81 Superb Leopard Tattoo Ideas for Both Men and Women

Leopards have a well-deserved reputation for secrecy and stealth. They are beautiful, fierce (when hunting), strong, wary, elusive, and oftentimes solitary. One may argue that these cats are among the most stunning representatives of the Panthera genus. It’s understandable that so many people desire to wear it on their skin, given these qualities.

In a similar vein, possessing one is a symbol of your latent abilities, power, and nobility; your divine connection with the solitary life of animals; your killer hunting instinct; your flexibility and ability to divert any situation to your advantage; and your ability to adapt to new environments.

However, simply having an admiration for the leopard’s appearance is sufficient justification for inking one on one’s skin. That said, it’s always a good idea to have some knowledge about the meanings and symbols associated with any tattoo you’re considering getting. This can boost your appreciation for the piece too.

In this blog post, we’re gonna offer YOU some of the most beautiful pieces of artistic leopard tattoos. And that’s not all, we’re also gonna describe their meaning and symbolism. So, what’s the hold-up? Let’s get straight to it-


81 Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopards are nocturnal creatures that would rather avoid attention than be spotted. Because of its opportunistic nature, it will hunt any animal that occurs to cross its path. Humans have always been captivated by these huge cats, and that curiosity hasn’t faded in all those years. Not only are they portrayed as both fierce warriors and skilled hunters, but also as crafty and deceptive creatures in African mythology.

So, over the years, people tried to portray these majestic animals in different manners in tattoos. However, generally, these designs have some basic ingredients. Apart from the snow leopard tattoos, the artists ornate most of the leopard tattoos with floral and leafy designs and patterns. Sometimes the ‘rosettes’ of the leopards are exchanged with the shape of hearts. And in the case of Snow Leopards, they are often ornated with ‘snowflakes’ or bluish background.


Snow Leopard Tattoo

Since the snow leopard is a symbol of power, resilience, and agility, getting a tattoo of one is a great way to express your desire to reconnect with nature. Because man is a product of this planet, he often feels a deep affinity for it and a strong urge to display this affinity. Plus, they are also very appealing.

If you’re looking for some, here are some cool ideas-


  1. Snow White


Snow Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: _janirose

Just look at the sheer beauty of this design. I bet, you can’t lift your eyes off! The ash-colored figure with the silk cotton flowers really aced the aestheticism. While the hazelnut eyes will sure to catch some eyes.


2. Glaring Snowflake


Snow Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: aleksandr.mkrv

Cold as ice! When it’s about survival, one needs to be cold as ice, there’s no other way. That’s the message this design wants to portray. And the artistry of this design is just outstanding. The expression of the eyes, the snowflakes, and the bluish tone, made this into a cold masterpiece.


3. Nordic Snow


Snow Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: bluebirdtattooshop

This design is all about a calculated predator who takes its every step with utmost caution for securing victory. And the snowflakes is detailed in the Nordic style. Combining these two, this design became one of a kind.


Realistic Leopard Tattoo

Tattoos can talk in metaphors and symbolism to great depth. But what if it could talk in real? Well, that’s what gave birth to hyper-realism. Many artists draw their designs in a very realistic manner. These tattoos look like they are gonna jump right onto you. So, these realistic tattoos add some extra meaning besides their symbolic interpretation while being very alluring. They are traditional tattoos drawn in a realistic manner.

So, wanna look cool? Get a realistic leopard tattoo inked. Here are some great ideas for that-


4. Hellcat


Realistic Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: jodieglovertattoos

This design turned the woman’s leg into a 3D monitor. Just joking! But just look at the artistry! It feels like the leopard will jump out of there at any time. Also, the detailing of this design portrays the ferocity incredibly. Wanna show off a bit? There’s no better way than this design.


5. Predator


Realistic Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: ettoredolmetti_tattoo

The face of royalty. An apex predator with the utmost diligence, strength, and high IQ . This design is great to portray your core strength as well as your diligence.


6. Conqueror


Realistic Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: shar.freeman

First of all, the detailing in this design is over the edge. You can see every tiny hair on the leopard’s body. The roaring posture and the glaring eyes made this design a ferocious one. While the leaves over its head show the connection of this fearsome beast with nature.


Traditional Leopard Tattoo

Nothing can match the Leopard’s innate ability to sense and use opportunities to its advantage. These nocturnal animals have also quite the reputation for power, skill, and sheer strength. The traditional leopard tattoo symbolizes all those things. But the drawing pattern of these tattoos are quite different and unique from the others. It follows the Chinese traditional drawing pattern to some extent. Their beauty lies in their simplicity and uniqueness.

We also gathered some unique pieces for you. Take a peek here-


7. Furious Flower


Traditional Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: alxbngala

In nature, Ferocity and Beauty reside side by side. This exceptional design on a girls hand portrays that message beautifully. The wavy artistry of the leopard and the unique floral ornateness made this piece a truly unique tattoo.


8. Love, Death, & Leopard


Traditional Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: skull_and_snake

This particular piece is quite minimal with a pretty straight-forward design pattern. The coloring in this piece is very lively. And unique and classic black pattern of leopard is exchanged with heart shapes.


9. Sneaky Cat


Traditional Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: eno_tattooer

Leopards like to hunt their prey in a very subtle way by hiding themselves in bushes. They are sneaky, fast, and super furious. This piece is the artistic portrayal of that hunting method. Plus, the design looks exceptionally unique and has a dramatic vibe to it.


Clouded Leopard Tattoo

One of the oldest cat species, clouded leopards can be found in the cloud forests of Southeast Asia. However, because they are unable to roar or purr, they cannot be considered either a huge cats or a small cats. This endangered species is under threat from poaching and habitat destruction. These wild cats can also climb trees headfirst. They are friendly, big, and adorable. And when you ink them on your skin, they can wrap you in a beautiful way.

So, here are some amazing sample designs of these enchanting cats-


10. Beautiful Wilderness


Clouded Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: barbara_heidenreich

This particular piece features a cloud leopards head which looks alluring to the eyes. And the background is designed with various elements of nature and exotic colors. Combining these, the piece looks outstandingly beautiful and eye catchy.


11. Eye’s Enchantment


Clouded Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: lolie_kiwi

At the first look, you’re bound to be astonished by this piece’s beauty. The matte coloring with the leafy ornateness and the bright eyes is enough to entrap your soul. This artistic piece will steal your heart away.


12. Rhythm


Clouded Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbybailey

This floral design around the leopard’s body ornate this piece with an aesthetic rapture. The whole design on the calf muscle portrays the two fundamental sides of nature- beauty and ferocity. And these two elements flow side by side in a rhythmic way.


Leopard Face Tattoo

The leopard is a powerful symbol because it represents many positive traits, such as speed, agility, stealth, elusiveness, authenticity, perception, independence, and unique beauty. Most males would rather not get this tattoo since it encourages more female touching. Simply put, it represents the strength of women in a subtle and understated way. She exudes unaffected authority; everyone can see it in the way she carries herself—calm and compassionate, patient and graceful; the queen herself.

So, if you’re looking for some enchanting design ideas regarding leopards then this section is just for you-


13. The Enchantress


Leopard Face Tattoo 1
Source: bekkietattoo

The eyes, the lips, the body posture, and the leopard emblems on the skin makes this piece a truly alluring one. This is the example of unique and creative artistry. No matter how you look at it, its mystique will enchant your heart and soul with a mysterious manner.


14. Wild Warrior


Leopard Face Tattoo 2
Source: kraken_tattoos

The female face within the two leopards feels like a wild amazon warrior from fantasy. The artist portrayed the eyes in accordance with the leopard to showcase the swift wilderness and ferocity. This piece will surely tickle your wildest fascination.


15. Call of Wilderness


Leopard Face Tattoo 3
Source: elbunker13_tattoo

Pieces like this comes when beauty meets wilderness. It tells the tale of a beautiful and furious warrior. The monochrome design with an exceptional detailing, this piece is bound to catch some eyes.


Leopard Thigh Tattoo

Beauty is the unaffected genre that is ruled solely by females. Either in human or in animals. The thigh placement of leopard tattoo enunciates the women’s power. While they are calm and compassionate, they also can be fierce and frightful. These designs portray ferocity and beauty in a transverse and parallel manner.

So, if you’re a proud woman then this section is gonna be a complement to you-


16. Floral Ferocity


Leopard Thigh Tattoo 1
Source: ariatattooing

The floral design in this tattoo depicts that, there lies sheer beauty in the wilderness side by side with ferocity. With the leopard’s glaring eyes, the china rose design made this an eccentric aesthetic piece.


17. Tripard


Leopard Thigh Tattoo 2
Source: gien.amsterdam

This one is a pretty simple and minimalistic design with three consecutive leopard. The ‘rosettes’ of the leopard’s body consist of heart shapes in lieu of random dark spots. And the thigh placement seems to be the best possible spot to ink it on.


18. Leo-Lily


Leopard Thigh Tattoo 3
Source: tattoo.sal

A visionary and highly metaphorical design this one is. The lily and the leopard duo suggests, there’s also beauty in ferocity. And if you think about it, leopards are astonishingly beautiful animals.


Leopard Shark Tattoo

These leopard shark tattoos have a bit of weirdness into it. However, they look appealing and symbolize the conceptions like courage, guidance, and protection. Shark tattoos generally depict the meaning of protection in Polynesian culture. And when combined with the leopard tattoo’s symbolism they can get even more meaningful and metaphorical. Apart from being grotesque in shape and design, these tattoos look appealing.

Here are some great inspirations if you’re looking for some-


19. Sea Leopard


Leopard Shark Tattoo 1
Source: sterlingskullstudio

The design on the back of arm is very aquatic. With fishes and coral reef patterns around the Leopard shark’s body, it sure is an eye catchy design.


20. Catfish


Leopard Shark Tattoo 2
Source: melodycrowtattoos

This particular piece is very colorful. It consists of a leopard’s head, a catfish like leopard shark, some jewel stones, flower, and waterdrop. Its randomness in design is what makes it very unique mannered. No matter where you decide to ink it, it will be glowing.


21. Leo-Shark


Leopard Shark Tattoo 3
Source: jessievtattoos

A gorgeous shark with leopard skin and a floral aura. The bubble emitting from the shark’s nose portrays a broken shackle that further adds to its aesthetics.


Leopard Eyes Tattoo

The message of these tattoos is clear to anyone who looks at it. It clearly portrays the power, strength, talents, and abilities held by leopards, such as their killer instinct, their capacity to adapt, and their ability to exploit any circumstance in their favor. These eye tattoos portray a magical vibe with a unique depth of ferocity. These designs can be detailed or simple but either way, they will entrap your soul with their beauty.

Here are some of such design ideas-


22. Wrath of the Blue


Leopard Eyes Tattoo 1
Source: jerrowstattoo

This particular design features the angry blue eyes of a leopard with a majestic crown on top.  The piece is very detailed and lively. And the glaring blue eyes are the centerpiece that will take your breath away!


23. Hazel Eyes


Leopard Eyes Tattoo 2
Source: mimzbg

This piece is inked on the whole forearm of a youngman. The piece features two glaring hazelnut eyes that look outstandingly realistic.


24. Ocean Eyes


Leopard Eyes Tattoo 3
Source: thunderjacktattoos

These are the eyes of a snow leopard. Whatever, Just look at the eyes! I mean one can drown in them without having the slightest knowledge about that. Those glowing eyes will swallow in whole into its dreamy depth.


Leopard Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder is always a great place to ink a tattoo. And when it’s a leopard tattoo with other floral and eye catching designs, it will ace all the odds. So, the leopard Shoulder is a popular tattoo among today’s youth. It could be a representation of your personal fortitude or it could just be something you find attractive. These tattoos look cool and symbolize the core strength too.

So, for you’re searching for design ideas like that, here are some inspirations-


25. Stardust


Leopard Shoulder Tattoo 1
Source: evanschapptattoos

This design inked on a girl’s half sleeve is the very embodiment of beauty. It is ornated with enticing colors and floral patterns that will surely groove one’s heart. The leopard is ash colored but feels like glowing. Hence the name Stardust.




Leopard Shoulder Tattoo 2
Source: jmac_tattoos




Leopard Shoulder Tattoo 3
Source: tattooinklife


Leopard Spot Tattoo




Leopard Spot Tattoo 1
Source: bigpinkink98855




Leopard Spot Tattoo 2
Source: lolastattoos




Leopard Spot Tattoo 3
Source: kareemtattoo


Minimalist Leopard Tattoo




Minimalist Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: studiori_




Minimalist Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: liarosetattoos._




Minimalist Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: tattoowithkay


Geometric Leopard Tattoo




Geometric Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: rachaelsawtelltattoo




Geometric Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: blackswan_tattoo




Geometric Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: sonmezdesign


Leopard Butterfly Tattoo




Leopard Butterfly Tattoo 1
Source: lyssxx_ink




Leopard Butterfly Tattoo 2
Source: michaelc_tattoo




Leopard Butterfly Tattoo 3
Source: francesca_melancholy


Leopard Head Tattoo




Leopard Head Tattoo 1
Source: forcegenerator




Leopard Head Tattoo 2
Source: gothking




Leopard Head Tattoo 3
Source: nikotattooartist


Full Body Leopard Tattoo




Full Body Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: joel_ang_tattoo




Full Body Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: afterinked




Full Body Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: bansheetattoos


Japanese Leopard Tattoo




Japanese Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: danipadrong




Japanese Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: ggmtats




Japanese Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: averyblvck_


Leopard Cub Tattoo




Leopard Cub Tattoo 1
Source: pirty_tattoos




Leopard Cub Tattoo 2
Source: torres.tat2




Leopard Cub Tattoo 3
Source: selfmade_tattoo_parma


Leopard Heart Tattoo




Leopard Heart Tattoo 1
Source: georgina_tattoos




Leopard Heart Tattoo 2
Source: lauren_tattoos




Leopard Heart Tattoo 3
Source: lothbroktattoo


Leopard Scratch Tattoo




Leopard Scratch Tattoo 1
Source: nixietattoo




Leopard Scratch Tattoo 2
Source: barbieink.tattoo




Leopard Scratch Tattoo 3
Source: danberktattoo


Leopard Tribal Tattoo




Leopard Tribal Tattoo 1
Source: ad_az.tattoos




Leopard Tribal Tattoo 2
Source: renytattoos




Leopard Tribal Tattoo 3
Source: sebastiano.essetattoo


Amur Leopard Tattoo




Amur Leopard Tattoo 1
Source: kathy_tattoo




Amur Leopard Tattoo 2
Source: inkwave.scene




Amur Leopard Tattoo 3
Source: jannabi_tatt


Leopard Bow Tattoo




Leopard Bow Tattoo 1
Source: eliterrorestattoo




Leopard Bow Tattoo 2
Source: cyn_nordique




Leopard Bow Tattoo 3
Source: alessia_s92


Leopard Flower Tattoo




Leopard Flower Tattoo 1
Source: super_geek85




Leopard Flower Tattoo 2
Source: josie_chookie




Leopard Flower Tattoo 3
Source: hippie.ink


Leopard Foot Tattoo




Leopard Foot Tattoo 1
Source: s.mancinotattoo




Leopard Foot Tattoo 2
Source: thyraekelof




Leopard Foot Tattoo 3
Source: thyraekelof


Leopard Hand Tattoo




Leopard Hand Tattoo 1
Source: lostlagoontattoo




Leopard Hand Tattoo 2
Source: bearcattattoogallery




Leopard Hand Tattoo 3
Source: gabrielagtattoo


Leopard Paw Tattoo




Leopard Paw Tattoo 1
Source: selfinflicteddowntown




Leopard Paw Tattoo 2
Source: greattattooartists




Leopard Paw Tattoo 3
Source: lobo_martinezart


Leopard Portrait Tattoo




Leopard Portrait Tattoo 1
Source: leonid.izotov




Leopard Portrait Tattoo 2
Source: ilvullo




Leopard Portrait Tattoo 3
Source: john_payne_tattoo_art



Because of the significance of the leopard to the female gender, ladies are the most common recipients of leopard tattoos. The leopard’s reputation for intelligence, elegance, virility, and power make it a hot commodity amongst female customers. However, they are also very popular choice for men as they represent strength and courage.

These tattoos shown above, are exotic, beautiful, artistic, and meaningful. However, as with any tattoo, the meaning of a leopard tattoo will vary from person to person. One should carefully consider the tattoo’s meaning before deciding on one. Our description may help in that regard.

Happy tattooing!



1. What Does a leopard tattoo mean?

The leopard is the spiritual emblem of unrivaled power. Despite being the smallest of the Big Cats, they more than make up for their diminutive stature with their formidable strength and prowess. The Leopard is the only member of the Big Cat family that is known to be able to haul a freshly killed animal up a tree. Now, THAT is power.

The leopard is another sign of strength and expertise for similar reasons. Nothing can match the Leopard’s innate ability to sense and use opportunities to its advantage. This explains why leopards have come to represent skill and intelligence.


2. What does leopard print symbolize?

The leopard print has been very popular among the women across the globe for quite sometime now. This exotic print has been cherished by women since the ‘Pharaohs’ era. And still rocking the garments industry. However, despite its popularity, leopard print does not require the killing of endangered animals to produce. And as for its symbolic meaning, depending on the garment or item, it might convey messages of freedom, self-assurance, sexuality, and nonconformity to women.


3. Why is leopard print attractive?

Whether it’s posh, rocker chic, punk, or sensual, leopard print always makes an impression. These prints are exotic and they portray the connection between nature and beauty. So, when you think about its symbolism, no wonder women are attracted towards leopard print.

Émilie Régnier, a photographer, said – “People who wear leopard told me they feel beautiful, they feel strong, they feel powerful, they feel sexy.” That’s another reason to be attracted.

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