisha Tattoos Design and Ideas for Mena and Women!

When it comes to artistic, vibrant body art, few tattoos can match to the Geisha designs. Geisha refers to women who are professionally trained to entertain men through music, poetry, and many other creative things. A symbol of beauty and mystery, enveloped in a colorful kimono, she is thin and wears white cosmetics and a black wig or extensions. The geisha emphasizes feminine power, intrigue, and mystery. She is so specialized and sophisticated that she is hidden from most of society; for most, she is elusive, untouchable, and unattainable. She represents hopes, aspirations, ambitions, and passion. She’s referred to be a “figment of the imagination.”

Throughout the generations, the Geisha symbol held its head high among other tattoo designs. These designs are appealing, alluring, enchanting, and majestic. They are compared to none in beauty and creativity. These slender and supple designs can ornate your body with an enchanting aura. After all, Japanese Tattoos are always filled with enviable symbolism.

So, in our continuous journey to present you with unique and tasteful tattoo designs, we are here with some exotic Geisha tattoo designs. Hold on to your breath and come explore this outstanding beauty with us. We got some really enchanting pieces for you-

96  Geisha Tattoo Designs and  Meanings

Tattoos of the geisha are popular among both sexes. It is a sign of exotic grace and divine beauty in Western cultures, and is widely seen as a representation of Japanese culture. It is typically brightly hued and elaborately patterned. In order to capture its genuine beauty, a skilled artist is required; therefore, it is important to complete background investigation and request a portfolio before hiring.

There are several traditional aspects linked with geishas that might be incorporated:

  • Samurai from Japan.
  • Cherry blooms and cherries
  • Umbrellas and fans.
  • Peaches are also associated with Japan and the geisha.
  • Some mythological creatures, such as the dragon and tiger, are included.
  • You can also use Japanese writing (kanji).

The geisha is a popular tattoo design for both sexes. It is revered in Japan as a symbol of the nation’s heritage and a symbol of exotic grace and divine beauty in the West. In most cases, it will be brightly hued and beautifully patterned. The geisha tattoo is an elegant and subtle expression of the wearer’s personal style. The girl in the colorful kimono represents the aspiration and aim of the wearer to escape from the mundane and enter the realms of fantasy, aristocracy, and entertainment. The importance of the geisha tattoo is that it proclaims the wearer’s inner wealth and sage advice.


Geisha Warrior Tattoo

The word geisha always incorporates women of elegant beauty with unmatched talent. These women were usually known as entertainers who entertained men mostly in non-sexual ways. They were seductive and sensual in every way possible. However, one thing most people skip is that there were Geishas who were not just entertainers. They used to fight along the Samurai men in the battlefield in pre-modern feudal Japan. They were the members of Bushi (warrior clan of Japan. These brave and beautiful women were known as the Onna-musha (女武者). Those days are long past but the relic of their unmatched beauty and bravery remained intact.

Here are some tattoo designs that complement those brave and elegant souls-


  1. Valor
Source: jjc_attramento

An unbreakable spirit of a warrior is artistically portrayed through this gothic piece. The armor in this piece is inspired by feudal Japan’s battle suits. The armor is inked with every nitty detail which gave the gothic look. And the snow-eyed geisha inside the armor represent the coldness of war. All things combined, this absolutely gorgeous piece is an artistic portrayal of Killer Beauty.


2. Battle Wind

Source: angel_mihov_tattoo

This particular piece has a tragic aura with all the leaves blowing in the gloomy battle wind. It portrays the tragedy and effect of war on people’s life. Apart from the heavy symbolism, the piece is crafted with a very unique appeal. The Kimono is vividly inked with a genius artistry that looks superbly aesthetic to the eyes.


3. Dragon Born

Source: manulondono85

Beauty, courage, and honor; all portrayed with sheer elegancy on the man’s forearm. The Katana in her hand symbolizes the valiant warrior side while the dragon tattoo on her back portrays courage. And the red orbit behind her head is the portrayal of the glaring sun. In short, this is a portrayal of deadly beauty!


Japanese Geisha Tattoo

Geisha is a Japanese term that means “art person,” and it is essential that a geisha be able to sing, dance, and play the samisen (a lutelike instrument), as well as converse fluently in Japanese. The tea ceremony, calligraphy, and flower arranging are all skills in which many geisha excel. To tribute these beautiful and talented ladies, many people tattoo them on their skin. These tattoo designs are known as the Japanese Geisha tattoo design.

Here are some exotic examples-


4. Sensu

Source: kseah

Sensu or folding fan is a vital element of geisha designs. This piece has portrayed that element quite beautifully with a simple floral design in it. Alongside that, the Kimono has fire patterns that symbolize the hard work and struggles of a Geisha.


5. Lily

Source: baikal.13___

It is what one might call a subtle piece of body art for men’s biceps. Its monochrome artistry with flowing floral design made it a fluid and decent piece to look at. The piece has also quite a realistic vibe to it. This piece is a fluent combination of beauty and tragedy. Combining that beauty and tragedy, you will get flawless artistry on your body.


6. Cat’s Eye

Source: lapv_tattoo2

A sleek design with sublime artistry. This colorful and intricate piece is glaring in pride on this man’s forearm. Along with the Kitsune mask, the expertly detailed cat’s eye will seduce you in a blink. The coloring in this piece is vividly vibrant and of excellent craftsmanship. Traditional Japanese tattoodesign doesn’t get any better.


Geisha Tattoo Design

Geisha tattoos are designed in a subjective manner in which the geishas are the centerpiece. However, there can be many other elements in these designs like umbrellas, hand fans, oni masks, kitsune masks, floral decorations, etc. These designs are generally bright in color and very expressive. These tattoos can be placed on the arm or back and will shine equally. plus, these traditional designs will wrap your body in an ancient and beautiful aura.

So, we got some designs for you. Give it a go-


7. Butterfly

Source: shannonwolf

This one’s a bit unusual from the traditional geisha tattoo design and a bit tricky in symbolism. A cat is rendered as a luxurious and elegant being who has its own unique posture. So do women. And there belongs the symbolism. Apart from that, the Kimono is aesthetically ornated with a floral design which gives it a visual edge.


8. Grim Ripper

Source: tony_tatuarte

There’s something grim and gloomy about this tattoo. The dead white eyes, the Oni mask, and the black lips have made this piece a bit weird. Also, the blood-red Kanji and Kimono wrapped this piece with a dark aura. If you like grotesque and gloomy pieces then this design is perfect for you.



Source: nicofalascatattoo

You can’t find any exaggeration in this design. It has an original vibe to it. This particular piece is simple, monochrome, and minimalistic. Just a flawless artistic piece. The Kimono is also pretty simplistic, unlike other geisha designs. In that manner, this one is somewhat a bit unusual too.


Traditional Geisha Tattoo

Admirers of Japanese culture are often awed by the way in which tattoo designs so thoroughly reflect centuries of ingrained customs. Tattoos inspired by geishas, a figure prominent in Japanese culture, are extremely fashionable. Traditional geisha tattoo designs depict a beautiful woman with a secretive demeanor. Geisha tattoo design represents a gorgeous woman who is artistic and flawless. The geisha tattoo below exemplifies true feminine beauty and is perfectly combined with lovely flowers and other elements.

Here are some exceptional design ideas if you’re looking for one-


10. Crimson Carnival

Source: calvary_classic_tattoo

Along with other things, umbrellas are an important element of any traditional geisha design. In this design, the umbrella is portrayed quite vibrantly. The make-up and Kimono are also inked with splashes of colors and with clean detailing. Overall, its coloring, shading, and placement made it an exotic piece.


11. Glowing White

Source: jordanskye_tattoos

In one design, the combination of two ancient philosophies of good and bad is portrayed with artistry.  The two sides- peaceful white Kimono and the blood red Oni mask depicts two opposite ideology. That’s something special about it. Also, the Kimono in this piece is just outstanding. Its floral design on the soft white surface made it look so peaceful.


12. Monochrome Glare

Source: jedroftattoo

It’s a straight-up monochrome design that followed the line art method. The cat’s eye of this geisha gave it a strong characteristic where the umbrella puts a touch of versatility with its forearm placement. Plus, the Kimono looks very appealing with its floral ornamentation. Overall, with all things combined and its forearm placement on the man gives it the appealing edge.


Geisha Samurai Tattoo

While the title “samurai” refers to male soldiers, female samurai warriors, or “Onna-Bugeisha,” have existed in Japan from 200 AD. These samurai women, known as “Onna-Bugeisha,” or “lady warriors,” were trained in martial arts and tactics and battled alongside the samurai to defend their homes, families, and honor. They were women of beauty, courage, and expert warfare knowledge. Today, those unmatched beauty and knowledge is portrayed through body art as a tribute to these exceptional ladies. If you also want to show some appreciation through tattoo design, here are some ideas-


13. Crimson Moon

Source: buddy_tattoo_

Trust no one- the foremost and fundamental rule of warfare is portrayed through this exceptional eye appealing design. And as per the artistic side, it is gorgeous with the black Kimono and bloody Katana. With its expert artistry, this piece emits a true warrior aura!


14. Camellia

Source: mmarcadini

Beauty is not a sign of fragility. This design is where beauty meets violence on this woman’s upper arm as they are the two sides of the same coin. The floral design along with the subtle and expert artistry made this piece a treat to the eyes. This particular piece is the artistic  portrayal of love, beauty, and war.


15. Black Dragon

Source: jodyknight_tattoo

This one is a rather intricate piece. The artist ornated this piece with a dragon and black rose fluently which depicts the ideology of war and tragedy. Also, it is inked in such a way that gave it a realistic flavor which looks very much alive. Intricate or not, this realistic piece is able to wrap you up with an aesthetic aura.


Geisha Pin Up Tattoo

The idea behind Pinup tattoos derived from the art style followed by the magazine in the 90’s. People used to love that art style. So, they used to cut the paper and would pin it up against the wall. As a result, the fundamental idea of pinup tattoos is to recreate that magazine type art on the body. These types of tattoo design are very popular among the new generation too. So, the Geisha pin up tattoos are the tattoos that include geisha designs and magazine art style.

If you’re a fan of pinup designs, then there’s no better designs than the ones below! Have a look-


16. Bloomed Rose

Source: californiacorey

A true pin up model with every glossy elements. The Kimono in this design is quite vibrant in color and has a rose patterned design that looks very…. Catchy! Plus, the Geisha’s face and the hand fan- Sensu is very colorful too. This whole piece is very splashy and a great pin up design.


17. Mist

Source: backyardinkbreda

This one is a bit sensual. Pin up designs were always somehow managed to put up a sensual side in the past. This design also did that with a certain mystique. The black Kimono and Sensu adds up to the mystique even further and the mist around the geisha delivered the final touch. This piece is dark, mysterious, and also sensual.


18. Queen Flower

Source: melissa_daye

A simple and classic pin up art. It’s vibrant in color, it’s has that vintage flavor, and it’s gorgeously ornated. This piece is also has a sensual flavor and with the flower ornament, it’s very appealing. Plus, this design features two katanas that depicts a warrior side of the geisha. All considered, this piece will serve you well.


Geisha Fan Tattoo

In Japan, there are various symbolisms associated with fans. The fan itself is a sign of prosperity since it expands out when opened, analogous to a budding flower or the expansion of wealth. The fan can also represent charity and good fortune. When employed in tattoo art, fans create incredibly attractive designs that will adorn people’s flesh, thus they are often drawn to them and decide to tattoo them. These fans are also a vital part or element of Geishas. These geisha women always carried a fan with them as the symbol of royalty, and femininity.

These fans are decorated with aesthetic portraits and visually pleasing. Here are some designs that you can get inked-


19. Ancient Wind

Source: kristbashari_tattoo

It’s a classical design of an unfoldable hand fan design for placing on a woman’s forearm. The fan’s red surface has a golden abstract decoration which looks very traditional and appealing. Plus, for an added aesthetic, it has a lace that further adds to its traditional flavor. It can be a great piece for women.


20. Roar

Source: japan.tattoo

This one is a  piece with a fierce flavor. The design is decorated cleverly with an overall monochrome design and a little splash of redness. The geisha has two blood red rose on her head that looks very evolving. And the fan is ornated with a tiger face with red eyes. These splashes of red made a connection between the girl and the fan. Overall, this piece is a visual masterpiece.


21. Floral Wind

Source: gabesmithtattoos

It’s a classic monochrome design with floral decoration. The white flowers feel pretty in the fan and the wavy laces bring a windy vibe to it. This piece can be great for anyone who wants a small random piece inked.


Demon Geisha Tattoo

Oni Tattoos represent the ability of the devil to punish any bad or unfair conduct. With this sleeve idea, you can embrace that meaning while also demonstrating your toughness. This tattoo will shield you from evil and represent your brave personality as well as your trip or life ahead or behind you. These Oni or Demon tattoos can also crossover with the geisha tattoos for creating the ultimate symbolism.

So, we compiled some top-of-the-shelf designs. Here are some demonic designs just for you-


22. Cyborg

Source: inkatattoolyon

Remember the anime movie Ghost in the Shell? Well, this piece gives off a robotic vibe just like that. If you are a fan of sci-fi then this one’s gonna nail it for you. Apart from that, the design has also a realistic flavor to it with those glaring eyes. When sci-fi meets Japanese culture, this is what you get.


23. Hydra

Source: house.of.flying.daggers

It’s a grotesque piece in and out that’s placed on the man’s hand. It’s a snake-headed geisha with a devilish face and there are two Katanas. This particular design doesn’t portray anything certain in a linear sense. It’s just a gorgeously grotesque piece that is perfect for anyone with exceptional taste in designs.


24. Crane

Source: onitattoo

An intricate piece with elements and symbolism flooding! This piece is both visually aesthetic and rich in symbolism. The geisha in this design has a devil horn, an Oni mask, a paper crane, a Koi fish tattoo on her back, and a floral decoration to sum it up. The paper crane symbolizes the wish of god while the geisha is wearing a devil mask. Talk about the splendid use of metaphor!


Geisha Head Tattoo

Namakubi, or severed head tattoo, is a famous motif in Japanese tattooing tradition, dating back to feudal Japan’s warrior class.
They can have various meanings, such as respect for one’s adversary, courage, and fearlessness, but one of the most popular is accepting one’s fate with honor and dignity. The decapitated Geisha represents one’s willingness to die and sacrifice for love.

That philosophy is porttrayed gorgeously in these below designs-


25. Gisei

Source: integritytattoos

The piece is violent! Through and through. However, it portrays one self-sacrificing side for love. This piece is designed in a very colorful way that will blend in your skin seamlessly. On top of that, the art style followed the traditional Japanese wavy line art method to give it a bit original taste.



Source: roachesthere



Source: manza.barbarossa


Geisha Dragon Tattoo



Source: khristianchoytattoo



Source: ironinktattoosmi



Source: cyka_tattoo


Geisha Hand Tattoo



Source: ink_mirko



Source: teeni_bean



Source: benod89


Geisha Hannya Mask Tattoo



Source: tiger_ramos



Source: inkedbykuu



Source: japan.tattoo


Geisha Skeleton Tattoo



Source: ivy_ink_tattoo



Source: redhotink


Dead Geisha Tattoo



Source: kojitatts



Source: official_crowned_legendz_muzik



Source: inchy_mcbastad


Evil Geisha Tattoo



Source: bigdaddyvillain



Source: marisatattooartist



Source: tattoos_by_shaun


Geisha Doll Tattoo



Source: lillithvaintattoos



Source: gee_tattoos_uk



Source: ryanmallorytattoo


Geisha Full Sleeve Tattoo



Source: saku_esplendor



Source: ollie_pinder



Source: michelle_holliday_tattoo


Ninja Geisha Warrior Tattoo



Source: dec_vaughan_tattoo



Source: sondysonson


American Traditional Geisha Tattoo



Source: kbefftattoosandlapetitemorttattoos



Source: martin_j_turner



Source: valentineinks


Geisha Sleeve Tattoo



Source: dob_r_man



Source: ian_hansen



Source: santostattoostudio55andchalomanrios


Geisha Forearm Tattoo



Source: a.v.e_ink



Source: llllwg22



Source: julaotatou


Modern Geisha Tattoo



Source: valphometandmort.ink



Source: tattoosrosie



Source: trashtristantattoo


Asian Geisha Tattoo



Source: hellomynametuanbrown



Source: omkarablossomca_



Source: judithwhite


Cartoon Geisha Tattoo



Source: forbiddeninktattoo



Source: thirdylosaria



Source: peppinktattoo


Chinese Geisha Tattoo



Source: felone_ttt



Source: emyglz.tattoo



Source: sunchild._.art.tattoo


Geisha Anime Tattoo



Source: shepard_tattooer



Source: fury13tattoo



Source: anthracite.tattooshop


Geisha Chest Tattoo



Source: empty.projectmx



Source: naradjtatto_new



Source: jennal_omkarablossom


Geisha Face Tattoo



Source: illusions_ink



Source: plusttthree



Source: tayporttattoocollective


Geisha Flowers Tattoo



Source: tattoo_ghostskin



Source: tattoo_ghostskin



Source: dtf_tattoo


Crying Geisha Tattoo



Source: isabelle_frings



Source: davidkafri



Source: diegotattoallstar


Geisha Oni Tattoo



Source: gorskatattoo



Source: cassverrett



Source: tristvn_ttt


Geisha Shoulder Tattoo



Source: mattiadubbio



Source: ringsandneedlesworcs



Source: michelevodola.horimono


Geisha Elephant Tattoo



Source: elliemaypaul



Source: thetoddamour


Geishas have a long history of glory in ancient Japan. They were well-educated and flourished maidens of many arts. They even fought side by side with male samurais on the battlefield. They were the beings of fantasy, aristocracy, and men’s deepest desires. Even now, they are remembered with great respect throughout the continent and beseem in the form of body art. This category of body art is elegant, fluent, and just mesmerizing like those beautiful and enchanting ladies.

We want you to have the best design inked on your body as it is gonna be permanent. That’s why we compiled an exotic list of alluring designs just for you. Choose one of them or as many as you like and get it inked. However, don’t rush! Select them carefully and get them done by a professional only.

Happy Tattooing!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does a Geisha tattoo mean?

The geisha tattoo on a woman’s body is a symbol of femininity and inner beauty, and it is said to represent a tremendous mental fortitude that is concealed behind a mystery. When inked on a man, it symbolizes his unspoken need to own something or someone exquisite. The more vibrant and expansive the image, the greater the owner’s surplus of male strength, caring, and devotion. It’s only a mark of a man’s true strength and confidence to adorn his body with such a symbol.

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