50 Awe-Inspiring Sun and Moon Tattoo Design Ideas

Nothing can be as iconic as the sun and the moon for they are particularly symbolic and carry different meaning to every culture around the world. This is the main reason why sun and moon tattoos are exceedingly popular all throughout history.


Most Popular Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

With this line of design that is usually the question, for you only have the sun, the moon, or both elements to choose from. Whatever you pick be sure to choose one that expresses your character and personality. It should be a mirror of what you want to look like and what you want to say. So say it loud with the below list of coolest sun and moon tattoo ideas:


#1: The Hidden Crescent Moon

The Hidden Crescent Moon tattoo for women

If you want something simple yet cute, have this tattoo behind your ear. It may be hard to find but gives a fine impression. Being an effortless and clean design, it’ll be a great choice for either your first tattoo or for a body part you don’t want to look ‘too messy’.


#2: Blooming Flower in The Sun


A unique design with a strong depiction, women love having this tattoo of tribal flower in the sun. It gives a feeling of empowerment and femininity thus the reason it’s drawn close to the heart.


#3: A Mysterious Chaos

Mysterious Chaos sun and moon tattoo idea

This artistic piece surely makes a powerful impression as it uses a heavy tone of ink yet conveys a pleasing illustration of the moon and its chaotic surrounding. A good mark for you to express a chaotic yet mysterious vibe.


#4: Playful Tribal Sun Tattoo


This ink consists of two sun designs in and out of the dotted sphere. You can get this pierced on your back to let that jolly-fun look bring out your inner child.

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#5: Roses of the Night

Night rose moon tattoo idea for girl

With both the moon and roses having a natural feminine beauty, this design is mostly labelled as a girly tattoo. With the tone of ink used in this piece as dark shades for the moon and light shades for the roses, you can easily create a sexy romantic sense.


#6: Sun in Splendor


Have this majestic tattoo that features the face of a human and is surrounded by alternating straight and wavy sun rays. This is often called the sun in the splendor that’s often linked with glory.

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#7: A Warrior’s Legs

Warrior's’ Legs sun and moon tattoo design for girl

If you want a separate design of these two elements, try this combination of a tribal sun and moon on the back of your legs. Its design will give you that ethnic and native warrior look that tribes used to have.


#8: Sun and Moon Tattoo on Forearm

girl Sun and Moon Tattoo on Forearm

A traditional image passed down by native tribes and can be passed onto you. This classic tattoo on forearm has simple features of a human face on the sun and moon which makes it look like they’re talking to each other.


#9: Cool Crescent Moon in Tribal


A cool design that’ll definitely give you head-turning attention. This particular design has a modern-meets-classic vibe that appeals to the younger generation.


#10: Night and Day Becomes One

Night and Day join one tattoo idea

A creative combination of the sun and moon. You can have this tattoo represent the cycle of night and day, and the beautiful horizon that they create.


#11: Sun and Moon for You and Me


Popular with couples and best friends, a merged sun and moon showcases the deep connection of two different people. The style of each tattoo complements the other by using the opposite color.


#12: The Grinning Sun


Notice this sun’s smile is actually a confident grin like someone satisfied with their self, or maybe it’s because of a shady deed gone unnoticed? Whatever it is, seeing this ink will surely give you a reason to smile.


#13: The Palace in the Moon

girl Palace in the Moon tattoo art

A tattoo of dreams and romance, this is a wonderful choice if you are enchanted by fairy tale stories. A palace is one of the oldest symbol of wealth, glamour, and the kingdom that it rules. And what better way to upscale your fantasy than placing that palace in the moon.


#14: Intimate Sun and Moon Tattoo


A love story told in ink where the sun (shown as the woman) wants to kiss the moon (shown as the man). This is a perfect tattoo for committed and passionate partners.


#15: Ancient Egypt’s Symbol


You may see this as an ordinary tattoo of sun and moon joined together, but it’s actually a symbol that gained fame in Egypt. This design was a symbol of the gods of ancient Egypt and is still used by a number of Christian religions today.

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#16: Archaic Tribal Sun Tattoo

Archaic Tribal Sun Tattoo idea for girl

An ancient tribal tattoo that conveys a timeless and ethnic culture. This one brings together two designs: a flower and the sun. As you can see above, the flower’s petals can also be seen as rays of the sun.


#17: A Picture of the Moon


If you’re looking for a realistic tattoo of the moon, look no further. This detailed art looks so real that it’s like a black and white photo of the moon.


#18: Trapped in a Circle

Trapped in a Circle sun and moon tattoo idea for women

Encapsulated within this circle is an alluring portrayal of the sun and moon with stars between them. You can have this placed in your back to complement the beauty of this art form.


#19: A Country’s Revolution


A known symbol of the Philippine flag. The three stars in this tattoo symbolize the three-island group of the Philippines while the sun’s rays signify the first eight provinces that revolted against Spain. If you’re a Filipino or a fan of their culture, then this is a must-have.


#20: Tribal Crescent Moon with Leaves


You may see this as a tribal tattoo of crescent moon, but if you look closer, you’ll see that it is also drawn with leaves. The merged symbols represents the same things: growth, energy, and revival.

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#21: Intricate Sun and Moon Tattoo


Though it has the typical structure of a sun and moon tattoo, this design has a touch of sophistication because of its high-detailed drawing. Notice how the artist combines different elements in every line.


#22: Into The Abyss


Drawn like you’re looking through your windowpane at night, this realistic tattoo of a full moon and leafless tree gives away an illusive feeling as if you’re looking into the abyss.


#23: Royalty Beneath You


If you’re searching for a look that has a dash of nobility, have these inked on the back of your legs. These high-quality sun and moon tattoo is a good portrayal of the union of royalty.


#24: ‘Solarly’ Related


Instead of having the same tattoo, why not add a little twist and make it look related instead? Have a sun and moon tattoo with each having a different portrayal, but have the same style of design to make their relation obvious. It’s like a couple’s t-shirt but only more permanent.


#25: The Moon’s Cycle

Moon’s Cycle tattoo idea for girl

Here’s something for moon tattoo lovers, having different types of moon and their cycles tattooed in your back can make it look symbolic. This can have several meaning to different culture like rebirth and renewal. To some, it can even resemble the complex characteristic of a woman.


#26: Art in Your Canvas

A painting in a canvas. It’s hard not to get captivated by this tattoo, which makes it a strong grabber of attention to anyone who gets a glimpse. So if you’re a fan of art forms and visual stories use this, for a lot can be interpreted from this artistic tattoo.


#27: Abstract Sun and Moon Tattoo

Abstract Sun and Moon Tattoo you like

This can be an abstract form of the ancient Egyptian symbol shown earlier or a native style of the moon and sun. The simplicity of its design allows you to have this in small form and have it inked on any part of your body.


#28: A Kiss to the Moon

Kiss to the Moon tattoo idea

A romanticized metaphor for a love found yet lost because of how far their worlds are. Though of course, you can have your own interpretation of it. But one thing is for sure, it’s a tattoo made for romantics.


#29: Cute Girl Moon Tattoo


In many cultures, the moon is usually a symbol of being a woman and this girly tattoo has an enchanting and playful style to it. This is a common pick for women for it is both cute and expresses a girl-like fun.


#30: Tribal Moon and Sun Tattoo

Tribal Moon and Sun Tattoo design for girl

Even if you see a lady’s back in this picture, this style of tribal tattoo is commonly seen in men for it brings out the traditional masculine style seen in native tribes.


#31: The Guilty Sun and the Angry Moon


Since the sun is often presented as the man while the moon as the woman, you can have this tattoo and let it be a symbol of a typical partner’s cat and dog relationship, yet choose to stay together.


#32: The Color of Happiness

color full sun and moon tattoo for girl

See how this is beautifully filled with life and stimulating colors? You can have this combination of tattoo on your legs, arms or any part of the body you usually show. It will surely influence a joyful vibe to anyone who sees it and will make them smiling in no time.


#33: The Singing Moon


Tribal tattoos are usually traditional and native by design. But this stylish and contemporary tattoo has a modern feel to it and is best suited for people who lives and loves music.


#34: Separate Tribal Sun and Moon Tattoo


Mostly sought by couples and friends as a matching tattoos, a separate tribal sun and moon tattoo portrays the connection and history of two people. The moon is common for the woman and the sun a usual pick for the man.


#35: A Totem for a Star


A crescent moon with a star on its tail. You can use this emblem of spirituality along with the allure and charm that it gives.


#36: The Blazing Sun and the Icy Moon

Best Blazing Sun and Icy Moon tattoo

Similar to what the yin and yang symbol represents, you can use this to express the balance between your fire and passionate heart along with your calm and tranquil mind. Not to mention, combining contrasting elements will always be a trend.


#37: The Root At Your Feet


If you are a nature lover, environmentalists, or simply a fan of this design, have this tattoo on your feet. Why place it there? Because having a crescent moon made of root in your lower limbs gives it the metaphor it deserves.


#38: Sun and Moon Tattoo on Chest

Girl Sun and Moon Tattoo on Chest

Tattoos in the chest area are easily displayed, and this fine version of sun and moon tattoo is one of the good choices for you to ink there.


#39: Two-Faced Sun and Moon Tattoo


Depicting one of the conflicting principles of life. That when there is light in the heart of a person, there is also darkness. If you are an art person, then this artwork is for you.


#40: The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf with moon tattoo idea

Though the moon is not the star and main attraction of this tattoo, It has become a norm that wolves howl at the moon, and the moon in this tattoo completes the fierce image of a lone wolf fighting for survival.


#41: Lost Between Day and Night


A compass combined with the sun and moon. Though you can’t use it for navigation, it’s a unique style compatible for distinctive people.


#42: Hanging Joker


A joker under the moon can have a playful and whimsical vibe at first glance. But if you look at it closely, it has a deep and mysterious tale to be told.


#43: Elegant Sun and Moon Tattoo

Elegant Sun and Moon Tattoo art for girl

A graceful illustration of the sun and moon that is common for people in search of elegance. You can also put this tattoo on your chest, thighs, legs, or arms (an example below).


#44: A Free Spirit


Given a dramatic ambiance by the sun over it and the bird looking far away to have this tattoo display the free spirit within you.


#45: The Lost Princess


A princess in search for her soulmate lost in a mysterious and dangerous place under the moon. This sad tale shown in this tattoo is often associated with a love lost or a lost loved one.


#46: Elegant Sun and Moon Tattoo on Forearm

Nice Elegant Sun and Moon Tattoo art

Similar to one of the tattoo above, this is another graceful representation of the sun and moon that is a great pick for people looking for elegance.


#47: A Passionate Kiss


A common sun and moon tattoo among lovers. The passionate kiss signifies the love that partners have regardless of their difference. If you have a similar love story going on in your life, this one should be on your to-have list.


#48: The Fearsome Duo

Fearsome Duo sun tattoo idea you like

A favorite among rebels and disturbed people, this spine-chilling ink will frighten anyone that takes a glimpse at it. But I wouldn’t suggest having it if your aim is to scare people for Halloween.


#49: The Vexed Sun and Moon

sun-and-moon-tattoo-56A strong expression of internal rage, this tattoo clearly conveys a person’s wrathful temper. So if you’re having troubles in your anger management classes, maybe this tattoo will help you express your inner fire.


#50: The Yin and Yang Sun Tattoo

Yin and Yang Sun Tattoo idea your favorite

A contrasted sun tattoo that symbolizes both good and bad, right and wrong, or black and white. This iconic symbol can be beautifully placed in any part of your body but is commonly pierced on the back.


Whichever one of these inspires you the most, you can barely go wrong with a sun and moon tattoo. Just make sure to know what you really want before you get it inked on your body. For this line of tattoo may be iconic, but having one that you barely understand or like will make you regret getting it. Give yourself time to search different styles then reflect on the design you are inclined to. And when you are finally sure, that’s when it’s time to go and get yourself inked.

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