65 Absolutely Mesmerizing Space Tattoos for Men and Women

The world is curious about the beauty and mystery of space. Space tattoos have won our hearts over and over again with their artistic and interesting look. From a deep look into the universe to reminding us of our childhood memories, space designs have become a major part of the tattoo culture.

With hundreds of available designs, fixating your mind on one design is quite tricky. But we will help you to find the perfect tattoo that matches your taste and personality. In this guide, we will show you some of the top trending tattoo designs of space that will blow your mind. So, join us in this amazing journey of finding the inspiration for your next tattoo!


65 Space Tattoos Designs and Meanings

In the world of tattoos, the designs consisting of the universe are mesmerizing. Space tattoos are popular among people of all ages for their unique look, artistic style, and aesthetic vibes. With pretty colors and patterns, saying no to a space design is quite hard.

The space designs for the skin are perfectly eye-catching, without any doubt. But the meanings behind these tattoos are more beautiful. So, without any delay, let us dive deep into the beauty of these tattoos.

Outer Space Tattoo

Outer space makes us wonder about the secrets and ways of the universe. It also leaves us in awe with its stunning beauty and outstanding creation. The moons, stars, and planets have their own sync and rhythm, making space more interesting to people.

Portraying the beauty of the universe in tattoos requires talent, dedication, and a knack for art. So, check out the best outer space tattoo designs.


1. The Art Of The Universe 

Source: santakatattoo

The solar system has an abundance of wonderful creations. From the planets rotating the sun to the moons rotating the planets, each and every sight makes us awestruck.

The outer space design on the arm catches our attention with the intricate planet details and their rotating pattern. This ragged look of the tattoo with these patterns makes it perfect for the arm of an astrophysicist or space enthusiast.


2. The UFO Sighting 

Source: 1skeletor3

Life on other planets or alien life has always been a matter of debate. Amidst all of these debates, the tattoo of the solar system with a cute little UFO warms our hearts. This design of the universe looks beautiful on the side of a woman.


3. The Intriguing Imagination 

Source: billystardusttattoo

Our imagination and thinking create the most stunning and pretty pieces of art. This tattoo design is a combination of the sunset on Earth and the universe. It shows the depth of how far our imagination goes and the beauty of outer space. This design looks extraordinarily amazing on the arm of a man.


Space Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos never go out of fashion. The large space allows the artists to fully express their talent, skills, and love for art. Space designs on the sleeve are nothing less than an eye-catching beauty. The combination of colors, details, and artistic touch makes these tattoos an inexpressible sight to the eyes. Check out a few stunning space sleeve tattoo ideas with us.


4. Universe On The Sleeve 

Source: migtatou

Carry the universe on your sleeve with this super-detailed space design. The depiction of the colors at various parts, followed by the stars, space rocks, and segments of the universe, is outstanding. This tattoo is an on-point representation of the beauty of space and is perfect for every space enthusiast.


5. The Colorful Background 

Source: julizavrr

Make your simple planet tattoo interesting and eye-catching by adding a pop of colors. The pink, purple, and blue hues surrounding the planet highlight the details of the design. With bright white stars, the tattoo attracts the eyes of the world.


6. Space Attack 

Source: justristenb

The world is curious about space and its mystery. With shooting stars and rocks moving around the planets, this design replicates a space attack.

Typically seen in movies, this artwork touches all sci-fi fans and is a great choice for a man’s body. The colliding planets and the details of this design show the visualizing power of the artist.


Minimalist Space Tattoo

Over the past years, minimalist designs have gained a lot of popularity in the tattoo culture. As more and more embrace the art of simplicity, these designs speak to our hearts without much effort and portrayal. Take a look at some of the top examples of minimalist space designs for tattoos.


7. The Surrounding Stars 

Source: loserlad

Get this tiny planet with the ring tattooed with stars surrounding it. The small circles on the design represent the moons that circle the planet. This space design idea represents our enthusiasm and interest in the universe and its aspects. The design will look absolutely stunning on the arm of a woman.


8. Color Planet 

Source: rolypolyc

Colors make a design or piece of art more eye-catching and pretty, and this tattoo is proof of that. This minimalistic planet tattooed on the inner side of the arm attracts the eyes because of the artistic color combination. The orange and purple shades on this design increase its beauty, making it a top tattoo choice for women.


9. Baby Saturn 

Source: ghostlabtattoo

Tattoo a tiny Saturn on the side of your body and show it off to the world. It is a pretty design with remarkable detailing and has a significant meaning behind it. This design is a reminder of our boundaries and determines the meaning of our lives. The tiny tattoo will look perfect on the skin of a woman.


See You Space Cowboy Tattoo

See You Space Cowboy is a popular song from the TV show “Cowboy Bebop.” This popular song connects many of us to our childhood and brings back nostalgic memories. Let us take a look at some of the popular tattoo designs in this style.


10. The Space Cowboy Art 

Source: blatman_tattoo

Get the Cowboy Bebop airship tattooed on your skin and reminiscence about your childhood. The Swordfish II is a major attraction of the show and looks great on the arm of a man. With bright yellow combined with pinkish orange, the colors never fail to catch the eyes of the world.


11. Nostalgic Trip To Space 

Source: rastatattooshop

Take a trip to your childhood and relive the beautiful memories with this Space Cowboy tattoo. This tattoo stretches from the pinky to the forearm, giving the artist the freedom to express their art and talent. The pop of color on the airship brings attention to the details of this design. It is an excellent tattoo choice for a man’s forearm.


12. The Famous Line 

Source: _jose_g_p_

Pay a tribute or say goodbye to a friend you have lost in the battle of life. This line is a cool way of bidding farewell to a friend close to your heart. The simplicity of this design is what makes it a top choice among artists and enthusiasts. This design will look unique on the arm of a boy.


Geometric Space Tattoos

Geometric tattoos never fail to impress our artistic sides. The vivid colors and geometric patterns in these space tattoos give the designs a unique look on the skin. It shows the skills of the artist and their stunning ability to portray the beauty of art in every nature. Without further delay, check out the top space designs with a geometric touch.


13. Minecraft Universe 

Source: nickfriederich_amf

Enhance the features of your body with this outstanding geometric space design. These shades of blue in this tattoo make the artwork more attractive with an innovative touch. The circular and cubic patterns on the background beautify the cubic piece in the middle. This tattoo will look absolutely amazing on the bicep of a man.


14. Galaxy In Diamond 

Source: taylorpaigetattoos

Fit the universe in a small diamond and get it inked on your arm. This design is a representation that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The tiny dots and detailing surrounding the universe give the tattoo an aesthetic vibe. The pop of color makes the design more interesting.


15. Universal Cubes  

Source: nickfriederich_amf

Represent the universe with cubes and get it tattooed on your skin. The swirling blue pattern combined with the dark shade of blue enhances the details of the design. Suitable for all astrophysicists and space enthusiasts.


Space Cat Tattoo

Cats are mighty animals, and there is no doubt about that. And when the cats feature in space and universe tattoos, the result is both mesmerizing and hilarious. Wearing astronaut suits, the cats look funny and smart. So, discover the best space cat tattoo ideas below.


16. Space Meow 

Source: alexa.tattoo

See, the pretty cat is in space, wearing a cute astronaut suit. The tattoo represents a cute cat floating in space, and the surrounding planets and stars beautify the design even more. These pops of blue color in the design make the tattoos attractive on a man’s hand.


17. Astronaut Cat 

Source: imchrisgreen

Decorate your hand with this stunning cat astronaut tattoo. The colors on the cat and the surrounding details make the design look realistic and eye-pleasing. With flowers and leaves around the suit, it is a great choice for the hand of a woman.


18. Cat in Space 

Source: elisashigehiro

Turn your space cat doodle into a tattoo on your skin! The cat going to space is a perfect representation of the advancement of science. This portrayal of a space cat looks remarkable on the skin and enhances the features of the body.


Space Shuttle Tattoo

Space shuttles are a major part of outer space study and research. The shuttles carry astronauts to outer space, allowing them to work for the advancement of science while experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. While these space shuttles look amazing in real life, they are beautiful in tattoos as well. Check out the top space shuttle tattoos here with us.


19. To Space!

Source: michelefromhelltattoos

If you are in awe of space and its exploration, then this tattoo is what you need. Show your respect and love for science and technology by getting this space shuttle tattooed on your skin. The smoke below the shuttle makes the design look realistic. It will look outstanding on the thighs of a woman.


20. The Search For Meaning 

Source: pontusgavelin

A trip to space is an unforgettable experience. Give yourself a permanent reminder of the success and experience of traveling to space. The details and color of this design will surely turn heads everywhere you go. It is a unique design and suitable for scientists looking for tattoo inspiration.


21. A Space Tribute 

Source: suidsydart

As the world celebrates the success of an outer space journey, they mourn the shuttle accidents and deaths as well. If you have lost a loved one in a space shuttle accident, then remember them through this tattoo. Get this space shuttle with flowers inked on the back of the thigh as a constant reminder of the person and their memories.


Space Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are widely popular all over the world. And as tattoos on the forearm are less painful, the designs are often very interesting and detailed. Tattoos of space on the forearm are no exception. Let us see the most stunning space forearm tattoos.


22. Universe Representation 

Source: hairyary

Get the solar system inked on your skin as a token of respect toward science and the hard work behind it. Align the planets in a straight line and surround them with their stars and moons. The detailing on the planets and around them gives the tattoo a smooth and attractive look.


23. The Moons Of Saturn

Source: 4five

Beautify your beautiful features with this Saturn tattoo on your arm. The small dots around the planet represent the moons of the planet. This design with intricate details enhances the artistic skills of the artist. It will look great and eye-catching on the arm of a woman.


24. Footsteps On The Moon 

Source: inkdrop.cgn

Taking the eyes off this extraordinary tattoo design is almost impossible. The astronaut is sitting on the moon and surrounded by planets of the universe. It is a representation of the successful trip to the moon by Neil Armstrong. This design is a beautiful memory of science and looks amazing on the calf.


Space Needle Tattoo

Space Needle is a tourist attraction in Seattle. The unique design and futuristic vision of the structure attract visitors from around the world. While it is glorious to the eyes, it is equally beautiful in tattoos. Discover the top Space Needle tattoo designs.


25. The Observing Eye 

Source: alexcoultertattoo

Make your trip to the Space Needle more memorable by getting the design tattooed on your skin. The stunning design and realistic portrayal of the structure in this tattoo make this artwork attractive to the eyes.



Source: prestonhawketattoos



Source: johnniegtattoos


Galaxy Space Tattoo



Source: night_ink_gale



Source: noir.ttt.exe



Source: mildo_tattooer


Space Ace Tattoo



Source: spaceacetattoo


Space Ship Tattoo



Source: erod.tattoo



Source: ivo_alves_tattoo_artist



Source: aguilar_tattoos_


Space City Tattoo



Source: lopeztattoos



Source: jwadetattoos


Space Astronaut Tattoo



Source: shaz_2tonetattoos



Source: noalox



Source: cwild_art


Space Monkey Tattoo



Source: zoe_curiosities



Source: red.deathh



Source: novaluna_ink


Space Flower Tattoo



Source: tattoosnob


Space Invaders Tattoo



Source: mahana_tt



Source: sotomorgantattoo



Source: tattoosnob

Space Finger Tattoos



Source: shvets.ink

Space Hand Tattoo



Source: maddymaitattoo



Source: martian_ink



Source: danielgarcia.tattoos


Space Head Tattoo



Source: lfordetattoo



Source: minter_tattoo



Source: studiorosetattoo


Space Marine Tattoo



Source: codex.paints


Space Mermaid Tattoo



Source: juanquinta_tattoo


Space Whale Tattoo



Source: mpotattoo



Source: aura_tattoo_shop



Source: vixen_tattoos

Space Dog Tattoo



Source: jettyroadtattoo



Source: laurenlazuli



Source: wesvaughntattoo


Space Tiger Tattoo



Source: chelsartistry


Space Ghost Tattoo



Source: mariebayarea



Source: tattooicon


Space Cadet Tattoo



Source: roosterdean



The universe is enormous, and fitting it into one tattoo is challenging. Space tattoos are pleasing to the eyes and remind us that there are several other aspects of this universe that we cannot grasp. Getting a tattoo with a space design is cool, and these designs have a deep meaning or tribute behind them.

All of these space designs that we portrayed above are aesthetically pleasing and highly artistic. We hope that you have successfully found the right inspiration for your next tattoo. Get your tattoo done by a professional artist, and make sure to check their experience and credibility before getting the tattoo.

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