30 Stunning Sun Tattoo Ideas and What They Mean

The sun is considered to be the main source of energy for all kinds of organisms living on Earth. And like the sun itself, a sun tattoo showcases nothing but the positive spirit and good vibes of the tattoo wearer.

What makes sun tattoos so fascinating is that they come in various shapes and sizes. Also, sun tattoos come in different types like sun face tattoos, mandala-themed, Aztec tattoos, minimalist concepts, and many more.

This blog is going to give you all kinds of ideas regarding sun tattoos and help you choose your desired design.


30 Sun Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Since the dawn of civilization, the sun has been a symbol of divinity, energy, and greatness. It is also strongly associated with truth, passion, desire, and life. Continue scrolling below to learn everything you need to know about sun tattoos.


Realistic Sun Tattoo

If done rightly, realistic sun tattoos can be an exquisite piece of art. They are gorgeous to look at and illustrative in appearance. See these amazing realistic designs below.


1. Solaris

Source : natitattooist

A clean and polished tattoo of the sun on a forearm. This tattoo will look really good on bright skin. It radiates the energy of hope, optimism, and good spirit.


2. The Sleeping Sun

Source : ink_khan

When it comes to solar tattoos, giving them a facial look is very common. This tattoo has wavy rays coming out of the sun and a beautifully crafted face structure.


3. Solar Shield

Source : sgaramellamarco

Here you can see a great use of negative space. The design of this tattoo is very eye catchy and alluring. This tattoo can be the lucky star for you and bring you good fortune and serendipity in the long run.


Aztec Sun Tattoo

The Aztecs are an ancient tribe that used to live in Mexico and the sun is an important god in their culture. What makes Aztec sun tattoos so mesmerizing is how they have an ethnic legacy attached to them and how you can spot them in an instant.


4. Your Majesty

Source : ashdosen

A very detailed and bold Aztec sun tattoo on a man’s bicep. This tattoo can be a bold statement to all the evil. You can see the intricate design firmly embracing the man’s muscle giving it a divine identity.


5. Heritage

Source : oldeschooltattooinmarietta

An elegantly crafted Aztec tattoo of a sun on a man’s chest. This tattoo bears the Aztec legacy and spreads it to the generations following. Consider this for your next flashy tattoo with a rich history.


6. The Seal of The Sun

Source : bodhitattoo

A full black and bold Aztec tattoo of the sun on the nape. The design of this tattoo will make anyone wonder about its meaning and make them curious. This tattoo can be the cool ancestral seal that you’ve been looking for so long.


Mandala Sun Tattoo

Mandala is an excellent form of art specially when it comes to tattoos. The mandala itself is a symmetric art form that makes it compatible with solar tattoos. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 


7. The Queen of The Skies

Source : noalox

The most noticeable thing about this tattoo is its jewelry-like design. The chains attached to the edge of the sunbeams give this tattoo a luxurious and refined look.


8. Hypnotic Sun

Source : kalkatattoo1406

The sun is seen as a symbol of protection. This tattoo looks like the ancient round warrior shield that fighters used to use during battles. This tattoo will suit both men and women as a symbol of protection and preservation against all dark forces.


9. Cosmic Blossom

Source : arugulatattoo

A sun tattoo with floral patterns inside it. The sun and flower both represent the symbol of hope and positive energy. They also represent feminine energy which this tattoo perfectly radiates.


Minimalist Sun Tattoo

The sun can be a perfect choice if you want to have a minimalistic tattoo on your body. It is because it can be drawn in the simplest design possible. Here are some minimalist sun tattoo designs for you.


10. Atomic Rays

Source : aybikeyyy

A delicate-looking sun tattoo on a girl’s skin. The sun tattoo seems to glow against her pale skin, like a beacon of hope symbolizing strength and resilience.


11. The Crescent and The Sol

Source : bonnibel.inkart

A crescent moon and a bright sun on two opposite hands placed face to face against each other. Just like a balance scale. Both of them together in this tattoo symbolize the balance of light and darkness within human consciousness.


12. The Other Half

Source : ironsideink

The moon and the sun are the most significant celestial bodies. Combining them together in a tattoo displays the love you have for them as an individual. This half sun and moon tattoo is the very commitment to that love.


Sublime Sun Tattoo

The main features of sublime sun tattoos are that they tend to be unique and try to tell a story in vibrant colors. Those who want to turn their body into a living canvas can try out getting these sublime sun tattoos.


13. The Burning Back

Source : scottyptattoos

A very bold and bright tattoo with many characteristics. Inside the sun there are several things like skeletons, a flower, a knife, a ghost, and even a red devil. You don’t really see these kinds of vibrant designs very often specially in sun tattoos.


14. The Groovy Sun

Source : uriel816tattoos

Props to the tattoo artist for this amazing design concept. Sublime sun tattoos are meant to be trippy and mind-bending. What makes this tattoo stand out is the groovy vibe it has in its surreal design and look.


15. The Burning Ball

Source : seanfurytattoos

A surrealistic piece of sketchy illustration with vibrant colors. Many might fear getting a sublime sun tattoo but if you take good care of it and use quality ink it will stay evergreen for a long time in your skin.


Sun Face Tattoo

Since forever Celestial bodies like the sun and the moon have been portrayed as a person, or rather a relative family member to children. If you are a parent considering getting a tattoo of a sun then this type of tattoo is just for you.


16. Day and Night

Source : gracedoestattoos

It is said that “three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” This tattoo is the very definition of this quote. No matter how dark and cloudy the night sky gets they will illuminate the night sky with their endless bright light.


17. Daystar

Source : gracedoestattoos

Another gorgeous negative space tattoo for you. This sun has a charming look on its face and will surely grab attention of people around you.


18. Celestial Rays

Source : sharp_pokes

A shy sun with lineal rays. The tattooist’s use of negative space and the tenderness of the tattoo makes it noticeable to the eye. If you have children they are going to love seeing this friendly looking tattoo.


Sun Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder is less sensitive than other parts of the body which makes it an ideal spot to have a solar tattoo, A Sun tattoo on the shoulder not only gives it an imposing look but also it is visually appealing.


19. The Scorching Sun

Source : inkbykael

If you are a cell enthusiast this tattoo will definitely catch your eye with its single cell like figure. From a single cell, all life forms evolve and with the sun being the ultimate source of energy, this tattoo portrays a very significant message.


20. Celestial Beams

Source : aybikeyyy

A simple solar tattoo below a girl’s collarbone using the negative space neatly. The sun is often portrayed as a source of feminine energy of protectiveness. This tattoo will look just lovely on a girl’s skin.


21. Natural Shine

Source : yahelkfirtattoos

Shoulder caps are one of the best places to get a solar tattoo. It has a round structure which if inked with sun beam designs, transforms into an illuminating sun. It’s like a shoulder pad protecting the wearer from evil and dark energies.


Traditional Sun Tattoo

Traditional sun tattoos are inspired by cultural and artistic traditions. The sun has different meanings in different cultures and can be represented in various styles. See for yourself below.


22. The Glowing Sun

Source : jennaloredo_tattoo

The main feature of the sun is that it shines bright and illuminates us all with its graceful embrace. This tattoo depicts the same sort of energy of kindness, empathy, and compassion towards its loved ones.


23. Sunday Gloom

Source : team_fullgas

This exceptional tattoo design has a very eerie look in it. One doesn’t often see a creepy-looking tattoo specially when it’s involving a sun. But this tattoo motif is very unique and uncommon compared to the others.


24. The Pondering Sun

Source : aaronfrancione

Creativity shines through this tattoo. Here the tattooist depicted the sun as a person in deep thoughts. This tattoo is for those who like to dive into the deepest realms of their mind and solve a problem with wisdom and intelligence.


Half Sun Tattoo

Half sun tattoos give the impression of a setting sun on a faraway land. Normally this type of tattoo features half of a sun, often with rays extending outward. It can hold different perspectives and meanings according to the tattoo design.


25. Solar Fuse

Source : jaimesontrocheck

When it comes to sun tattoos, one might often see triangular wavy rays coming out of them. But in this tattoo of the sun, there are multilayered rays with patterns. This tattoo showcases the multiple forms of energy that the sun possesses.



Source : c.marian_ink


Source : patous_tattoos

Geometric Sun Tattoo



Source : wildcattattoo_studio


Source : sugar_ink_88


Source : sugar_ink_88

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a sun tattoo symbolize?

A sun tattoo can symbolize many things like truth, power, strength, protection, and love


Is a Sun Tattoo Basic?

A sun tattoo can be basic but it can also be intricate with vibrant designs,


What Does The Aztec Sun Tattoo Mean?

The sun is a powerful god in the Aztec culture and it represents a belief in the afterlife. To them, the rising and setting of the sun indicate that there is an afterlife.



That will be all for today. The sun is truly a versatile object for tattoo enthusiasts to experiment with. There are numerous kinds of styles and trends that you can use on sun tattoos. So, what’s stopping you?

Hope you’ve found your desired motif for a sun tattoo and already booked an appointment with your tattooist to get it done!

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