80 Koi Fish Tattoo Designs To Try in 2024



Koi fishes are amazingly beautiful fish. They are heavily used in drawings of koi fish tattoos.

Koi fishes come in many gorgeous colors and sizes. Their breathtaking patterns and color combinations have given birth to many artistic tattoo pieces.

They symbolize luck, good fortune, and prosperity. They are deeply tied to the Japanese culture. Sometimes they are also combined with other styles such as yin and yang, dragons, etc. They can blend with almost every tattoo variation.

In this article, we’ll go through different types of koi fish tattoos. We’ll discuss their meanings, what they symbolize, and some FAQs. So buckle up and dive into the content.


Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning

According to Japanese culture, koi fish tattoos are a sign of good luck and prosperity. They can also mean peace and strength. Koi fishes are also known for their long lifespan. Their tattoos can be used to represent longevity and adaptability.

Depending on the patterns and incorporation with other elements they can even be used to give other means such as protection, wisdom, and power. But mostly they mean peace and unity.


80 Koi Fish Tattoo Designs


1. Colorless Koi pair Tattoo

Source: hotpinkhotdog

A pair of Koi fish can be seen facing the opposite direction. Both fishes in this tattoo lack color. The Rotating formation Represents balance and discipline. A Beautiful piece for forearms.


2. Galactic Kot Tattoo

Source: lucie.tattoo

The Koi fish on this tattoo has a unique feature. The body of the fish is painted like a sky with shining stars. The tail is fairly bigger in contrast to the body. A partially lit moon is under the fish.


3. Black And White Contrast

Source: bvnkstreettattoo

A freshly drawn tattoo of two koi fish is on the back of a woman. One of the fish is white, and another one is black in color. It highlights the contrast between good and evil. It’s highly suitable for showing the differences.


4. Transparent Koi Tattoo

Source: hwyl.tattoo

An elegant tattoo of a koi fish that is purple and pink in color. The color combination gives a girly vibe. The transparent fins and tails represent purity and clarity. It will look amazing on a girl’s hands.


5. Black & Red Koi Fish Outline

Source: vera.gamze

The two fish on this tattoo is half colored in red and half colored in black. The outline is only there to give shape to the fish. The fish has big tails, and they seem to be rotating in a circle. The red color makes the tattoo pop from the skin.


6. Koi and Dragon Tattoo

Source: horifu

The koi fish has transformed into a scary dragon. The gods have seen his dedication but unlike the myth, it’s dark in color and looks evil. The mouth of the dragon looks like a venomous snake. It is spreading fear instead of protecting the viewers.


7. Angry Koi

Source: horifu

The amount of anger can be easily spotted in this fish’s eyes. It has a coin in its mouth and is determined to protect it. The red color makes it even more obvious. You don’t want to mess around him.


8. Small Forearm Koi

Source: mayforcolor

Red and white are two colors that have different meanings, but they are both combined in the body of the small koi fish. It shows us that just because we share different values doesn’t mean we can’t form something beautiful together. It teaches us about unity and co-operation.


9. Red & Black Koi Sleeve

Source: katuki_x

The entire hand of this man is covered with a tattoo of koi fish. The elements of this design are all black in color except the fish. The fish is red in color, and it stands out from the rest. A unique design renders for full sleeve tattoos.


10. Koi in Flames

Source: barefootink

Koi fish are supposed to be in calming water. However, in this tattoo, the fish is in scorching flames. The red flames have surrounded the fish, but there isn’t a sign of pain in his black eyes. It shows the quality of not being affected by the surroundings and staying focused.


11. Japanese koi fish tattoo

Source: tj.russo

This Japanese koi can be seen riding high waves. It doesn’t seem frightened by the high tides. It represents the calm and confident nature of the Japanese people. The artist defined the culture of Japan with a simple yet elegant design.


12. Green koi Back Of The Leg Tattoo

Source: tattoo_keong

Koi fishes are known to have the power to transform into dragons. This one has a close resemblance to a dragon. It is an ultimate sign of power and protection. It sits nicely on the leg of this man!


How to draw a koi fish tattoo?

Drawing a koi fish tattoo can be a bit tricky. here’s how you can draw koi fish tattoos:

Firstly, you need to create the design on paper. you can take inspiration from other tattoos or come up with something unique.

Then you have to get that design on your skin with detailed outlines. Make sure you fully outline the tattoo before you begin the tattoo process.

After that, start the tattoo from the edges of the line and fill out the black lines. When the black lines are complete, start to color the tattoo.

Finally, add shedding to the tattoo to give it more depth, It will make the tattoo more realistic and professional.

If you follow those steps, you will end up with gorgeous tattoos of koi fish within a short time. Just give some time to heal the skin and start showing the world a piece that you’ll be proud to have.


13. Red Koi Leg Tattoo

Source: guerreroink_tattoos

The red Koi is a symbol of love and peace. It is resting gently in the sea plants. It doesn’t look threatened or happy. It indicates the non-reactive nature of the person. The black lines on the bottom of the tattoo define the look.


14. Half Back Koi Tattoo

Source: tattoo_keong

This man’s back is half covered in a koi tattoo. The entire back is divided into two parts and one side is fully inked while the other half isn’t. The fish is glowing red and the flower looks like flames. It shows the adaptability of the species.


15. Koi Transformation and Cover Up

Source: buch_reyes

This tattoo was drawn over another tattoo to hide the previous message. The tattoo transformed the previous tattoo and gave it a new look. The fish on the back is also a symbol of that transformation.


16. Koi Flower Tattoo

Source: didebergit

There is a multi-colored flower in the body of a red koi fish. Most likely the fish died, and its body helped to give the required nutrients for the growth of the flower. It is an ultimate display of sacrifice.


17. Japan And Koi

Source: mamunter

The silver fish in the tattoo on a woman’s right shoulder is bearing the national flag of Japan. It is on the skull of the koi fish. It represents a close association with Japanese culture.


18. Blue Hidden Koi Tattoo

Source: doravarga1995

Hidden behind the red flowers is a gorgeous blue-colored Koi. He is trying to hide, but the color of his body makes it harder to blend with the surrounding. It means that although you might try to blend in, your uniqueness will always make it harder to do so.


19. Koi Fish On Biceps Tattoo

Source: jray_2590

A beautiful koi fish is surrounded by flowers. The fish seems to be upside down. Which is an indication that it is strong and was trying to go upstream. This tattoo on the man’s bicep indicates the strength and power of the person.


20. Surfing Koi

Source: horror_trilogy

The koi fish in this tattoo can be seen to ride tides. The fish is looking very lively and enjoying every moment. It teaches us to be happy and enjoy our own company.


21. The Glowing Sun

Source: boobiestattooginowan

A shining sun indicates new beginnings. The red rays from the sun are gently touching the red koi. It means a new start for the fish. He can leave everything in the past and move forward with new goals in mind.


22. Ring Carrier

Source: aji_saka_tattoo_fucktory

The small ring planted at the center of this tattoo has made the koi more aggressive and scary. It’s trying to save it from harm’s way. But it has changed its attitude in order to comply with the responsibility. It teaches us that responsibility changes a person.


23. Tiny Flower

Source: 4oz_hammer

The small flower at the lower portion of this tattoo is completely different from the entire tattoo. It is representing the blessing from the protector. The rest of the tattoo with the koi fish is suggesting to the struggles of the fish. Amazing piece of art indeed!!


24. Feminine Koi Tattoo

Source: ebonywilliams_tattoos

A female koi is the main attraction of this tattoo. Her eyes are filled with a feminine vibe and there’s flowers all around her body which enhances the beauty of this girly tattoo.


25. The Midnight Koi

Source: boobiestattooginowan

Dark colored body with slight strokes of blue is the perfect combination to indicate nighttime. The koi is calm as the night and peaceful as the clear sky. The tattoo highlights those features.


26. Final Phase Of Transformation

Source: 7traintattoo

According to the myths when the koi crossed the waterfall upstream he was transformed into a dragon. The blessing, in this case, is the small green flower and the glow on its body shows its final transformation phase.


27. Colorful Dragon flames

Source: kilokish.arts

The transformed dragon is breathing out fire and burning down the evil. There isn’t any surprise in this tattoo. He is doing what it takes to protect the innocent and wipe out the darkness.


28. Dragon and Demon

Source: boobiestattooginowan

After transforming into a dragon, the koi started hunting down the demons. This tattoo with a demon head on the bottom with the dragon is a pure resemblance to that myth. A wonderful choice for a full sleeve tattoo.


29. Yin Yang Koi Fish Tattoo

Source: oneeyedjacktattoostall

Two small fish can be spotted to be drawn on a woman’s waist. The fish are tiny and only have the outlines of a fish. A minimalist koi tattoo that also symbolizes yin yang.


30. Framed Kois

Source: noalox

A frame that has four different colors has contained the koi that formed a yin yang sign. That is used to keep the balance within the boundary. A tattoo with deep meaning and taste.


31. Black and Red Koi

Source: shiyu_tattoo

The two fish are biting each other’s tails which creates a circle. It represents the eternal cycle of life. It also represents sustainability and resourcefulness.


32. Circle of Infinity

Source: lilliannxxrose

Two koi fishes and some dots have created a symbol like infinity. It indicates the infinite cycle of life and rebirth. The two fishes with opposite colors enhance the message.


33. Japanese Yin Yang

Source: jaztattoosthings

The big circle filled with red color on the background of this tattoo represents the Japanese flag’s red circle. The yin yang symbolizes the balance in Japanese culture and society.


34. Cryptic Koi Tattoo on Chest

Source: marloeslupkertattoo

There are two creepy koi fish on this tattoo. It looks as if they were dead for years but somehow managed to survive. One has black eyes and the other one has a white glow on its eyes. It gives creepy vibes all around


35. Filigree Fish Tattoo

Source: shellbee.ink

The use of filigree style is highly visible in this masterpiece. The gorgeous breaded style with the tint of red is mesmerizing. The koi fishes are overshadowed by the ornamental design but they are still a part of this piece.


36. Mutated Koi Tattoo

Source: lamenttattoo

By staying near the plants, the creature on the tattoo has adopted some features from them. Their tails and fins have mutated into sea plants. It tells us the influence of our surroundings on our life and personality.


37. Different Views

Source: finelinewilly

Eyes are the window to the soul. In this tattoo, both of the koi have different colored eyes. They are an indication that they represent separate views. They are forming the yin yang symbol with their body. It means that their deficiency balances each other out.


38. Red And Blue Yin Yang

Source: ed_inkedtattoo

On the side of this man’s neck, there’s a Yin yang symbol made from fish. The bodies of the fishes fill out the space between the design and the two eyes of the fish make the circle on the symbol. The rest of the blank space is shaded with a darker color.


39. Third Eyed Koi

Source: nikita.jaded.tattoos

Both of the koi fish have an extra eye in the middle of the skull. The eye is an indication of Its all knowing and seeing ability. This piece combined with the details on the body makes it look smooth and meaningful.


40. The Yin And Yang Kois

Source: corexx.tattoos

Two adult koi fish can be spotted going around the Yin yang symbol in a rhythm. They represent the two colors of the symbol of balance. A great piece for a thigh tattoo.



Source: joeysneedle



Source: thebutchertattoo



Source: wedytattoo_official



Source: hammel_ryan


45. Dragon koi fish tattoo

Source: horiei78



Source: joeleeink



Source: marcusclarktattooart



Source: inksoultats



Source: inksoultats



Source: art_of_lucci



Source: chinatomik


52. Avatar koi fish tattoo

Source: alara_un


53. Black koi fish tattoo

Source: magdalenasaskova



Source: jamink5



Source: ianadams420_ink



Source: raphamarquestattooist


Red koi fish tattoo



Source: leo_salcedo_tattoo



Source: ph4t3m



Source: cloiekai



Source: feelin.blue.tattoo



Source: alextrang_tattoos



Source: alextrang_tattoos



Source: inkcandytattoostudioau


64. Black and white koi fish tattoo

Source: soumadip_bera



Source: koizhou_tattooist


66. Traditional koi fish tattoo

Source: mjutattoo



Source: svartlilith



Source: sailingwilly



Source: b_almighty712



Source: boobiestattooginowan



Source: zachz0mbii



Source: boobiestattoogate2st



Source: boobiestattoogate2st



Source: breakthroughtattoo_charleston



Source: bluehoneymoontattoo



Source: bluehoneymoontattoo



Source: boobiestattooginowan



Source: cavemankyletattoo



Source: aaron1982nc



Source: ceentaur


Koi fish tattoos carry out deep meaning through their designs. They can help an artist to express their thought by implementing their takes on these styles. They are both cultural and trendy tattoo styles. If you are looking to get a tattoo that is widely recognized and has ties to Japanese or Chinese culture, definitely give koi fish tattoos a thought.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does the koi fish tattoo symbolize?

Koi fish tattoos symbolize luck and adaptability.

Is koi fish tattoo lucky?

Yes, Koi fish tattoos are considered to be lucky

Do men get koi fish tattoos?

Yes, both men and women can get koi fish tattoos.

What flowers go with koi fish tattoos?

Lotus goes well with koi fish

What does a two koi fish tattoo mean?

They mean Balance of energy.

Is it bad luck to get a koi fish tattoo facing down?

No. But it means it doesn’t have much strength

Are koi fish tattoos offensive?

No. They are not offensive.

How a Koi Became a Dragon?

According to Chinese and Japanese myths, By crossing a waterfall upstream, a Koi fish became a golden dragon.

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