102 Eye-Catching Panther Tattoos for Men and Women

Panther tattoos are popular for many reasons. They are highly symbolic tattoos depicting power, strength, determination, or adrenaline. They are also relatively easy to acquire. You can find a lot of different options, as well as a variety of different designs.

Certain animals are considered to be powerful when it comes to good luck and protection. Among these animals are the lion, the butterfly, and the panther, each of which has its tattoo. 

If you’re looking for a design with a special meaning, you might want to get a panther-themed tattoo, as it is said to symbolize strength and protection. This blog will help you decide what to get and what it means.

Top 102 Panther tattoos Designs and Meanings:

Panther tattoos are famous among men and women. The meaning behind it varies based on ethnicity and culture, with some men and women wearing them for protection and others for beauty.


Traditional Panther Tattoo

The traditional panther tattoos are typically related to power, strength, and ferocity. They are also used to remind us of the importance of spiritual protection.


  1. Thunder Black Panther
Traditional Panther Tattoo 1
Source: kmacktattoos

This image’s black panther face with a thunder symbol looks pretty awesome. If a man has a big bicep, he might get this tattoo to express his power in protecting his loved ones.


2. Rose Panther

Traditional Panther Tattoo 2
Source: noam.eisenstein.tattoos

On a man’s hand, we observe a lengthy rose-themed tattoo, but from within the rose, a panther emerges, which is distinctive. This style of tattoo informs us that we must work hard to achieve our goals in life.


3. Biting Panther

Traditional Panther Tattoo 3
Source: alexduquettetattoos

On a man’s thigh, we see two black panthers battling, one biting and the other seeming enraged. This tattoo depicts the survival of the fittest ideology.


Sucky Panther Tattoo

Sucky Panther tattoos are ideal for those who appreciate traditional tattoo art. These tattoos represent the pain of losing loved ones or remembering someone’s memories.


4. Iron Panther

Sucky Panther Tattoo 1
Source: blackbisontattoo

A black panther face wearing an iron helmet appears to be returning from a fight, yet it is sorrowful. If you lose someone in war, you can memorialize them by getting this tattoo on your thigh.


5. Crying Panther

Sucky Panther Tattoo 2
Source: entropictheory

A blue panther face with a sobbing expression is unusual. If you lost a son in a battle, you could have this tattoo on your side of the abdomen to memorialize him.


6. Purple Head Panther

Sucky Panther Tattoo 3
Source: hotstuff.tattoo_elgo

A weeping panther face with purple decorations is quite appealing. Sometimes in life, we lose our beloved wife, who helped us along the way; this tattoo shows appreciation and gratitude for her.


Realistic Black Panther Tattoo

If you are looking for a real black panther tattoo design, you have come to the right place. These tattoos, such as “Black Panther” or “Strength, “show your inner strength.”


7. Panther Family

Realistic Black Panther Tattoo 1
Source: fabienwarner

Here, we see a real face of a baby panther, and its mother demonstrates family love and strength. This lovely tattoo is suitable for both male and female hands who wish to express their familial ties.


8. Blue Rose Panther

Realistic Black Panther Tattoo 2
Source: davidbaron.tattoo

A blue-eyed panther is quite lovely in a blue rose garden. This tattoo is ideal for a girl’s upper hand sleeve and conveys the message of female empowerment.


9. Old Red-Eyed Panther

Realistic Black Panther Tattoo 3
Source: showmetattoocz

We observe an antique panther-themed tattoo with ruby eyes on a girl’s sleeve. This type of tattoo is popular among girls who prefer to be active and muscular like guys.


Electric Panther Tattoo

Electric Panther Tattoos are designed as a way to captivate your attention. They are vibrant and eye-catching and always a great conversation piece. These tattoos are a great way to show off your personality and style.


10. True Black Panther

Electric Panther Tattoo 1
Source: markdiehl

A real black panther is seen on a man’s hand, gazing ferociously at its opponent. This tattoo is incredibly eye-catching and conveys that you are always prepared to confront any problems.


11. Furious Panther

Electric Panther Tattoo 2
Source: mac_magoo

On the backside of a man’s leg, we observe a panther face tattoo that is enraged and ready to attack. This tattoo of a panther symbolizes manhood and the desire to protect one’s nation.


12. Jail Breaker Panther

Electric Panther Tattoo 3
Source: threekingsnyc

Here we witness a panther getting out of jail with a terrific force, which looks fantastic. People who value freedom and want to express themselves in public can consider getting this tattoo of a panther.


Realistic Panther Tattoo

When looking for a realistic-looking tattoo, you may want to consider something involving a panther. These tattoos are known for their realistic look and are often associated with strength, power, and courage.


13. Sunset Panther

Realistic Panther Tattoo 1
Source: blanktattooart

A panther emerges from the shadows after the sun has set to look for food. This tattoo looks incredibly stylish on a man’s bicep and symbolizes the force of a man’s drive to achieve anything.


14. Baby Panther

Realistic Panther Tattoo 2
Source: alyxheap_tattoos

A little newborn panther is staring at you with a kind expression. This tattoo indicates that a couple is expecting a child or that a guy has become a new father. This panther-themed tattoo looks best on the man’s upper hand sleeve.


15. King Panther

Realistic Panther Tattoo 3
Source: mikeylee_tattoos

We observe a blue backdrop with a black panther face. This tattoo has a white border that helps it seem stylish and realistic. And demonstrate the strength of devotion.


Crawling Panther Tattoo

A crawling Panther Tattoo is a great way to show your love for someone or something you’re passionate about. This tattoo symbolizes the start of something new.


16. Crawling Panther 

Crawling Panther Tattoo 1
Source: hh_tattoo

We observe a pure black panther crawling to grab something on your calf. This tattoo informs us that we must work hard to achieve our life’s goals.


17. Blue Thunder Panther

Crawling Panther Tattoo 2
Source: nikkibeetattoos

A panther crawling something in the middle of a stormy night looks fantastic. This tattoo is distinguished by its use of black and white colors. Girls may have this tattoo to make their thighs seem great.


18. Prisoner Panther

Crawling Panther Tattoo 3
Source: jerryjames_tattoos

A panther escapes from prison. This tattoo indicates that the wearer values freedom and has achieved it through hard effort and sacrifice. 


Japanese Panther Tattoo

Japanese Panther Tattoos are a tattoo often associated with the Japanese gang, Yakuza. Across Japanese society, these tattoos have been used to represent the human spirit and Japanese culture


19. Burning Panther

Japanese Panther Tattoo 1
Source: dermalmayhem.tattooparlor

We see a blazing panther on a man’s thigh, enraged and ready to battle. This tattoo is quite popular in Japan and represents a rebellious attitude toward terrible individuals.


20. Red Rose Panther

Japanese Panther Tattoo 2
Source: nicotattoo_svolou

A black panther covered with red flowers on a man’s chest looks great. This panther has razor-sharp fangs and appears enraged. If males want tattoos on their chests they can have this panther tattoo.


21. Yellow-Eyed Panther

Japanese Panther Tattoo 3
Source: donsario_tattoo

Suppose you have a different mindset than our culture or desire to change anything in society. Then this panther tattoo demonstrates that kind of attitude. This tattoo is popular in Japan and is suitable for guys’ calves.


Flying Panther Tattoo

Flying Panther tattoos are a tattoo of a winged panther that is being lifted into the sky. The winged panther is held by one hand in the sky while the other reaches down to touch the ground.


22. Blue Wing Panther

Flying Panther Tattoo 1
Source: mollygotlib

A panther with golden blue wings seems incredibly lovely on a man’s bicep. This tattoo represents the desire to pursue one’s passion, and the red color shadow adds a contemporary touch.


23. Dark Wing Panther

Flying Panther Tattoo 2
Source: lui.kazuki

On a girl’s hand, we observe a black panther with black wings, indicating that she has the most feminine mind. This tattoo’s black-and-white color scheme makes it eye-catching and cool.


24. Angel Panther

Flying Panther Tattoo 3
Source: camns

A flying angel panther with blazing eyes appears approaching from the sky. This tattoo is excellent for a man’s back of the hand and represents his faith in God against the Devil.


Tribal Panther Tattoo

Tribal Panther Tattoos are a new trend gaining popularity and have many meanings. One of the meanings is that they represent the ability to take control of your life and achieve your goals.


25. Hunting Panther

Tribal Panther Tattoo 1
Source: _mosiejczuk_

We find a tribal design pattern of a panther here, indicating respect for Native American culture. This tattoo is ideal for both males and girls who want to express their appreciation for tribal culture on their thighs.



Tribal Panther Tattoo 2
Source: __oosby__ruben__



Tribal Panther Tattoo 3
Source: akanapalm


Chrome Panther Tattoo



Chrome Panther Tattoo 1
Source: shootdamoon



Chrome Panther Tattoo 2
Source: 13th__street__tattoo



Chrome Panther Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbymarz


Forearm Black Panther Tattoo



Forearm Black Panther Tattoo 1
Source: tattoojems



Forearm Black Panther Tattoo 2
Source: gentaro_tattoo



Forearm Black Panther Tattoo 3
Source: junzy.tattooer


Bad Panther Tattoo



Bad Panther Tattoo 1
Source: heathermaranda



Bad Panther Tattoo 2
Source: cedronik



Bad Panther Tattoo 3
Source: kwellstattoo


Sailor Jerry Traditional Panther Tattoo



Sailor Jerry Traditional Panther Tattoo 1
Source: maxslattertattoo



Sailor Jerry Traditional Panther Tattoo 2
Source: gavinlyons88



Sailor Jerry Traditional Panther Tattoo 3
Source: tats_n_rats


Heart Panther Tattoo



Heart Panther Tattoo 1
Source: p.eachym



Heart Panther Tattoo 2
Source: missngnmbr



Heart Panther Tattoo 3
Source: kurtisweavertattoo


Classic Panther Tattoo



Classic Panther Tattoo 1
Source: dead_beat1



Classic Panther Tattoo 2
Source: gypsytattoobta



Classic Panther Tattoo 3
Source: kaa.ele


Climbing Panther Tattoo



Climbing Panther Tattoo 1
Source: threekingsla



Climbing Panther Tattoo 2
Source: theweirdtattoos



Climbing Panther Tattoo 3
Source: smile_you_sonuvabitch


Cover Up Black Panther Tattoo



Cover Up Black Panther Tattoo 1
Source: mv_txttoo



Cover Up Black Panther Tattoo 2
Source: arontorrestattoo



Cover Up Black Panther Tattoo 3
Source: liverpool_tattoos_orrellpark


Lil Peep Pink Panther Tattoo



Lil Peep Pink Panther Tattoo 1
Source: vaquita_tatt



Lil Peep Pink Panther Tattoo 2
Source: fat.lawrence



Lil Peep Pink Panther Tattoo 3
Source: gkolios64


Steel Panther Tattoo



Steel Panther Tattoo 1
Source: fantherscom



Steel Panther Tattoo 2
Source: juzzytatts



Steel Panther Tattoo 3
Source: skin_deceptions


Ugly Panther Tattoo



Ugly Panther Tattoo 1
Source: church.tattoo



Ugly Panther Tattoo 2
Source: victorytattooink



Ugly Panther Tattoo 3
Source: gian.rawtattoos


Love Panther Tattoo



Love Panther Tattoo 1
Source: badmanazzz



Love Panther Tattoo 2
Source: nadadora.tattoo



Love Panther Tattoo 3
Source: brightbluetattoo


Geometric Panther Tattoo



Geometric Panther Tattoo 1
Source: rebeca.roots



Geometric Panther Tattoo 2
Source: inkdesoleil



Geometric Panther Tattoo 3
Source: dustyduza


Angry Black Panther Tattoo



Angry Black Panther Tattoo 1
Source: jurgurgur



Angry Black Panther Tattoo 2
Source: amuleto_ritual_tattoo



Angry Black Panther Tattoo 3
Source: cedric.weber.tattoo


Cartoon Panther Tattoo



Cartoon Panther Tattoo 1
Source: elroots_redbay



Cartoon Panther Tattoo 2
Source: sergey_jpg



Cartoon Panther Tattoo 3
Source: button_rt


Chinese Panther Tattoo



Chinese Panther Tattoo 1
Source: sin_nombre_tattoo



Chinese Panther Tattoo 2
Source: benjit73



Chinese Panther Tattoo 3
Source: kinktattoobali


Crouching Panther Tattoo



Crouching Panther Tattoo 1
Source: kindredtattoo



Crouching Panther Tattoo 2
Source: sarah_ollis



Crouching Panther Tattoo 3
Source: juliaabellotattoo


King Panther Tattoo



King Panther Tattoo 1
Source: stevanmarroquintattoo



King Panther Tattoo 2
Source: thunderbird_tattoo_studio



King Panther Tattoo 3
Source: frankie_deny_tattoos


Abstract Panther Tattoo



Abstract Panther Tattoo 1
Source: joeycassina



Abstract Panther Tattoo 2
Source: holy.torch.tattoo



Abstract Panther Tattoo 3
Source: bendoukakistattoo


Asian Panther Tattoo



Asian Panther Tattoo 1
Source: thegunnarlee



Asian Panther Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosnob



Asian Panther Tattoo 3
Source: tomcz_tattoo


Aztec Panther Tattoo



Aztec Panther Tattoo 1
Source: arte_de_mi_gente



Aztec Panther Tattoo 2
Source: elguerotattoo



Aztec Panther Tattoo 3
Source: ink_therapyy_lctp


Dragon Panther Tattoo



Dragon Panther Tattoo 1
Source: lloydparrack



Dragon Panther Tattoo 2
Source: sctattooer



Dragon Panther Tattoo 3
Source: __1.0__


Egyptian Panther Tattoo



Egyptian Panther Tattoo 1
Source: jeremygandytattoos



Egyptian Panther Tattoo 2
Source: corvus_tattoo_art



Egyptian Panther Tattoo 3
Source: mr.goodtats


Flash Panther Tattoo



Flash Panther Tattoo 1
Source: imstilloldgreg



Flash Panther Tattoo 2
Source: deviousnik



Flash Panther Tattoo 3
Source: iagueera


Full Body Panther Tattoo



Full Body Panther Tattoo 1
Source: prime_ink_tattoo_koeln



Full Body Panther Tattoo 2
Source: joelrhystattoos



Full Body Panther Tattoo 3
Source: tattoo.nana


Final Words:

Hope you enjoyed our article on Panther tattoos’ top designs and meanings. Sometimes you can have a Panther-themed tattoo done as a tribute to a loved one, to your culture and heritage, as a statement, or as a way to celebrate. 

We also hope this article helped you to expand your knowledge of all the different meanings of the tattoos of Panther and the significance of each one. 

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the comment section. Thank you for reading; we would love to hear from you!

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