80+ Best Cupid Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women!

If you love to love, then a Cupid tattoo is something you should wear. Why? because it’s the symbol of love. In cupid tattoo, we see a little boy who flies with a bow and arrows trying to provoke a new love. Every time he releases an arrow he spreads love.

Cupid is a Latin word meaning desire. We all have a little desire to get our beloved ones and love them for an eternity. A cupid tattoo is a great way to show our suppressed love for them. Here, we’ve xx most beautiful cupid tattoos for you. You can choose them by yourself and pick the right one according to your preference for the dedication of your love.


81 Cupid Tattoo Designs

Cupid tattoos are all about Roman mythology. We all have seen a little winged boy flying with a bow and arrows. The boy is the son of Venus and Mercury. His name is cupid. He is considered the God of love. Cupid tattoos demonstrate the boy in lots of iconic ways and give your body a lovely ironic look.


Traditional Cupid Tattoo

Traditional cupid tattoos are popular amongst many cultures. The cute little character comes as if an angel wearing something similar to a diaper and spreads the love. This is the cutest thing you see and this is what a traditional cupid tattoo is all about.


1. Masked

Traditional Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: drops________

On the first tattoo in our list, we see the cupid with no bow and arrows. Instead, he’s wearing a mask and has plunged into deep thought about something. Probably he is thinking about how can he impress his love in a more beautiful way.


2. Emo cupid

Traditional Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: clawww_tattoo

Here we see the real appearance of cupid. Though, he is now in his grown-up age and became a bit chubbier. He also looks sad in this tattoo and there’s a snake illustrated on his body. Maybe he is spreading love against all odds in this world.


3. Cupid in action

Traditional Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: victoriaadalinetattoos

On rare occasions, we see the cupid in action. In this tattoo, you can see that unique scene of cupid. He has pointed his bow to a target and is about to throw his arrow toward it. It looks like he has been caught by evil in the jungle.


Small Cupid Tattoo

Small cupid tattoos don’t take up much space on your body. So you can wear them in tiny places on your body. Since the tattoos are small. they appear as relatively cutest.


4. Sleeping cupid

Small Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: saffletattoo

Even the God of love gets tired. We see the cupid in his earlier age sleeping in peace. There’s a flower on his head as if his mother Venus has dressed him up. This is the cutest tattoo you can have.


5. Sleep of innocence

Small Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: tattoo_club_dhruv

You may get confused about whether he’s the cupid. Actually, he is. In this back tattoo, he is probably a few days old or not even yet born. You may be seeing him sleeping in his mother’s womb.


6. Flight of love

Small Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: van1991ka

Flying with an arrow is something that cupid is known for. It’s the most familiar scene of cupid. Here we see him appear with no diaper and he looks a bit drowsy. The tattoo can expose your skin colour through it.


Evil Cupid Tattoo

Isidore believes the cupid is a demon. He thinks the original cupid is a devil. His perception as if cupid spread irrational and conditional love that no one wanted. Here, you will see the evil look of Cupid in many different ways.


7. The cupid from hell

Evil Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: andaluz.tattoo

Black wings and horns clearly specify the devilish look of cupid. In addition, there are chains on his legs that clarify he has escaped away from hell. His demonish gaze indicates he has a bad desire to fill.


8. Grim cupid

Evil Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: bigdogtattoos

Cupid with a sword is the most unexpected thing you may see. In this tattoo, we see the cupid grown up and hunting for something with weapons in his hand. we also see two horns on his head.


9. Cupid of the devil

Evil Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: jdiamondtattoos

No swords, no diaper. Instead, he is wearing a long dress, which is pretty unusual for cupid. Though there is his loving bow in his hand, two horns on the head make this cupid devil.


Angel Cupid Tattoo

In Roman mythology, the cupid is known as an angel. This is what we too are known of him. Here, the god of love appears in the most beautiful designs.


10. The blind love

Angel Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: neoroyal

The same flying position with a big arrow but this time his eyes are tied with a cloth. Cupid here comes in his grown-up age as he seems fatty, and the wings are as big as of angels. It is like he is spreading love blindly.


11. Angel of love

Angel Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: stone.heart.tattoo

In this tattoo, we see cupid at an early age. He seems sleepy and spreads the love with his loveliest arrow. White wings and no diaper makes him innocent; make him the angel of love.


12. Spreading love

Angel Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: megankellyart

With his loveliest gesture, here we see cupid spreading love. The love emoji around him give this tattoo a glitter look. Wearing this tattoo will surely be a dedication to your beloved ones.


Cupid Tattoo Designs

Cupid appears with the same look and expression most of the time. With one leg up and slightly bent upfront; this is the way we see cupid flying. But in this section, you will see something out of the box. These tattoos will show you the cupid in more different appearances.


13. Shying cupid

Cupid Tattoo Designs 1
Source: hellbaby_ink

Here we see the cupid shying on a woman’s side. He has grown a lot and approaches his beloved one with a flower. Though he is going to spreading love, he is shying. This expression of cupid makes the tattoo unique.


14. Cupid on cloud

Cupid Tattoo Designs 2
Source: michelle.wilinski

As cupid can fly, he can go anywhere, even to the cloud. In this tattoo, we see him in his little age sitting on the cloud thinking of something. As he is thinking, one of his eyes remains closed.


15. Horror cupid

Cupid Tattoo Designs 3
Source: ariel.stattoo

Here we see a completely different look of cupid. It looks like he has become a zombie with no eyes on his forehead, and evolved to a pale complexion. With two knives in his hands, he appears with the most horrible look in this woman’s hand tattoo.


Gangster Cupid Tattoo

There are very few people who can imagine cupid as a gangster. Through the cupid tattoos of this section, this unimaginable thing is going to be illustrated. Let’s check out which gangster look suits the most with cupid.


16. Robber cupid

Gangster Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: nancy.huerta.ink

With two guns in his hands, this cupid is hunting for money. He has a firing look in his eyes and is determined to kill anyone who refuses to give him money. Anyone who likes to have a gangster feeling on his body will instantly like this tattoo.


17. Cupid of revolution

Gangster Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: inkaboutit_tattoos

This time, we see cupid took a gun for revolution. He has called a war against the authority and is ready to sacrifice anything for the revolution. As the tattoo is a bit long, it’ll look great on a man’s wrist.


18. Bullets of love

Gangster Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: momorosher

Here we see the cupid as a mature man. Though he has a gun, he is firing bullets of love. He has lots of marks on his body and most of them are love signs. There is also written 1959 that indicates he is in a war of that year.


Greek Cupid Tattoo

Long before Roman mythology rename the god of love, Cupid was known as Eros in ancient greek. And here you will see the ancient look of eros as the greek mythology explained him.


19. The lovers below

Greek Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: jvictorarcanjo

Cupid comes positioning the arrow below him in this tattoo. He has got the ancient look of Eros in this tattoo. With one leg up and his well-known pale diaper, the god of love look as cute as always.


20. Blinding love

Greek Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: saintmichaeltattoo

Cupid throws love of arrow with his both eyes tied. He is spreading love not even looking. He appears with the same pale cloth and catches our hearts as always.


21. The thrown arrow

Greek Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: anchortattoocompany

We always see cupid pointing his arrow. But this time, we see the arrow has been thrown. There is also a clock behind cupid that indicate the timing has been perfect.


Minimalist Cupid Tattoo

Minimalist cupid tattoo brings some cutest little tattoos with the loveliest gestures. Your heart is going to be melted by seeing these tattoos, no doubt.


22. Embraced love

Minimalist Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: jayxillustrations

Cupid is sitting holding a love with embarrassment. Apparently, the tattoo may look heartbreaking but it’s one of the cutest you can wear. As the tattoo has watery colour, it suits every people of any complexion.


23. Love and Hate

Minimalist Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: vedran.tattoos

In this tattoo, you’ll have the both good and bad parts of cupid. In fact, you are going to have two cupids sitting on the same tattoo. One is the God of love and the other is the devil of hell. This cupid tattoo is the most ironic on our list.


24. Love line

Minimalist Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: itsby.o

Such a thin illustration this tattoo is on a woman’s thigh. You can say it’s a one-line tattoo. The tattoo just makes a one-like scratch of cupid and gives a mark on your body. It’s one of the tattoos that expose your skin through it.


Cupid Tattoo Flash

The most unique thing about cupid tattoo flash is that it glazes a blaze from deep inside the tattoo. It will be as if your body is flickering. See the most amazing tattoos of cupid in this section.


25. War of cupids


Cupid Tattoo Flash 1
Source: loz_tattooer

Here we see two cupids fighting with each other. One is fighting for the evil side while the other is fighting for love. The tattoo, designed on a man’s stomach, comes in black colour that will glaze the most in white complexion.




Cupid Tattoo Flash 2
Source: ninfa.magica.tattoo




Cupid Tattoo Flash 3
Source: ktofbyku


Cupid Tattoo Outline




Cupid Tattoo Outline 1
Source: milenaaokitattoo




Cupid Tattoo Outline 2
Source: btn_tattoos




Cupid Tattoo Outline 3
Source: espander_ink


Cupid Tattoo Sleeve




Cupid Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: mogui_tattooart




Cupid Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: marvelxavier




Cupid Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: moo_mox


Dead Cupid Tattoo




Dead Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: szoszek1




Dead Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: paco_tattoo




Dead Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: deepnink


Realistic Cupid Tattoo




Realistic Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: avihoo_tattoo




Realistic Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: t.arttoo_khj




Realistic Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: tattoo_giosue


Blind Cupid Tattoo




Blind Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: w.w.tatt




Blind Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: monumentalinktattoo




Blind Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: therealrainesy


Baby Cupid Tattoo




Baby Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: rowanmcculloch




Baby Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: neighborhood_johnny




Baby Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: jordytattoos


Bad Cupid Tattoo




Bad Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: tattooculturapr




Bad Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: davidruiztattoo




Bad Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: open_mind_tattoo_club


Cartoon Cupid Tattoo




Cartoon Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: wormhole_tattoo_eu




Cartoon Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: z.odana




Cartoon Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: jessfrost.tattooer


Cupid Tattoo Old School




Cupid Tattoo Old School 1
Source: harringtontattoo




Cupid Tattoo Old School 2
Source: nico_tattoos




Cupid Tattoo Old School 3
Source: badlittleyou


Laughing Cupid Tattoo




Laughing Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: hereticmelbourne




Laughing Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: honey_im_home_tattoo




Laughing Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: yooroo_tattoo


Sad Cupid Tattoo




Sad Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: shy.stabbz




Sad Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: ari_tattooer




Sad Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: andrealosantos


Solid Cupid Tattoo




Solid Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: claire_tattoos_




Solid Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: privatetattooroom




Solid Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: heek_ink


Valentines Day Cupid Tattoo




Valentines Day Cupid Tattoo 1
Source: stevefranciosa




Valentines Day Cupid Tattoo 2
Source: tattooist_pen




Valentines Day Cupid Tattoo 3
Source: lucamazzuoli


Cupid Neck Tattoo




Cupid Neck Tattoo 1
Source: gwansoontattoos




Cupid Neck Tattoo 2
Source: rojo_izzy




Cupid Neck Tattoo 3
Source: artbyeneaa


Cupid Heart Tattoo




Cupid Heart Tattoo 1
Source: witchchiktattoo




Cupid Heart Tattoo 2
Source: lovehatecork




Cupid Heart Tattoo 3
Source: arisa.de


Cupid Shooting Arrow Tattoo




Cupid Shooting Arrow Tattoo 1
Source: hybridink.helsinki




Cupid Shooting Arrow Tattoo 2
Source: koricallu




Cupid Shooting Arrow Tattoo 3
Source: courtstreettattoo


Cupid Wings Tattoo




Cupid Wings Tattoo 1
Source: vestigialtalio




Cupid Wings Tattoo 2
Source: t.moretti.tattoo




Cupid Wings Tattoo 3
Source: finelinesbondi


Cupid Chest Tattoo




Cupid Chest Tattoo 1
Source: zeus__good




Cupid Chest Tattoo 2
Source: kain.marshall




Cupid Chest Tattoo 3
Source: rovertattooing



Cupid tattoos are the most ironic tattoo you can have on your body. It’s a great way to show ancient greek and roman mythology through your body. As you wear the god of love, you’ll also become a lovable person to anyone. It’s the most classy tattoo that also will represent your choices over lucky things. So, which tattoo do you think has been designed for you? Go to your nearest tattoo artist and tell them to draw something from our list. Since these tattoos are painless and less expensive, it’ll be a great choice for you to wear them.

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