96 Peony Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men and Women

Are you looking for something soft yet spiritual for your next tattoo? Or maybe the first! As we consider Tattoos as lifelong companions, picking up the right one according to our taste and comfort is a must. Choosing the gorgeous Peony tattoo could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.


The peony is not only a beautiful flower but also symbolizes Prosperity, Good Fortune, and Happiness. A Tattoo is a part of what you believe and carry with your inner self. Therefore, if you are looking for something soft and precious, a peony tattoo can be an excellent option for you.


Peonies often come in various color ranges like purple, pink, red, white, or even yellow. If you are going for a colorful tattoo then you have various color options to choose from the peony.


Peony tattoos can come in different compositions. Here we are trying to help you with some awesome ideas and also will be trying to answer some of your questions. Check this out!


      96 Mesmerising Peony Tattoo Ideas


Peony tattoos are worldwide a trendy and all-time favorite. The spiritual, cultural, and historical significance behind this beautiful flower has made it one of the top considerable types of floral design for tattoos.  Here we are discussing several peony tattoo designs and helping you to choose according to your personality.


1. Soft Peony blossom 


Peony Flower Tattoo 1
Source: orsaa_art

Can you imagine how graceful this soft pink peony blossom tattoo will look on your arm? Especially if you have a broad arm then this design can perfectly match your arm shape and represents your inner soft vibe.


2. Blooming Peony on knee


Peony Flower Tattoo 2
Source: yota_tattoo_emts

Kneecap is one of the hardest parts of our body. Embracing a blooming peony tattoo can brighten up your body aesthetic to a different level. Who doesn’t know that hardness adores romantics the most?


3. Monochromatic & Romantic 


Peony Flower Tattoo 3
Source: studiomuscat

some of us are not comfortable with colors rather than black and white. If your personal style goes with monochromatic designs then you should definitely consider this one to put on your upper arm.


Japanese Peony Tattoo


4. Fear or Flower


Japanese Peony Tattoo 1
Source: tattoojems

Japanese Art forms are indigenous. This gorgeous piece can be blended with your fear, ambitions, spirituality, and so on. You have to be just a little bit brave enough to carry this gigantic piece with peonies on your back.


5. Ogi and the Peonies


Japanese Peony Tattoo 2
Source: vlad_octavian_tattooist

Japanese folding fan which is called ogi, combined with gorgeous pink peonies makes a great piece of art. You can put this pure form of Japanese traditional piece on your arm for a subtle look.


6. Heaven in Hell


Japanese Peony Tattoo 3
Source: boobiestattooginowan



Peony Hand Tattoo


7. Blossom on Hand


Peony Hand Tattoo 1
Source: inkedbyseanwelsh

If you want a tattoo that picks up all the attention then why not a peony all over your hand? It will look bold and beautiful at the same time.


8. Alluring as hell


Peony Hand Tattoo 2
Source: jenniemariemerrifield

An alluring gigantic piece of a peony tattoo on your hand can change you and your entire look. It can also bring indigenous joy and brightness to your monotonous life.


9. Peony: a dusky tale


Peony Hand Tattoo 3
Source: goldfinger_tattoo

If you are into neutrals and monochrome then you can consider this design for your hand. The dusky and monochromatic appearance of the peony flower has made this design more mystical.


Peony Tattoo Design


10. Minimal beauties


Peony Tattoo Design 1
Source: nicole_inkart


Minimal tattoos are popular and give you a subtle look. This clean and sophisticated piece of peony art can be a great ornament for your hand.


11. Peace defeating wars


Peony Tattoo Design 2
Source: michaela_leightattoo

Peony is a symbol of peace and happiness while a sword is a symbol of war, torment, and enmity. Here this design shows peonies are just surrounding the sword which means peace is conquering the world over war. This design can be a great piece for all peace-loving people.


12. Peace in peony


Peony Tattoo Design 3
Source: hippo.caffeinepower

A feminine piece like this one can actually look great and goes with your soft and romantic self. The peony is a symbol of romanticism in many cultures and this particular design proofs that fantastically.


Peony Rose Tattoo


13. Dashing Doodles


Peony Rose Tattoo 1
Source: jeffrey_vanlonden

Scribbling or doodling is a worldwide popular art form even in tattoos. If your lifestyle is freestyle, independent, and matches this vibe you can definitely go for a dashing Peony doodled tattoo.


14. Pink Peony Paradise


Peony Rose Tattoo 2
Source: pandje9tattoo

Pink peonies are mythologically considered to be a healing symbol. A wounded person can brighten up his/her body with this bright design to lift up positivity a little more.


15. Simply a Happiness


Peony Rose Tattoo 3
Source: marloeslupkertattoo

A simple peony tattoo like this one can brighten up your mood and represent you to the world as a person full of positive energy. It will look great on the larger limbs.


Geometric Peony Tattoo


16. Proportionally perfect


Geometric Peony Tattoo 1
Source: mitchin.tattoos

A person who loves everything in geometrical order and organization can choose this design. Peonies are not generally that neat, but if anyone wants to see them with a clean look then why not!


17. Diagonally dynamic


Geometric Peony Tattoo 2
Source: tattooist.blackchic

Perfectly designed diagonal shapes look amazing, especially on body tattoos. Peonies in this way can give you a sharp look.


18. Peony Prism


Geometric Peony Tattoo 3
Source: cristamoriahs

Prism is a magical shape and goes perfectly with the peony flower which is also magical in many ways. This tattoo will look great on your arm or thigh.


Peony Shoulder Tattoo


19. Blossom is Bold


Peony Shoulder Tattoo 1
Source: dcinkstudio

Though peony represents bashfulness in some cultures, you can still make a gorgeous shoulder tattoo like this one breaking all the stereotypes. It will look even more gorgeous on a skinny person.


20. Peaceful Purple


Peony Shoulder Tattoo 2
Source: bethanygeorgiatattoo

This almost monochromatic tattoo design is allured by a little patch of purple in it. A simple and sophisticated purple peony bush can enhance your both inner and outer beauty.


21. Floral yet Fearless


Peony Shoulder Tattoo 3
Source: nikkilollytattoo

It is a  bold and courageous tattoo design to put on your biceps. It will help you to express your bravery and romance at the same time.


Peony Sleeve Tattoo


22. Chromatic Sleeve


Peony Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: firsttattoostudio

Some people prefer a full sleeve tattoo. Peony comes in lots of varieties of colors so it is a great option to create a gorgeous colorful tattoo with peonies just like this one.

23. Retro Red


Peony Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: holytigertattoo

Red is the color itself a simple of love, passion, and bravery. Peony combined with red makes a highly meaningful piece of art. It is a gorgeous full-sleeve design that you may choose to decorate your beautiful body.


24.  Dramatic and Dazzling


Peony Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: missorangetattoo

This soft coral-like color on peony makes it more Dramatic, Dazzling as well as soothing to the eyes. It is almost a full-body tattoo that can change your entire look drastically.


Traditional Peony Tattoo


25. Adorable Princess


Traditional Peony Tattoo 1
Source: joshjohnsons4l

An adorable soothing pink-colored peony tattoo can make you feel like a princess straight out of Disneyland. Daydreamers and sweeties can choose this piece without any hesitations.


26 . Phenomenal Peony


Traditional Peony Tattoo 2
Source: kennyteatattoo


27. Poison or pleasure


Traditional Peony Tattoo 3
Source: isabellmira.tattoo


Peony Neck Tattoo


28. Dragon breathes


Peony Neck Tattoo 1
Source: zombiebellabug


29. Nocturne on Neck


Peony Neck Tattoo 2
Source: sakuratattooamsterdam

30. Skull from Heaven


Peony Neck Tattoo 3
Source: johnstreettattoo


Small Peony Tattoo




Small Peony Tattoo 1
Source: juliasaccardo




Small Peony Tattoo 2
Source: jennyli_tattoo




Small Peony Tattoo 3
Source: _.m4nu_tatto


Peony Stem Tattoo




Peony Stem Tattoo 1
Source: raunytattoo




Peony Stem Tattoo 2
Source: mwunders




Peony Stem Tattoo 3
Source: acid_ttt


Delicate Peony Tattoo




Delicate Peony Tattoo 1
Source: kellybrowntattoos




Delicate Peony Tattoo 2
Source: maggie.ctattoos




Delicate Peony Tattoo 3
Source: fo.xey


Peony Bud Tattoo




Peony Bud Tattoo 1
Source: carylcunningham




Peony Bud Tattoo 2
Source: lin_tattooer




Peony Bud Tattoo 3
Source: rustyindigotattoo


Peony Dotwork Tattoo




Peony Dotwork Tattoo 1
Source: zahar_trad




Peony Dotwork Tattoo 2
Source: the_lords_tattoo_studio




Peony Dotwork Tattoo 3
Source: hendra_tattooss


Peony Hip Tattoo




Peony Hip Tattoo 1
Source: tattoomija




Peony Hip Tattoo 2
Source: p.n.tattoo




Peony Hip Tattoo 3
Source: koizhou_tattooist


Snake Peonies Tattoo




Snake Peonies Tattoo 1
Source: jazzyphe.tatts




Snake Peonies Tattoo 2
Source: toratattoostudio




Snake Peonies Tattoo 3
Source: emicarlitos


Chinese Peony Tattoo




Chinese Peony Tattoo 1
Source: koizhou_tattooist




Chinese Peony Tattoo 2
Source: koizhou_tattooist




Chinese Peony Tattoo 3
Source: koizhou_tattooist


Minimalist Peony Tattoo




Minimalist Peony Tattoo 1
Source: maxiii.tattoo




Minimalist Peony Tattoo 2
Source: ilarosetattoo




Minimalist Peony Tattoo 3
Source: chamski_kontur


Peony Skull Tattoo




Peony Skull Tattoo 1
Source: rok.nee




Peony Skull Tattoo 2
Source: tennyotattoo




Peony Skull Tattoo 3
Source: hopelesstattoos


Realistic Peony Tattoo




Realistic Peony Tattoo 1
Source: k_ink_tattoo




Realistic Peony Tattoo 2
Source: k_ink_tattoo




Realistic Peony Tattoo 3
Source: aaronmckinneytattoo


Dark Peony Tattoo




Dark Peony Tattoo 1
Source: inslkind




Dark Peony Tattoo 2
Source: julie.midnight




Dark Peony Tattoo 3
Source: inslkind


Open Peony Tattoo




Open Peony Tattoo 1
Source: mallorylynntattoos




Open Peony Tattoo 2
Source: golden_brown_tattoo




Open Peony Tattoo 3
Source: chaewha_ink


Peony Geometric Tattoo




Peony Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: ira_shmarinova




Peony Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: pakhanova




Peony Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: pakhanova


Peony Leg Tattoo




Peony Leg Tattoo 1
Source: rosaleima




Peony Leg Tattoo 2
Source: empireofdirt.tattoo




Peony Leg Tattoo 3
Source: jlang_tattoo


Peony Ornamental Tattoo




Peony Ornamental Tattoo 1
Source: nena_cameranesi_tattoo




Peony Ornamental Tattoo 2
Source: martacamisanitattoo




Peony Ornamental Tattoo 3
Source: elaberger


Peony Sternum Tattoo




Peony Sternum Tattoo 1
Source: becky_corfield_tattooist




Peony Sternum Tattoo 2
Source: gravedenoirtattoostudio




Peony Sternum Tattoo 3
Source: lauren_m_kendall


Tree Peony Tattoo




Tree Peony Tattoo 1
Source: ashleywolly




Tree Peony Tattoo 2
Source: nomadicalart




Tree Peony Tattoo 3
Source: tattoostudiorays


Blooming Peony Tattoo




Blooming Peony Tattoo 1
Source: geraldfeliciano




Blooming Peony Tattoo 2
Source: franciscotattooartist




Blooming Peony Tattoo 3
Source: skinartj


Butterfly Peony Tattoo




Butterfly Peony Tattoo 1
Source: rhiannonstattooart




Butterfly Peony Tattoo 2
Source: inkspirationbb




Butterfly Peony Tattoo 3
Source: inkspirationbb


Hummingbird Peony Tattoo




Hummingbird Peony Tattoo 1
Source: np.ink




Hummingbird Peony Tattoo 2
Source: haratattooart




Hummingbird Peony Tattoo 3
Source: ink.by.kiki


Peony Dragon Tattoo




Peony Dragon Tattoo 1
Source: _setsuko_ink




Peony Dragon Tattoo 2
Source: buddy_tattoo_




Peony Dragon Tattoo 3
Source: deliceink

With great symbolic meaning, a majestic peony flower is a gorgeous option for a tattoo. We can hope that these prominent ideas can help you a lot to choose according to your taste.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What do peony tattoos symbolize? / What does a peony tattoo mean?

-According to Chinese and Japanese myths and beliefs peony tattoo means good omens like love, beauty, nobility, and honor. In some other cultures, it is also a symbol of prosperity, successful relationships, and happiness.


  1. Why are peony tattoos so popular?

-Peony tattoo has mainly come from Japanese culture. Japanese morals and philosophies are famous and idealized worldwide, therefore this spiritual symbolic flower tattoo conquered the world and became worldwide popular.


  1. What do pink peonies symbolize?

-Pink peony especially represents happy marriage and prosperity. Therefore it is a popular flower in bridal bouquets. People often prefer to put pink peony tattoo as a symbol of happy married life.


  1. What do peonies mean spiritually?

-In many cultures, a peony has been considered a sign of love, happiness, prosperity, and good luck spiritually. There is even a superstition that exists which says a peony bush loaded with flowers is a sign of good luck.


  1. What does Japanese peony mean?

-Japanese peony means bravery and honor. It is also believed that it can bring good fortune to the newlyweds.


  1. Which Celebrities Have Peony Tattoos??

-Famous celebrities like Julia Micheal, Asia Argento, Ashlee Simpson, and Margaret Cho have chosen peony tattoos on different parts of their body.

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