96 Best Snake Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

There are various kinds of snake tattoo designs out there representing different kinds of meanings and metaphors. For this reason, someone may get easily interested in having a tattoo of a snake.

Snakes are considered both as a symbol of power and divinity as well as deception and danger. And like the serpents themselves, these dualities remind us that meaning can shift and change depending on the perspective we hold.

From a back long to wrapped around the whole arm, or having a little piece in your fingertip, you can get a tattoo of a snake wherever and however you want.


96 Snake Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Snake tattoos are intriguing to everyone because of their tempting look and symbolic features like transformation, rebirth, protection, and renewal. Check out these venomous designs below and revive your renaissance energy.


Small Snake Tattoo

Small snake tattoos are pretty and gorgeous to look at and it gives your skin a sensational look. They can be your little 2D pet buddies.

1. Snake with Stars

Small Snake Tattoo 1
Source: anxietycat_ink

If you are looking for something simple yet stylish you can check out this serpent tattoo. The pretty little stars around the snake make it look even more appealing.


2. Flower Snake

Small Snake Tattoo 2
Source: joeysneedle

An adorable tattoo on a girl’s shoulder with a tiny snake wrapped around a flower patch. Tattooing it around the shoulder will give girls a seductive look.


3. Snake Sense

Small Snake Tattoo 3
Source: nadine_von_hexhex

A subtle reptile tattoo you can get on your forearm. The dot bars around its head gives it a sensatory look of caution. This tattoo can be a perfect choice for you if you are a well-aware person.


Japanese Snake Tattoo

Japanese snake tattoos are widely popular across the globe specially because they contain many cultural references. If you would like to give your body part a yakuza-like vibe you can check out those amazing body arts below.


4. Dragon Flare

Japanese Snake Tattoo 1
Source: tato_irezumi

A breathtaking piece of art that will make your jaw drop. This stylish red and ash sleeve tattoo depicts fearless energy just like a snake dragon coming out of a volcano with its flaring physique.


5. Japanese Demon/ Hannya Mask and Snake

Japanese Snake Tattoo 2
Source: dylontattoos

Hannya masks are very popular among the Japanese people for their cultural and traditional beliefs. Many believe it’s a charm of good luck and fortune. You can surely try getting this artistic tattoo of a snake twisting around the demon of good fortune and see how your luck changes.


6. The Great Venom Wave

Japanese Snake Tattoo 3
Source: emanuelesircanatattoo

A colorful and vibrant snake tattoo that will mesmerize anyone. Its upper skin has oceanic waves that give the vibe of the famous Japanese painting called The Great Wave. The red flowers in between the waves give it a flowy outlook.


Snake Hand Tattoo

Snake tattoos on hand suit really well as you can wrap the tattoo around it. This gives your hand the mystic look that you would want. Let’s check out some snake tattoos on hand ideas-


7. Hissing on the Wrist

Snake Hand Tattoo 1
Source: ellen.tattoo

A mesmerizing snake art. The curves and the really detailed snakeskin give this tattoo a realistic appearance. It will complement your wrist perfectly.


8. A Wrapped Around Snake

Snake Hand Tattoo 2
Source: your_bandit

This inky art of snake can be a perfect choice for you if you want the snake to look like it’s wrapped across your wrist and fingers. The inky curves of the snake create the illusion of movement, making it look like the snake is moving around your hand.


9. Deadly Viper

Snake Hand Tattoo 3
Source: simonemuttitattoo

This colorful deadly tattoo of a viper will give a menacing look to your fist. It will undoubtedly draw others’ attention making them think twice before messing with you.


Traditional Snake Tattoo

A traditional snake tattoo is an age-old design with vivid, often in bright colors. Since ancient times, this particular tattoo design has gained popularity because of its symbolic meaning, cultural relevance, and aesthetic appeal.


10. Blooming Viper

Traditional Snake Tattoo 1
Source: v.g.tattoos

A vibrant tattoo of a snake blooming through a yellowish rose petal. The viper is wearing the rose like it’s a Japanese traditional kimono.


11. Serpent’s Fang

Traditional Snake Tattoo 2
Source: marc_studio_ink

A menacing viper with its jaw being wide opened, showing its vicious fangs, like a predator on the verge of attacking its prey. A flawless body art for your skin to symbolize courage and boldness.


12. The Hypnotic Hiss

Traditional Snake Tattoo 3
Source: lean.tattooist

A colorfully aesthetic tattoo that you can get on your muscle, where the snake, with its venomous fangs, gazes at the maiden, entrapping her with its hypnotic aura.


Snake Finger Tattoo

Fingers are one of the most exotic parts of our body. Wrapping it around with a tattoo of a snake gives it a more exotic look. Check out these fancy-looking snake finger tattoos.


13. Hissing on a Finger

Snake Finger Tattoo 1
Source: darla.r.t

This curvy snake design will suit your any finger perfectly. Connecting its tail to your nail bottom makes it look like the snake is coming out of its den ready to hunt in the wild.


14. Thumb Snake

Snake Finger Tattoo 2
Source: miguelitos_tattoos

A simple hissing snake crawling into your thumb. A fantastic tattoo that properly fits the little sections of your body.


15. Fingertip Baby Snake

Snake Finger Tattoo 3
Source: janacools_

A cute black baby snake zigzagging around your fingertip. Your finger will have a snaky sensation thanks to this little fellow.


Leg Snake Tattoo

A tattoo of a snake around your leg will showcase its athletic features profoundly. You can check out these ravishing snake-on-a-leg tattoos below.


16. Python Wrapped Around Ankle

Leg Snake Tattoo 1
Source: shirarte.tattoo

A beautifully scaled python lurking around your ankle. This design will go very well with the shape of your ankle curves exposing your ankle to its full potential. If you dance ballet, you might want to think about having this tattoo.


17. Eagle and Viper

Leg Snake Tattoo 2
Source: russtattooshop

This fiercely looking snake vs eagle fight can be your favorite pick. The viper with its deadly fangs and the eagle with its vengeful look gives off the vibe as if they were each other’s arch nemesis.


18. Diamondback Rattlesnake

Leg Snake Tattoo 3
Source: liang_tattooer

A fabulous looking zigzag rattlesnake on the calf. The diamondback would look majestic on anyone’s calf. If you want to give your back leg a stunning view this can be a perfect choice for you.


Snake Thigh Tattoo

Snake tattoos on thighs are widely popular among girls of all ages. It doesn’t only look good but also gives a seductive appeal to others. Here are some snake tattoos that will look breathtaking on your skin.


19. Serpentine Blooms

Snake Thigh Tattoo 1
Source: put_ink_imy

A perfect tattoo for the long thighs. The snake folded around the rose patches gives your leg a splendid look.


20. Lavender Snake

Snake Thigh Tattoo 2
Source: jade.artist.333

A breathtaking tattoo that is seductive to the core. The blooming flowers and tinkling stars around this lavender colored python make it look more pretty and just aesthetically pleasing. This tattoo will look stunning on your skin.


21. Mystic Maze

Snake Thigh Tattoo 3
Source: mandijane_ink

A snake whirling around roses. The main attraction of this tattoo is its sophisticated design which might go greatly with your character trait.


Minimalist Snake Tattoo

Day by day minimalism is gaining popularity worldwide as people want to live by a simple lifestyle. You can try out these minimal tattoos that will look glittery on you.


22. Zigzag

Minimalist Snake Tattoo 1
Source: aligned.ink

A zigzag basic and simple snake art that will suit your skin. The simple design makes it easy to conceal. If you have any restrictions to worry about. you can easily persuade people by telling them that it’s just pen art.


23. Venom Rose

Minimalist Snake Tattoo 2
Source: katts_kradle

This is an exceptionally beautiful, yet simple artistic tattoo of a snake being wrapped around a rose. You can try out this minimalist tattoo design in different spots of your body according to your preference.


24. Little Fellow

Minimalist Snake Tattoo 3
Source: jack__tattooer

This design is as simple as it can be. A cute little reptile slithering around and searching for its prey. This tattoo will look very well on your skin.


Snake Rose Tattoo

A snake with a rose tattoo often indicates protection and vulnerability and can bear personal attachments. Also rose has thorns and snakes are venomous which one might see as mirror reflections of each other.


25. Venomous Thorns

Snake Rose Tattoo 1
Source: tattooblair

A tattoo with an elegant and stylish design where the snake is crawling a red rose. Those shades of white on the upper petals of the rose make it look as realistic as it can be, giving it a mysterious aura.



Snake Rose Tattoo 2
Source: jerryluckycat



Snake Rose Tattoo 3
Source: hartfordcountytattoo


Snake Skeleton Tattoo



Snake Skeleton Tattoo 1
Source: swansttattoo



Snake Skeleton Tattoo 2
Source: eka_tattoo_bkk



Snake Skeleton Tattoo 3
Source: _nvcci


Snake Ankle Tattoo



Snake Ankle Tattoo 1
Source: neuropathogenic



Snake Ankle Tattoo 2
Source: laurazuffottt



Snake Ankle Tattoo 3
Source: choseung.tat


Snake Collarbone Tattoo



Snake Collarbone Tattoo 1
Source: blacktattoo_tx



Snake Collarbone Tattoo 2
Source: kraken.ink.studio



Snake Collarbone Tattoo 3
Source: inkedby.g


Snake Dagger Tattoo



Snake Dagger Tattoo 1
Source: joeycreepxide



Snake Dagger Tattoo 2
Source: melbournetattooco



Snake Dagger Tattoo 3
Source: camilokreep


Snake Eyes Tattoo



Snake Eyes Tattoo 1
Source: fresh_native



Snake Eyes Tattoo 2
Source: edmkstudio



Snake Eyes Tattoo 3
Source: mato_tattooer


Snake Head Tattoo



Snake Head Tattoo 1
Source: alexrobinsontattoo



Snake Head Tattoo 2
Source: restless.tattooer



Snake Head Tattoo 3
Source: mlt_tattoo


Snake Neck Tattoo



Snake Neck Tattoo 1
Source: muridiana



Snake Neck Tattoo 2
Source: 11_angels_



Snake Neck Tattoo 3
Source: sandaratketattoo


Snake Flower Tattoo Design



Snake Flower Tattoo Design 1
Source: siemka_tattoo



Snake Flower Tattoo Design 2
Source: space_sqwhirl



Snake Flower Tattoo Design 3
Source: tattootonycreations


Sword Snake Tattoo



Sword Snake Tattoo 1
Source: suanfuchs_spiritualtattoo



Sword Snake Tattoo 2
Source: ceren.tattoo



Sword Snake Tattoo 3
Source: ashinkd


American Traditional Snake Tattoo



American Traditional Snake Tattoo 1
Source: webster.tattoo



American Traditional Snake Tattoo 2
Source: andrew_felontattoo_phillips



American Traditional Snake Tattoo 3
Source: derek_rocks514


Rattle Snake Tattoo



Rattle Snake Tattoo 1
Source: denzellextattoo



Rattle Snake Tattoo 2
Source: goliathtattoo



Rattle Snake Tattoo 3
Source: dmez.tattoo


Snake Hip Tattoo



Snake Hip Tattoo 1
Source: devinevansart



Snake Hip Tattoo 2
Source: blackfoxtattoos



Snake Hip Tattoo 3
Source: wonderland.tattoo.studio


Two-Headed Snake Tattoo



Two Headed Snake Tattoo 1
Source: ladyvlendel



Two Headed Snake Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosnob



Two Headed Snake Tattoo 3
Source: yellowhearts.ink


Aztec Snake Tattoo



Aztec Snake Tattoo 1
Source: la_bruja_que.dibuja



Aztec Snake Tattoo 2
Source: zdallas7



Aztec Snake Tattoo 3
Source: inkontrolable_tattoo


Snake Bite Tattoo



Snake Bite Tattoo 1
Source: lennardschuurmans



Snake Bite Tattoo 2
Source: eva.ahoi.tattoo



Snake Bite Tattoo 3
Source: nathan.tersteeg


Chinese Snake Tattoo



Chinese Snake Tattoo 1
Source: nix_ink_shot



Chinese Snake Tattoo 2
Source: mia_miladin



Chinese Snake Tattoo 3
Source: kong_nyctattoo


Cobra Snake Tattoo



Cobra Snake Tattoo 1
Source: terminuscitytattoo



Cobra Snake Tattoo 2
Source: mr.f_tattoo



Cobra Snake Tattoo 3
Source: ayse.yetgin.96


Eagle Snake Tattoo



Eagle Snake Tattoo 1
Source: francescogiamblanco



Eagle Snake Tattoo 2
Source: stormthegatestattoogc



Eagle Snake Tattoo 3
Source: alessandro_marzano_tattoo


Harry Potter Snake Tattoo



Harry Potter Snake Tattoo 1
Source: we.speak.with.forked.tongues



Harry Potter Snake Tattoo 2
Source: vivcrogstattoos



Harry Potter Snake Tattoo 3
Source: ik_tatz


Coral Snake Tattoo



Coral Snake Tattoo 1
Source: yokaisocietytattoo



Coral Snake Tattoo 2
Source: radeke_tattoo



Coral Snake Tattoo 3
Source: sorry_mum_tattoo_shop


Geometric Snake Tattoo



Geometric Snake Tattoo 1
Source: kayliesgraphicink



Geometric Snake Tattoo 2
Source: semihcicekcitattoo



Geometric Snake Tattoo 3
Source: chadramsay


Join Or Die Snake Tattoo



Join Or Die Snake Tattoo 1
Source: sweetsuetattoo



Join Or Die Snake Tattoo 2
Source: annapolisartsdistrict



Join Or Die Snake Tattoo 3
Source: lxartworksig


Snake Plant Tattoo



Snake Plant Tattoo 1
Source: geoska



Snake Plant Tattoo 2
Source: emku_tattoo



Snake Plant Tattoo 3
Source: wonkycube

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Snake Tattoo Symbolize?

Snake tattoos can symbolize power, rebirth, protection, healing, eternity, temptation, and mystery depending on the individual and the traditions they follow.


Where Do You Put a Snake Tattoo?

Snake tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body like the back, wrists, fingers, forearms, ankles, and other parts of the body.


What Tattoo Goes With Snakes?

Snake tattoos go well with different flowers specially roses, skulls, eagles, and other symbols of nature and death.



The main reason for the popularity of snake tattoos is the variety of symbolisms it bears within it. Also, it gives a menacing glimpse to the body parts.

Snake tattoos look stunning and stylish, and you can get them in any shapes you want which makes them easily the first choice for many.

So, what’s stopping you from getting these amazing venomous snake arts onto your body? Choose your snake tattoo now and unleash your inner serpent energy.

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