108 Eye-Catching Raven Tattoo Ideas With Meanings

Raven tattoos have been a significant part of the tattoo culture for several years now. It is a popular choice of tattoo among people looking for mysterious and fascinating art on their bodies. The symbolism of the raven designs is deep and often varies from culture to culture.

For several centuries, the raven has been a major part of various cultures and mythologies. These designs are associated with death, rebirth, power, wisdom, and so on. The art of raven on the body is also a great way of expressing your inner self to the world.

In this blog, we will delve into the details of some of the best raven designs and styles for tattoo art. Whether you are in search of inspiration for your next tattoo or are just willing to learn new information, this guide has a lot to offer you.

So, hop in on a fun ride of exploring tattoo ideas.


108 Raven Tattoo Designs and Ideas

There are several designs and tattoo ideas surrounding the raven. These designs have deep meaning and are a great way of showcasing art. So, let us dive into these designs to help you choose your next tattoo.


Nordic Raven Tattoo

In Nordic mythology, the raven holds great significance and has a deep meaning. The bird is typically seen as a sign of wisdom, intelligence, confidence, and many more. Let us discover a few exciting Nordic raven art.

1. The Raven Flight

Nordic Raven Tattoo 1
Source: sonja_tattoo

If you are looking for a raven design connected to nordic mythology, this design is it. The structure of a flying raven is clearly visible, and it gives a sense of mystery and confidence. It is a perfect tattoo choice for both men and women and looks great on the inside of the arm.

2. The Mysterious Flight 

Nordic Raven Tattoo 2
Source: raffaella_olomhe_ricci

Protect yourself from the evil of the world with this symbolic raven art. This design is seen as a sign of protection, wisdom, and intelligence. The intricate detailing in the nordic style gives this design a unique look.

3. The Dark Defender

Nordic Raven Tattoo 3
Source: raffaella_olomhe_ricci

With intricate patterns and beautiful detailing, increase the beauty of your arm with this amazing design. The dotted shading gives the tattoo a more awesome style. This design will look the best on the arms of a man.

Small Raven Tattoo

Many people prefer small designs with beautiful meanings on their bodies. The raven style on the skin looks great in all sizes, so we have brought to you some of the best small raven art.

4. The Dark Wings 

Small Raven Tattoo 1
Source: reiinku

Beautify your arm or leg with this stunning design featuring a flying raven. With its wings spread, the bird is preparing for an attack with its eyes fixated on a target. This tattoo is a symbol of war, death, and survival.

5. The Defender

Small Raven Tattoo 2
Source: reiinku

In many cultures, the raven is considered to be a sacred being. It is deeply associated with wars and wisdom. Give yourself a unique style with this flying raven design. It is a perfect choice for men’s hands and is a symbol of defense.

6. Raven Claws

Small Raven Tattoo 3
Source: reiinku

Show your determination to the world with this interesting tattoo of a flying raven. This tattoo is a symbol of confidence and resilience. The design is a great choice for the arm of a woman.

Norse Raven Tattoo

In Norse mythology, the ravens are of great significance because of their association with god Odin. Odin had two ravens who worked as his messenger to bring information to him. Check out some exciting designs of ravens surrounding Norse mythology.

7. The Messenger Of Odin 

Norse Raven Tattoo 1
Source: valhallvaror

Ravens traveled the world to bring information to god Odin. The Norse raven designs symbolize wisdom and knowledge. This style of a warrior bird will look great on the arm or shoulders of men.

8. Raven Guardian

Norse Raven Tattoo 2
Source: valhallvaror

Showcase the bravery and strength of the Norse ravens with this outstanding tattoo. The bird paired with the flowers shows deep meanings of protection, wisdom, and transformation. This design will look eye-catching on the shoulder of a man.

9. Feathered Head 

Norse Raven Tattoo 3
Source: david_hek_1

Turn heads everywhere you go with this stunning raven head tattooed on your hand. The Celtic patterns of the tattoo link the design with various cultures and mythologies in history. This style is a great idea for both men’s and women’s tattoos.

Raven Skull Tattoo

Both the skull and raven are often associated with death, rebirth, the afterlife, etc. These two aspects come together in tattoos to form a beautiful creation. Discover the most amazing artworks including raven and skull.

10. The Scary Skull

Raven Skull Tattoo 1
Source: nordlandic

Get this raven skull tattooed on your body as a sign of destruction, strength, and transformation. This tattoo tells the story of struggles, losses, and battles of life. The design will look absolutely stunning on a man’s arm.

11. The Mysterious Protector 

Raven Skull Tattoo 2
Source: masihahn

Beautify your summer body with this eye-catching raven skull paired with flowers. It is a symbol that both good and bad go hand in hand in life. This design will look graceful on the belly of a woman.

12. The Flowery Skull

Raven Skull Tattoo 3
Source: notacooltattoo.carmen

Skull is a sign of death whereas the flowers are a symbol of life. These two elements of life and death come together to make a beautiful design for your body. It is a perfect tattoo choice for the leg or arm of a woman.

Celtic Raven Tattoo

In Celtic mythology, ravens were considered to be powerful beings. These birds were believed to be a connection between the world of the living and the world of death. With beautiful symbolism, the beauty of these raven artworks comes alive in the tattoo world. Check out the best Celtic raven ideas here!

13. The Flying Raven 

Celtic Raven Tattoo 1
Source: cbensonink

Give yourself a boost of confidence and style with this highly attractive tattoo design. The flying bird is a symbol of the connection between the two worlds and is believed to help with the struggles of life. Beautify your shoulder with this top-notch raven design.

14. The Raven Legacy

Celtic Raven Tattoo 2
Source: nicholasrobertmoore

Divert eyes toward you by getting this amazing raven inked on your skin. The intricate Celtic patterns give the tattoo a unique outlook. These spread wings of the bird give the design the meaning of connection, freedom, and rebirth.

15. Huginn and Muninn

Celtic Raven Tattoo 3
Source: inkscapetattoo

Huginn and Muginn were the messengers of the Norse god Odin. These two ravens on a tattoo with a Celtic style symbolize trust, knowledge, and power. Make sure to turn heads with this beautiful design inked on your arm.

Gothic Raven Tattoo

The world of gothic literature and art is dark and mysterious. Ravens are a key symbol of magic, death, and darkness in gothic culture. Discover a few top gothic raven styles with us here!

16. The Dark Watcher 

Gothic Raven Tattoo 1
Source: ryankaufman_tattoo

Get a dark and intricate raven design tattooed on your arm as a sign of respect for the gothic culture. The locket in the raven’s mouth paired with the background gives the tattoo a distinctive view. It is a perfect choice for the arms of a woman.

17. Raven Omens

Gothic Raven Tattoo 2
Source: blondiekeogh

If you are in search of an attractive raven design, this detailed artwork is a great choice. The raven is a beautiful piece of art representing magic, mystery, and darkness. This style is best depicted for a man’s arm.

18. Midnight Messenger  

Gothic Raven Tattoo 3
Source: pele_ink

Darkness and gothic culture improve the beauty of art and literature. And the raven sitting on a tree beautifies the art of goth style. It will attract the eyes of each and every visitor and will look perfect on the upper side of your hand.

Sacred Raven Tattoo

In various cultures and mythologies, the raven is a sacred symbol of wisdom, knowledge, mystery, and many more. Check out these tattoo ideas under the sacred raven designs!

19. Two-Headed Raven

Sacred Raven Tattoo 1
Source: truepigments

Make your body more attractive with stunning and detailed art. The two-headed bird design is a beautiful depiction of art and creativity paired with a hinge of darkness and mystery. This style will look amazing on the legs of a man.

20. The Night Navigator

Sacred Raven Tattoo 2
Source: brittzjoy

Give yourself a unique look with this perfect raven tattoo with a splash of blue. This splash of blue shade paired with the raven gives it a sacred look. It is the perfect option for a woman looking for a distinctive and pretty tattoo.

21. Raven on Skull 

Sacred Raven Tattoo 3
Source: sacredraventattoo

Combine the traditional raven design with a skull to get a mysterious and dark tattoo idea. The detailing on this artwork is intricate, giving it a creative look. It is a depiction of the artist’s creativity and will look excellent on both men and women.

Traditional Raven Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, these traditional styles and ideas go a long way. In this style, the raven depicts a story of death, rebirth, and transformation. Dive deep into the world of raven ideas in a traditional manner with us.

22. Old School Raven

Traditional Raven Tattoo 1
Source: adambarnestattooer

Get a classic raven sitting on a tree branch inked on your body. This piece of art is a representation of magic, mystery, and the wisdom of death in this world. The artwork is most suitable for the arm or the shoulder of a man.

23. Bird of Prey 

Traditional Raven Tattoo 2
Source: chasetuckertattoo

Pair the beauty of flowers with the mysterious side of the raven in this tattoo. The pop of color in this design gives the entire style an eye-catching and distinctive look. This design is perfect for women looking for a pretty raven art.

24. Classic Crow

Traditional Raven Tattoo 3
Source: mr.moistmann

Represent mystery, knowledge, and the circle of death with this outstanding raven artwork. This tattoo is a perfect depiction of beauty and intricate art. It is a smart choice of tattoo for the arm of a man.

Raven Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos are a great way of expressing your inner self to the world. You can go for both big and small tattoos, and the space makes it easier for the artist to express creativity. See the top raven designs on the chest.

25. The Open Wings 

Raven Chest Tattoo 1
Source: tatbain

Fly towards your dreams and express your desires and strength with this raven tattoo. It is a symbol of power and magic with a tinge of mystery. This design will look absolutely excellent on the chest of a man.


Raven Chest Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbysayv


Raven Chest Tattoo 3
Source: ivu.ska_tattoo

Odin Raven Tattoo


Odin Raven Tattoo 1
Source: fancsy0507


Odin Raven Tattoo 2
Source: flashtattooist


Odin Raven Tattoo 3
Source: kynziewolff

Raven Forearm Tattoo


Raven Forearm Tattoo 1
Source: ll3.tattoo


Raven Forearm Tattoo 2
Source: bexpriesttattoos


Raven Forearm Tattoo 3
Source: brvnogonzalez

Raven Shoulder Tattoo


Raven Shoulder Tattoo 1
Source: __1.0__


Raven Shoulder Tattoo 2
Source: swan_tattooer


Raven Shoulder Tattoo 3
Source: ink.salem

Raven Back Tattoo


Raven Back Tattoo 1
Source: __1.0__


Raven Back Tattoo 2
Source: marta_scout_tattoo


Raven Back Tattoo 3
Source: ariadna.pedemonte

Raven Feather Tattoo


Raven Feather Tattoo 1
Source: vonpernerart


Raven Feather Tattoo 2
Source: grey_seas_ink


Raven Feather Tattoo 3
Source: danieldoesink

Raven Head Tattoo


Raven Head Tattoo 1
Source: jr1_machines


Raven Head Tattoo 2
Source: collins_tattoos


Raven Head Tattoo 3
Source: nekromance.ink

Raven Sleeve Tattoo


Raven Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: krissydiane_tattoos


Raven Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: swan_tattooer


Raven Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: chen.tattooer

Flying Raven Tattoo


Flying Raven Tattoo 1
Source: geod216


Flying Raven Tattoo 2
Source: __1.0__


Flying Raven Tattoo 3
Source: lighthouse_professional_tattoo

Raven Wing Tattoo


Raven Wing Tattoo 1
Source: lynxhearttattoo


Raven Wing Tattoo 2
Source: colleenajsmith


Raven Wing Tattoo 3
Source: ruhwan_dailywork

Geometric Raven Tattoo


Geometric Raven Tattoo 1
Source: mglatattoo


Geometric Raven Tattoo 2
Source: vandifeliciano


Geometric Raven Tattoo 3
Source: gier_art

Minimalist Small Raven Tattoo


Minimalist Small Raven Tattoo 1
Source: pele_ink


Minimalist Small Raven Tattoo 2
Source: emelie.tattoo


Minimalist Small Raven Tattoo 3
Source: mashafrj

Raven Neck Tattoo


Raven Neck Tattoo 1
Source: cats.inks


Raven Neck Tattoo 2
Source: rokyeom_


Raven Neck Tattoo 3
Source: sapiryahell

Celtic Viking Raven Tattoo


Celtic Viking Raven Tattoo 1
Source: savytattoos


Celtic Viking Raven Tattoo 2
Source: odins_merke_tattoo_studio


Celtic Viking Raven Tattoo 3
Source: tomboy4life_

Tribal Raven Tattoo


Tribal Raven Tattoo 1
Source: kurgancraig_tattoo


Tribal Raven Tattoo 2
Source: mechamermaidtattoo


Tribal Raven Tattoo 3
Source: lanabananderson

Wolf Raven Tattoo


Wolf Raven Tattoo 1
Source: screamzonetattoo


Wolf Raven Tattoo 2
Source: inkternalart


Wolf Raven Tattoo 3
Source: porterpatch

Raven Bird Tattoo


Raven Bird Tattoo 1
Source: tejashua


Raven Bird Tattoo 2
Source: josie.tattoos


Raven Bird Tattoo 3
Source: distinktive_bodyart

Three Eyed Raven Tattoo


Three Eyed Raven Tattoo 1
Source: cherrybombtattooco


Three Eyed Raven Tattoo 2
Source: elenora.ilena


Three Eyed Raven Tattoo 3
Source: katie.haertling

Dark Raven Tattoo


Dark Raven Tattoo 1
Source: deanibeanii


Dark Raven Tattoo 2
Source: crix_vila_


Dark Raven Tattoo 3
Source: sieebs

Raven Silhouette Tattoo


Raven Silhouette Tattoo 1
Source: wildflower_tattoos


Raven Silhouette Tattoo 2
Source: katbjorky


Raven Silhouette Tattoo 3
Source: guaysart

Raven Skeleton Tattoo


Raven Skeleton Tattoo 1
Source: kelpiebat


Raven Skeleton Tattoo 2
Source: charlottesflorence


Raven Skeleton Tattoo 3
Source: helm.of.awe

Caged Raven Tattoo


Caged Raven Tattoo 1
Source: zoidgrafx


Caged Raven Tattoo 2
Source: zoidgrafx


Caged Raven Tattoo 3
Source: zoidgrafx

Itachi Raven Tattoo


Itachi Raven Tattoo 1
Source: sadkaya


Itachi Raven Tattoo 2
Source: elie.razz.tattoos


Itachi Raven Tattoo 3
Source: fabiian_mejia

Native American Raven Tattoo


Native American Raven Tattoo 1
Source: allaboutloveandhope


Native American Raven Tattoo 2
Source: loganhowardtattooer


Native American Raven Tattoo 3
Source: piercedhearts

Raven Cover Up Tattoo


Raven Cover Up Tattoo 1
Source: ljungberg_tattoo


Raven Cover Up Tattoo 2
Source: andy_tattooer


Raven Cover Up Tattoo 3
Source: pixelta2worms

Raven Quill Tattoo


Raven Quill Tattoo 1
Source: lightbourntattoos


Raven Quill Tattoo 2
Source: capeelectrictattoo


Raven Quill Tattoo 3
Source: oscar.khan_

Raven Valknut Tattoo


Raven Valknut Tattoo 1
Source: nordlandic


Raven Valknut Tattoo 2
Source: momstr.art_tattoo


Raven Valknut Tattoo 3
Source: lukewhitehurst

Crow Raven Tattoo


Crow Raven Tattoo 1
Source: lisaammertattoo


Crow Raven Tattoo 2
Source: brvnogonzalez


Crow Raven Tattoo 3
Source: ophelia.bespoke.tattooing



1. What Do Raven Tattoos Symbolize?

The tattoos featuring ravens have several symbols depending on the culture or mythology. Depending on the culture, the raven designs usually depict mystery, darkness, death, rebirth, and many more.

2. Where Should You Get A Raven Design Inked?

The positioning of the raven design typically depends on the size and style you choose. It also depends on the personal preference of the person. The wrist, leg, arms, and chest are some of the popular placements for raven designs.

3. Is It Important To Research The Raven Design Before Getting One?

Yes, the raven is associated with several cultures and mythologies. It also has various significances connected depending on the culture. It is essential to research the context properly before getting one inked to ensure that you under the cultural aspect properly.

4. Do Raven Tattoos Have To Be In Black Ink?

No, there is no fixed color for the raven tattoo. You can choose any color or pattern for the design depending on your personal preference.



Raven tattoos are a popular form of body art and are associated with several cultures and mythologies dating back centuries. These designs have various symbolic meanings and increase the beauty of your physical features. Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast or drawn to the raven symbolism, these designs can help to express your inner self properly.

When considering a raven design, make sure that you conduct proper research and choose a style that suits you and your personality the best. Whether you are looking for a classic raven or a gothic style, there are endless possibilities to look for. Do not overlook the beauty and mystery of raven designs when looking for tattoo inspiration.

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