96 Best Animal Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women!

Animal tattoos are part of the culture for several decades now. The lovely designs combined with the creativity and talent of the artist undoubtedly create magic.

From displaying our love for animals to showcasing our artistic skills with mind-blowing tattoos, these designs never fail to win our hearts. While the designs make our body features pop and look stunning, the deep meaning behind the styles warms our hearts.

So, if you are in a struggle of finding the perfect animal tattoo for yourself, then this guide is for you! Discover the best animal tattoo designs and choose one or more for your next tattoo adventure.


XX Animal Tattoo Ideas And Meaning

You can never go wrong with an animal tattoo. Whether you are going for a simple tribute or a realistic art piece, the results are remarkable without any doubt. So, go on in this journey and take a look at the top animal tattoo ideas and meanings.


Animal Skull Tattoo

Animal skull tattoo designs are not really common but the meaning behind these styles is impressive. So, let us take a look at the top animal skull designs.


1. The Skull In Flowers


Animal Skull Tattoo 1
Source: sangregrets

Give yourself a boost of confidence with this outstanding animal skull tattoo. The motivating quote beside the tattoo makes the design look even prettier.


2. The Snake Skull


Animal Skull Tattoo 2
Source: serpents_ink

Make your leg look attractive with this eye-catching animal tattoo design. This simple yet stunning style would look great on both men and women.


3. The Dead Crown Snake


Animal Skull Tattoo 3
Source: annannas.tattoo

Turn heads towards your beautiful snake skull tattoo with a crown. The date on the design represents a special year or the birth of a loved one and looks amazing on both men and people.


Animal Sleeve Tattoo

Animal tattoos covering the entire arm as a sleeve look absolutely amazing with beautiful symbolization. Here, we will see a few examples of animal sleeve tattoos.


4. Roaring Gorilla


Animal Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: kesy_ink

Cover up your entire sleeve with this gigantic tattoo of a gorilla. While the animal represents power and strength, the tattoo showcases the talent and creativity of the artist.


5. Owl Gorilla Pattern


Animal Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: bartoszsapula_tattoo

Attract eyes to yourself in every path of life by getting this stunning animal tattoo inked on a man’s arm. It is a representation of nature and all its great aspects.


6. The Safari


Animal Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: lordevans

The animals in nature look remarkable in real life and the beauty is expressed in tattoos as well. The lion paired in this tattoo with the growling bear showcases the creativity and talent of the artist.


Animal Crossing Tattoo

Animal Crossing is beaming with all the hype now. From its great graphics to the cutest animals, it has won hearts all around the world. Let us discuss a few beautiful Animal Crossing tattoos below.


7. Happy Cat


Animal Crossing Tattoo 1
Source: theartsyalien

Get the infamous cat character inked on yourself from Animal Crossing. This animal tattoo is the perfect design for all Animal Crossing lovers!


8. World Of Animal Crossing


Animal Crossing Tattoo 2
Source: mtmoontattoo

Express your love for Animal Crossing with this extraordinary and detailed tattoo. This design looks impressive on both men and women as a tribute to the video game.


9. The Mesmerized Owl


Animal Crossing Tattoo 3
Source: lizzieetattoos

The phenomenal owl is an important character in Animal Crossing and looks perfect in tattoos. It is a symbolization of cuteness, love, and prettiness.


Traditional Animal Tattoos

Traditional tattoo designs of animals look absolutely beautiful with a deep and nice meaning. Here, we will take a look at some of the best traditional animal tattoos.


10. Red-Eyed Crocodile


Traditional Animal Tattoos 1
Source: badmanazzz

Enhance your features with this nice and colorful crocodile with red eyes. This animal tattoo would look absolutely stunning on the man’s chest without any doubt.


11. Skinned Gorilla


Traditional Animal Tattoos 2
Source: cantrelltattoos

Even though the gorilla without the skin might look gross to some people, the meaning behind the tattoo is great. It represents that beauty lies within our hearts and not in looks.


12. Wide Mouth Tiger


Traditional Animal Tattoos 3
Source: oscartattooer

Show bravery and courage in a fun way with this goofy animal tattoo. The design will look great on the thigh or chest and especially on men.


Geometric Animal Tattoos

Animals represented with geometrical designs or patterns are remarkable and attractive. Let us see some of the top designs of geometric animal tattoos.


13. Half-Faced Bear


Geometric Animal Tattoos 1
Source: scottwaterstattoo

Get this half bear and half geometric-faced bear tattooed on your body as a sign of balance and stability. It also displays the creativity and art of the artist.


14. Geometric Dog


Geometric Animal Tattoos 2
Source: jordantwotone

Dogs are one of the greatest creatures in the world and the most lovable as well. Show your love and affection for your dog with this amazing tattoo.


15. Circle Of Life


Geometric Animal Tattoos 3
Source: trash.panda.tattoo

Give yourself an outstanding tattoo with this super cute design. It is a representation of love, nature, the bond between animals, and the aspects of life.


Tribal Animal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos and designs are popular for several decades now and tell a lot about the culture and love of tribal people. Take a look at a few examples of tribal animal tattoos.


16. Tribute Sharks


Tribal Animal Tattoo 1
Source: vinnie__kan

Pay tribute to your loved ones with these beautiful sharks. This animal tattoo looks great on the chest and the dates represent the birth date of your favorite people.


17. Wolf and Bear


Tribal Animal Tattoo 2
Source: studio_thir13en

The wolf and bear are two mighty animals on the earth and a great part of history. This tattoo design represents the history and culture of the Tribal people.


18. Tribal Deer


Tribal Animal Tattoo 3
Source: takagi_tattoo

Deer is an innocent and extremely cute animal found in the wild. This deer tattoo with tribal patterns is beautiful and looks amazing on everyone.


Animal Hand Tattoos

The hand is one of the top placements for tattoos. And the animal tattoos undoubtedly look mesmerizing on the hand. So, let us take a look at some of the animal hand tattoo examples.


19. Wild Cat


Animal Hand Tattoos 1
Source: sean_lazerbeam

Enhance the features of your hand and attract eyes with a detailed tattoo of a cat. This animal ink symbolizes art, nature, and the beauty of cats.


20. Owl In Dark


Animal Hand Tattoos 2
Source: limited_edition_tattoo_studio

Express yourself with an owl tattoo surrounded by trees. While many think it is a bad omen, it represents wisdom, mystery, magic, and power.


21. Attacking Bear


Animal Hand Tattoos 3
Source: lock_down_ink

Get the bear tattoo on your hand as an expression of your inner self. This animal ink is suitable for both males and females.


Animal Lover Tattoo

The love we hold for animals and the love they hold for us is pure and special. Let us see a few options in which we can portray our love for animals with tattoos.


22. The View On The Bridge


Animal Lover Tattoo 1
Source: the.dishy

Demonstrate your love for your beloved pets with the pretty black ink tattoo. This animal tattoo represents the good times and loves you share with your pets.


23. Hearty High Five


Animal Lover Tattoo 2
Source: choodatattoo

Friendship with dogs is always special in each and every way. This tattoo is perfect for all dog lovers and owners and will look great on the chest or arm.


24. The Unlikely Friendship


Animal Lover Tattoo 3
Source: indigo_tattoo_studio

The friendship between cats and dogs is special but unlikely at the same time. It is a perfect representation of the love and bond between two animals.


Japanese Animal Tattoo

In Japanese culture, animals are given the utmost importance and respect. Let us take a look at a few examples of Japanese animal tattoos and the deep meaning behind these designs.


25. Warrior Cat


Japanese Animal Tattoo 1
Source: gezhangtattoos

The cat in a warrior helmet is a perfect tattoo idea for men. The design will look mind blowing on your chest or shoulder as a sign of respect for Japanese culture.


26. The Wolf In Kimono


Japanese Animal Tattoo 2
Source: heeno_tattooer

The Samurai wolf inked on the skin is a representation of respect and looks amazing on everyone. It represents culture, fights, morals, and ethics.


27. Fighting Tortoise


Japanese Animal Tattoo 3
Source: heeno_tattooer

Get the ninja tortoise as a unique animal tattoo inspiration. It is a creative take on animal designs and the talent of the artist.


Realistic Animal Tattoos

A great way of displaying the creativity of the artist and making your animal tattoos look amazing is realistic designs. Here, we will talk about a few amazing realistic animal designs.


28. Open Mouth Eagle


Realistic Animal Tattoos 1
Source: tattoos_by_bear

Display creativity and artistic skills with this stunning eagle tattoo. This animal is a representation of cleverness, wisdom, survival, and life.


29. Protective Tiger


Realistic Animal Tattoos 2
Source: inkmindcrew

Tigers are a legendary animals to grace the world with their mighty presence. Protection, safety, power, and courage are displayed by the superb tattoo design.


30. The Stunned Koala


Realistic Animal Tattoos 3
Source: inkmindcrew

Give your features a boost by getting the colorful koala tattooed on your arm. This animal tattoo is a symbolization of kindness, innocence, love, and care.


American Traditional Animal Tattoos




American Traditional Animal Tattoo 1
Source: klugtattoo




American Traditional Animal Tattoo 2
Source: garthtattoo




American Traditional Animal Tattoo 3
Source: traditionalkings


Animal Eyes Tattoo




Animal Eyes Tattoo 1
Source: santiagotattooart




Animal Eyes Tattoo 2
Source: sharks.tattoo




Animal Eyes Tattoo 3
Source: dave_rhapsody


Animal Muppet Tattoo




Animal Muppet Tattoo 1
Source: sharroncaudilltattoo




Animal Muppet Tattoo 2
Source: maleficent5.0




Animal Muppet Tattoo 3
Source: sveeart


Animal Stomach Tattoos




Animal Stomach Tattoos 1
Source: jwinntattoos




Animal Stomach Tattoos 2
Source: jwinntattoos




Animal Stomach Tattoos 3
Source: tattoosatutti


Ocean Animal Tattoos




Ocean Animal Tattoos 1
Source: syntheticfish




Ocean Animal Tattoos 2
Source: reds_tattoos16




Ocean Animal Tattoos 3
Source: templetattooohio


Spirit Animal Tattoo




Spirit Animal Tattoo 1
Source: sideshowalleytattoo




Spirit Animal Tattoo 2
Source: _buddy.beans_




Spirit Animal Tattoo 3
Source: badmojo_gdansk


Wolverine Animal Tattoo




Wolverine Animal Tattoo 1
Source: luckytattoohouse




Wolverine Animal Tattoo 2
Source: mirrortattooartgallery




Wolverine Animal Tattoo 3
Source: peru_necro


Animal Chest Tattoo




Animal Chest Tattoo 1
Source: wecanberainbows.bink




Animal Chest Tattoo 2
Source: lemondragontattoo




Animal Chest Tattoo 3
Source: sonasam


Animal Tattoo Designs




Animal Tattoo Designs 1
Source: racheljfriel




Animal Tattoo Designs 2
Source: blaine_tattoos




Animal Tattoo Designs 3
Source: animaltattoodesigns


Animal Skeleton Tattoo




Animal Skeleton Tattoo 1
Source: bluszcz.tattoo




Animal Skeleton Tattoo 2
Source: inkingeve




Animal Skeleton Tattoo 3
Source: highwaterstattoo


Animal Thigh Tattoos




Animal Thigh Tattoos 1
Source: addictiontattoostudioni




Animal Thigh Tattoos 2
Source: tatsbytess




Animal Thigh Tattoos 3
Source: abideanstattoos


Black Panther Animal Tattoo




Black Panther Animal Tattoo 1
Source: marcinptak_tattoo




Black Panther Animal Tattoo 2
Source: powerderm_ink_tattoo




Black Panther Animal Tattoo 3
Source: blueboxtattoo


Animal Kingdom Tattoo




Animal Kingdom Tattoo 1
Source: ak88tattoostudio




Animal Kingdom Tattoo 2
Source: bayontattoo




Animal Kingdom Tattoo 3
Source: skinpeck


Animal Tribal Tattoos




Animal Tribal Tattoos 1
Source: tanja.rodriguez




Animal Tribal Tattoos 2
Source: haru_ink_




Animal Tribal Tattoos 3
Source: lezama.ink


Capricorn Animal Tattoo




Capricorn Animal Tattoo 1
Source: ola.krupnik




Capricorn Animal Tattoo 2
Source: wolfleytattoos




Capricorn Animal Tattoo 3
Source: el_inmortal_tattoo


Stuffed Animal Tattoo




Stuffed Animal Tattoo 1
Source: with.sai




Stuffed Animal Tattoo 2
Source: vivalaladybug




Stuffed Animal Tattoo 3
Source: kyramonterrosa


African Animal Tattoos




African Animal Tattoos 1
Source: tattooladyerica




African Animal Tattoos 2
Source: zoefowletattoo




African Animal Tattoos 3
Source: tattooassist


Balloon Animal Tattoo




Balloon Animal Tattoo 1
Source: ironlotuswinnipeg




Balloon Animal Tattoo 2
Source: apprenticevee




Balloon Animal Tattoo 3
Source: itsglitter


Dead Animal Tattoo




Dead Animal Tattoo 1
Source: daddestark




Dead Animal Tattoo 2
Source: j9illustration




Dead Animal Tattoo 3
Source: cat.inks


Minimalist Animal Tattoo




Minimalist Animal Tattoo 1
Source: brookestonetattoos




Minimalist Animal Tattoo 2
Source: muj.ay




Minimalist Animal Tattoo 3
Source: arnaz_disaster


Nature Animal Tattoos




Nature Animal Tattoos 1
Source: tattoonow_dot_com




Nature Animal Tattoos 2
Source: tattoonow_dot_com




Nature Animal Tattoos 3
Source: tattoonow_dot_com


Polynesian Animal Tattoo




Polynesian Animal Tattoo 1
Source: kiti_ta_tatau




Polynesian Animal Tattoo 2
Source: lethal_ink_tattoo_studio_nz




Polynesian Animal Tattoo 3
Source: sparkcartridgesita



Animal tattoos are one of the top choices among tattoo enthusiasts and animal lovers. The tattoos we saw above are some of the top tattoo designs of animals trending currently. We hope that you now have inspiration for your next tattoo from this guide.

Before you move forward and get your new tattoo, do not forget to consider the talent and certification of the artist. Now, off you go and enjoy the beauty and cherish your new tattoo.


Frequently Asked Question

What Do Animal Tattoos Mean?

Animal tattoos represent life, love, loyalty, and care. These tattoos are also a symbolization of nature and all of its aspects.

Why People Choose Animal Tattoos? 

Many people prefer getting animal tattoos as a sign of love and care for their pets. Several people also get these tattoo designs as respect for nature and art.

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