20+ Immensely Attention-Grabbing Badass Tattoos With Meanings

If you want to express your powerful and bold nature through art, then badass tattoos are the best option for you. It is a perfect way to showcase your strong and rebellious characteristics.

What makes them best? Their strong imagery, dark colors, and intricate details make them the best among other tattoos. Even artists recommend getting at least one badass tattoo once in a lifetime. 

So, here is a collection of 20+ immensely attention-grabbing badass designs. Where you can find badass mother-daughter tattoos to badass sleeve tattoos everything in one place. Just pick and draw your skin with mighty meanings and rich vision with a badass style. 

20+ Badass Tattoos Designs and Meanings

From badass mother tattoos to badass sleeve tattoos about the top 25+ trendy and meaningful designs you can experience right here in this article. Embrace your body parts with tough, strong, and rebellious art that can showcase your personality perfectly. So why are we waiting? Let’s find out the first or next partner of your skin.


Badass Mother Daughter Tattoos

There are no words that can define the love for your child. But there is another way though. What is it? Of course, body art! For showcasing your endless love, badass mother daughter tattoos can be the most creative way. Express your feelings and show how much you care for them through the following most adorable designs. 


1. Bloom of Love

Badass Mother Daughter Tattoos 1
Source: kineticinktattoo

Here in this first tattoo, a sunflower is shining bright on a mother’s shoulder. With a popular quote from the classic song, “You are my sunshine,” this design portrays the unconditional love between you and your only princess.

2. Eternal Unity

Badass Mother Daughter Tattoos 2
Source: stanleydraytonbullard

This tattoo design of red poppies expresses the love and sacrifices that both mother and daughter make. The words “mother” and “daughter” of this endearing design can depict the loveliest bond between you and your child or mother.

3. Shared Bond

Badass Mother Daughter Tattoos 3
Source: charles_memphis

This black and white half-sunflower tattoo reflects that you and your daughter are sharing each other’s soul and maternal love for eternity. Ink it on the wrist to share devotion and togetherness with you and your beloved lass.


Badass Easy Tattoo Drawings

Badass easy tattoo drawings are a very unique choice to paint on the skin. If you want to depict your thoughts simply with a touch of toughness, then this section is made for you. Take a look at these following designs and experience the minimalist beauty.


4. Your Words

Badass Easy Tattoo Drawings 1
Source: traitsdunion_tattoo

If you are searching for an easy yet elegant word tattoo, then this badass design is the one you are looking for. It has a nice quote,” Sunshine.” You can customize it with your own words or the name of your old one. 

 5.  Mighty Viper

Badass Easy Tattoo Drawings 2
Source: colette.ink

Rebirth with the strength of a snake. Sounds strange? But you can do it by getting this badass drawing. Have it on your leg and become the bearer of mysterious power. 

6. Helm of Achilles

Badass Easy Tattoo Drawings 3
Source: cherry_sundaetattoos

Behold the helmet of Achilles. The mighty Greek warrior has left behind his war headpiece for you. Wear it on your skin and be the symbol of bravery.


Badass Tattoos For Women

You are a woman and you can be a badass too. Don’t think about anyone who pinch you for no reason. Instead, shut their mouth by painting the following layouts of badass tattoos for women to show them how cool a chick you are. Because they are not worthy of your words. 

7. An observer

Badass Tattoos For Women 1
Source: needfulthingsinc

Like this spooky cat in this tattoo, you can silently identify who are the real people in your life. Warn them that you are watching closely who conspire against you by getting this art.

8. Freedom Seeker 

Badass Tattoos For Women 2
Source: m0thm0mmy

This tattoo is a perfect example of avoiding people who annoy you. Fly high like the butterfly in this design and enjoy life as you want. Painting it on your wrist would look perfect.

9. Floral Serenity

Badass Tattoos For Women 3
Source: sirens.ink_tattoo

Here we are seeing a sunflower and daisies on a woman’s back. These adorable flowers represent peace, hope, and loyalty. Purchase this art to portray your moral qualities flawlessly.


Badass Tattoo Ideas

Looking for a way to express your inner rebel or exceptional aspects? Check out these collections of badass tattoo ideas to display your artistic attitude. These tattoo designs contain very special symbols and lessons. Why wait? Let’s dive into the new sea of badass attributes. 


10. Infinite Love

Badass Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: inkboy_rigo

In this tattoo a white bird is flying away with a pocket watch and a rose is blooming right beneath it. This wonderful design illustrates that time flies but love doesn’t.

11. Toxic Seduction 

Badass Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: liveirontattoo

A black-and-white portrait of a badass woman with a snake around her neck is nothing but a portrayal of mystery and allure. Placing it on your arm will enhance the beauty of your skin. 

12. Partners in Crime

Badass Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: pepperonastick

The quote of this tattoo, “Ride like Bonnie and Clyde,” indicates the infamous criminal couple of America. It symbolizes lovers’ affection, meaning that no matter what you do, do it together. Wear it and be the crime partners.


Badass Easy Tattoos

With the bold and impactful imagery, badass easy tattoos are different from others. Anyone can be impressed by the clean lines and incorporated elements of this segment. Get badass easy tattoos to encourage yourself and others to be bold and rebellious.


13. Unyielding Vine

Badass Easy Tattoos 1
Source: ellenmellon.tattoos

The first tattoo of this segment is a thorny vine tattoo. It carries a life lesson: we can’t stop in the middle of something. No matter what obstacles come between us we have to tolerate the pain and suffering to achieve the ultimate success.

14. Angelic Sense

Badass Easy Tattoos 2
Source: badasstattookorea

This design of a little pair of angel wings on the forearm seems cute but it contains badass meaning. It portrays that even if you look innocent outside doesn’t mean you don’t have any idea of who your enemy is. Tattoo it and indicate to them not to underestimate you.

15. Trippy Maverick

Badass Easy Tattoos 3
Source: ohrel_tattoo

Wanna vibe in a badass style? Put this cool dog on your skin. He is wearing a kimono and sunglasses with a flower in his mouth as if he is trippin’.

Badass Octopus Tattoo Drawing

From the sea to your skin, a badass creature is waiting for you. Damn! You guessed it. Yeah, octopus it is! Octopuses are intriguing creatures but they have other interesting qualities. Also, they are very intelligent as well as have a unique appearance which makes them so popular as a tattoo subject. They can be badasses also when they find any danger. Find Out your next badass octopus tattoo drawing in this gallery.


16. Vivid Cephalopod

Badass Octopus Tattoo Drawing 1
Source: melliottclouds

Here in this furious design, a large octopus with light blue, purple, and green tentacles is staring with its intelligent eyes. Dye it on your leg to satisfy your rowdy soul with the vibrant color of this badass octopus.

17. Fierce Gaze

Badass Octopus Tattoo Drawing 2

This octo, with its fearsome appearance and fierce expression on its face, symbolizes strength, determination, and the ability to survive. Ink it on the back of your hand to portray the badass energy of yours.

18. Fiery Enigma

Badass Octopus Tattoo Drawing 3
Source: katie.g.z

Well, this symmetrical piece of badass octopus tattoo shows wildness with its dangerous appearance. Have this bold and striking design on your arm to culture mystery and power. 


Badass Female Thigh Tattoos

If you have given thought to drawing a badass female thigh tattoo, then you are in the perfect place to find out your next body art. This section of amazing thigh tattoos is going to blow your mind. So, why wait? Let’s take a look at the following attention-grabbing badass female thigh tattoos. 


19. Graceful Venison

Badass Female Thigh Tattoos 1
Source: miren_the_forest_witch__

Here you can find a large and spread-out deer, covered with a thick coat of fur. Its graceful body language expresses the beauty of being a woman. Draw it on your thigh and share your gentleness and purity.

20. Regal Ember

Badass Female Thigh Tattoos 2
Source: sweetneedles

A burning castle on a woman’s thigh signifies authority, strength, and power. This tattoo could have different and deeper meanings also. Put your insights into this amazing art by tattooing it on your skin.

21. Trendy Secrecy

Badass Female Thigh Tattoos 3
Source: ohrel_tattoo

Wanna hide? Hide in style! This isn’t my words, this art is saying that. The woman with a scarf and sunglasses in this tattoo, hiding her face behind a Japanese fan can be your way of portraying filtration, coolness, and mystery.

Badass Forearm Tattoos

Hold on! Are you trying to find a new way to illustrate your bold badass personality? Tattoo the following art on your forearm. Why? Because a badass arts suit on that body part the most. Enhance the beauty of your body with the badass forearm tattoos.


22. Aerial Bond

Badass Forearm Tattoos 1
Source: beautyandthebeasttattoos

This realistic style black and white owl tattoo is looking at you with its cute little friend, Mrs. Butterfly. Adopt them on your skin to purify your heart with their innocence.

23. Majestic Dichotomy

Badass Forearm Tattoos 2
Source: sepulvedatattoo

The skull head king whispering to you to be his partner forever. It symbolizes the duality between life and death. Have it to depict your thoughts on this dualism. 

24. The Alchemist

Badass Forearm Tattoos 3
Source: nordic_sisterhood

In this design, a badass alchemist is waiting for you to tell you about the omens of gaining true wisdom. Don’t make him wait too long; otherwise, he is gonna blow away with the wind.

Badass Sleeve Tattoos

When we think about getting a tattoo the first thing that comes into our mind is sleeve tattoos. And this desire will be incomplete without badass sleeve tattoos. For this reason, we have gathered some best badass designs to quench your thirst for the love of freedom and fearless attitudes.


25. Spirits of Legends

Badass Sleeve Tattoos 1
Source: louiepagetattoo

Take a closer look at this tattoo; it is the design of the traditional Japanese oni mask and koi fish. They represent the fierceness and power of demons. Ink this badass art on your sleeve and be the owner of the majestic wonders of the world.


Badass Sleeve Tattoos 2
Source: artistkatlinparenteau



Badass Sleeve Tattoos 3
Source: tatt2_raider



This is our farewell time; I hope you have found your favorite tattoo from Badass Tattoos by now. The journey of exploring aesthetically satisfying designs has given us so many options. These eye-soothing arts are rich in meaning and low in price. Don’t make yourself wait too long. Choose any of them. I bet they will not let you down. One last thing, make sure that you are going to an expert artist to draw your chosen design. Because only an expert hand can draw them accurately with less pain. Therefore, are you ready for the next one? I’m sure you are!



Q: What does a badass tattoo symbolize? 

A: There are various symbols you can find on the internet. But here are some authentic meanings of these tattoos:

  1. Rebellion
  2. Strength 
  3. Unique and confidence 

Q: Why do people worship badass tattoos? 

A: People praise and worship badass tattoos because of their unique qualities. Like: 

  1. Bold lines and aesthetic designs 
  2. Courageous meanings 
  3. Can fit on any skin and age. 

Q: Do badass tattoos give any bad vibes? 

A: Certainly it’s not. Badass tattoos give men chances to reflect their true characteristics. Some might have dark meanings but dramatically it comes out with motivational aspects. 

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