87 Best Elephant Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women!

Elephants symbolize a variety of things, including fertility, family, attitude, prosperity, and strength. They are adored throughout many civilizations, making them globally respected creatures. Because of their popularity, these gentle giants of the animal kingdom are becoming a significant choice for tattoos.

Elephants can also be customized to fit a variety of tattoo art styles because they are among the most recognizable creatures on Earth. For ideas on your next tattoo, look at these striking elephant tattoo designs below. 


87 Elephant Tattoo Designs and Ideas

87 elephant tattoo designs and ideas will take you to a new world of the elephant god. You will get acquainted with many rituals around the world that worship elephants. These striking elephant tattoo designs are most likely to catch your attention for sure.


Mandala Elephant Tattoo

The mandala is a ritual and spiritual symbol in Asian culture. The elephants have a great role in these symbolic designs. Below you will see how the mandala elephant tattoos are designed.


1. Anav

Mandala Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: paradisocustomtattoo

Anav is a God of success. He comes with a big lily flower over his shoulder and has lots of flowery illustrations on his body. As the tattoo draws the full body of the elephant, you should wear it on your back.


2. Vinayaki

Mandala Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: tiinakoski_tk

Vineyaki is an independent goddess. in Hinduism, she’s the wife of Ganesh. There is a little saying about Vineyaki. In Mandla culture, she is the goddess of the beginning. Here you see him appear with a striking appearance.


3. Santoshi Mata

Mandala Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: onur_tattooer

Santoshi Mata is the daughter of Ganesh. She is respectfully worshiped in the mandala religion since 1960. This female deity comes with her blistering eyes and an ironic illustration with flowers.


Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Many tribes assume the elephant a God. These omnivorous animals are worshipped by many tribes in the world. Here you will see how these tribes illustrate an elephant in their temples.


4. Elephas

Tribal Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: mastermindstattoo

Elephas is one of the surviving genres of elephants. However, we see one of these species with a more dominant look. The tattoo, designed on a man’s sleeve, is completely black. So, white people are more likely to suit it.


5. Musth

Tribal Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: shrinetattoostudio

Musth is one of the most aggressive genres of elephants. Here you will see a little glimpse of them with a dark color illustration. The tattoo is naturally striking.


6. Horton

Tribal Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbystrangers

In the Horton elephant tattoo, we get a slight illustration of an elephant. With his enormous eyes, this elephant looks heroic with its dark complexion. Wearing it on your arm will enhance your beauty.


Baby Elephant Tattoo

This is the cutest section you will get. Here you will see some adorable baby elephants one by one. All of them are too endearing and they worth take place on your body.


7. Ethan

Baby Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: dudo_tattoos

Ethan is a baby elephant who seems excited about the love bubble. The cruelty of the world didn’t touch him yet and he is having the best time of his life in childhood. This is one of the cutest tattoos you can wear on your ankle.


8. Ada

Baby Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: tattoo.piercing.boomerang

Ada is a female baby elephant who looks shy holding a flower through her nose. It is as if someone has given her a flower and she is dying out of shyness. This tattoo will look great on girls’ hands.


9. Hagrid

Baby Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: martapoisontattoo

Hagrid is more of an adventurous type of kid. He’s holding a flying balloon and trying to go to heaven. He looks happy with the balloon ride.


Angry Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are rarely seen angry. But when they get outraged, they wreak havoc. Here you will see some furious faces of elephants with some striking illustrations.


10. Surus

Angry Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: barnstattoo

Surus has the reputation for being the bravest elephant in the world. Here we see him gazing with his firing eyes. The tattoo illustrates the front of this elephant and represents its aggressive vibe.


11. Killer

Angry Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: thomashearntattoos

How would you imagine an elephant holding a sword with its trunk? This terrific image comes with this tattoo in a dark color. The tattoo literally looks horrifying and savage.


12. Dumbo

Angry Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: tattoo121a

Dumbo is known as the most aggressive Afcian species of elephant. Here you’ll see him with his family screaming for the next destruction. The illustration indicates that Surus is the only tyrant in this bush. A great tattoo on a men’s chest.


Geometric Elephant Tattoo

In this section, elephants don’t appear in geometric shapes, but some geometric cubes are illustrated on their body. Despite having their natural color, they look so cute in this.


13. Manny

Geometric Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: emkay_jones

In this tattoo, we see two sides of an elephant’s face. One side is illustrated as usual while the other contains a geometric scratch. As the tattoo comes in a long shape, you can wear it on your sleeve.


14. Nelly

Geometric Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: donova.art

Nelly is a sideway illustration of an elephant with geometric cubes. This baby elephant looks cute and calm. Although we can’t see his facial expression, he looks a bit upset.


15. Haruko

Geometric Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: btn_tattoos

Haruko comes with more bold illustrations. Here you will see lots of geometric cubes on the elephant’s body. The tattoo shows the full body of the elephant and will suit nicely white people.


Indian Elephant Tattoo

India has a respective culture of worshipping elephants. One of their deity comes in elephant-faced named Ganesh. He is the God of their good fortune. Expect for him, there are many more gods in Indian tradition that held an elephant appearance.


16. Avinash

Indian Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: naturalhistory_tattoo

Avinash is called the master of the whole world. Typically, that means he is the God of this world. Here we see this deity walking with a sculpture on his back. Any woman can have this tattoo on her thigh.


17. Ganesh

Indian Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: pegaso_tattoo

Ganesh is a mostly worshipped God in Hinduism. He is the god of a new beginning and good fortune. This tattoo illustrates the sacred face of Ganesh with his crown and flute.


18. Atharva

Indian Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: theartisan_tattoostudio

Atharva is another elephant God who is able to fight against the whole world. This respective God comes in this tattoo with his calm face and a crown on his head. The coolness reflects a little glimpse of his superior power.


African Elephant Tattoo

African elephants are known as the largest animal on the planet. Though these animals are on the way to extinction, they represent a great source of strength and tolerance. These African Elephant tattoos come in enormous sizes to give you the African vibe on your body.


19. Zuwena

African Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: jaynesermannitattoo

Zuwena is an African elephant that appears in this tattoo with its cute little baby. African elephants are strong, aggressive, and tolerated. This tattoo will remind you of their struggle in Sahara.


20. Alkebulan

African Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: gemellerby_prow

Alkebulan is the ancient name of Africa. Here, you’ll see a brief reflection of Africa with a giant elephant coming toward you. This illustration is natural and takes up ample space in your body.


21. Kondo

African Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: victorytattooink

Kondo is another African elephant that appears with chains on its nose. This elephant has a naturally pale complexion that looks burned out by the sun. Wearing it on your chest will give you a bold look.


Autism Awareness Elephant Tattoo

Though the butterfly sign is used for spreading autism awareness, here you’ll see some baby elephants outspread awareness about autism. Just like baby elephant tattoos, these are also eye soothing with their cuteness.


22. Berry

Autism Awareness Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: grimoireink

Berry is a cute little elephant holding a love-shaped balloon. However, this baby doesn’t know why he is having this balloon. Unknowingly he is spreading love.


23. Melvin

Autism Awareness Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: autismtattoos

This elephant comes in a bit unique color. It has a greenish nose that is quite unusual. You can say this elephant is an alien. Wearing this tattoo will simply make you different from others.


24. Ella

Autism Awareness Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: rupintart_com

Ella is a baby girl trying to fly away with a help of a balloon. She is cute, adorable, and appears with a pale complexion. This cute little tattoo will suit your wrist naturally.


Buddha Elephant Tattoo

In Buddhism, elephants also appear as the God of good luck. This animal has its respective place in Buddha tradition. You will see a little reflection of this culture through these tattoos.


25. Ganesha

Buddha Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: tattoometattoo

Ganesh also appears in Buddism with the name Ganesha. He is very famous for his human body and elephant head. This tattoo is both the human and elephant form of the deity Ganesh.



Buddha Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: goodvibrationsinkpa



Buddha Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: lotus_ink_by_loui


Forearm Elephant Tattoo



Forearm Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: chrissimstattoo



Forearm Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: em.taylor_tattoo



Forearm Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: claudsdoingthings


Minimalist Elephant Tattoo



Minimalist Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: pitts_tattoo_penang



Minimalist Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: india.ink_



Minimalist Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: desert.ave.ink


War Elephant Tattoo



War Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: wongplacewongtime



War Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: underthesun.tattoo



War Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: ferbzilla


3 Elephant Tattoo



3 Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: miranda_moore16



3 Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: aussierulestattoobali



3 Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: pprzepiorka_


Traditional Elephant Tattoo



Traditional Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: roberto_cambise_tattoo



Traditional Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: bradtouchette_tattoo



Traditional Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: lanningtattoo


Henna Elephant Tattoo



Henna Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: brickhouse_tattoos



Henna Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: flashtattooist



Henna Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: rubyz_henna


American Traditional Elephant Tattoo



American Traditional Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: capeelectrictattoo



American Traditional Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: aaronfrancione



American Traditional Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: alfexander


Dali Elephant Tattoo



Dali Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: tuelotattoo



Dali Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: electrik_ink_timisoara



Dali Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: labellota.tattoo


Thai Elephant Tattoo



Thai Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: terminuscitytattoo



Thai Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: patongtattoo



Thai Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: top_tattoo2015


Cartoon Elephant Tattoo



Cartoon Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: trentsuing



Cartoon Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: newlondonink



Cartoon Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: mglatattoo


Hamsa Elephant Tattoo



Hamsa Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: jasonadkinstattooer



Hamsa Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: bhsinkvb



Hamsa Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: ladylucktattoo777


Thigh Elephant Tattoo



Thigh Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: joolia_holladay



Thigh Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: studio21tattoo



Thigh Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: fletchtattooing


Three Headed Elephant Tattoo



Three Headed Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: niexoxo



Three Headed Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: sith_tattoos



Three Headed Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: alextrang_tattoos


Family Elephant Tattoo



Family Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: felipedantiva_tattooink



Family Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: zile_tattoo_studio



Family Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: errol25


Origami Elephant Tattoo



Origami Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: kelsey__tattoo



Origami Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: ginger_cnut_tattoo



Origami Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: hotpinkhotdog


Wrist Elephant Tattoo



Wrist Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: nataniel.tattoo



Wrist Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: jacque_selere_tattoo



Wrist Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: luxinkaz


Polynesian Elephant Tattoo



Polynesian Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: joshuaflinn



Polynesian Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: joshuaflinn



Polynesian Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: __oosby__ruben__


Ankle Elephant Tattoo



Ankle Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: erinryot



Ankle Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: anita_olivetti



Ankle Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: _ani.v__


Circus Elephant Tattoo



Circus Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: dst_tattoo



Circus Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: vikingashley



Circus Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: tonyroachtattoo


Elegant Elephant Tattoo



Elegant Elephant Tattoo 1
Source: amyshawtattoo



Elegant Elephant Tattoo 2
Source: spicytattoobali



Elegant Elephant Tattoo 3
Source: haleygunz



Now that you have come to an end, you certainly have found many elephant tattoos to your liking. These tattoos are naturally striking and attract the attention of everyone. When you wear an elephant tattoo, you not only wear a tattoo but a whole tradition with it. In the numerous culture in this world, elephants are worshipped as God. And when you have their illustrations, you automatically become a respectful individual.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does an elephant tattoo symbolize?

A: As the elephants are one of the most powerful animals in the wild, an elephant tattoo symbolizes power, strength and loyalty. Also, it’s a sign of good luck and divinity. According to some region, elephant brings luck. If you place them on the right spot on your body, they make a blistering tattoo design.


Q: Why do girls get elephant tattoos?

A: Elephant tattoos are vastly popular amongst boys and girls. They reflect strength, compassion, and intellect as well. Girls no less have these qualities. In most cultures, elephants are a sign of good luck. And it is said that, when a baby girl is born, she brings prosperity to her family.


Q: What does an elephant and butterfly tattoo mean?

A: There are many fairy tales about elephants and butterflies. When you see them both in a tattoo, it symbolizes love, freedom, and childhood. Butterflies and elephants are allies since ancient times.


Q: Why are elephant tattoos popular?

A: Elephant tattoos are striking and carry great symbolic value. This animal is considered the mercury of wisdom, prosperity, and luck. When anyone wants to honor their family, they wear elephant tattoos. Also, people expose their unity, loyalty, and patience through these tattoos.


Q: What do elephants symbolize in Christianity?

A: Elephant symbolism in Christianity stands for moderation, chastity, and patience. They are considered to represent Adam and Eve in their male and female forms and are represented in numerous ancient artworks. That’s why elephants are respective animals in the perception of a Christian. 


Q: Are elephant tattoos feminine?

A: No! Elephant tattoos are designed for both men and women. In Hinduism, the elephant is a male god whose name is Ganesh. And Christianity believes the male elephant is Adam and the female one is Eve. So, we can say that both males and women can wear this tattoo.


Q: How much does an elephant tattoo cost?

A: Elephant tattoos are usually available at $70 to $80. If you are looking for a bigger one with a detailed design, then you may have to count a bit more. Unless incredibly detailed you don’t have to pay more than $100.


Q: What does a mandala elephant tattoo mean?

A: The mandala elephant tattoo means strength, power, and loyalty. Elephants are sacred animals in Mandala culture. They also represent spirituality and enlightenment in the perception of this tradition.


Q: What does the Indian elephant tattoo mean?

A: In India, the elephant is assumed as a God of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles. It’s the most important God is Hinduism. Indian elephant tattoos are also compelling. They represent loyalty, strength, wisdom, and longevity.


Q: Which celebrities have elephant tattoos?

A: Most female celebrities have elephant tattoos. Lucy Hale, Tay Jardine, Jackie Cruz, and Molly Brazy are just a few names of them. According to our resources, we have found around 15 prominent celebrities who have elephant tattoos on their body.


Q: Does the position of the elephant tattoo matters?

A: No, it doesn’t matter where you wear an elephant tattoo. Wherever you have them, they look striking, attractive, and beautiful. Most people illustrate them on their forearms, chest, shoulder blades, or on the trunk of their legs.


Q: Where should I place my elephant tattoo and what can it mean?

A: You can place your elephant tattoo wherever you want. There is no stipulation about wearing an elephant tattoo. According to your choice and the design of the tattoo,  you can wear it on your chest, shoulder, back, or even on the forearm.

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