81 Best Maori Tattoos Designs for Men and Women in 2024!

In the Maori tribe, tattoos were a significant part of their art and lifestyle. Maori tattoos gives the world an insight of the path of life and culture. Adored with beautiful and deep meanings, all of these designs speak for itself. From facial tattoos to express leadership skills and nobility to ankle tattoos representing sorrow and grief, the ideas are endless.

The process of choosing one from so many beautiful possibilities can be a bit confusing at times. However, to relieve you from the confusion and dilemma, we are here to present you with the best tattoo options available. In this blog, we will show some of the best Maori tattoo designs and ideas.


81 Maori Tattoo Ideas And Designs

Traditionally, Maori tattoos were designed to give the people a symbol of power, unity, and strength. But with time, these designs became popular for both Maori tribe and common people. So, dive deep to know some of the top Maori designs and ideas.


Maori Face Tattoo

Face tattoos were a major part of the Maori culture and tribe. These designs are intricate and attractive to the eyes. Take a look at some of the top Maori face tattoos.


1. A Memory On The Side

Maori Face Tattoo 1
Source: psychodelink_tattoo

Revive your memory of a special day forever with this intricate pattern and date. The date and pattern can be a tribute to a loved one and looks great on men.


2. Face Full Of Patterns

Maori Face Tattoo 2
Source: tu_moko

Pay respect and show admiration to your culture and tribe with this man’s face tattoo. It shows your genuine appreciation as an individual for the art, design, and style.


3. The Patterned Tattoo Mask

Maori Face Tattoo 3
Source: tu_moko

While many people might find this design odd, it is a typical style in the Maori tribe. It is a representation of the lives lived by the tribal people, along with their fighting spirit and devotion toward their lands.


Maori Chin Tattoo

In the Maori tribe, chin tattoos help to highlight the features and are highly popular among women. It is a common choice for women in leadership roles. The designs show off these strong women’s abilities, skills, and confidence. So, dive deep into the best Maori chin tattoos.


4. Patterned Chin

Maori Chin Tattoo 1
Source: tu_moko

Express your power, abilities, and leadership skills by getting the stunning chin tattoo. It is an excellent choice for women and pairs perfectly with a pretty smile.


5. Chin Intrication

Maori Chin Tattoo 2
Source: artselemental

Get this Maori pattern tattooed on your chin as a sign of confidence and bravery. This beautiful design compliments the beautiful facial features of women, making them more attractive.


6. Artistic Chin Art

Maori Chin Tattoo 3
Source: rootedbodytattoo

Give focus to your features and eyes by getting a tattoo on the chin. Divert the viewers’ attention to your face and boost your confidence with the design.


Chiseled Maori Tattoo

Maori tattoos are considered to be one of the most sacred tattoo styles in the industry. Not only that, but the unique style and distinctive patterns make them a great choice. The chiseled Maori designs with bands and patterns give a tough yet pretty look. Take a look at the top designs under the category.


7. Maori Inspired Sleeve

Chiselled Maori Tattoo 1
Source: straight_ink_tattoo

Attract eyes everywhere you are by getting the man’s sleeve tattoo. The design comes with quite a few Maori patterns and styles, and it is perfectly suitable for men in the modeling business.


8. The Key Piece

Chiselled Maori Tattoo 2
Source: fabiogrillo.tattoo

Make your arm look great and boost your confidence with this Maori pattern. It is a men’s show, and the intricating detail of the art speaks volumes about the abilities of the artist.


9. Devotion To Art

Chiselled Maori Tattoo 3
Source: eres_tattooer

Devoting life to beliefs, art, survival, and freedom requires courage and a strong heart. Give the Maori tribal lifestyle respect and admiration with this sleeve tattoo design.


Maori Ankle Tattoo

The Maori people primarily focused on defending and fighting for their land. Ankle tattoos typically indicate the loss of a loved one, and the combination with the Maori style makes them innovative and attractive. Let us guide you through some of the top Maori tattoos on the ankles.


10. The Shackle

Maori Ankle Tattoo 1
Source: pikassartists

Break free of the suffering and pain of losing your loved one by getting this pattern inked on your ankle. This design of a shackle represents deep bonding with the person and their memories.


11. Pleasure To The Eyes

Maori Ankle Tattoo 2
Source: luigimarchinitattoos

Get this beautiful pattern inked on your ankle and up to the knee. It is an excellent choice for men and complements well with summer dresses and shorts.


12. The Thin Art Piece

Maori Ankle Tattoo 3
Source: alux_tattooer

Let the beauty of your  tattoo speak the words of your pain and mourning. It is an eye-catching and unique tattoo, and the Maori design makes it look more attractive.


Maori Arm Band Tattoo

Arm band tattoos symbolize strength, power, and bravery. the combination of the Maori style, the significance, and beauty of the designs increase. Take a look at the top examples of Maori arm band tattoos.


13. The Swirly Band

Maori Arm Band Tattoo 1
Source: rajesh.funky_fuze

Attract eyes and attention from everyone with the swirly design on your arm. It is a representation of strength, protection, guidance, and the fighting spirit of the Maori tribe.


14. Pakati Band

Maori Arm Band Tattoo 2
Source: rajesh.funky_fuze

If you are looking for a tattoo that boosts your confidence along with style, then this Maori band tattoo is the right choice. It is perfect for a woman’s arm, and the intricate design is mesmerizing.


15. The Pattern Collection

Maori Arm Band Tattoo 3
Source: studio101winsford

The artistic and innovative approach of the artist is clearly seen in this tattoo. This design is a symbol of protection, guidance, and the path of life.


Maori Bird Tattoo

In every culture and tribe, birds are a significant part. Freedom, spiritual peace, eagerness, and so on are indicated with the bird tattoo. So, go forward and take a look at the best Maori bird tattoos.


16. The Hollow-Eyed Raven

Maori Bird Tattoo 1
Source: ts_tattoo_und_piercing

Get the raven tattooed on your skin as a sign of freedom, belief, and cleverness. It is the right tattoo choice for men and looks great on the arm or the side of the body.


17. Spread The Wings

Maori Bird Tattoo 2
Source: pivoineart

Express beauty, freedom, and the sharp sight of a bird with this tattoo of a flying bird. Combined with the Maori art, this design looks absolutely stunning on a woman’s back and appreciates the skills of the artist.


18. The Attack Plan

Maori Bird Tattoo 3
Source: sohal.harminder

Beating a bird in a race of power and speed is hard. Let the bird spread its wing and lock eyes on the target. It is a sign of peace and survival, making it a perfect choice for a strong personality. A superb tattoo on an women’s side.


Maori Culture Tattoo

Maori people were fighters and defenders, and their love for their culture was sacred and peaceful. Here are a few examples that represent the beauty of the Maori culture.


19. Cultural Representation

Maori Culture Tattoo 1
Source: masostattooshop

Express your love, respect, and appreciation toward your culture and its people with the Maori tattoo. This tattoo has great significance among the tribal people and looks great on the man’s chest.


20. The Sleeve Ink

Maori Culture Tattoo 2
Source: masostattooshop

Get this tattoo as a representation of the Maori culture and beautify the features of your hand. The unique style looks great on men, and the patterns are extremely attractive.


21. The Lizards And Mask

Maori Culture Tattoo 3
Source: skull_pigments_tattoostudio

Make yourself a part of the beautiful Maori culture with the tattoo of the patterned guardian mask. This design is a representation of life where the guardian is often attacked by the lizards symbolizing death or a bad omen.


Maori Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonfly is seen as a comforting gift for dealing with the loss of a loved one in the Maori culture. These designs are usually inked to pay tribute to a loved one and for the peace of the individual. Discover the best Maori dragonfly tattoos.


22. Into The Moon

Maori Dragonfly Tattoo 1
Source: paintedghost_blakefisher

The combination of the dragonfly and moon looks stunning on the arm, chest, or shoulder. This design is a representation of peace, loss, grief, and love for a loved one who has left the world.


23. Pakati Dragonfly

Maori Dragonfly Tattoo 2
Source: solopaolo_tt

Express your inner feelings and struggles of having to let go of a loved one with this dragonfly tattoo. The Maori pattern pays respect to the culture and also wishes peace to people.


24. Artistic Wings

Maori Dragonfly Tattoo 3
Source: smartink_tattoo

If you want to dedicate a tattoo to someone you love and admire, this Maori design of a dragonfly is perfect for you. It looks great on women and compliments the side of the body, arms, or back.


Maori Haka Tattoos

Among the Maori people, Haka is a traditional dance or war cry. The group performs Haka to establish power and strength. It is also performed to intimate the rivals during a fight or war. Check out the top Maori Haka tattoos.


25. The Maori Cover

Maori Haka Tattoos 1
Source: tatuadores

Get this tattoo done to intimidate the world with power, courage, and strength. It is a symbolization of war and fighting spirit, making it a top choice among fighters.



Maori Haka Tattoos 2
Source: blackintatau



Maori Haka Tattoos 3
Source: thardife.tattoo


Maori Hand Tattoo



Maori Hand Tattoo 1
Source: jaminktattoofamily



Maori Hand Tattoo 2
Source: caio.spada



Maori Hand Tattoo 3
Source: marco_antoniotattoo


Maori Lip Tattoo



Maori Lip Tattoo 1
Source: artselemental



Maori Lip Tattoo 2
Source: artselemental



Maori Lip Tattoo 3
Source: truetattoosneverdie


Maori Mask Tattoo



Maori Mask Tattoo 1
Source: tatuaggidaclaudio



Maori Mask Tattoo 2
Source: lucky_solanki_09



Maori Mask Tattoo 3
Source: graphic_tattoos


Maori Na Perna Bones Tattoo Preco



Maori Na Perna Bones Tattoo Preco 1
Source: caio.spada



Maori Na Perna Bones Tattoo Preco 2
Source: siddhi_tattoo_inn



Maori Na Perna Bones Tattoo Preco 3
Source: prime_ink_tattoo


Maori People Tattoo



Maori People Tattoo 1
Source: yabytattoo



Maori People Tattoo 2
Source: derio_di_carvalho



Maori People Tattoo 3
Source: tattoobobshop


Maori Shoulder Tattoo



Maori Sholder Tattoo 1
Source: mirrortattooartgallery



Maori Sholder Tattoo 2
Source: rodmedina_tattoo



Maori Sholder Tattoo 3
Source: giulia.tattoo


Maori Tattoo Bedeutung



Maori Tattoo Bedeutung 1
Source: gellystattoo_vilamadalena



Maori Tattoo Bedeutung 2
Source: gordotatoo



Maori Tattoo Bedeutung 3
Source: talesarttattoo


Maori Warrior Tattoo



Maori Warrior Tattoo 1
Source: paa.radox



Maori Warrior Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbybucky



Maori Warrior Tattoo 3
Source: creepytattoo.sevilla


New Zealand Maori Tattoo



New Zealand Maori Tattoo 1
Source: tattoos_toos



New Zealand Maori Tattoo 2
Source: rafafirmino



New Zealand Maori Tattoo 3
Source: mextattoosbali


Polynesian Tattoo Maori



Polynesian Tattoo Maori 1
Source: islandtat



Polynesian Tattoo Maori 2
Source: akb_future



Polynesian Tattoo Maori 3
Source: alexbreaktattoo


Tattoo Brazo Maori



Tattoo Brazo Maori 1
Source: grimmtat2666



Tattoo Brazo Maori 2
Source: eres_tattooer



Tattoo Brazo Maori 3
Source: tribaltattooer


Tattoo Maori Antebrazo



Tattoo Maori Antebrazo 1
Source: raphaoliveiratattoo



Tattoo Maori Antebrazo 2
Source: lucastattoosp



Tattoo Maori Antebrazo 3
Source: cooltattoosleeves


Tattoo Maori Braco



Tattoo Maori Braco 1
Source: leonard.4rt



Tattoo Maori Braco 2
Source: franchalotattoo



Tattoo Maori Braco 3
Source: ciroluiztattoo


Tattoo Maori Na Panturrilha



Tattoo Maori Na Panturrilha 1
Source: lalutattoo



Tattoo Maori Na Panturrilha 2
Source: ric_shades_tattoo



Tattoo Maori Na Panturrilha 3
Source: hold_fast13


Tattoo Maori Perna



Tattoo Maori Perna 1
Source: ju_tattoo



Tattoo Maori Perna 2
Source: dn_artspetropolis



Tattoo Maori Perna 3
Source: 2000voltstattoo


Tattoo Maories Bracelet



Tattoo Maories Bracelete 1
Source: dio_tattoo_artt



Tattoo Maories Bracelete 2
Source: luishenriqueplata



Tattoo Maories Bracelete 3
Source: alantatto


Tribal Maori Tattoo



Tribal Maori Tattoo 1
Source: jordan.oart



Tribal Maori Tattoo 2
Source: marioperosino_



Tribal Maori Tattoo 3
Source: marcos_rodrigues_tatuador


Vector Maori Tattoo



Vector Maori Tattoo 1
Source: kallinca_azeredo



Vector Maori Tattoo 2
Source: rapha_tattoo



Vector Maori Tattoo 3
Source: 4tattoo.niteroi



Maori tattoos are a piece of art and the meaning behind each and every tattoo is significant and beautiful. These designs represent the in-depth view and personality of a culture and its people. With intricate patterns and eye-catching designs, finalizing the perfect tattoo is not an easy task.

We hope that the tattoo ideas we have presented here helped you to find the inspiration you were looking for. Make sure to get a tattoo artist with good skills and talent. Now go ahead and get your beautiful Maori tattoo done on your skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do Maori tattoos symbolize?

Maori tattoos symbolize the way of life and the path of saving their lands. It is a representation of their devotion, love, and respect toward their land.


What is the traditional Maori tattoo?

The traditional Maori tattoos are facial tattoos for both men and women. Full face tattoos are for men and inks on the lips, chin, and nostrils are typically for women.


Why do Maori tattoo their faces?

For men, the Maori face tattoos symbolize nobility. And for women, these facial tattoos represent leadership skills, power, and strength.


What is the Maori symbol for family?

Koru is the Maori symbol for the family. It is a representation of love, care, unity, and respect.


What do the Maori designs mean?

The Maori designs symbolize the path of life. It shows the insights of their lifestyle and culture along with strength, beliefs, and so on.


Do Maori tattoo their lips?

Yes, Maori people tattoo their lips as part of their culture.


Is it cultural appropriation to get a Maori tattoo?

There is a wide variety of Maori tattoos available. A few designs such as Kiri Tuhi and Ta moko are sacred to the culture and must not be cultural appropriation. Other than that, there is nothing wrong in getting the regular tattoos inked.


Why do people have Maori tattoos? 

To the Maori people, these tattoos are sacred and a mark of prestige. People typically get Maori tattoos as respect to their culture and lifestyle.


Why did Maori men wear ta moko?

In the Maori culture, ta moko is seen as a sign of attraction to build a relationship with the opposite gender.


How did Maori tattoo art become popular?

The Maori tattoo part was a popular part of the culture and tribe of the Maori people. Over time, the unique designs and styles became popular to the outside world as well.

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