96 Best Cross Tattoos Ideas for Jesus Lovers!

Cross tattoos are considered to be spiritual or religious tattoos that are mostly worn by Christians. It can also be worn by people of other faiths or no faith at all, but the meaning and significance of the tattoo remain the same.

The meaning of these tattoo designs changes depending on your interpretation. If you are opting for religious or spiritual meaning, then the cross is a symbol of hope. 

Conversely, if you believe in the occult, then the cross design may also be used for magical purposes. This blog post will highlight some of the most popular cross-themed tattoo designs and their meanings.

Here Are The Top 96  Cross Tattoos Designs and Meanings:

Many people want to find out the meaning behind cross tattoos and if they are religious or not. This blog will allow you to find various top designs & meanings behind cross-themed tattoos and their significance.


Jesus Cross Tattoo

Jesus Cross Tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos for Christians. And these tattoos are often used as a reminder of the love of Jesus Christ. They also can be displayed on the wrist or the upper arm.


  1. Jesus Face
Jesus Cross Tattoo 1
Source: inkby.jp

Here we find an excellent reflection of Jesus’ visage on a crucifixion. This tattoo has a rich color combination and is ideal for a masculine hand. Having this tattoo indicates that you are a firm believer.


2. True Believer

Jesus Cross Tattoo 2
Source: henriquetorrestattoo

This extensive tattoo represents Jesus’ crucifixion and is suitable for your back. This tattoo depicts the fundamental core of Christianity and its beliefs. This tattoo’s detailing is very excellent.


3. Last Hour

Jesus Cross Tattoo 3
Source: inkvisible_tattoos

Here we see Jesus’ face and two crucifixion crosses, indicating the tragic narrative of Jesus’ crucifixion. Those who adore Jesus wear this type of tattoo on their hand to symbolize their devotion.


Rose Cross Tattoo

The Rose Cross tattoo has a deep, spiritual meaning. It is a symbol that represents the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Many religions and civilizations have also utilized this tattoo as a reminder of life’s agony and beauty.


4. Two Rose Cross

Rose Cross Tattoo 1
Source: travstattoos

We notice two roses and a Christian cross, representing the pain of losing loved ones. This tattoo has a distinct design and is ideally suited for a man’s calf.


5. Red Cross

Rose Cross Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbydawn27

A crimson rose covers a cross, symbolizing love for Christianity and Jesus. The tattoo has a wood hue and is ideal for a young Christian boy’s upper hand sleeve.


6. Death Rose

Rose Cross Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbymandyc

Death is an unwelcome reality of existence. We lost many folks, but several stand out in particular. If you wanted to remind someone, you could get a tattoo. Then this cross-themed tattoo is the most acceptable option.


Behind Ear Cross Tattoo

Behind Ear Cross Tattoos are a trendy tattoo design that is used to symbolize the struggles you have faced. They are also used as a tribute to loved ones who have passed.


7. Light Cross

Behind Ear Cross Tattoo 1
Source: jessie.slings.ink

It is a small tattoo of a cross but has the power to remove darkness through Jesus’ teaching. People who follow Jesus’ teachings and seek to live their lives according to those teachings love to have this tattoo behind their ears.


8. Neck Cross

Behind Ear Cross Tattoo 2
Source: jawkneetattoos

A little crucifixion cross provides us light via Jesus’ teaching. This tattoo also depicts Jesus’ effort to reveal the truth to us. Both men and women can wear this tattoo of the cross.


9. Triple Cross

Behind Ear Cross Tattoo 3
Source: kaotick_030

Three crosses on a boy’s neck indicate that he is a sincere believer who wishes to confront life’s obstacles with the Christian faith. This tattoo design also includes a date, which you may use to commemorate a special occasion.


Shoulder Cross Tattoo

Shoulder cross tattoos aren’t as popular as other types of tattoos, but there are some unique meanings and designs that are worth considering. For example, a shoulder cross tattoo can show the wearer’s faith in God & a commitment to their spouse.


10. Michael W. Downey

Shoulder Cross Tattoo 1
Source: wartooth_tatu

Michael W. Downey is a well-known basketball player who passed away in 2021. But his supporters adore him, and many get tattoos on their shoulders to show their appreciation and love.


11. Fortis Fortuna

Shoulder Cross Tattoo 2
Source: benji_colohan_tattooer

A man’s two hands are grasping a cross with a distinctive design that looks fantastic. It is a large and complex tattoo suitable for a man’s shoulder and represents mercy to the sinner.


12. Courage & Justice

Shoulder Cross Tattoo 3
Source: cicerotattoos

Four words, Courage, Justice, Temperance, and Wisdom, are shown here covering a cross. This tattoo represents Christianity’s good impact on our communities and lives.


Tribal Cross Tattoo

A tribal cross tattoo can be a symbol of many different things. However, the meaning of these tattoos is often associated with the wearer’s tribe. Some of the meanings of these tattoos include rebirth, forgiveness, and a reminder to keep fighting.


13. Red Black Cross

Tribal Cross Tattoo 1
Source: robordway

A cross with a red and black color pattern looks beautiful and has a tribal feel. This tattoo is top-rated among native Americans and symbolizes the importance of never giving up.


14. Cross Hunter

Tribal Cross Tattoo 2
Source: chipbaskin

This type of tribal cross is extremely rare, and actual native people like having it tattooed on the back of their heads. This tattoo represents a man’s strength and faith in Jesus to conquer any obstacles.


15. Ocean Weave Cross

Tribal Cross Tattoo 3
Source: toddaarikreich

This cross-design pattern is constructed of ocean weaving and portrays island culture. This cross-themed tattoo was popular among tribal males who went fishing in the ocean.


Finger Cross Tattoo

Finger cross tattoos are a popular tattoo design that can be done on the index finger, thumb, middle finger, or ring finger. These tattoos can be a symbol of a relationship, luck, or family.


16. Finger T

Finger Cross Tattoo 1
Source: tattooist_soae

It is a simple little cross that can be drawn on a girl’s finger. This tattoo illustrates a happy couple’s relationship and a person’s affection for his family.


17. Dark T Cross

Finger Cross Tattoo 2
Source: leuka.rose

Here we see a cross on a finger with a strong black color that makes it stand out. This tattoo represents love for one’s marriage and the desire to safeguard one’s marriage from negative events.


18. Pyramid T Cross

Finger Cross Tattoo 3
Source: jj_purity

A cross painted on a man’s finger indicates that he is a Christian who relies on Jesus to be successful. This tattoo is a simple symbol of the good fortune that everyone desires in their lives.


Iron Cross Tattoo

Iron cross tattoos have been a sign of courage and strength for centuries. These are the most prevalent tattoos worn by military and law enforcement members. These tattoos are typically seen on the upper arm or on the leg.


19. Irish Pride

Iron Cross Tattoo 1
Source: othala__creations

We notice the words Irish Pride on an iron cross, which represents Irish culture and religious belief. It is an ideal tattoo for a man’s thigh because it represents strength. Furthermore, the dark tone conveys a masculine impression.


20. Roman Cross

Iron Cross Tattoo 2
Source: alexandrejorge1

Since the middle ages, this cross design has been highly popular with Romans. This cross represents health, safety, and power. You can wear this tattoo to demonstrate your love for Europe and Jesus.


21. One-Eyed Cross

Iron Cross Tattoo 3
Source: freaky_colours

A blood-red rose, an iron cross, and fierce eyes make this tattoo unique and eye-catching. This tattoo is suitable for both male and female legs and displays the pride of an Irishman.


Nail Cross Tattoo

A nail cross tattoo is a great way to show your faith and love for Christ on your body. It is a way of showing others who you are and what you stand for.


22. Dual Nail

Nail Cross Tattoo 1
Source: mglatattoo

Two short nails and a long nail form a cross sign with a circle in the backdrop. This tattoo is ideal for a man’s chest and gives him a genuine Christian appearance.


23. Crist Nail

Nail Cross Tattoo 2
Source: madamecelestetattoo

A ribbon ties a long and a short nail to form a classical cross symbol. This tattoo expresses devotion to Jesus and his sacrifices. This is also a nice tattoo for a man’s sleeve.


24. Rose Nail

Nail Cross Tattoo 3
Source: donpirate

A white rose tied between two nails to form a cross looks lovely. This nail cross tattoo represents peace and love. Many girls like to get this tattoo on their hands, but you may also have it drawn on your legs.


Upside Down Cross Tattoo

The Upside Down Cross is popular because it represents a painful sacrifice, which corresponds with the Christian concept of sacrifice. These tattoo designs can also represent the idea of resignation, acceptance, death, and transcendence.


25. Blue Purple Cross

Upside Down Cross Tattoo 1
Source: kirbstomp_olderose

An upside-down cross has two color patterns, one is a blue rose and the other is a purple rose that looks great. This unique tattoo of a cross tells us that life is not easy. There are many ups and downs but we have to be strong to survive.



Upside Down Cross Tattoo 2
Source: curlys_art



Upside Down Cross Tattoo 3
Source: monstermishtattoos


Anchor Cross Tattoo



Anchor Cross Tattoo 1
Source: conrad_straub_photo



Anchor Cross Tattoo 2
Source: tattoounlimitedart



Anchor Cross Tattoo 3
Source: twinmooncindy


Irish Cross Tattoo



Irish Cross Tattoo 1
Source: everlastingarttattoo



Irish Cross Tattoo 2
Source: station1tattoo_company



Irish Cross Tattoo 3
Source: gumbiesink


Lion Cross Tattoo



Lion Cross Tattoo 1
Source: jcoop727



Lion Cross Tattoo 2
Source: eli.basically



Lion Cross Tattoo 3
Source: davidhutsontattoos


Neck Cross Tattoo



Neck Cross Tattoo 1
Source: sailingwilly



Neck Cross Tattoo 2
Source: nathaliatattoo11



Neck Cross Tattoo 3
Source: ignacio_rojas_tattoo


American Flag Cross Tattoo



American Flag Cross Tattoo 1
Source: doughboyink



American Flag Cross Tattoo 2
Source: electricempiretattooinc



American Flag Cross Tattoo 3
Source: tattoos_by_sol


Rosary Cross Tattoo



Rosary Cross Tattoo 1
Source: tattooocean_30



Rosary Cross Tattoo 2
Source: tatka.tattoo



Rosary Cross Tattoo 3
Source: shimotsuma.tattoo


Sword Cross Tattoo



Sword Cross Tattoo 1
Source: tattooist.jin



Sword Cross Tattoo 2
Source: hardcoretattooayianapa



Sword Cross Tattoo 3
Source: cumberledgeart


Heart Cross Tattoo



Heart Cross Tattoo 1
Source: ingridvetter.tattoos



Heart Cross Tattoo 2
Source: _puregonzo_



Heart Cross Tattoo 3
Source: kings.of.punk.tattoo


Jerusalem Cross Tattoo



Jerusalem Cross Tattoo 1
Source: mariannamancatattooer



Jerusalem Cross Tattoo 2
Source: slysill



Jerusalem Cross Tattoo 3
Source: raccoonpaws


Maltese Cross Tattoo



Maltese Cross Tattoo 1
Source: muctattoos



Maltese Cross Tattoo 2
Source: __peta_manning_tattoo__



Maltese Cross Tattoo 3
Source: yleniaattard


Butterfly Cross Tattoo



Butterfly Cross Tattoo 1
Source: pizzadonutqueengetsfit



Butterfly Cross Tattoo 2
Source: pleasureandpainllc



Butterfly Cross Tattoo 3
Source: kayfletchertattoo


Catholic Cross Tattoo



Catholic Cross Tattoo 1
Source: vittoriatattooshop



Catholic Cross Tattoo 2
Source: fred_tatouage



Catholic Cross Tattoo 3
Source: iconebodyart


Coptic Cross Tattoo



Coptic Cross Tattoo 1
Source: absolut.tattoo.heidelberg



Coptic Cross Tattoo 2
Source: theninjamanatee



Coptic Cross Tattoo 3
Source: studio77tattoo


Egyptian Cross Tattoo



Egyptian Cross Tattoo 1
Source: wecanberainbows.bink



Egyptian Cross Tattoo 2
Source: frandu_tatt



Egyptian Cross Tattoo 3
Source: lebontattoo


Gothic Cross Tattoo



Gothic Cross Tattoo 1
Source: sacredskulltattoostudio



Gothic Cross Tattoo 2
Source: rollochops



Gothic Cross Tattoo 3
Source: garyhessstudios


Infinity Cross Tattoo



Infinity Cross Tattoo 1
Source: katscratchkatie



Infinity Cross Tattoo 2
Source: iamsassyfaye



Infinity Cross Tattoo 3
Source: angie.kay.ink


Semicolon Cross Tattoo



Semicolon Cross Tattoo 1
Source: brian_sena_tattoo



Semicolon Cross Tattoo 2
Source: 2727blakeashley



Semicolon Cross Tattoo 3
Source: joanncalacat29


Soldiers Cross Tattoo



Soldiers Cross Tattoo 1
Source: craigsmithtattoos



Soldiers Cross Tattoo 2
Source: josh.dohman.art



Soldiers Cross Tattoo 3
Source: eddypiercehi


Traditional Cross Tattoo



Traditional Cross Tattoo 1
Source: eno_tattooer



Traditional Cross Tattoo 2
Source: goodluck_tattoo_seoul



Traditional Cross Tattoo 3
Source: tomclark_evo


Wooden Cross Tattoo



Wooden Cross Tattoo 1
Source: smashtasticallydelicious



Wooden Cross Tattoo 2
Source: ben.f.ink



Wooden Cross Tattoo 3
Source: tattoo_hec


Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo



Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo 1
Source: ldttattoos



Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo 2
Source: inkslingers210



Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo 3
Source: smabbygail


Dainty Floral Cross Tattoo



Dainty Floral Cross Tattoo 1
Source: paintedsister



Dainty Floral Cross Tattoo 2
Source: sirenbodyjewelry



Dainty Floral Cross Tattoo 3
Source: paintedsister


Hand Cross Tattoo



Hand Cross Tattoo 1
Source: kohinoor_tattoo



Hand Cross Tattoo 2
Source: aus_tats



Hand Cross Tattoo 3
Source: angeltat_ink


Final Words:


We hope you enjoyed this exclusive post on the best cross tattoos! These tattoos are a popular piece of body art that is sure to get tons of attention. 

And these tattoos are a great way to illustrate your religious or spiritual beliefs on your body. There are plenty of designs and meanings to choose from to find one that is perfect for you. 

We listed a few of our picks and would love to hear your feedback! Please contact us anytime if you have any questions by commenting below.


Frequently Asked Question

What does a cross tattoo stand for?

A cross tattoo stands for eternal life & love for Jesus.


Why do people have cross tattoos?

People have cross tattoos to symbolize their love for Christianity and also for humans.


Where is the best place to put a cross tattoo?

The best place to put a cross tattoo is the bicep area, finger, side of the neck, forearm, foot, and ankle.


Are cross tattoos popular?

Yes, Cross tattoos are very popular among the Christian community.


What does a cross with 3 lines mean?

The 3 lines means of a cross is Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


What does God say about tattoos?

God says about tattoos that it is forbidden and the Hebrew Bible writers of the ancient Middle East also forbade tattoos. Per Leviticus 19:28, “You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves.”


Why do Christians get cross tattoos?

Christians get cross tattoos to show love and respect for Jesus.


Which way should a cross tattoo face?

A cross tattoo face right-side-up to your eyes.


What is the meaning of a cross tattoo on the left hand?

The meaning of a cross tattoo on the left hand indicates that the person strives to resist and persevere.


What’s the meaning of a black cross?

The black cross represents sacrifice, pain, and redemption.


What does a cross on wrist mean?

A cross on wrist means that the wearer has a faith in Christinaty and a belief in Trinity.


What does cross tattoo on neck mean?

The cross tattoo on the neck represents the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.


What does a cross on the finger mean?

A cross on the finger represents an appeal to God for protection.

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