101 Best Sailor Moon Tattoos for Passionate Guys!

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular Japanese manga series. It aired in the ’90s and was very popular throughout the world. Sailor Moon Tattoos were inspired by this series. The main character is heavily used in the tattoo culture. It has inspired many tattoo artists to come up with many creative pieces.

Not only the main character but also the side characters and other elements such as the wand, silver crystal, etc. are also used to give meaning to tattoos.

Japanese culture has a deep root in the moon. Sailor moon highlights that culture and brought it in front of a mass audience. The significance of the series is inevitable in the development of modern anime culture throughout the world.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best sailor moon tattoos, their meanings, and how they convert their messages to the world. So get ready to be amazed by these mind-blowing tattoos of the sailor moon.


Top Sailor Moon Tattoo Ideas

Sailor moon tattoo ideas are purely inspired by the characters’ beliefs and to represent what they stand for. Some of these ideas also carry completely different meanings behind them. So without further ado, let’s explore these amazing designs.


1. Chibi Chibi And Wand

Source: tattoosbyheifbean

One of the main characters of the sailor moon manga series “Chibi Chibi” can be spotted on this fantastic thigh tattoo on a woman. Her leg is brightly inked with this tattoo. The wand is relatively bigger than the typical wand.


2. Sparkling Sailor Moon

Source: spork_chop

The main character of the sailor moon can be seen on this tattoo. She is accompanied by a partially bloomed moon. There are two sparkling stars on top of her head. It compliments her name, which is “Sailor Moon”.


3. Sailor Star Yell

Source: stencilforte

A high-contrast image of the Sailor Star Yell can be seen on a man’s arm. The jewel in the middle of the golden star is the main attraction. The red handle represents the anger possessed by the character who holds the wand.


4. Cat On Flower

Source: marcobranchiatattoo

A green cat can be seen on top of a flower. It is holding the moon wand, and It looks like Usagi Tsukino. The cart is green and has stripes like a tiger. It has a question mark on its head, suggesting that it is as confused as us.


5. Cosmic Heart On Leg

Source: leni_ink

This symbol drawn on this person’s leg is referring to the cosmic heart symbol. It is used in the transformation process of Usagi Tsukino into a sailor moon. It represents her transformation, and the flowers on the side represent her blooming powers.


6. Luna & Usagi Tsukino

Source: elliedanby_tattoos

A sketch tattoo of the cat luna and Usagi Tsukino. The tattoo only has its outlines, there are no colors filling the tattoo. Yet, the tattoo clearly shows the emotions between the characters. It teaches us that you don’t need colors to express emotions.


7. Sad Usagi Tsukino Tattoo

Source: majorleaguetattoos

Sailor moon is looking very sad in this tattoo. She is holding on to the luna tightly. There is also a heart symbol surrounding both of them. A tattoo that teaches us the value of companions in times of sadness and how they can help in overcoming the darkness.


8. Star Wand On Woman’s Thigh

Source: imaginarium__tattoo

An outlined wand with a star on top can be seen on a woman. The star has a heart symbol that looks kind of like an arrow. An amazing option for minimal leg tattoos.


9. Sailor Moon Holding Moon Wand

Source: jakethesnaketattoos

Usagi Tsukino can be seen staring at the moon wand on this tattoo. Her hair color nicely matches the color of the drawn moon. She is most likely wondering about the immense strength held by the moon wand.


10. Minimalist Sky

Source: peachtattoomn

Basically, all the main elements of the sky can be seen in this simple design. The moon is at the center of the tattoo. There are a few stars all over the tattoo, and a planet that looks like Saturn can also be seen on this piece. The dominance of the moon makes it a sailor moon tattoo.


11. Heart Gemstone

Source: ardesiadebruyeres

The wand inked on this man’s arm has a big gemstone in the middle. The stone is red and is shaped like a heart. The rest of the wand is made from metal, and It has a touch of filigree style to it.


12. The Moon Wand

Source: cgualtieritattoo

A colorful tattoo of the moon wand from the sailor moon. It has a ribbon surrounding the base of the wand that says, ” Fight Like A Girl “. It is indicating the powers and strength of the girl characters in the series.


13. 3D Moon Wand Tattoo

Source: mr.sticker.tattoo

A realistic depiction of the moon wand can be seen on this tattoo. The use of shading on the wand gives this a feeling of depth. Also, the reflection on the bluestone makes it even more realistic. A superb choice for arms.


14. Self Love

Source: potatoo.tattoo

The message on the tattoo is loud and clear. It is promoting self-love. It is encouraging the audience to have a healthy life and take care of their well-being. A motivating tattoo indeed!!


15. Luna & Cutie Moon Rod

Source: natairytattoos

Luna from the manga series can be seen in front of the Cutie Moon Rod. The rod matches the color of the cat, but in reality, it wasn’t like that. It changed its color to match the cat. It teaches us the need for adaptability in times of need.


16. Moon Sword

Source: samanthraee

A tiny tattoo of a sword that has a moon on the handles on a man’s arm. The sharp edge of the sword is pointing downwards. There is also a geometric stone in the middle of the curve of the moon. The handle also has a small star on it.


17. Moon & Star Wand

Source: cecilytattoos

The wand in this tattoo has both the moon and the star from the sailor moon. It is a unique combination of two elements from the manga. The handle is colorful, and the moon has a ring around it.


18. Trust In The Moon

Source: redpandameg

The moon wand has a red flower on its moon. There are also three different colored stones in the circle. The ribbon that goes around the wand says, “In The Name Of The Moon…”. It indicates his strong beliefs in the moon.


19. Sparkling Wand tattoo

Source: cpo_ink

Stars are usually represented by sparkles. This piece contains two stars at the center of the wand. The background is also sparking thanks to the smaller stars at the back. The wand itself has a glow around it. It represents how our surroundings help to eliminate ourselves.


20. Pink Flowers

Source: stabcasket

Flowers are a sign of peace and fertility. In this tattoo, there are a few flowers at the back of the magical object. The flowers represent the nature of the object and its fertile nature.


21. Cracked Moon

Source: bluedragontattoos345

The moon on top of the tattoo seems to have a few cracks. A female hand is trying to grab the wand. There is also some damaged lace around the wand. It looks like a desperate attempt to save the wand.


22. Golden Moon

Source: b.witch.ink

A gift-wrapped moon wand with a shiny moon is clearly visible in this tattoo. There is a bow tie at the back of the wand. It looks like a gift from the sailor moon girls. The blue tint in the background gives this tattoo a magical look.


23. Glowing Stone

Source: brittnaami

The center stone of the magical object is shining heavily. The rays of the sparkle can be seen clearly. The hand is partially visible. The rest of the hand is not present in this piece. It looks as if the hand was detached from the body.


24. Teddy Moon

Source: foxxtailz

A fluffy and cute bear with the moon symbol on its forehead can be seen sitting under the wand. The wand has many flowers poking from the sides. They are bluish and create a nice contrast against the pink handle.


25. Huge Jems

Source: jennakerrtattoo

A heart-shaped gigantic stone can be seen in the center of this tattoo. The tattoo looks like ornamental work. The big stone is purple, and the smaller stone is blue. There is also a crown at the top.


26. Black And White

Source: sugartattoos

Although sailor moon tattoos are known to be vibrant and colorful. However, this one is black and white in color. But it still has all the details needed to be recognized by the fans.


27. Purple Clouds

Source: jay_derita_tattoos

Some clouds are forming at the back of the wand. They are all purple in color and the flower also follows the same pallet. A good choice for the top side of the arm tattoo.


28. Red Roses

Source: hemlocktattoostudio

A slightly bloomed rose can be seen with two fully bloomed red roses in this tattoo. The color of the flowers is almost identical to the moon wand’s handle. The sparkling stone is slightly overshadowed by the flowers.


29. Moon Wand On Forearm

Source: nancytatt

This man’s forearm is nicely inked with a purple wand. The wand from Usagi Tsukino is nicely placed on the skin. The moon is slightly bigger than the original wand. It signifies the importance of the moon in the manga series.


30. Sailor Moon Luna Tattoo

Source: constan_tina

The black luna is in the middle of the moon. The aside of this man’s waist is looking spectacular thanks to the tattoo. The moon and Luna go nicely in this design. This also indicates their dependencies on each other.


31. Loving Night Luna

Source: x.crazy_bitch_goddess.x

A small tattoo on top of a man’s wrist. The cat’s body looks like a clear night sky. There is a moon at the center of his forehead. There are also two heart symbols on its ears.


32.  Luna Head Sketch

Source: ashtradamus

A woman’s back of the leg is inked with the head of the Luna cat from the sailor moon. The cute portrait of the head is accompanied by a purse. It shows that the person with the tattoo is a fan of the sailor moon series.


33.  Hanging On

Source: alchemyink

The Luna cat can be seen as hanging on the moon. It is hanging on there and trying to avoid falling. The word hope on top shows its determination. It teaches us to keep faith even in difficult situations.


34. One Eyed Luna

Source: constan_tina

The cat drawn in this tattoo has one eye. The moon symbol on its head looks like an eye. It is using its other scenes to counter the need of the eyes.


35. Messy Violate Luna

Source: dragonescence

The Luna cat on this piece has a messy look. All of its tails and body hair are disoriented. It looks like it went through a rough time. But the stars are still sparkling, and it hasn’t lost its faith.


36. Angry Luna Cat Tattoo

Source: inkedgeek.623

Luna looks furious with this tattoo. It is biting with its sharp teeth and deadly paws. The nails have created a cut on the skin and blood is coming out. A scary look of his character.


37. Cuddling Sailor Moon

Source: rachwilltattoo

The sailor moon girl and Luna cat both are hugging each other tightly. They are enjoying the moment. The joy on their face can be seen clearly. A warm tattoo piece for both man and woman.


38. Spring and Moon Wand

Source: juliane_cashdogg

The pink flowers in the background are an indication of spring. Luna has its tail wrapped around the moon wand’s handle. This tattoo reminds me of the loving vibe of spring.


39. Shy & Cute

Source: jmonsterart

Luna is blushing heavily in this tattoo. Most likely, it has seen something that it likes very much. The shyness can be seen in its eye. The tie on the neck makes it look cute at the same time.


40. Guilty Cat

Source: gotadeluz.tattoos

A purple cat can be seen on this tattoo. It rests gently on the upper side of the arm. The cat looks guilty in the tattoo. Most likely, it has caused something that’ll make the sailor moon angry. But It shows us his acceptance of the guilt, which is a lesson for taking responsibility for one’s mistake



Source: booki.eci



Source: lindatattooartist



Source: jazztattoos


44. Sailor moon cat tattoo

Source: taka_kinga_art



Source: gumbiesink



Source: bluepegasustattoo


47. Sailor moon brooch tattoo

Source: johnnysamericantattoo



Source: mojo_tattoo



Source: insta.patty90s



Source: redpandameg



Source: meowskitattoos



Source: diegokirotoki



Source: diegokirotoki



Source: xamyart



Source: diegokirotoki



Source: diegokirotoki



Source: vickyriot.tattoos



Source: diegokirotoki



Source: jfped23



Source: merolbart



Source: marilynblxc



Source: diegokirotoki



Source: mojo_tattoo



Source: diegokirotoki



Source: dreaminkcolortattoos


67. Sailor moon bow tattoo

Source: martyremo



Source: tiaani.riches_tattoos



Source: vitedainkiostro



Source: johanna_tattoos



Source: sam_hamilton_tattoos



Source: klokovtattoo



Source: ivyafterdark.tattoo



Source: akk.lain



Source: q.k.tattoo



Source: raphaeltorino_tattoo



Source: breathingrooms



Source: tattoosbystephaniie



Source: leannatattoos



Source: nuriatattoo



Source: klokovtattoo



Source: crybabytattooproducts



Source: raphaeltorino_tattoo



Source: marsinks



Source: hannahmaitattoo



Source: daybreaktattoo



Source: dio.tattooer



Source: sarashellygraziosi



Source: frannk.tattoo



Source: wolfandgoattattoo



Source: crystaltokyotattoos



Source: welovetattoo229



Source: goatstudios_dus



Source: hushanesthetic



Source: racheldollart



Source: racheldollart



Source: tiaani.riches_tattoos



Source: leiden.art



Source: gabrielalimatattoo



Source: darciekaportattoo



Source: animemasterink


Sailor moon tattoos represent the vastly popular culture. They are one of the most important steps in the anime culture throughout the world. Sailor moon tattoos can show your appreciation for pop anime culture but also carry the values of the traditions. If you are in need of a tattoo and are a fan of anime definitely give sailor moon tattoos a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

What made Sailor Moon such a popular cultural phenomenon?

The incorporation of interesting characters and the anime boom in the mid-90s made Sailor moon such a popular phenomenon.

What is the anime Sailor Moon about?

It is about a group of girls getting together and trying to bring peace and justice.

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