100+ Mind-blowing Deer Tattoo Designs for Men and Women!

Since the beginning of time, deers have been an important part of our lives in terms of nature and hunting. A deer tattoo on your body can never go wrong and that is a guarantee. Whether you are an explorer of nature or a hunting enthusiast, deer tattoos will bring back memories and love for the world.

Even though deer do not easily grace us with their presence, they are a great tattoo idea. To help you find inspiration for a deer tattoo, we will show you some of the most popular ideas with interesting deer designs. Without further ado, join us in this eye-catching journey to discover the trending tattoo designs.


104 Deer Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Discovering deer tattoos is as thrilling and fun as looking for them in the woods. The designs do not only come with an eye-catching view but also sport deep meanings behind them. So, let us guide you through an epic adventure of ideas and designs.


Geometric Deer Tattoo

Geometric designs for tattoos are a great choice if you are going for an appealing style. And in the case of deer tattoos, the case is no different. So, let us look at some of the top geometric deer designs.


1. The Unique Deer


Geometric Deer Tattoo 1
Source: grodderstattoo

Enhance your body features with an intricate and geometric tattoo of a deer. The word “inimitable” refers to uniqueness, giving the design a cute style and meaning.


2. Structural Deer


Geometric Deer Tattoo 2
Source: inkedpandart

Give yourself a boost of confidence with a pretty tattoo of a geometric deer. And the background of the design gives it a smooth and attractive look. The detailed style will look perfect on the arm for men and women.


3. Flecked Antlers


Geometric Deer Tattoo 3
Source: lana.runs.alot

Show your love for animals and nature with the stunning deer tattoo. It is an attractive design and the flecked art makes it more pretty and eye-pleasing.


Tribal Deer Tattoo

In the tattoo culture, tribal art has been a great part of an expression of cultural belief, artistic skills, and so on. Discover a few top examples of tribal deer tattoos.


4. Cultural Doe


Tribal Deer Tattoo 1
Source: lisa_s_whelan

Express your respect, love, and faith for the tribal culture and animals with the cute deer tattoo. The design would look great on the back or chest, giving the artist enough space to work on the details.


5. Triangle Tour


Tribal Deer Tattoo 2
Source: beautalitytat2

Give your tribal deer tattoo an interesting twist with the triangles. The purpose of the artistic addition of the triangles is to enhance the details of the design. It is a perfect choice for both males and females.


6. Pacing Deer


Tribal Deer Tattoo 3
Source: __tattooforaweek

Capture the beautiful pace of a deer with this pretty tattoo design on a man’s bicep. The tribal print within the structure represents the tribal culture and respect for art.


Traditional Deer Tattoo

There is something different and eye-catching about traditional tattoo designs. It represents respect for artists and their love for art. Here, we will discuss some of the top samples of deers in traditional style.


7. The Basic Bambi


Traditional Deer Tattoo 1
Source: joeltattooer

Attract eyes everywhere you go with the basic tattoo of a deer. The colors and dedication of the artist give you a beautiful design, suitable for a man’s thigh.


8. Floral Decoration


Traditional Deer Tattoo 2
Source: mikemactattoo

Give your traditional tattoo design a majestic look with flowers and leaves. The design of the deer and the style of the antlers look great on both men and women.


9. Front View


Traditional Deer Tattoo 3
Source: hong_joo_tattoo

Turn heads everywhere you go with this unique front look of a deer. The background with sun and leaves give a natural vibe, making the tattoo look more attractive.


Mule Deer Tattoo

Mule deer with their big ears are highly adorable. And these mule deer look more adorable in tattoo designs. So, take a look at the tattoo designs with the pretty mule deer.


10. The Forest Life


Mule Deer Tattoo 1
Source: tattoosbykent

Express love and care towards nature with the beautiful mule deer tattoo. It is an amazing design and looks great on the wrist for males and females.


11. Big Ear Mule


Mule Deer Tattoo 2
Source: rollinholyartnfab

Who can deny and look away from the cuteness of this mule deer design? This tattoo is a representation of innocence, life, nature, and beauty.


12. Deer In The Jungle


Mule Deer Tattoo 3
Source: briezy_tattoo

The deer with the big ears give off an innocent and delicate vibe in both real life and tattoos. Get this tattoo as a symbolization of love, care, and cuteness.


Realistic Deer Tattoo

Realistic designs in tattoos always attract eyes and look great on any part of the body. Let us see some of the leading realistic deer tattoo designs.


13. The Life-Like Deer


Realistic Deer Tattoo 1
Source: avinkart.tattoo

Attract attention and get an appreciation for the stunning deer tattoo. The realistic approach of the design is a clear indication of the art and creativity of the artist.


14. Dotted Surroundings


Realistic Deer Tattoo 2
Source: tylerwary_ink

Make people draw their jaws with this extremely realistic tattoo of a deer in the jungle. The design looks great when covering the arm or going up the ankle.


15. Colorful Garden


Realistic Deer Tattoo 3
Source: james_ian_scott

Get yourself a mesmerizing tattoo representation of nature with flowers, trees, and a deer. It is an amazing and life-like design and perfect for both men and women.


Browning Deer Tattoo

Tattoos do not always have to be realistic or detailed. Sometimes the designs look pretty with a simple touch and artistic skills. Discover a few examples of browning deer tattoos.


16. Basic Deer


Browning Deer Tattoo 1
Source: royaltytattoo

If you are looking for a simple yet pretty tattoo, the deer outline is a great choice. It is a top-notch representation of the animal with cute art.


17. Loving Deer Couple


Browning Deer Tattoo 2
Source: blunt_kika

Pay tribute and express your love and respect for your significant other with this beautiful tattoo of two deer. The little heart outline at the bottom symbolizes love and care between two hearts.


18. Colorful Hearts


Browning Deer Tattoo 3
Source: drewatkinstattoos

Show love, dedication, and compassion between two lovers with this pretty deer outline tattoo. The detailing on the design is incredible and is perfect for both men and women.


Celtic Deer Tattoo

Similar to tribal art, Celtic art is also one of the major parts of the tattoo culture. A combination between deer and Celtic looks outstanding and let us guide you through a few examples.


19. Deer On The Crown


Celtic Deer Tattoo 1
Source: tattoorocksteady

Give your artistic deer tattoo a hint of royalty by combining it with a pretty crown and celtic patterns. It is a great choice on the shoulder, giving the artist enough space to work on the detailing.


20. The Celtic Antlers


Celtic Deer Tattoo 2
Source: kimbaletattoos

The antlers with the Celtic patterns are a great artistic piece and perfect for a tattoo design. The style along with classy artistic skill gives the deer a unique look.


21. The Celtic Approach


Celtic Deer Tattoo 3
Source: clodin_93

Express your interesting and fun-loving personality with this quirky deer with a Celtic design. This tattoo is perfect for you if you want a style different from traditional art.


Two-Headed Deer Tattoo

Two-headed deer are extremely rare in nature, making it a unique style for a tattoo. Dive in a few interesting deer tattoos sporting two heads.


22. The Duplicity Variant


Two Headed Deer Tattoo 1
Source: edenxaviertattoo

Surrounded by stars, the beautiful two-headed deer design is an amazing addition to your tattoos. It is a symbolization of art, rarity, and personality.


23. Rarity In The Deer


Two Headed Deer Tattoo 2
Source: tanglewoodtattoo

Turn heads toward you wherever you go with this unique and rare deer tattoo. This design looks eye-catching on all body parts, especially on the women’s legs or arms.


24. Duality Constant


Two Headed Deer Tattoo 3
Source: mordette_art_tattoos

Express your personality traits and appreciation for art and beauty with this stunning deer tattoo with two heads. It is an interesting piece of art with great style.


American Flag Deer Tattoo

The American flag combined with deer is a distinctive approach to art and creativity. See some of the best choices for American flag deer tattoos.


25. The Patriotic Deer


American Flag Deer Tattoo 1
Source: fatboi_ink_513

Show gratitude, love, and respect for your country and its culture with the American flag and deer style. This combination is a representation of the skills, creativity, and talent of the artist.




American Flag Deer Tattoo 2
Source: _lydiathetattoolady




American Flag Deer Tattoo 3
Source: arty_wayne


Buck Deer Tattoo



Buck Deer Tattoo 1
Source: bodys_agnieszka




Buck Deer Tattoo 2
Source: mrsimontattoo




Buck Deer Tattoo 3
Source: twigganometry


European Deer Tattoo




European Deer Tattoo 1
Source: konstanze__k




European Deer Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbysantino




European Deer Tattoo 3
Source: briarrosetattoo


Harry Potter Deer Tattoo




Harry Potter Deer Tattoo 1
Source: dreaminkcolortattoos




Harry Potter Deer Tattoo 2
Source: _mudai




Harry Potter Deer Tattoo 3
Source: joshtattoo1


Minimalist Deer Tattoo




Minimalist Deer Tattoo 1
Source: holy.heart.tattoo




Minimalist Deer Tattoo 2
Source: linseedtattoo




Minimalist Deer Tattoo 3
Source: draw8931


Viking Deer Tattoo




Viking Deer Tattoo 1
Source: freaklifetattoo




Viking Deer Tattoo 2
Source: theravenfromthenorth




Viking Deer Tattoo 3
Source: theravenfromthenorth


Angry Deer Tattoo




Angry Deer Tattoo 1
Source: badbibiche_tattoo




Angry Deer Tattoo 2
Source: tereza.nowhere




Angry Deer Tattoo 3
Source: leeconklintattoos


Camo Deer Tattoo




Camo Deer Tattoo 1
Source: tatt2mike13




Camo Deer Tattoo 2
Source: stefanidesade




Camo Deer Tattoo 3
Source: tattoos_by_dustin


Dead Deer Tattoo




Dead Deer Tattoo 1
Source: inkdependentgirona




Dead Deer Tattoo 2
Source: jefvelascoart




Dead Deer Tattoo 3
Source: mr.joshtattoo


Evil Deer Tattoo




Evil Deer Tattoo 1
Source: dancarranza24




Evil Deer Tattoo 2
Source: electrictattoos666




Evil Deer Tattoo 3
Source: _kbtattoo


Fallow Deer Tattoo




Fallow Deer Tattoo 1
Source: braithwaitetattoos




Fallow Deer Tattoo 2
Source: michaelawings




Fallow Deer Tattoo 3
Source: manulondono85


Owl Deer Tattoo




Owl Deer Tattoo 1
Source: inkcache




Owl Deer Tattoo 2
Source: clydetattoos




Owl Deer Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbymikehuff


Scythian Deer Tattoo




Scythian Deer Tattoo 1
Source: chloerozo




Scythian Deer Tattoo 2
Source: artanddiscord




Scythian Deer Tattoo 3
Source: szdmonika80


Shoulder Deer Tattoo




Shoulder Deer Tattoo 1
Source: bratty_ink




Shoulder Deer Tattoo 2
Source: maja_rama




Shoulder Deer Tattoo 3
Source: livewireva


Skull Deer Tattoo




Skull Deer Tattoo 1
Source: niglix.s




Skull Deer Tattoo 2
Source: sharks.tattoo




Skull Deer Tattoo 3
Source: alexneedlesfactory


Stag Deer Tattoo




Stag Deer Tattoo 1
Source: sabrinamartintattoos




Stag Deer Tattoo 2
Source: willianandradetattoo




Stag Deer Tattoo 3
Source: andyarchertattooist


Vintage Deer Tattoo




Vintage Deer Tattoo 1
Source: deantattoo




Vintage Deer Tattoo 2
Source: bootattoo89




Vintage Deer Tattoo 3
Source: erikkajamestattoos


Wolf Deer Tattoo




Wolf Deer Tattoo 1
Source: thomasbatestattoo




Wolf Deer Tattoo 2
Source: mongolwuvnen




Wolf Deer Tattoo 3
Source: brayden_tattoos


Fighting Deer Tattoo




Fighting Deer Tattoo 1
Source: stevenefftattoo




Fighting Deer Tattoo 2
Source: hausmannskost_tattoo




Fighting Deer Tattoo 3
Source: tritonink


Floral Deer Tattoo




Floral Deer Tattoo 1
Source: clamptats




Floral Deer Tattoo 2
Source: electricinktattoostudio




Floral Deer Tattoo 3
Source: lituk_tattoo


Forest Deer Tattoo




Forest Deer Tattoo 1
Source: shelbyltattoos




Forest Deer Tattoo 2
Source: gleis_1_barber_tattoo_




Forest Deer Tattoo 3
Source: queendark_ink


Hand Deer Tattoo




Hand Deer Tattoo 1
Source: tusharsinghstattoostudio_




Hand Deer Tattoo 2
Source: sagar_pathade__




Hand Deer Tattoo 3
Source: bee.inktattoo


Hipster Deer Tattoo




Hipster Deer Tattoo 1
Source: _reeducados




Hipster Deer Tattoo 2
Source: manchestertattooemporium


Jagermeister Deer Tattoo




Jagermeister Deer Tattoo 1
Source: markybarky_art




Jagermeister Deer Tattoo 2
Source: flurinarose_tattoo




Jagermeister Deer Tattoo 3
Source: staskva4


Japanese Deer Tattoo




Japanese Deer Tattoo 1
Source: baomtl




Japanese Deer Tattoo 2
Source: asao_m




Japanese Deer Tattoo 3
Source: jessicaleighbowman


Mandala Deer Tattoo




Mandala Deer Tattoo 1
Source: healthyduchess




Mandala Deer Tattoo 2
Source: carlos_and.tattoo




Mandala Deer Tattoo 3
Source: tattooschmiede_hg


Nordic Deer Tattoo




Nordic Deer Tattoo 1
Source: nataliacatraio




Nordic Deer Tattoo 2
Source: zooboomafu




Nordic Deer Tattoo 3
Source: tortuga.ink



Deer are important to our beautiful nature and have been a great part of the hunting culture since ages. Whether you are in love with the animal or want a symbolization of hunting memories, deer tattoos are a great choice. Now that we are at the end of our tattoo tour, we hope that you have found the tattoo design you have been looking for.

Symbolize your inner feelings and aspects of life with the stunning designs of deer. So, go on and get the deer style you want as an expression of yourself. Enjoy the new look and do not forget to choose your artist wisely.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does deer tattoo symbolize?

Deer tattoos are a representation of spirituality, innocence, delicacy, gentleness, and so on. However, the meaning behind the tattoo changes based on culture and style.

What does deer skull mean?

The meaning behind the deer skull is deep and thoughtful. It is a symbolization of hunting traditions, spiritual healing, graceful life, and balance between life and death.

Where Should You Place Your Deer Tattoo?

You can place your deer tattoo wherever you like on your body. Ankle, wrist, arm, legs, and shoulders are the most common placements for the deer designs.

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